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					                                ORGANIZATIONAL DESCRIPTION

                                 J. TREBUCHET CONSULTING
                                      3833 S TEXAS AVE
                                COLLEGE STATION, TX 77840

                                    SEPTEMBER 18, 2009

Group 2
Arora, Lipton, Riley & Talwar
Organizational Description
September 18, 2009
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                                ORGANIZATIONAL DESCRIPTION


Most people are familiar with Texas A&M University’s Vision 2020 plan. But Robert Gates
also initiated a 2010 plan. This relatively unknown initiative’s purpose is to increase aggie
socialization. This program is currently under the direction of Dr. Dwayne Whitten. The 2010
plan is comprised of many social programs that are intended to commence in December 2009.


The four founding members of J. Trebuchet were brought together by a project management
class at Texas A&M University. Besides their background in MIS, the members also found they
shared a passion for social psychology. This unique group believed the Gates’ 2010 plan was a
great opportunity to start a consulting firm in hopes of supporting the 2010 plan.

The group decided to take advantage of yet another opportunity to fund the fledgling
organization. Earlier this year, the federal government passed a $787 billion stimulus package.
The members believed it would be possible to receive funding through this grand legislation, but
were inexperienced in applying for federal grants. Luckily, the group contacted a community
organization known as ACORN and received invaluable advice on how to exploit the federal
grant system. Within a week of the group’s application, a federal grant of $37.2 million was
received. The organization, J. Trebuchet Consulting, was established in September 2009 and is
currently located in College Station Texas.


J. Trebuchet Consulting believes that the social needs of millions of individuals are currently not
satisfied. This organization’s mission is to satisfy these needs by facilitating the establishment of
online social communities. These online communities would be designed exclusively for a
particular segment of society.

The immediate goal of the organization is to assist in Texas A&M University’s 2010 plan. This
project is considered to be a small step in achieving the group’s overall mission. The long-term
goal of the group is to fulfill the unmet social needs of every member in society.

Group 2
Arora, Lipton, Riley & Talwar
Organizational Description
September 18, 2009
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