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					                           Zoo Tycoon

                             An Oldie But A Goodie

This place is a real zoo--and youre in charge! Go wild running the most fun
and beautiful zoo you can imagine. Care for unpredictable and untamed
animals (and those are just the guests!). Plan wisely, because if the
animals dont like their food, environment, or handling, they interact poorly
with visitors, and unhappy guests means fewer dollars. Play smart and
keep everyone and everything happy, and youll be a zoo tycoon.

* Start building & managing your zoo right from the start -- plan out your
exhibits and design a layout
* Do your very best to please customers and the animals
* Inhabit your zoo with the right animals to draw in the big crowds
* Over 200 animals to exhibit, plus all kinds of new & interesting plant life
to help make your zoo more exotic
* Manage your zoo wisely -- meet the needs of both the people and the
animals without losing all your money

So I was playing this game the other day, and it prompted me to write a
review for those who might not have been fortunate enough to play it yet.
Basically, the game is exactly what youd expect... its a sim/strategy type
game where you take the role of a zoo keeper, and build your ideal zoo.
With dozens of animals, from African hunting dogs to saltwater crocodiles
to Asian black bears, this game should appeal to any wildlife enthusiast.
The whole goal of the game is to make sure your animals, and guests, are
happy. The former is achieved by placing them in a suitable environment,
the later by building animal house (like reptile houses, primate houses,
etc), resturants, gift stores and other attractions. You can choose several
scenarios, from free form games to pre-made games that require you to
achieve certain, increasingly challenging, goals. Over all, a very cool
game, and one you can get cheaply too. But it will still provide hours of
enjoyment. Go for it!

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