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The Fundamental Elements of Southtown - For Ms Rich


									       The Fundamental Elements of

                               For Ms. Rich

With their aggro music, tattoos, piercings, and dreadlocks, P.O.D. (Payable
on Death) might be conveniently filed next to Deftones or Rage Against the
Machine. However, like U2, whose Bullet the Blue Sky they cover,
P.O.D. are actually a Christian-based rock band, though not overtly
religious enough to scare nonbelieving music fans away. This multiethnic
quartet from the Southtown area of San Diego purveys an amalgam of
modern music; elements of rap, metal, reggae, and hip-hop permeate this
16-track debut. P.O.D. doesnt bring much new to their hybrid style on The
Fundamental Elements of Southtown, but what they do, they do well. From
the gentle, reggae-tinged Set Your Eyes to Zion to the heavy grind of
Hollywood and the rap-metal of Lie Down, P.O.D.s diverse and rockin
musical messages of positivism should make the foursome, already well
known on the Christian rock circuit, a band to reckon with in secular
circles. --Katherine Turman

The reconstruction commences; the soldiers equip for the lessons
My life, a sacrifice is made new through these confessions
Manifested, this joy is my desire
Light this fire to flames; praise the name, Jehovah Jireh
Is my provider, the truth that lives inside of this fighter?
Take me higher, Master, Sire makes me a good rider
I'm gonna ride on down til I break through the front lines
And ain't going home until I gets mines.

This is "Tribal Warriors" from the "Fundemental Elements of Southtown"

I'll have you know that Jehovah Jireh is a name for God and just because
they use "Jah" instead of God does not make them a non christian band.
Why would Family Christian Bookstores carry their music? The reason
they use "Jah" is so they can draw people in because once people hear
Jesus or Christ or God they turn from it because they have been hurt by a
so called CHRISTian or have been hurt in a church or whatever the story
may be people aren't so willing anymore to even hear the gospel.

Ozzfest, yes they do play at that.......BUT they go out into the crowds and
WITNESS to people that is why they are there. Whether you want to
accept that or not that is up to you. They may have said that they aren't a
Christian band but that doesn't make them as people not christians. They
have said many times that they are in the business for giving the fans a
positive message to let them know that whatever they're going through
there is something they can turn to with that problem. If my band was big
like that then I would do the same, you don't want people running from you
before they even hear your message. This is what P.O.D. has done they
have made it so they can draw people in with a positive message and tell
them the truth. So whatever you HEARD their religion is, is not true and
thats a fact if you want to email me about this I can show you other songs
that prove them to be christians.


For the Review part of it this cd is great and most of their cd's are and don't
forget to pick up the new album too. "Testify" is the name of the new album
P.O.D. has a great purpose in the music industry and if you study up on
them you will see why I say that. But if you want great rapcore with a
positive message this is what you want to buy.

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