Sunshine Kids Mighty Tite - Easier Than Using The Latch And Much More Secure

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					            Sunshine Kids Mighty Tite

                        5 Years Of Blissfull Car Seat Installs

As many years of research have revealed, the best way to keep your baby
safe while riding in the car is to place them in a car seat that has been
properly installed, with restraints that have been properly adjusted for a
snug fit. The Mighty-Tite car seat belt tightener makes car seat installation
easier by allowing you to tighten your vehicles seat belts and reduce the
amount of slack around the base of your babys car seat. Installation is very
easy. After positioning the tightener next to the car seat and fitting your
vehicles seat belt through the included spindle slot, simply ratchet the
tighteners handle until the seat belt is snug around the base of the car
seat. Removing the belt tightener is also very fast and easy. --Chris Burns

* Child proof release
* Tightens any car seat in seconds
* Fits onto any seat belt
* Works with all carriers and car seats
* Lift the ratcheted handle a few times and easily remove unwanted slack
for a tight fit

I have never met someone that has istalled a car seat correctly. I show
every person I come into contact with the correct way(to the best of my
knowlege). Everytime its the same story, the seat has 6 inches of slack to
move around instead of 1 inch or 0 slack,and they dont tighten the belts
around the child with 1 finger space between shoulder and belt.
The mighty tite has solved the tighting issue everytime. What I do is install
the car seat without the mighty tite 1rst, then if theres any slack at all I will
install my mighty tite. Is that so wrong. From what all these negative
reviews have said, I dont think so. Its so rare for someone to go have there
seat inspected(I wish everyone did) that this can save lives! Who can
argue with that.

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