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Marc Anthony by Marc Anthony - Marc Anthony


									      Marc Anthony by Marc Anthony

                              The Best Of The Best

Marc Anthony comes on like a suave, less jumpy alternative to Ric ky
Martin on this mostly English-language album. Having already introduced
itself to the pop mainstream with the salsa-tinged single I Need to Know,
Marc Anthony offers several other obvious crossover hits, ranging from the
Rodney Jerkins-produced Latin-funk fusion of Shes Been Good to Me to
the lovelorn midtempo ballad When I Dream at Night. However, Anthonys
agreeably keening voice is too often applied to the sort of colorless adult-
contemporary material typical of Michael Bolton and Mariah Carey
mainstay Walter Afansieff, who produces or coproduces three tracks here.
The result is often more interesting in sociological terms--Anthony fans
who, like the star, were born to Latino parents in America are as sure to
eat this disc up as his new Caucasian admirers--than in musical ones. Aint
that America? --Rickey Wright

I recently reviewed Lopez's new album, which got a scathing review from
me, and, as I mentioned in that review, I said Marc A nthony is a much
more talented and heartfelt artist. I felt somehow compelled to follow-up
on this and deliver an explanation why.

First of all, I've heard Anthony's music before, and he's definitely got talent
and charisma. While he isn't a conventionally good-looking man, he uses
his charisma in a quiet way, and doesn't need to "shout" it out at you. This
is a good sign. It means the music is more important than his image.

Secondly, all it takes is one listen to "When I Dream At Night" to know tha t
Anthony has the power to move someone with his voice. I know that
musical purists will probably disagree to some point or another, but his
singing style shows not only talent, but training.

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