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					1. Introduction of all partner universities

2. Objectives & structure of the C40
International Business Plan Competition

      3. Roles and responsibilities

       4. Activities and logistics

       5. Questions & discussion

Founding University Partners

       University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

       • The university comprises 18 colleges that offer more than 150
         programs of study and has an annual budget of nearly $1.5 billion
       • The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is often regarded
         as a world-leading magnet for engineering and sciences

       Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

       • HKUST is a public university established in 1991
       • School is home to 9,000 students as well as more than 450
       • University is one of the top universities in Hong Kong and is
         among the most prestigious in Asia

• City University London

• University of São Paulo

• Korea University

• London South Bank University

• Hosei University
• Create a sustainable competition that provides a meaningful
  international immersion experience to undergraduate students
  around the world
• Connect meaningfully with our communities; government,
  cities, corporations, NGOs, alumni, faculty and students
• Explore an issue of societal importance

• Provide an international business experience
• Build awareness of the global nature of business
• Develop a better understanding of societal issues
• Explore the interactions between business, government, and
• Learn to work effectively in cross cultural, cross functional
• Obtain a differentiated professional experience to support
  students early in their careers

   When            Who Participated            Location
November 2008         HKUST and UIUC           Hong Kong

 January 2008         HKUST and UIUC            Chicago

 January 2009      HKUST, UIUC, KU, SNU          Seoul

  May 2009      HKUST, UIUC, KU, SNU, Yonsei   Seoul (C40
                         University             Summit)

• Virtual teams (cross disciplinary and cross cultural)
• Local student activities (lectures, site visits, research, etc.)
• Shared content (video lectures, posted material, etc.)
• One week immersion experience

Tentative timeline

  September    October      November December January   February

         September 14th - December 4th

• Intense and diverse experience built around the business plan
• 7 am – 10 pm each day – aggressive schedule mixing case
  work with site visits, tours, and cultural activities
• Engagement with local community – corporate, government,
  NGO, academic
• Option to utilize more than one location

Sunday 3rd      Arrive London, team building activities for students

Monday 4th      Official launch of the immersion experience and
                business plan competition
Tuesday 5th     Team work/ company visits and cultural activities

Wednesday 6th   Team work/ student presentations

Thursday 7th    Team work/ company visits

Friday 8th      Business plan deadline, final presentations, closing
                ceremony and reception

• Selection of students
• Securing budget for student and faculty
• Scheduling local activities for students
• Conducting shared (virtual) activities
• Immersion pre-trip preparation
   - local cultural, health and safety, cultural training
• Provide local mentoring and coaching of student team
• Identify corporate partners, governments, committee
• Support immersion trip experience
You are asked to develop a proposal that will be evaluated by a panel of judges acting as
representatives from a social venture capital group. These investors are looking for both
attractive returns and market-based solutions to address London’s environmental and
sustainability issues. They have a tolerance for higher risk investments and are interested in
game changing or market creating business proposals. They are interested in business built
around technically novel solutions, have experience in ventures that require or drive policy
change, and a history of making substantial investments. They are focused not only on business
proposals for London but also look for long term scale, reach, and global markets. The group has
substantial resources and does not typically look to the financial markets to provide capital rather
act as a source of private equity as companies in its investment portfolio mature.
There are a wide range of possibilities in developing your business/ entrepreneurship proposals;
including: new product design (for example for improved sustainability, local resource use,
recyclability, etc), new technologies that can reduce demands on the environment(even
Information Communications Technology), alternative organizational arrangements (such as
might reduce transportation or energy requirements and improve quality of life), or a new
service in building, mobility(transportation) or energy sectors with an impact on the
environment. Proposals should take into account the specific nature/issues in London such as
water/land availability and climate.

The cost estimate for participation is as follows:

£700 GBP per student
   •Hotel £500 (double occupancy)
   •Plaques and Trophies £50
   •Transportation£ 50
   •Reception £50
   •Other £50

£1000 GBP per faculty (single occupancy)

Schools are also responsible for the cost of transportation and flights to the UK and any
costs incurred locally

       Action Items                Deadline

Finalize school participants     31 August, 2009

Finalize student participants   14 September, 2009

    Create virtual teams        21 September, 2009