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					Last Man Standing by David Baldacci

                   Entertaining, Engaging, And Very Satisfying

Last Man Standing has the essential elements of a terrific David Baldacci
novel: a tough but tender-hearted hero, dirty dealings in the nations
bureaucracy, and a roller-coaster plot. Web London, a member of the FBIs
Hostage Rescue Team, froze up on a drug raid and thus became the sole
survivor of a remote-controlled ambush that killed six of his compatriots.
Now the only witness has disappeared and the inside man on the
botched raid has gone underground. As a pretty psychiatrist puzzles
over the corners of Webs brain that kept him alive, Web himself stays on
the move. Hes certain that the ambush is connected to the prison escape
of a neofascist leader, Ernest B. Free, whom he helped arrest five years
earlier, and a series of new murders leads him to a Virginia horse farm
and the driving force behind all the carnage. It may seem as though
Baldacci gives away the mastermind too soon, but both the bad guys and
the good guys are complex enough that theres plenty of punch all the
way to the last page. --Barrie Trinkle

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Web London is one bad hombre. As the tactical leader of the FBI Hostage
Rescue Team (HRT), he commands a unit made up of Navy Seals, Delta
Force, and other special ops units that represent the ultimate warriors. He
is not a diplomat, couldn't care less about being politically correct, and
doesn't lead from the rear. He is battle tested and has the scars to prove it.

How could it be, then, that on an inner-city mission to shut down a major
drug gang, London freezes in an alley while his entire team gets
slaughtered? He is the only survivor.

Consumed with guilt and ostracized by his fellow HRT teams, London
consults the FBI psychoanalysis doctors and submits to hypnosis to
discover why he froze at the critical moment of the raid and became the
last man standing.

Last Man Standing is another Baldacci masterpiece of storytelling. The
characters are raw and believable and the action is intense and disturbing.
The plot is complicated and clever, involving conspiracies, cover ups, and
deception at the highest levels. Well done. * * *

My Two Cents Worth

London is the epitome of a modern day elite warrior - Rambo with a
vocabulary and a PhD. He lives in a black and white world - good guy, bad
guy - kill or be killed - enemy or ally. He has never finished in second
place. Obviously, Baldacci does a masterful job developing his characters
then thrusting them into the most demanding situations.

The stigma of a super hero turning to the shrink to take a look inside his
mind and soul is a tough scenario for an author to attempt. It can destroy
the credibility of the entire book on a single sentence, but Baldacci pulls it
off without a hitch. It is a testament to his research and discipline. It makes
you take note of the names in the acknowledgements: FBI agents Edney,
Walker, and Schiff and Dr. Steve Sobelman should be proud of their
contributions to this story.

This was my first Baldacci novel and although it is different from most of
his other works, he made a fan out of me. I was compelled to make a late-
night dash to the bookstore to get four more samples of his work. I love
those B&N and HPB gift cards.

638 pages
8 hours

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