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									                  Green by Ted Dekker

           Green (Circle Trilogy, Book Zero: The Beginning And The End)

At Last . . . The Circle Reborn

The story of how Thomas Hunter first entered the Black Forest and
forever changed our history began at a time when armies were gathered
for a final battle in the valley of Migdon. Green is a story of love, betrayal,
and sweeping reversals set within the apocalypse. It is the beginning: the
truth behind a saga that has captured the imagination of more than a
million readers with the Books of History Chronicles. But even more,
Green brings full meaning to the Circle Series as a whole, reading as both
prequel to Black and sequel to White, completing a full circle. This is Book
Zero, the Circle Reborn, both the beginning and the end. The preferred
starting point for new readers . . . and the perfect climax for the countless
fans who-ve experienced Black, Red, and White.

It has taken me a while to get through this book. Dekker is an amazing
writer, but his writings are deep and require intellect and concentration to
take in all that he is saying. Between the time I received the book and now,
my husband lost his job, we have moved and my husband has gotten a
new job. I had started the book back then and just finished the book
yesterday. When I first started, I had a hard time "getting in to the book." I
hated that, since I had loved the other three books in this set. Anyhow, I
finally got back into the book and it starts off where White ends and it
completes the circle.

It is a complex, yet amazing read. To try and give you a summary is
beyond me! My reccomendation would be to just pick it up and start
reading, it will be an amazing first chapter for this circle. If you love it, then
read Black, Red, and White!! If you've already read Black, Red and White,
then this will be the amazing last chapter. I am actually thinking about
going back and rereading the other books in their order, but now behind
Green instead of in front of Green.

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