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									                Caddyshack [Blu-ray]

                                Great Movie

A no-brainer that has become a low-brow classic, this 1980 comedy makes
anarchy the rule of the day, unleashing the antics of Bill Murray, Rodney
Dangerfield, Ted Knight, and Chevy Chase. Caddyshack is about the
scheme of a vulgar land developer (Dangerfield) who wants to build
condominiums on the site of a ritzy country club. Director Harold Ramis
(who later reunited with Murray to make Groundhog Day) is content to let
the comedy follow a variety of wacky detours, most notably Murrays
maniacal war with a gopher that has been digging up the golf course.
Dangerfield ultimately steals the show, firing off a battery of one-liners,
insults, and tasteless gags. Caddyshack is the kind of movie some people
have been known to watch several times a year, reciting every line of
dialogue like the followers of a bizarre comedic ritual. --Jeff Shannon

Like its predecessor, Caddyshack is crude, crass & sophomoric ---but so
fun, and funny, that you dont care. The films cast is like one generation of
comedic talent merged with another. Chevy Chase is at the peak of his
sarcastic-irreverent self as Ty Webb, the golf club founders sometimes
flippant, sometimes murky son. Bill Murray plays Carl, the greenskeeper
whos seemingly one shy a full deck. But its Rodney Dangerfield who steals
the movie as no-class contractor Al Czervik, who dresses in loud clothes,
has a golf bag equipped with a beer tap, T.V., stereo & remote control for
his drivers, and generally makes a nuisance of himself with sharp one-
liners. And the late Ted Knight is the perfect comic foil/villain for
Dangerfields antics as Judge Smails, a snobbish, combustible member
with much wealth & influence. The films main plot has to do with Michael
OKeefes down-on-his-luck caddy Danny trying to schmooze a caddy
scholarship out of the abusive Smails. However, this is the impetus which
draws all these characters into the plot which leads to a big
showdown/high stakes golf game. But this is only half of the film as first-
time director Harold Ramis & writers take pleasure in veering off on goofy
subplots: Murrays Cinderella story golf game; a priest playing the best
game of his life in the middle of a raging storm; Dangerfield disrupting the
green with funny stories, rock music, and illegal betting; Chase & Murrays
strange encounter when Chases ball slices into Murrays shed/home; the
rowdy Caddy Day pool scene; Chases funny/inept romancing of Smails
niece, Lacey Underall (what a name!); and, of course, Murrays demented
battle with the dancing gopher whos destroying the green.
Whether its a physical comedy bit by Chase or a good one-liner by
Dangerfield that you missed the first time around, Caddyshack is the type
of comedy that you can watch again & still have a great time!

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