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A Walk to Remember by Various Artists - Hi


									     A Walk to Remember by Various

                                   I Love This!

With Britney Spears exploring her burgeoning sexuality , at least on record
and stage, Mandy Moore makes her most wholesome offering yet with A
Walk to Remember. The soundtrack to this chaste love story offers several
Moore tracks along with contributions by guitar-driven Christian-popsters
Switchfoot. (She and Switchfoot singer Jonathan Foreman meet on a
cover of New Radicals Someday Well Know.) Forgoing the dance-pop that
first put her in the charts, Moore sticks mostly to safe ballads that make
romance sound as exciting as cleaning ones room. Only the most
straitlaced of parents will find anything to protest here. --Rickey Wright

i love mandy for choosing switchfoot, switchfoot is my ultimate favorite
band, and I had no clue it was mandy's for a while too, till recently. she
does a GREAT job singing switchfoot's "only hope" by the way... it's
switchfoot's original song.. not mandy's... just to correct some reviews
here. highly recommended album! if you dont know who switchfoot is..
look them up! they ARE AWESOME! thnx

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