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					                           18 by Moby

                          Moby 18...Excellent Choice!

Following one of the most licensed CDs in history, 18 delivers more of the
gospel samples and spiritual exploration that made Play Mobys
breakthrough album. But keep your expectations in check. On 18 there is
barely a body-rocker in the bunch. This is often a somber, melancholy disc,
blanketed in the washed-over cinematic orchestral melodies Mobys been
fond of since his classic self-titled debut. It requires several listenings
before the gems shine through the ambient fog--and most depart from
Play entirely. On the deceptively minimalist opening track, Moby delivers a
powerful message through his thin little voice. We are all made of stars,
he sings, and indeed hes believable. MC Lyte punches out an infectious
rap over old-school beat-box rhythms on Jam for the Ladies, offering one
of the discs few roof-raisers. At Least We Tried is a tear-jerking swan song
of the highest order, and, finally, The Rafters resurrects early -‘90s house
piano, which will make any of Mobys career-long fans pine for his earliest
club hits. The diminutive DJ neednt have produced Play Pt. Two to keep
his new fans engaged. Fortunately, his greatest talent for cooking up
interesting sounds is still audible; you just need the patience to find it. --
Beth Massa

Another great mix of old soul, ambient, and dance music from Moby. Its a
great combination. The ambient provides the spiritual tone; the dance
provides the energy; and the old soul provides the added depth. And hes
the best in the world at it. It works because you can tell he respects each
sound hes using, and not just using it to prove he can, or fit a certain
popular sound.

Moby must have a great soul. You can feel it in his music. Very spiritual
and life driven. And that shines through whether his songs lean more
towards rock, pop, dance, or classic soul. Most of the songs on this album
are a mix of soulful-dance-and ambient. Theres also a few pop, a few
ambient, one rock, and a few dance tracks. As an entire record, it works
perfectly. And does wonders for your mood.
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