Mint Review by khubain12


									The answer is YES. Mint is a great tool for those who want to get a better handle on their budget and
spending. Mint is free personal finance software similar to Quicken. The website will allow you to put all
your banking accounts, loans, investments and will track your spending and investments gains or losses.
Every month mint produces a great looking graph of all your accounts and investments and breaks them
down for you so you can understand it. You can access Mint online with a web browser or mobile

How I use Mint

I started using Mint three years ago. Before I started to use Mint I was always being charged late fees on
my checking and saving accounts. I usually forgot when my bills were due. I couldn't manage my budget
properly and thus making saving money almost impossible. Since I have been using Mint I put all my
accounts, mortgages, credit cards, student loans, investments online and every month Mint sent me a
reminder via e-mail of loans due dates, finance charges assess to my credit cards, low balances on my
checking and savings account. Mint sent me an e-mail whenever a fee is assessed to my accounts. At the
end of each month I can look to see how much I spent on groceries, clothing, gas, electricity, etc. I can
look at the graph to see how my investments are doing. I can see where I spend too much. All these I
used to do on a spreadsheet and hated it.

Is Mint easy to use?

Mint is also very easy to use. You don't have to be computer savvy to use Mint. What I like about Mint
the most is that you can use it on mobile devices by downloading an app for your iPhone or Google
Android. They also have iPad support. I can be on vacation with my phone and still be able to log in and
see how my checking and savings account look like. Since I have been using Mint I have never late on
any loan which means no late fees. This makes budgeting easy. In fact, because of Mint I was able to
budget enough and bought my first property in 2009.

Benefits of Mint

1. Weekly e-mail alerts via e-mail

2. Loan due dates reminder via e-mail

3. Low balance reminder via e-mail
4. Suggestions on best deals on credit card, interest rates, etc..

5. Mobile access via iPod touch, iPhone, iPad

6. Accounts are download automatically

7. And many more

Is Mint Secure?

Mint is very secure. Since I have been using them three years ago I have not encountered any problem.
They use a 128-bit encryption and physical security. As a person with a background in computer science,
this is secure. They are monitored and verified by TRUSTe, VeriSign and Hackersafe. What that means is
this; Mint is as secure as a website should be.

In conclusion, mint does not cost a penny to try it. All you have to gain is peace of mind and better way
to manage your budget. I am using it every day and am loving it.

If you've always struggle to budget or do you often forget to pay your bills on time? If you answer yes
then Mint free budgeting software is what you need. Get it here at

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