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    CHURCH                                       CHURCH
      A                                             B      EVANGELISM

1. Q. Can Church A assist Church B?
   A. Yes. Acts 11:27-30; 1 Cor. 16:1-3; Acts 21:17-19

2. Q. Can Church A contribute money to Church B?
   A. Yes. Acts 11:22-26; Col. 2:16; Acts 15:22-23

What Part of this arrangement is unscriptural?
What Scriptural Principle is violated?
If all the parts are scriptural then the Whole arrangement is scriptural.

                                   Chart 1
Churches of Christ   Churches of Christ   Churches of Christ

Newspaper article    Newspaper article    Newspaper article
not readable         not readable         not readable

                          Chart 2
Elders of the 77th Street Church of Christ
First Avenue, South
Birmingham 6, Alabama


       Referring to your Memorandum of August 6th
concerning the effort to teach the Gospel through the
Birmingham New and Post-Harold.
       The Insley Church of Christ hereby pledges
?.00 per ? For carrying on this work during the period
covered by contract to the ? September 1,?.
Please advise if we are correct in assuming that ?
? Contract will cover a period of 12 months.
       ? ? Appreciate your advising (the rest illegible).

                              Chart 3
77th Street                                      50.00
Central                                          75.00
Woodlawn                                         35.00
North B’ ham                                     40.00
Berney Pairata                                   10.00
Cusley                                           25.00
Featherdale                                      10.00
                                     Total     $245.00

       Checks from various congregations to be mailed
on the 25th of each month to reach 77th st Church
not later than the first of the month.
       Checks to be payable to the 77th Street Church
of Christ.
       Checks are to be mailed to Morris F. Hide.
(the rest not legible.)       Chart 4
Radio Program -                            Hershel E. Patton

           A radio program has finally been secured for the
Churches of Christ in Birmingham. For a number of years the
Churches of Christ have been unable to purchase time on
any of the radio stations in the city. However, now that
the new station WTNB (1400 on your dial) is in
operation, we have been successful in purchasing some
time. Tuesday morning, October 1, 1945, John Harton (?) and
Hershel E. Patton arranged for a year’s contract with
thisstation for the Woodlawn Church of Christ.
Although the Woodlawn church signed the contract, it
is not necessarily their program. The Churches of Christ in
Birmingham have always presented a united front and
it is desired that this program be the program of the
Churches of Christ in Birmingham. Other congregations
in Birmingham will contribute to the support of this program
and the various preachers in this area will take week-about
                               Chart 5
Brother jack Meyer and the Heights Church were asked to plan and
supervise the advertising of the meeting and that they did their work in
fine fashion was simply evidenced by the widespread interest and attendance
provoked. Brother F.F. Coalley and the Milley Church supervised
the ushering at all of the services and received splendid cooporation
from the other churches of the city in that work and the large audiances
were handled in a fine way. Brother Frank Smith and the church at
P? and Baldwin had charge of the entertainment of visitors from out
of the city and homes were provided for all while attending the meeting.
Nev er has an effort of this magnitude been carried to completion with
any better cooporation, finer spirit of unity, or less friction than this was.
That was an outstanding feature of the meeting. Twenty churches worked
togethre as one throughout the cities and the Churches of Christ in
Houston demonstrated the practical side of Christian unity and above all
sufficiency of the Lord’s church in the accomplishment of His work
without the interference of human organizations. All of the funds
were handeld through the Norhill Church and all bills incurred paid
out of that treasury, with a complete report furnished, each church
assisting. That this arrangement workeed to the satisfaction
of all is attested by the fact that in a city wide gatering of ?
After the meeting was over, the unanimous request of the church
operating in the first meeting was that Norhill congregation ? The
second meeting to be held the coming year.
                                Chart 6

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