Weekly status report _7-27-09_ by hedongchenchen


									MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report: July 27, 2009
System Integration Test (SIT)

         SIT Testing Coverage:

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         JIRA Issue Status:
               o 70 “bug” issues written; 21 open, 49 closed
               o 28 “conversion” issues written; 10 open, 18 closed

     There are no issues with resources at this time.

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         We need a metric of SIT depth testing in addition to the coverage testing stats we have today. I suggest
          we stop testing for a few weeks and focus the SIT team on writing a comprehensive set of test cases that
          we can then gather % executed metrics against. I have been asked to hold off on this activity until we
          have completed our breadth testing. I will propose a date for that activity soon.


         Plan is being finalized to address the concern about the comfort level campuses have with the new CRM
          system. Samir will spend time on each campus to help them build their initial communications, help to
          familiarize themselves with CRM, and teach them about some of the new functionality provided in Bundle
         Significant progress has been made on testing the past week with the additional help from Oracle. More
          in depth testing is taking place on security and environments than was originally possible. This is allowing
          for a deeper test of the environment structure including profiles. Next will be testing the data flow.
         Production Security has been deployed in SIT and testing is occurring.
         All CU Specific profiles have been created.
         Production Environment has been created and a strategy for refreshing the environment prior to Golive
          has been developed.
         Incremental Synch Messages: CU has developed the synch processes and they are being moved to Test
         Extending the delivered EIP’s: These jobs have been developed and they are being moved to Test
         Work continues on the delivered EIP’s from CS to CRM. Scott Ausband has been rerunning the EIP’s to fine
          tune them for production.
         Scott Ausband has configured the Knowledge Base in CRM to default the institution based on the portal
          they are accessing. Portal team has implemented this and it appears to work.
         Scott tested the data mover scripts to move the Knowledge Base (Support) content from one
          environment to another and they worked very well.
         Resources:
               o Samir Awdi, the CRM consultant from Ciber, is coordinating the creation of the remaining
                        o Helped develop the Environment strategy
                        o Finalized Security
               o Ammar Malik, a CRM consultant from Oracle, has been building profiles needed in the
                    production environment.
               o Richard Donovan and Oscar Arjona, Oracle consultants provided by Oracle, have been testing
                    security, testing Bundle 23 in SIT, and helping create test scripts for environment testing.

         Development
             o 1 Extension Case (E-CR-16)
                     o Dialog Effectiveness Report being created and paid for by Oracle
                     o Initial review of the report shows that good progress is being made. There are a few
                        issues to be resolved but for the most part it is looking good.
         Workflows
             o None

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         Time and Resources – technical and functional expertise is needed to work through problems that are
          found. Scott is maxed out with EIP’s for the time being. More knowledge transfer needs to take place
          prior to GoLive but there is not time.
         EIP’s- Delivered EIP’s continue to be difficult to troubleshoot. Scott has been spending an inordinate
          amount of time dealing with the EIP’s not running consistently. GSC and Critical Accounts have been
          notified of the problem and should address. This delays our ability to fully test each environment.
         End users have been able to access a development environment for a number of weeks. However, the
          environment is not complete with all the profiles that will be utilized in Production. In addition, the
          environment they have been using is not connected to a Campus Solutions or Portal environment so they
          have not been able to test in a production like setting. This environment will be available the week of
         CRM performance issue are very common and we need to dedicate more time to performance testing and
          tuning. Currently we are experiencing significant delays when you search for a person in CRM. This is not
          acceptable for GoLive. The OCS Performance team will work with this issue.
         Allocating team member’s time between Admissions and CRM is challenging. This will get more
          challenging as the GoLive approaches and more users are in the system. The project team members are
          going to be asked to assist their offices with problems and questions around the CRM system.
         The CRM project remains behind schedule. We have extended the Oracle/Ciber consultant originally
          scheduled to leave in December to assist with rapid knowledge transfer to the new CU CRM application
          manager (estimated roll-off end of August). The CRM project is behind schedule at this time. Risks at go-
          live can be mitigated by having the Oracle consultant on site during the initial go-live to address operation


 Training – The first round of Admission Training has been created. It consists of 5 full days of training with
    corresponding PowerPoints and UPK’s. Boulder Admissions conducted the first week of training last week and
    overall it was well received. Corrections to the PowerPoints and UPK’s were noted and changes to the content
    will be made. AMC begins their training this week and Boulder finishes with its second week. UCCS starts
    training the week of August 10 and Downtown Denver will be held later in August.
 Carolyn Landa, project lead for SF, has been helping with the testing of application fees. We have been able to
    mock up the acceptance of admission application fees in Nelnet
 Details on Plan B for the Admission Application are continuing to be solidified. The information that needs to
    come out of SIS to move to CS has been identified. Work on creating that file is in progress.
 Base prototype of Events has been completed. Next step is to collect the event data from the campuses that
    are using it at GoLive so the events can be built in the system. Target date for collection is July 8 .
 The team completed its fourth training on Comm Gen for the staff in the core admission offices that will be
    generating letters for GoLive. We received wonderful help from Bradley Baker from UCCS Financial Aid on
    some items.
 The team is continuing to test the Stage and Load code that was delivered by Oracle. The goal is to get the Flex
    Prospect card wired up to the Stage and Load so that it can be ready for GoLive. This requires a significant
    amount of time from an functional expert in Admissions to validate values and represent the functional side of
    the prospect card.
 Admissions team continued to validate some of the Campus Community data including External Ed, External
    Orgs, and Test Scores.
        Base Configuration – 90% complete, 95% reviewed.
        ADM Development –
              o 23 TOTAL Admission CEMLI’s identified
                       o 10 Interface Cases

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – July 27, 2009                                                           Page 4 of 16
                                   10 In progress. Estimated date ready for to be sent to vendor for extract files:
                                   varies depending on the interface.
                       o 12 Extension Cases
                               o All have been sent to GSD. Estimated date ready for testing: Varies.
                               o E-AD-19 Admissions Front End using FLEX in progress and being developed at
                                   UIS not GSD. Estimated date ready for testing: TBD
                        1 In Progress
                                E-CR-01 Application Fee Payment --
                                        o Nelnet project is in progress.
              o Workflows
                        1 Workflow case identified
                                W-AD-03 Workflow – Assign Apps for Evaluation.
                                        o Testing in Progress.
         Business Process Documentation –
              o 125 Business Processes and Sub-Processes
                        55 complete with UPK and unit testing
                        49 Not started due to CEMLI’s are needed to be completed from GSD before
                           completion. Date for completion will vary depending on when CEMLI’s are finished.
                           Some are not required for Aug 3 GoLive.
                        16 Not Started due to waiting on NelNet and Stage and Load. Estimated date of
                           completion: TBD
         Resources:
              o An Oracle consultant, Vic Villaneuva, is assisting with a variety of Admission tasks including:
                        Communication Generation
                        Security Testing
                        Configurations
                        Validation

         Prospect Card: This new tool/process is going to be an efficient and effective way to load data in Campus
          Solutions. However, since we are the first school to implement it we are finding that the implementation
          is not as smooth as other items. As a result of the large amount of troubleshooting that is required, we
          are behind. There is a Tiger Team approach to completing the development and an all hands testing
          approach to completing the testing in some depth. These adjustments are resulting in more efficiency, but
          came too late for an August 3 go live. A working date is being validated at the time of this writing.
         Admission Flex Application – Due to the time needed to get the prospect card sorted out, concern about
          the impact it may have on the timeline for the Flex Application.
          Testing: There is limited time for testing all the technologies that are going to available for GoLive.
          Testing has been limited to the most common use cases. In addition, when testing occurs there will be a
          need to troubleshoot and fix issues and the timeline does not account for much time to fix problems that
          are found. This could result in additional troubleshooting on issues found in production.
          Coordination of all the pieces that are needed for GoLive. The all hands test will exercise each piece of
          this; however, that date has been pushed off pending completion of the prospect functionality.
               o Recruitment Portal
               o Identity Management
               o Stage and Load
               o CRM code modifications
               o Flex Admissions Application (prospect card, application, etc…)

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Campus Community

          User Acceptance Testing – the CC team has obtained UAT for all of the datasets except external ed
          Tested and approved E-CC-29 (EMPLID), E-CC-28 (Veterans), E-CC-36 (Checklists)
          Validated bio/demo incremental load – several team members from Boulder validated for Colorado
          A TIN bug was uncovered last fall and Oracle has delivered a workaround that must be implemented. A
           JIRA was sent to Sachin
          Received more data conversion cleanup – country address, province and a ½ dozen TINs – should be able
           to complete on Monday
          Test scores were loaded and Denver tested this weekend – Boulder will test Monday morning – What
           about Springs?
          Four additional SR team members names, along with seven CC team member names were given to Vickie
           so she can ensure they have security access to validate in PROD
          Module Independence – dappled in App Designer - Corina will provide some training this week
          Open JIRAs being addressed/resolved
          SIT
          WPL
          UPKs

     Corina rolls off August 14 and we have quite a bit of work to complete before we reach module
        independence. We are already behind our original schedule.
     Concerns continue regarding Denver representation. Denver wants to replace Kat on the CC team and
        have a person unfamiliar with CC (and probably ISIS) attend our module independence trainings. I
        conveyed that these trainings were not for the novice user and I thought Kat’s absence could be harmful
        to Denver in the long run.

          Close family deaths of two CC team members last week.
          The CC team has been requesting detail information on the incremental data load since the spring (at
           least) to no avail

     Newmerix status:
 Assigned ID              Title                                 Status

 C-CC-11                  Service Indicators                    In CFG

 C-CC-15                  External Org conversion               In CFG

 C-CC-20a                 Convert Bio/Demo I                    In CFG

 C-CC-20B                 Visa/Permits conversion/Bio-demo II   In CFG

 C-CC-27                  Veteran's data conversion             In CFG

 I-DH-04                  CS - Search/fetch/match               In Development

 I-DH-05                  HR Constituent create                 In Development

 I-DH-06                  HR - Constituent update               In Development

 C-CC-02                  External Education                    In SIT

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – July 27, 2009                                                        Page 6 of 16
 C-CC-08                  Convert Test Scores                 In SIT

 E-CC-36                  Changes for Checklists for Multi-   Ready for Migration to SIT

 E-CC-28                  Veterans                            Ready for Migration to CFG

 E-CC-29                  Generating EMPLID                   Ready for Migration to CFG

 I-DH-01                  CS - Constituent Create             Ready for Migration to

 I-DH-02                  CS - Constituent Update             Ready for Migration to

Financial Aid


          Each institution was involved in SIT-3 testing.
          Printers have been successfully defined on the server and necessary scripts have been created. However,
           we are still working to resolve issues with format and margins.
          Discussed configuration and business process changes to support DL at UCCS.
          FA Team met in Denver for an all day session to report on extension status, review critical dates and
           training phases, discuss security, and address other items. Discussed alternatives for our Scholarship App
           go-live based on the projection that necessary SR converted data will not be in place in time. Under
           consideration is running the legacy Scholarship App (for continuing students) and the CS Scholarship App
           (for incoming students) simultaneously and then converting the legacy app to CS in March 2010. CUDEN
           may be able to stay within the CS app for both if they delay opening the app until mid-Feb (assuming SR
           data is available then). Next step is to have a follow up discussion between the team and Kristeen to
           answer further conversion questions.
          Meagan has been testing Year Round Pell in Demo2 with CS Bundle 13. Initial results indicate that we
           should be able to remove one of our extensions (E-FA-46 Pell WOI) and we may need to modify another.
           From testing and reports via the FA list, the code in CS B13 does have some problems and we will need CS
           B14 applied as soon as possible after it is released.
          CIP codes have been corrected in CS. Thanks to IR and SR for the quick response on this!
          Meetings with Kristeen and Traci regarding FA and SR conversions. Also working with Sachin to clarify the
           status of FA conversions that were delivered prior to testing the extensions that they are dependent
          Working with SR to set a date in late August to test Dynamic Dating.
          Rescheduling the FA meeting with Hershey due to the need to test the PROD this week and because it will
           allow us more time to identify our document management needs.
          Currently working on CEMLI (extensions, conversions, interfaces) clarifications, test planning, unit testing,
           validation, and reports, security, and workflows as needed.
          Ongoing edits to WPL, incorporating FA functional development requirements. Should be adding more
           functional development rows this week.

     Each institution now has a team of at least three people working together on testing and other tasks. This
        has contributed greatly to FA being on a solid path to independence as those institution teams work
        together, transfer and share knowledge, and problem solve their specific campus business processes.
        Legacy tasks and family medical leave issues have strained resources as of late but are being addressed as

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – July 27, 2009                                                            Page 7 of 16
          much as possible. Last week was a particularly difficult week for the FA team and the next few weeks are
          likely to be just as challenging.
         FA offices have committed additional staff/hours to project efforts around Document Management and
          Reporting. The FA Team will be meeting with Hershey consultants in late August/early September.

         We would like to see an FA PROD environment/phase built by 10/1/2009 so we can test and validate by
          11/1/2009. How does this need get incorporated into the overall project plan?
         Need to a road map of the environment paths needed for production and CS bundle testing and where
          those diverge/converge. Will need CS B14 applied as soon as possible after its delivery as it will likely
          contain bug fixes. Anticipated release date is 8/28/09.
         Bundle 13 (Regs 4) contains coding changes to accommodate new federal regulations. This will require
          modifications to two of our extensions (Pell Weeks of Instruction, Summer Application). We are reviewing
          this week and will make change requests shortly.
         When/how will batch scheduling be tested in SIT? We’ve had a couple of meetings with Andrea, Christine,
          and Margaret and understand better the process for requesting batch jobs be scheduled and how UC4
          works, but it feels as though we need to actually try it out soon. This should be part of the next SIT
          strategy session perhaps.
         What are our plans for moving from SIT3 to SIT4 and when will the SIT4 environment be available?
         Offices are putting together publications for 2010-11 academic year and may required guidance on
          terminology, URLs, etc. associated with the new portals.

Development status from Newmerix/PIL:
          Assigned ID   Title                                              Status

          C-FA-01       CU Promise                                         In Development

          C-FA-02       Multiyear Scholarships                             Ready for Migration to TEST

          C-FA-03       Convert Workstudy Previous Year's earnings         Development not started

          C-FA-04       Career Documents                                   Ready for Migration to TEST

          C-FA-12       Perkins MPN                                        Ready for Migration to TEST - Migration Dependencies

          C-FA-14       Convert Institution Loan Aggregates                Ready for Migration to TEST

          C-FA-16       Health Profession MPN                              Ready for Migration to TEST - Migration Dependencies

          C-SF-05a      SF Item Type Conversion                            In SIT

          E-FA-14       ISIR Load - Checklist Creation                     In TEST

          E-FA-31       Transfer Monitoring                                In SIT

          E-FA-42       Workstudy: Student Employment                      On Hold - dependent on other CEMLI dev

          E-FA-43       R2T4 Calculation of Institutional Charges          In TEST

          E-FA-44       Summer Awarding                                    In TEST

          E-FA-45       CU Loans (was Health Profession Loan Processing)   In TEST

          E-FA-46       Pell Weeks of Instruction                          In SIT

          E-FA-47       Loan Period Update                                 In TEST

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – July 27, 2009                                                                          Page 8 of 16
          E-FA-49       SAP Modifications                      In TEST

          E-FA-50       Dynamic Dating Adjustments for FA      In TEST

          E-FA-51       ISIR Load - Multi Institution          On Hold - requires CU clarification

          E-FA-52       Batch Reauthorization                  ?

          E-FA-53       Institutional Variables                Development not started

          E-FA-54       Sevicer OE Code                        Ready for Migration to CFG

          E-SS-57       FA Self-Service Gaps                   Ready for Migration to SIT

          I-FA-01       Workstudy: Student Employment          Approved to Project Plan (Gaps)

          I-FA-02       Imaging Interface                      Approved to Project Plan (Gaps)

          I-FA-03       Web Scholarship Application            In TEST

          I-FA-05       Job Search Interface                   Approved to Project Plan (Gaps)

          I-FA-06       COD Pell and Direct Loans              Approved to Project Plan (Gaps)

          I-FA-07       CRC Loan Processing                    Approved to Project Plan (Gaps)

          I-FA-08       FISAP                                  Approved to Project Plan (Gaps)

          I-FA-09       ISIR                                   Approved to Project Plan (Gaps)

          I-FA-10       NSLDS                                  Approved to Project Plan (Gaps)

          I-FA-11       SURDS                                  Approved to Project Plan (Gaps)

          R-FA-03       Reporting SURDS                        Approved to Project Plan (Gaps)

          W-FA-01       Student Status Changes                 Approved to Project Plan (Gaps)

          W-FA-05       Verification Data Entry                functional spec complete, ready for dev

Student Records

     All Student Records Tables were moved into the Production environment
     Submitted change request for E-SS-01, E-SS-02, E-SR-115, and E-SR-85

Last week’s activities
      The team members continue to work on the functional validation of the course catalog. Functional
        validation is very time consuming, but the team members were able to demonstrate some progress.
        Course attributes, titles, and truncated course descriptions continue to be an issue in functional
      The team met with the conversion team to discuss outstanding course catalog errors.
      The team members met with Vickie to begin to set up the necessary security matrix for the curriculum go-
        live. The security matrix includes roles within the RO, as well as the roles for those outside the RO that
        schedule classes. The team will need to have a second round of discussions to finish outlining all the
        necessary roles.

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – July 27, 2009                                                       Page 9 of 16
         The testing of E-SR-05 continues in DEV. Mike F. is working to resolve issues with the posting of transfer
          credit affecting the student career term. We will be testing E-SR-05 this coming week.
         Scheduled the final review of the AMC fit/gap with UCD representatives for Aug 05.
         Identified a handful of CEMLIS needed for the curriculum go-live that have “code” dependencies on
          CEMLIS that are not needed for go-live. Working with Ronnie and Juan to resolve the issue
         The testing of CEMLIS in test has really slowed down due to the multiple demands on the team members.
         E-SS-09 and E-SR-39 are ready for migration to SIT, but migration will be delayed due to dependencies

Planned activities
     Request migration of E-SR-05 to TEST
     SR team meeting canceled so team members can assist Campus Community with validation
     Sally, Chris, and Tracy will be validating the SR tables that were migrated to the Production environment

         The identified issues with conversion continue to be a huge concern for student records. The delivery
          of the schedule of classes on August 3 for functional validation is unlikely.
         The team members are being pulled in multiple directions and have very little time to test CEMLIS and
          complete functional validation.

Degree Audit and Transfer Credit (DATC)

         Testing continued on the DARS-to-CS interface (I-SR-01) that will support transfer credit processing.
          Developer worked on the customization required to not post transfer credit to multiple CU institutions.
         Draft of business cases for processes that will support transfer credit processing were sent to functional
          team for review.
         Gathered contact information and high-level requirements for transfer credit processing at AMC.

     The UCD assistant registrar, Martina Juarez Lopez, and her staff are balancing the demands of degree
        audit, transfer credit, and also CS-related implementation duties related to course inventory. Due to the
        consolidation, UCD inherited some encoding required for AMC. Moreover, there is no dedicated resource
        to work on the transfer credit articulation tables. While UCD is meeting all goals and timelines related to
        degree audit, this shortage of staff poses a risk as we implement DARS with CS.

         AMC programs currently place transfer credit on a student’s record in the form of “block credit.” Will all
          transfer credit be done course-by-course in the future, or can some programs maintain this practice?
          Need to discuss further with SR PM and IR representatives.
         UIS is researching a browser issue that exists with the legacy SIS/DARS integration. (UCD students using
          Safari cannot access DARSweb unless they decrease their browser security settings by always accepting

Student Financials


MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – July 27, 2009                                                         Page 10 of 16
         The SF Teams has completed 99% of all ”testable” items. They are currently focused on developing and
          unit testing queries and equations in order to get more items from the list to a status of “testable”. They
          will also be working on a plan to begin in-depth testing over the next month
         The Nelnet commerce manager project is on track. We are working with Production Services and
          University Controller to get the end of day file processing established.
         SF and FA met with the SME’s from collections to start gathering the requirements for the interface with
          Campus Partners (the third party vendor used for loan servicing).

     We are still working on getting the appropriate individuals trained for the functional development of
        equations and queries. Some of the team members have completed the COGNOS training and are ready
        to start developing reports in the CSW when SF data is available.
     Reed our functional consultant is scheduled to roll off the project in the next couple of months which
        means the team needs to be totally independent by then. We will use the independence metrics to
        ensure that we have the necessary knowledge amongst the team members in order to be successful when
        the Reed is no longer at the University.
     Technical resource’s is still a concern for the SF team. With the roll off of Reed approaching we would like
        to have a technical resource identified and involved with the team before he leaves.

         None at this time.

Application Development/Conversions
Important items in italics.

Important Stuff
    Configs for CC, SR, and Admissions have been moved to CSPROD. SF and FA configs were not migrated to
    Go-live date for admissions processing is 8/3.
    Deadline for admissions/recruiting solution is 8/28.
    Campus Solutions is scheduled to go live on 8/3. This will only include admissions processing. This will not
       include CRM, MDM, the prospect card flex app, Portal, any SOA components, or instant provisioning.
       Where there are conflicts in priority (for example, migrations, security, conversion) , tasks required for the
       8/3 go-live are the highest priority, followed by tasks required for the 8/28 go-live.

         MDM
            o     Developers assigned to MDM (except for Pravija) have been reassigned to work on Prospect
                  Card. Outstanding issues with MDM will be addressed as time permits. This may preclude MDM
                  going live on 8/28.
         Conversion
             o Several datasets have been loaded into CSPROD in preparation for the 8/3 go-live.
             o The CON3 instance, to be used for user acceptance testing (UAT) of converted data, has been
                  created. The SR team will begin UAT of Course Catalog data this week, and other data sets ready
                  for UAT will be loaded into CON3 over the next week or so. CON3 will allow data validation to
                  proceed independently of SIT.
             o Kristeen Anderson has taken over as Conversion lead. She will be working remotely.
             o John Tucker will be working primarily with the conversion team, with a focus on Student Records
                  incremental loads.
         Admissions/Prospect Flex App
             o The target date for the completion of development of the flex app is 8/5. Go-live for Admissions,
                  including the flex app and Admissions plan b, is 8/28.

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – July 27, 2009                                                         Page 11 of 16
               o    The Admissions flex app is not in scope for 8/3.
               o    Admissions plan B (loading admissions apps from the SIS web app) is on track to be ready for user
                    testing Wednesday, 7/29.
         Portal
              o   All the portlets identified as high priority for admissions/recruiting have been completed. They
                  are being migrated to EP90SIT where they can be tested as part of System Integration Testing for
                  the 8/28 go-live.
         CRM Development
              o Team is working issues with PERSON_BASIC_FULL_SYNC. This is preventing a rapid and complete
                  sync of person data between CS and CRM. Important to resolve immediately.
              o CRM CFG instance, which is the master for CRM configurations and code, is scheduled to replace
                  CRPROD, CR90SIT, and CR90DEV late this week. This will make all of the CRM instances code
         Authentication
              o FedAuthN being migrated to CS90SIT today, in preparation for migration to CSPROD later this
                  week. This will change the way users log into CS90SIT (using their campus or CUSYS
                  username/password rather than CS username/passwords.
         GSD Development
              o All the CEMLIs required for 8/3 and 8/28 are complete.

         Admissions requires a custom interface from CS to fsaATLAS by sometime in August.
         The Plan B admissions app process is complex and very little time is allocated for testing. If major issues
          are identified during testing, it is likely the 8/3 go-live will have to be delayed.
         Validation of the 8/3 PROD environment, including the admissions app data loaded from SIS, will require
          enough time from the admissions team to ensure thorough testing. Given the small size of the team and
          the other obligations this week, this could be an issue.
         Pravija’s contract, which expires in 2-3 months, has not been extended. This is a risk for MDM technical
         Now that CC, Admissions, and SR configs have been moved to PROD, it is critical that configs in PROD and
          SIT be kept in sync.

         After go-live, the development staff will be spending an ongoing portion of its time on production
          support. This means that the staff will have less time for development and testing of code for future
          releases. This will be factored into development estimates.
         The CU development staff is not yet prepared to support the ISIS system without help from GSD and
          Oracle technical consultants because there have been insufficient opportunities for knowledge transfer
          over the past year. Knowledge transfer will need to be a high priority for the remainder of the year.

Application Security


MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – July 27, 2009                                                         Page 12 of 16
         CR90SIT
              o Completed changes to CRM security based on initial review. The security will be redesigned in
                  spots after go live to make it more manageable.
              o Exported full security out of cr90sit before deleting old perms/roles.
              o Deleted old roles and perms (CU% out of SIT) in preparation for the final production copy.
              o Gained feedback after testing of CRM roles/perms. These changes allow the time to design
                  perms/roles to fit within ease of maintenance and audit guidelines.
         CS90Prod
              o Migrated security from cs90sit to csprod, including permissions, roles, SACR and user profiles.
              o Completed synchronization of data to allow a full sync of the opermap table for FedAuthN testing
                  and use.
              o To Do - Received list of ADM query tables from Heart; the setup for this will be completed in
                  PROD to facilitate the go live and not impact the SIT testing.
         EP90DEV
              o Setup users for testing by Portal for ep90test and ep90sit.
              o Update the CU_PT_GeneralUser permission list to include valid process groups, etc, specific to
              o Will use ep90test as the seed for production; need to clean out logons in ep90test and ensure
                  that cu_pt% user works as in all other environments
         Continued CEMLI/JIRA migrations to the TEST, SIT and PROD environments.
         Setup security for CEMLIs and provided troubleshooting related to access, application and general issues

Planned activities
     Continue setup and CEMLI migration in anticipation of production.
     Test instant provisioning with StageNLoad
     Fully test FedAuthN in cs90test and ep90test.

Open items and Issues
    There are so many different logons in the environments that standardization of the logons is imperative.
        If users have individual requests to have these changed, that is fine. There is no plan to do a mass change
        to the logon IDs in DEV or CONV. The changes to the logon ID formats have been completed in SIT, TEST
        and TRAIN (if applicable).

Data Warehouse and Reporting


         Extraction, Transformation, and Load [ETL] Operations:
              o The performance test for CSW ETL operations alongside existing production warehouse ETL
                   operations occurred this past weekend. There was no significant performance degradation.
                   However, SIT data was the test source so the data volume was not very large. IRM plans to
                   continue performance load testing each night this week. The late availability of CSPROD has
                   delayed configuration and setup for the DWPROD warehouse. Production ETL operations may
                   not begin the night of 8/3, but shouldn’t be delayed long. No one has expressed a need for a
                   production Cognos report immediately following go-live so the delayed availability of warehouse
                   data is not expected to impact functional business processes. Testing has begun of a script to
                   update materialized views of CSW admissions data in the Central Information Warehouse. This is
                   the preferred source of CSW data for Cognos reports.

         Cognos Training:
              o All vendor-led basic classes are now complete. The last Boulder advanced class is this week. Two
                  advanced classes are scheduled in Denver next week. All currently scheduled classes should be

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – July 27, 2009                                                      Page 13 of 16
                   complete by 8/7. The project and IRM have discussed CU-led classes. None are likely until
                   October or later. The first Cognos workshop was held last week in the UIS training room. Only
                   three new report writers attended.
         Cognos Operations:
              o Seven of the eight Admissions stars have some population of records in the SIT instance.
                   Admissions Application Evaluation remains unpopulated. All DWR team “non-honorary”
                   members have been associated with OID groups that will control their access to Cognos.
                   Discussions continue with the Data Access Group to ensure that the right data access permissions
                   are granted.
         Data Validation
              o Some functional evaluation of CSW tables has begun, but has stalled. No one seems to have time
                   for functional validation now. It was pointed out in the last DWR team meeting that we will
                   perform functional validation, before or after go-live. Doing as much before as possible is
                   preferable. Since final data will not be loaded from conversion into the transactional CS
                   database until just before each go-live, validation efforts will continue through the go-live

Planned activities
     Work with SIT team to incorporate Cognos into testing plan
     Ensure that Cognos training participants have appropriate access permissions for “real data” in CIWDEV
        and SIT and soon, CIW [prod].
     Work with Admissions and Vickie Martin to define the population of Cognos report users for production
        Admissions data.
     Cognos security testing should begin this week.
     Continue to construct and test the “go-live” environment for Ascential and CSW.
     Continue to encourage the DWR team, to work on functional validation for warehouse facts and
        dimensions needed to support the 8/3 go-live.
     Encourage all report developers to use standard business case, functional, and technical spec documents
        to define the reports they need to create
     Involve, possibly three or four, UIS report writers in Admissions reporting for the remainder of the year.
     Another Cognos workshop is planned for 8/13 or 8/14. A workshop in Denver will be planned soon.
     Interviews for the IRM vacancy started 7/24 and will continue this week

Open items and Issues
    The AMC role in Admissions reporting is not well defined.
    Admissions Report writers have not yet committed to support estimated start dates and durations for the
        estimated 30+ Admissions reports needed before November.
    Report authors and start dates need to be defined for the approximately 45 reports needed in the near
        term after curriculum go-live.

Document Management

         Technical/Architecture:
              o The Prod environment has been opened up to full DMPT user testing. Dev will stay “gold” and be
                  prepared for go-live. We will be migrating Dev to Prod on July 31st for go-live.
              o User profile security issues have been corrected and the profiles are ready for use.
              o Due to a few system config issues and SSL acceleration issues using the Juniper and Cisco
                  network appliances, we have implemented native SSL certificates on the DM environments. All
                  issues are now corrected.
         Implementation and Conversion:

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – July 27, 2009                                                      Page 14 of 16
               o  The DMPT Admissions user roles templates are complete. We will be adding those to the Dev
                  system prior to migration.
              o Admission conversion matrix is 100% complete for Boulder and Denver.
              o Conversion testing has begun with Boulder Admissions. Denver Admissions pending.
         Grad school Part 2 information.
              o Provisional forms have been collected and are being created/modified. Scheduled to be
                  complete by the end of July.
         Scheduled dates for on-site training. consulting or events:
              o July 28, 29, 30th: Financial Aid Workflow Initial Consulting - Cancelled due to Campus Solutions
                  go-live testing. Will re-schedule in either late August or early September.
              o Tentative: August 11, 12, 13: Admissions Singularity end user training.
         Hershey LDAP authentication cannot cross multiple domains; we cannot use existing external
          authentication mechanisms for the Singularity system at this point.
              o For go-live, Plan B will be to use internal Singularity system authentication. Departments have
                  planed toward this and have finished gathering user data. The Operator IDs being created for
                  Campus Solutions will be the same accounts used in Singularity.
              o Change order has been submitted, SPO has been submitted, no confirmation on dates yet.


         MDM go-live has been delayed for several weeks to support re-allocation of resources for higher priority
          go-live work.

     Pravija is loading latest SIS/HR bio-demo data extracts into UCM SIT environment in preparation for
         testing and new report creation. Results from this load will be used to finalize configurations for go-live.
     Pravija continues to work with Oracle on the open SR related to non-US address processing for
         transactional creates/updates (SR 3-949537471).
     As time permits, Jim Baker will continue to develop performance testing.
     As time permits, Bill Burke will pursue finalization of Production MDM architecture.
     As time permits, integration team will develop HR integrations and migrate all unit tested integrations to
         SOAtest environment for functional testing.
     As time permits, CC team will perform preliminary user testing and report issues in JIRA. Extended CC
         testing will commence after BPEL code is migrated to test environment. Some fundamental issues arose
         with cursory testing this week.
     Cross system data access meeting is scheduled for early August to review authorization requirements for
         MDM related data storage and consumption.

     MDM implementation is a cross team effort. Most project resources have been reallocated to higher
        priority work.

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – July 27, 2009                                                         Page 15 of 16
         HR resources are limited and will need to be focused on HR work beginning mid-late August.
         Carol is out of office 7/27-8/3.

         With re-allocation of MDM resources to other work, CS/HR integration development, performance testing
          and functional testing are delayed. Depending on outcome of functional testing, etc. MDM go-live risks
          further delays.
         A successful MDM implementation requires business ownership that spans campuses and source systems
          (currently HR and CS). To date, this higher level oversight role has not been defined. The upcoming cross
          system data access meeting planned with Barb, Lisa and Bill Walker is a significant step forward.
         SR- 3-949537471 Non USA addresses error out in ISS. Oracle delivered patch is being tested by CU. CU
          may need to patch ISS to a higher fix level to apply patch delivered to resolve SR. Pravija is researching.
         Contract for address file subscription is currently at an impasse. No estimate on finalization at this point.


         Migrations into the test environments continue apace -- 15 of 20 CEMLIs have migrated to TEST and/or

     Boulder ITS's funds for Cam run out on 7/31, but Boulder University Communications has stepped in to
        extend him for another 6-8 weeks. Hooray!
     Ram (the consultant hired by Denver to provide their content) has completed his engagement, and
        provided lots of HTML content from Denver's blueprints. There are some pieces remaining, and some
        quality issues with the HTML created -- Denver still needs to identify a technical resource for portal.


         Progress continues, albeit slowly, on the VPN issue. Jason and Keith have suggested the inventory
          document on the Sharepoint Infrastructure team page as a whitelist for VPN access, and Keith is
          reportedly looking at opening up wider areas of the network to our portal partners in order to simulate
          more of a blacklist approach. There are still questions remaining:
              o Are there differences between consultant access and portal partner developer access, and if so,
              o What is the process for adding an item to the inventory list?
              o Once an item is added, how soon can we expect access to be available? Can we establish
                   something like an SLA for this?
              o ITS is asking: is PC management is the sticking point? If so, they has offered to have their security
                   maestro meet with Keith in order to help assure him that their desktops are secure. Failing that,
                   perhaps we'd like to provide our partners with PCs that we manage?
              o I'm still seeking a clear policy statement. I've proposed one and gotten no feedback.

MetamorphoSIS Weekly Status Report – July 27, 2009                                                          Page 16 of 16

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