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CRUISE KARNATAKA Background - Karnataka Tourism


									                                                                                  EXPRESSION OF

                   Department of Tourism, Government of Karnataka

                                C R U IS E K AR N AT A K A


Karnataka is blessed with 320 kilometers of exquisite coastline featuring pristine beaches and
unexplored backwaters. The coastline is studded with ten minor ports between Mangalore in the
south and Karwar in the north.

The Department of Tourism, Government of Karnataka (DoT) intends to develop Cruise Tourism in
Karnataka along its coastal belt on a Public Private Partnership framework.

DoT invites Expression of Interest from interested parties - cruise lines/cruise operators, cruise
terminal operators, port operators, hoteliers/hospitality partners, private airlines and other
interested private parties to partner with DoT for development of cruise tourism in Karnataka.

The Project

It is envisaged to develop cruise tourism in two

1 . C O AS T L IN E C R U IS E

    Coastline Cruise would involve cruising
    along the coastline of Karnataka between
    Mangalore and Karwar, visit the exquisite
    destinations along the coast and those in
    proximity to the ports.

    There are 10 minor ports on the coastline
    of Karnataka between Mangalore and
    Karwar such as Belekeri, Tadri, Honnavar,
    Bhatkal, Kundapur, Malpe, Padubidri,
    Old Mangalore and one major port at
    New Mangalore. Some of these would be
    developed as ‘Ports of Call’ with one or
    two more as ‘Home Ports’.

Cruise Karnataka                                   1
                                                                                  EXPRESSION OF

                   Department of Tourism, Government of Karnataka

    Passengers/ tourists shall travel the Arabian Sea, explore the backwaters and islands, visit
    various destinations enroute to experience the diversity of the Western Ghats with its vibrant
    forests, roaring waterfalls, wildlife, exquisite temples and monuments, sunbathed beaches
    and the rich and varied culture and cuisine of Karnataka.

    The development of Coastline Cruise (“Development Activities”) would include the following;
    •      Provision of state-of-the-art cruise liners
    •      Design and development of itineraries
    •      Provision of off-board facilities and activities- sight seeing, excursions, adventure
    •      Marketing and promotion activities
    •      Development of enhanced facilities at the ports such as berthing facilities, requisite
           infrastructure for cruise ships, amenities for tourists etc.

    The activities to be undertaken by DoT and the Private Partner would be detailed out in the
    subsequent stage of bidding.

2 . L U X U R Y C R U IS E / H I GH S E AS C R U I S E

    Luxury Cruise/ High Seas Cruise would be designed purely for pleasure, with an itinerary
    which has no stop overs at any port of call. These cruises are for those who wish to
    experience the novelty of a cruise. The emphasis is therefore on ship-board facilities and

    The facilities would include luxury accommodation; entertainment facilities such as game
    shows, performances, casino; amenities such as restaurants and wine bars; library,
    rejuvenation/ treatment programmes/spa etc.

Submission of EoI

Interested parties may submit the Expression of Interest (EoI) for the above along with a brief
profile of the organization/associate firms/members. The submissions shall include the following:

1. Profile of organisation/ associate firms;
2. Audited Annual Statements for past three years;
3. Concept plan for development of cruise tourism in Karnataka,
   •      The concept plan could include type of cruise proposed, tentative itinerary and
          requirements at the port.

Cruise Karnataka                                 2
                                                                                        EXPRESSION OF

                    Department of Tourism, Government of Karnataka

    •      Express interest in developing/ undertaking any/or all of the activities mentioned
           under “Development Activities” above.

Format for Submission

1. EoI shall be submitted as one ORIGINAL and a COPY. Both the ORIGINAL and the COPY
   shall be submitted in two different sealed envelopes and shall bear the name and address
   of the Applicant.
2. The envelopes shall be titled “ EoI for Development of Cruise Tourism in Karnataka”.
3. EoI shall be submitted to the address of the Department of Tourism, Government of
   Karnataka (Project Proponent) given below.

Last date for submission is EoI is the 10th August 2009 before 1700 hours IST.

In case of any queries / clarifications on the Project, please write into or contact at the below
mentioned address.

DoT reserves the right to cancel the notification of EOI or reject all or any offers without assigning
any reason there of.

Project Proponent

K Viswanatha Reddy, IAS
Director, Department of Tourism
Government of Karnataka, No 49, 2nd Floor
West Entrance, Khanija Bhavan
Race Course Road, Bangalore—560 001
Tele: 080-22352525, Fax: 080-22352626

                                                                                      Project Advisors
                                            Infrastructure Development Corporation (Karnataka) Limited
                                                                       Sushma Nirmal/ Sandhya Nayak S
                                                                    Infra House, #39, 8th Main, 5th Cross
                                                                     Sadashivnagar, Bangalore- 560080
                                                             Tele: 080-43448000, Fax: 080-23613016

Cruise Karnataka                                    3

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