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Portsmouth International Port is a very successful newcomer        Cruise operators
to the UK cruise market, achieving a sixfold increase in
cruise calls since becoming a cruise port in 2001.                 Leading cruise companies using Portsmouth International
                                                                   Port are:
The Port’s excellent transport links, naval heritage and
shipping expertise – it has been an international ferry port
since 1976 – are major factors in this growth.                     • Swan Hellenic        • Classic
                                                                   • Voyages of             International
Portsmouth operates both as a Turnaround Port                        Discovery Cruises      Cruises
(embarkation/disembarkation point) and Port of Call                                       • Transocean Tours
                                                                   • Hebridean Island
(when ships dock for tourist visits.)
                                                                     Cruises              • Hapag Lloyd
Cruise shipping agents:                                            • Fred Olsen Cruise    • Plantours
                                                                     Lines                • Linblad Expeditions
Global                                                             • Sea Cloud Cruises    • Quark Expeditions
Denholm                                     • Silversea Cruises    • Hurtigruten Cruises


Luxury cruise ships calling at Portsmouth International Port

                                                                   Boudicca A world-class cruise ship with spacious layout,
                                                                   stylish interiors and room for 839 passengers.

Hebridean Princess The smallest luxury cruise ship afloat
with a maximum of 50 guests and the Royal family’s
choice for a holiday in 2010.

Minerva Small but perfectly formed, tastefully decorated
for discerning guests and famed for her well-stocked
travel library.                                      1                   For media enquiries contact
Reference date: 20.03.12                                                    +44 (0)1730 235666
                                                                                         Great voyages start here

Discovery Classic liner style with spacious sun deck and          Princess Daphne A spacious vessel boasting 241 of the
excellent facilities, but no brash nightclubs or casinos.         largest cabins found on any cruise ship today, along with                                      attentive personal service.

Sea Cloud II Truly awe inspiring with white sails billowing       NG Explorer National Geographic Explorer is a state-of-
from four magnificent masts.                     the-art expedition ship able to navigate polar passages
                                                                  while providing exceptional comfort.

Athena A beautiful premium-rated contemporary cruise              Prince Albert II A luxury expedition ship designed
ship with a traditional walk around promenade deck,               specifically for the world’s most remote locations, pushing
plus nightclub, cinema and casino.                                safely through ice floes with ease.                                                                       2                    For media enquiries contact
Reference date: 20.03.12                                                   +44 (0)1730 235666
                                                                                         Great voyages start here

Ocean Nova This polar adventure ship with                        Vistamar There is a family atmosphere on this small ship
ice-strengthened hull and clean, crisp Scandinavian              carrying no more than 290 passengers, which has visited
styling is a passport to discovery for just 73 guests.           76 countries in its 15 years afloat.                               

Astor A modern cruise liner offering comfort, first-class        Fram This vessel’s beautiful interiors may have been
service, gastronomic dining and a Wellness-Center for a          inspired by Greenland and the Arctic region, but it also
superbly relaxing cruise.                      has two heated outdoor Jacuzzis.

C Columbus This small ship rated 3-stars plus by Berlitz         Island Sky After a multi-million pound refurbishment in
Cruise Guide 2010 offers highly personal service, culinary       2010, this is now one of the finest small ships in the world
delights and plenty of entertainment.                            and boasts unusually large suites.                                                                         3                     For media enquiries contact
Reference date: 20.03.12                                                  +44 (0)1730 235666
                                                                                          Great voyages start here

Destinations                                                      New terminal

No-fly cruise destinations from Portsmouth International
Port include Casablanca and Madeira, Hamlet’s Elsinore
and St Petersburg, French vineyards and Spanish
cathedrals, Norwegian fjords and Icelandic volcanoes,
and the Irish coast and Scottish islands.


Portsmouth welcomed six cruise calls in its first cruise
season in 2001, 31 in 2011 and has 35 booked for 2012,
including 28 turnarounds where passengers can begin
their cruise. There are already 23 calls planned for 2013.
This growth has been achieved with very little marketing
in accordance with the Port’s ‘softly, softly’ approach’ of
managed growth and building a reputation. This will
allow Portsmouth’s five berths to cater both for the              The new terminal opened at Easter 2011 as part of a
expanding cruise business and successful ferry trade.             £16.5 million investment to upgrade passenger facilities
                                                                  featuring a full-height concourse, mezzanine bar/café
A Clear Choice                                                    and observation balcony overlooking the Port. Cruise
                                                                  operations have been built in with plenty of space for
All Leisure Group has based three ships at Portsmouth             baggage facilities. The 2,700m2 terminal incorporates
International Port during the summer for the next five            groundbreaking eco-friendly technology.
years: Swan Hellenic’s Minerva, Hebridean Island Cruises’
Hebridean Princess and Voyages of Discovery’s                     Port of Call
Discovery. Roger Allard, Executive Chairman of ALG, said:
“Portsmouth’s naval history and excellent transport links         Portsmouth is an impressive Port of Call on cruise
for passengers including road, rail and air made it a             itineraries, a vibrant city with a proud maritime heritage.
clear choice as a home for our cruise ships.” London is
90 minutes by train and the Port is five minutes from the         The Historic Dockyard boasts Admiral Lord Nelson’s HMS
Historic Dockyard and Gunwharf Quays leisure waterfront.          Victory and Henry VIII’s Mary Rose, while the soaring
ALG witnessed an immediate rise in bookings after                 Spinnaker Tower offers VIP packages with stunning views
announcing Portsmouth as an embarkation point.                    over the modern naval dockyard and sweeping
                                                                  countryside for 20 miles around. Gunwharf Quays is
                                                                  Britain’s first world-class shopping and leisure waterfront,
                                                                  ideal for time out with 100 designer outlets and 30 bars
                                                                  and restaurants.

                                                                  Excursions include London, which is easily reached,
                                                                  magnificent Stonehenge, the historic cities of Winchester
                                                                  and Chichester, the Isle of Wight a short hop across the
                                                                  Solent and the beautiful South Downs.

                                                                  Contact details

                                                                  Martin Putman, Port Manager, Portsmouth International
                                                                  Port, Harbour Offices, Whale Island Way,
                                                                  Portsmouth PO2 8EB. Tel: +44 (0)23 9229 7391,

                                                                  Press Office and Media enquiries: Emma Gaisford/Julie
                                                                  Blackwell: +44 (0)1730 235666 or email
                                                                                             4                     For media enquiries contact
Reference date: 20.03.12                                                    +44 (0)1730 235666

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