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					                    Mr. W
* Personification is when we give human characteristics to
non-human things (e.g., animals, objects, ideas).

    - The tree whispered in the wind
    - Lightning flashed as the sky grew angry
    - Reality is cruel
    - Opportunity is knocking at your door
    - As night fell, darkness swallowed the rooftops

Personification can take the form of a metaphor or simile:

    - Don’t let life pass you by
    - The thunder grumbled like an old man
* By putting the world into human form,
personification makes life easier to
   Identifying Personification in Poems

The lighthouse, a soldier during the storms
Standing tall, unafraid of the chaos
Her light piercing through the storm like sharp knives

Fall gently, snowflakes
Cover me with white
Cold icy kisses and
Let me rest tonight.

But, look, the morn, in russet mantle clad,
Walks o'er the dew of yon high eastern hill.
               Personification Practice

Compare these two texts:

A plastic bag, rising into the air on a gust of wind, landed on the face of
a woman who was walking by, causing her to scream and stumble onto
the street. The driver of a TTC bus slammed on the brakes just in time,
sounding his horn.

A mischievous plastic bag, lifted into the air by a rude gust of wind,
attacked the face of a woman who was walking by, causing her to
scream and stumble onto the street. A TTC bus screeched to a halt
just in time, blaring its horn angrily.
                "Personify" this Text

Rewrite this text. Identify one or two non-human things in it and
personify them.

The rain had stopped, but it was still very wet. As the bride
stepped carefully out of her limousine for the big wedding, her
dress got caught on the door handle, causing her to trip and fall
face first into a giant puddle.
                          Time to Write
Choose an object or idea (e.g., Saturdays, Winter, High School, Nachos,
Old Age, Shopping, Love) and write a dramatic monologue from its point
of view. A * dramatic monologue is a poem written in the voice of a

     I have a name that crackles at the back of your mouth
     I have that caramel colour that looks so wholesome
     When you crack open my can and free me, I let out a sigh of relief
     I fizz up with delight when you pour me into a glass
     I eat away at your gums like sulphuric acid and dig cavities into your
     I taste so good you can’t resist
     Sometimes I have sugar in me, sometimes aspartame
     I’ll woo your tongue with sweetness all the same
     What’s my name?

You may also turn your dramatic monologue into a * riddle
poem, making the reader guess the speaker's identity.


dramatic monologue
riddle poem
   Second Draft of FIVE Poems (5%)
             Due Friday
Your poems must include at least ONE use of EACH
of the following:

    - simile
    - anaphora
    - alliteration
     - personification

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