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                                                           In each of these situations Jesus’ response to Peter is
                                                           not really kind, and then depending on which Gospel
                                                           we are reading the response varies even farther.
                                                           Mark is particularly cruel to Peter because this week’s
                                                           Gospel seems to glance over the fact that Peter
                                                           recognizes Jesus as the Christ, but is not
                                                           complimented for his insight as he is in the other
                                                           Gospels. Two of the other evangelists tell us that
                                                           Jesus acknowledges that no mere mortal has re-
                                                           vealed this insight to Peter but God and that is why
                                                           Peter is designated or anointed as the Rock upon
                                                           which Jesus will build the church. In Mark the story
                                                           moves quickly to another low point for Peter in which
                                                           Jesus refers to Peter as Satan.

                                                           This seems harsh but again what Peter is suggesting
                                                           by avoiding suffering and death in Jerusalem is
                                                           denying the pattern of the Paschal Mystery—suffering,
Peter is one of my favorite Gospel characters. I don’t     death and new life that we all must embrace as a part
mean this in the American connotation of the word          of our Christian identity. The Paschal Mystery sug-
character that implies ‘mischievous’ or ‘spicy,’ rather    gests a faith filled response to the difficulties of life,
in the dramatic way as in character in a play-obvi-        when addressed through the gift of faith, can lead us
ously the play of scripture. For me it is part of the      to new life. Resurrection is only really appreciated
person of Peter the first Pope and Saint, which is a       after suffering, death, tragedy, hardships etc. Let us
title given him by the church. I often reflect on the      be as sensitive and compassionate as we can when
saying that, “..most of the saints were sinners and        we see others suffer. Let us be opened by the spirit to
became saints.” This is a statement that gives us all      do what we can to help.
                                                           Please see the back cover of this weekend’s bulletin
 I find the human part of Peter most fertile to reflect    for details regarding Homecoming here at Holy Family
on and today’s Gospel is a great example. Then as          Saturday, October 17 and Sunday, October 18. This
we back up and reflect on Peter’s entire story there       is a great opportunity for ALL of us to extend an
is so much growth and courage there. First of all,         invitation to former parishioners, family members,
Jesus calls Peter and all of the disciples because         friends and anyone who may be interested in joining
they were successful. They were dedicated to their         or re-joining our community.
work and some to a family fishing business. Jesus
wanted them to join his enterprise because they            Please take a moment to view both the Finding
demonstrated loyalty. Peter distinguished himself by       Strength and the Vatican Collection of Eucharistic
also demonstrating tremendous courage. In many             Miracles exhibits in the hallways and the chapel. Also
situations Peter looks bad because he asks Jesus           please consider signing up for some quiet time in our
questions. Have you noticed in the scriptures that         Eucharistic Adoration chapel near the entrance of the
asking Jesus a question is a dangerous thing? Peter        church.
does it time and again, “How many times do we
forgive, seven?” “Lord why go to Jerusalem if they
are going to kill you?” “Lord can I come to you
across the water?’

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