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					Vitamix 5200 Blender Review - The One Kitchen
Tool That Does it All
Executive summary about vita mix super 5200 by Chloe Esposito


Let's begin by taking about the ruggedness of the Vitamix over your typical blender. It's
unmatched power is due to the 2-HP, variable speed motor. Functionality

Your Vitamix machine can perform multiple functions, making it the most versatile kitchen
blender on the market. It's perfect for smoothies, but it also prepares many more foods super-fast
including: sauces, salsas, soups, nut-butters, desserts and more. Ease of Use

It's very easy to use, with the on/off switch, variable speed and high speed switches right at the
front for easy access. This Vitamix 5200 blender review wouldn't be complete if I didn't mention
the piece of mind that comes owning and enjoying this must-have kitchen tool.

Vitamix 5200: A Review
Executive summary about vita mix super 5200 by Jonathan A Cochran

The latest model in their world-famous line of high-performance blenders designed for home
use, the Vitamix 5200 continues Vita-Mix Corporation's decades-old tradition as "the" name in
commercial-quality blending. Improved design features and an upgraded motor distinguish the
latest model from its predecessor, however.

 The entire Vitamix 5200 package consists of a motor base in the customer's choice of color, a jar
with attached blade assembly and two-part lid, tamper, first-time user guide, tips card, cooking
class-themed DVD, warranty certificate, registration card, and recipe book.

The "soft touch" center dial controls the variable speed feature of the machine.

Inside is a new Swedish-designed motor designed and manufactured specifically for the 5200.
The Vitamix Super 5200 and Vitamix Deluxe 5200 are packages which include this container,

The total height of the machine including the jar and tamper is 22 ¼".

Emphasis is placed on order of ingredients loaded into the jar, safety when using the tamper, and
operation of the machine's control dial and levers. Each recipe includes ingredient content, yield,
nutritional data, preparation and processing time, and numbered, step-by-step user instructions.
A 14-page owner's manual covers machine safeguards, registration information, a breakdown of
the machine's individual parts, usage tips, special features, and care and cleaning instructions.

In the up (On) position the machine will run. In the lower position (Variable), this same switch
allows the machine to run at any individual speed other than its highest. Generally, the machine
should always start in the Variable speed setting with the dial on speed 1. Once the machine
starts, the user should move the dial to its highest variable setting, speed 10, just prior to
switching to High with the speed lever.

 From this point the user only need concern himself with how long the machine runs on High.
Loading ingredients into the jar with the softest, most liquid ingredients first, and solid and/or
frozen ingredients last will also significantly improve results and shorten blending times.

 The design of the 5200's jar and blades create a vortex using liquids to draw ingredients loaded
higher into the jar downward into the cutting path of the blades. This insures that the tamper
never reaches the blade. By constantly alleviating air pockets as necessary during a blending
procedure, the tamper perpetually assists the machine in its performance. After most blending
operations, cleaning the container of the 5200 is a simple procedure. Performance

Extended blending times on the High setting generate exceptional blade speeds which, along
with a given set of ingredients, creates enough friction within the jar, itself, to cook ingredients
into soups, syrups, fondues, etc. There is no heating element in the machine.

 The user will become familiar with the way particular ingredient combinations look during
blending as indications of recipe completion. In thousands of blending operations with my
Vitamix machines, only once have I ever personally witnessed this function at work. I have
personally never once damaged the container, blades, nor blade assembly in the lifetimes of my
machines. Performance Issues

I have spoken to numerous owners of the machine who have reported similar experiences with
the machine stopping itself under excessive load. I store my machine after each use.

The tamper is invaluable in manipulating larger ingredients into the cutting path of the blades as
well as eliminating air pockets created during blending due to cavitation.

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