The Cloud platform for fast_ reliable Drupal websites

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					The Cloud platform for fast, reliable Drupal websites
Used by some of the world’s largest and best-known Drupal
sites, Acquia Cloud provides an optimized, performance-tuned
environment for delivering Drupal-powered content and services.
                                                                                          Self-service, Drupal-tuned cloud platform
Drupal platform expertise, delivered as a service.                                        for professional developers
„   High performance
                                                                                           Battle-tested environment, configured
    Acquia Cloud is Drupal-tuned and pre-configured with advanced                           and tuned for Drupal.
    performance technologies including Varnish, Nginx, APC, and
    Memcached. Drupal sites hosted on Acquia Cloud perform better, at a                   „„
                                                                                           Separate development, testing, and
                                                                                            production environments, deployed
    much lower cost than custom-built alternatives, and benefit from Acquia’s
                                                                                            from a source-code repository.
    continuous platform improvements.
                                                                                           Native Git and SVN support.
„   Fully managed platform
    Acquia delivers your Drupal hosting platform as a service, simplifying site           „„
                                                                                           Drag-and-drop interface for managing
                                                                                            code, databases, and files.
    monitoring and eliminating operations headaches for your web team.
                                                                                           Drush support.
„   Unparalleled developer experience
    Best practices are built in! Separate development, testing, and production            „„
                                                                                           Multiple sites per server, with support
    environments, deployed automatically from Git or SVN. Drag and drop                      for Drupal multi-site configurations.
    code, databases, and files between environments. Full Drush support lets              „„
                                                                                           Automatic nightly and single-click on-
    you control Drupal functions from the command line. And if something                    demand backups and restores.
    goes wrong, easily roll back code or restore from automatic backups.

„   Optimized for Drupal
    Because we host only Drupal websites, Acquia Cloud is tuned specifically
    for Drupal performance. Your site gets a high PHP memory allotment,
    Drupal-specific LAMP stack tuning, opcode caching, Pressflow
    compatibility, and much more. The result is faster rendering of dynamic               White-glove managed service for high-
    content and improved site reliability.                                                traffic, business-critical Drupal websites
                                                                                          that require enterprise-level support.
„   Simplified Drupal infrastructure
                                                                                          All the features of Dev Cloud, plus:
    Acquia Cloud offers everything you need to run a dynamic, high-
    performance, scalable Drupal website. And because Acquia delivers                     „„
                                                                                           Multi-server, clustered, high-availability
    this infrastructure as a service, you’ll reduce costs and simplify site                 environment with 99.95% uptime.
    management efforts. Backed by the Acquia Network, Acquia Cloud                        „„ proactive support.
    subscribers gain additional knowledge, training materials, tools, and cloud
    services to enhance their web experiences. Knowledgeable Drupalists                   „„
                                                                                           Managed, scalable response to demand.

    provide support along the way.

SKU 0058-110812                         | 888.922.7842 | 1.781.238.8600 | 25 Corporate Drive, Burlington, MA 01803
Acquia Cloud for fast, scalable Drupal site delivery
Acquia Network.                                                                        ACQUIA CLOUD BENEFITS

All Acquia Cloud customers have access to the Acquia Network, which                    „„
                                                                                        Optimized for Drupal
provides a broad array of answers, tools and support, to help you create and
                                                                                       „„ staging, and production
maintain killer web experiences built on Drupal.                                         environments

The Acquia Network includes the Acquia knowledge base and training                     „„
                                                                                        Deploy from Git or SVN
materials; tools and SaaS services, including faceted search, spam blocking,
                                                                                        Nightly backups
and in-depth security and performance monitoring; and access to support
from our team of Drupal experts via the Acquia Network.                                „„
                                                                                        Developer-friendly environment

                                                                                        Drush commands
Superior cloud support.
                                                                                       „„ certificate support

                                                                                        Video transcoding (via ffmpeg)

                                                                                        Secure and private
 24/7 emergency platform support           1 hour              1/2 hour
                                                                                        FISMA compliant
 Response for non-critical issues
 within one business day                                                               „„
                                                                                        Optional single sign-on (SSO) support
 99.95% up-time SLA
 Emergency prioritization
                                                                                       ACQUIA CLOUD TECHNOLOGIES
Unmatched Drupal support.                                                              „„
                                                                                        Varnish page caching

                                                                                        Nginx load balancers

                                                                                       „„ opcode cache

 Acquia Network Forums                                                                 „„
                                                                                        Memcache support

 Unlimited support tickets                                                             „„
                                                                                        Apache Solr
 Six web tickets about any                optional
 Drupal 6 or 7 issues
 Best practices advice on Drupal                                                       „„
                                                                                        LAMP stack
 security, performance, etc.
 Installation, setup, configuration
 troubleshooting                                                                       Call 888.9ACQUIA
 24x7 emergency Drupal application
                                                                                       or visit
 and custom code debugging
                                                                                       to speak to an
Start now.                                                                             Acquia Cloud expert.
Nobody knows Drupal-optimized services better than Acquia. We serve over
3 billion requests per month; shouldn’t we serve yours? Call 888.9ACQUIA or
visit to get started now.

                                     | 888.922.7842 | 1.781.238.8600 | 25 Corporate Drive, Burlington, MA 01803

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