H3452                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                              June 21, 2001
     Defense. It is the Federal Government                    would like us to do our job for the Fed-               just been in recent years that we have
     itself.                                                  eral Government to be a better partner                 tended to deny this.
       We cannot evade that responsibility                    with them. In over 500 referenda on the                  The Pilgrims came here because they
     by just putting up fences and pre-                       State and local level across America,                  wanted to practice freedom of their
     tending that it does not exist. And by                   the public has voted at the ballot box                 faith. The Catholics in Maryland came
     going faster and being more efficient,                   to purchase open space, to clean up                    because they wanted freedom for their
     what we have done is not only lower                      contamination, to protect watersheds,                  faith.
     the per unit cost, we eliminate long-                    to    provide    more     transportation                 The Quakers in Pennsylvania came
     term responsibilities.                                   choices, to fight against sprawl.                      to the United States because they
       If we do not pollute the aquifers in                     The Federal Government has an op-                    wanted freedom to practice their faith.
     suburban Maryland that threaten the                      portunity to work with the citizens to                 We have seen multiple revivals in
     Chesapeake Bay or Martha’s Vineyard,                     kind of run to catch up with them,                     American      history,   when    George
     we are going to save the Federal Gov-                    maybe not lead the charge, but to be a                 Whitfield came through and it swept
     ernment a huge bill in the future.                       full partner. There is nothing that the                through America right through the
       Once we decontaminate that land, we                    Federal Government can do that will                    American Revolution, the Wesley
     are creating value. Right now these                      make more of a difference for improv-                  brothers came and settled in south
     abandoned bases, the contaminated                        ing the livability back home than for                  Georgia and then moved up the United
     areas, are a liability. We spend money                   us to take these sites, whether it is                  States, and there was another evan-
     trying to keep people away. The trail                    Spring Valley near the American Uni-                   gelical revival.
     in West Virginia that has a sign on it                   versity campus here in Washington,                       On Monday on the House floor there
     that says stay on the path, it is safe on                D.C., Camp Bonneville near Portland,                   is a proposal to build a memorial to
     the path. If you go off, they warn of ex-                Oregon, the Massachusetts Military                     John Adams and John Quincy Adams
     plosions. Or the grade school children                   Reservation, or any of the other 1,000                 and Abigail Adams, but particularly fo-
     in Hope, Arkansas who take home fly-                     sites across the country, clean up after               cusing on John Adams.
     ers every year describing to children                    ourselves and enter into a partnership                   The current second best-selling book
     what the potential military waste                        with the American public.                              in the United States by David
     looks like and that they should not                        Mr. Speaker, I am hopeful during this                McCullough, if you read that book, at
     touch it.                                                session of Congress we will no longer be               the very beginning, it talks about how
       We are spending a lot of money now                     missing in action. We will put the                     John Adams was raised in a religious
     trying to keep people away from these                    structure in place so somebody is in                   family, and his father was a minister,
     destructive forces. If we are able to re-                charge. We will put more money into                    and how John Adams initially started
     turn the land to productive use, we are                  research so we can do this job better.                 as a schoolteacher, and his dad wanted
     going to strengthen the environment.                     We will fund adequately over a specific                to be a minister. And it was only after
     We are going to improve wildlife habi-                   period of time so the private sector can               deciding to become an attorney that he
     tat. We will have more recreational op-                  do its job, and we can make it easier to               decided not to become a minister him-
     portunities in communities around the                    promote the livability of America’s                    self.
     country where open space is a pre-                       communities and make our families                        At the very end of that book when
     mium. We see unplanned growth and                        safe, healthy and more economically                    John Adams is giving advice, he says,
     sprawl, and being able to turn these fa-                 secure.                                                ‘‘Walk humbly and serve God.’’ John
     cilities back to the public, back to                                       f                                    Adams, from the beginning, the middle,
     local government, back to park and                                                                              and the end was a very religious man.
     recreational districts, which add value                        FAITH-BASED INITIATIVES
                                                                                                                       But it was not just John Adams.
     and quality of life.                                       The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr.                         John Quincy Adams’ son who died in
       Many of these facilities, abandoned                    REHBERG). Under the Speaker’s an-                      Statutory Hall, which used to be the
     bases and bombing ranges and military                    nounced policy of January 3, 2001, the                 old House Chamber, his last words were
     maneuvers, when they are returned                        gentleman from Indiana (Mr. SOUDER)                    that he was ready to meet his maker
     have opportunities to be turned into                     is recognized for 60 minutes.                          and he was ready to go to heaven. He
     commercial and housing uses, but they                      Mr. SOUDER. Mr. Speaker, the sub-                    wrote a special book for his son giving
     must be safe. Once we certify it is safe                 ject I want to address tonight is one                  him advice from the Bible and telling
     and we can turn it over, there are op-                   that has been in the news a lot lately,                him how to avoid all of the perils of the
     portunities for colleges to be built and                 and a lot of people are confused and                   European culture when he was over in
     airports to be constructed, for parks                    many Members of Congress are con-                      Europe.
     and recreation, opportunities for com-                   fused. I want to review some of the ba-
                                                              sics, and that is about the faith-based                                 b 2045
     mercial activities. These have tremen-
     dous, tremendous value.                                  initiative or the so-called Community                    But it was not just the Adams fam-
       In a nutshell, we will be adding value                 Solutions Act that will be marked up                   ily. Even those who were the least reli-
     to communities, saving money and                         presumably next week in the Com-                       gious in the founding of our American
     meeting our responsibilities for the en-                 mittee on the Judiciary and the Com-                   Republic, arguably Thomas Jefferson
     vironment.                                               mittee on Ways and Means, as well as                   and Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson
       Mr. Speaker, I am convinced that the                   hopefully brought to the House floor                   was concerned enough about it that he
     American public is often ahead of the                    right after the July 4th break.                        did his own, in my belief, a phony
     Federal Government and Members of                          This is an area that has, as I said, a               Bible; but he took many of the teach-
     this Chamber. In the energy debate of                    lot of controversy in it, a lot of conflict            ings of the Bible with it because he be-
     late it is interesting to note despite                   in it, and at the same time is so basic                lieved it was a historic and important
     some of what I think is misleading in-                   to how we are going to deliver social                  document for America’s faith.
     formation which has been presented by                    services and how we might address the                    Ben Franklin repeatedly called on
     some in the Federal Government, the                      problems of the United States that it is               Congress at the very time when we
     American public has a pretty good idea                   absolutely essential.                                  were supposedly debating about the
     of what they want to have happen as                        I would like to go into a little bit of              separation of church and state, right
     far as energy is concerned. They want                    overview as to what all of the fuss is                 after they passed the religious liberty
     wise stewardship. They want conserva-                    about and why so many people are                       amendment Ben Franklin was among
     tion. They want us to have more fuel-                    talking about faith. One would think                   those who called and passed a resolu-
     efficient vehicles. The last thing they                  from some of the media coverage this                   tion saying Jesus Christ was the one
     want to do is spoil the environment,                     is a brand new idea discovered by                      and only son of God and was the sav-
     drill in the Arctic Refuge and build                     President Bush and it was never talked                 iour of mankind.
     massive numbers of power plants.                         about before in American history. In                     Ben Franklin also had George
       The same way when it comes to mak-                     fact, it has been part of the United                   Whitfield, probably the greatest evan-
     ing our communities livable. Citizens                    States from the very beginning. It has                 gelist ever to come to America, at his

VerDate 21-JUN-2001   04:07 Jun 22, 2001   Jkt 089060   PO 00000   Frm 00092   Fmt 7634   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K21JN7.206   pfrm04   PsN: H21PT1
     June 21, 2001                                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                H3453
     home; and Ben Franklin was not, in my                    ment has taken over more of the social                 Pallitta. The only way to change sin is
     terms, a particularly religious man,                     service providing. They do not have the                through the deliverance power of Jesus
     but he understood the power and im-                      character mix. I am not saying govern-                 Christ.
     portance of faith to America and how                     ment employees are not committed,                        We had Teen Challenge at one of our
     it was so integrated in our culture, and                 but they are not going to stay there in                committee hearings. They are one of
     he at least understood the power of                      the evening. They often will move back                 the only programs that have been
     faith.                                                   to their suburbs rather than live and                  steadily audited by different groups
        We also saw that evolve. If Jefferson                 work in the communities where the                      who cannot believe their success rate
     and Franklin were kind of the least re-                  problems actually are. It is a different               because we are told, you mean clean
     ligious of our Founding Fathers, we                      type of commitment. It is not lever-                   for 7 years? That is amazing compared
     had the founders of the America Bible                    aged with private funds.                               to our drug programs.
     Society in our early Continental Con-                      On top of that, what it has done it                    It is a difficult question because it is
     gress, in our early Congresses. Most of                  has absolved the rest of us from our ob-               clearly an overtly Christian program.
     the people in those Congresses were di-                  ligations to help those who are hurting                How do we deal with that in this Com-
     vinity school graduates.                                 and those who have problems. We say                    munity Solutions Act and the faith-
        Even when you look here in the                        now it is the government’s business. It                based initiative? That is part of what I
     House Chambers, and it will not be able                  is partly because our Tax Code is high                 am going to talk about as I develop to-
     to be seen on C–SPAN, but there are                      and partly because we see all of these                 night’s Special Order.
     lawgivers all around this Chamber                        billions of dollars being spent in the so-               Now here is another story. This one
     from Rome, from Greece and so on. All                    cial programs; therefore we do not have                is in Dallas, a crime-infested area in
     their heads on this side are turned that                 to do it. But let us not kid ourselves.                Dallas. It says, ‘‘We use Biblical prin-
     direction. On this side, they are turned                 Part of this is an excuse. It covers our               ciples to help children develop leader-
     that direction. There is only one facing                 selfishness, and we have allowed the                   ship skills,’’ he said, explaining that
                                                              government to step in and provide so-                  there are no neighborhoods or parks in
     towards Congress. It is Moses, Moses of
                                                              cial services that are really our respon-              the area; just 10,000 apartment units
     Bible fame, who looks straight down on
                                                              sibility as well.                                      that often host drug gangs and pros-
     the chairman. Behind the chairman, it                      I am not saying there is not a gov-
     says, ‘‘In God We Trust.’’                                                                                      titution rings. These children are ex-
                                                              ernment role. Obviously, a safety net is
        So when we talk about separation of                                                                          posed to so much. Everything you
                                                              needed; but it can be a supplemental
     church and state, let us do not get too                                                                         would not want your child to see is
                                                              role. President Bush is not proposing
     cute here. We have Moses looking down                                                                           right outside in the parking lot. It says
                                                              to have government replaced. He is
     on us every time we debate this, with                                                                           that these children participate in com-
                                                              proposing to have an additional add-on
     ‘‘In God We Trust’’ behind us.                                                                                  munity service programs, in a youth
                                                              and to add the hearts and compassion
        What does this have to do with what                                                                          choir that performs at local nursing
                                                              of the America people on top of our tax
     we are talking about in public? It is be-                                                                       homes and malls. David Pruessner, a
                                                              money that is going to this. That is
     cause we have increasingly in America                                                                           45-year-old lawyer volunteer who
                                                              what we are trying to do with this, is
     tried to deny this heritage and sepa-                                                                           teaches chess, quote, ‘‘You have to
                                                              to expand the base of how we do social
     rate and act as though somehow we are                                                                           learn to develop a strategy and think
     not rooted in that and the people are                      I want to read a couple of examples                  ahead.’’ During the summer, he gives
     not rooted in that, whereas the people                   from World Magazine of which Dr.                       group lessons to 20 students at a time
     in America are still a religious people;                 Olasky, who I referred to earlier, was                 using ten game boards and hand-made
     but the government has in effect tried                   one of the original founders. World                    wall charts but teaching about God is
     to impose a secular alternative on this.                 Magazine is probably the best of the                   at the center of the program, for Mr.
        Let me look at the role of faith in so-               evangelical publications now. It is kind               Gaddis states that the gospel is the
     cial services. In fact, if religious orga-               of like a Time Magazine for Christians,                only thing that really changes lives.
     nizations had not stepped in in the edu-                 for lack of a better word. This week’s                   Now here is another story in this
     cation field, all of our major univer-                   issue, June 16, has a feature on compas-               same issue of World Magazine on the
     sities were religious universities to                    sionate conservatism and particularly                  Good Samaritan Center, actually Good
     begin with. They are not now, but Har-                   looking at a lot of things related to                  Samaritan House in Orlando, or actu-
     vard and Princeton and Yale, all of                      this initiative of President Bush.                     ally Sarasota, Florida. It says, at the
     these universities were founded as reli-                   One of the articles is on Teen Chal-                 Good Samaritan House, ‘‘The right di-
     gious universities. All the major social                 lenge, and let me read a little bit about              rection begins with a set of simple,
     organizations, hospitals, child abuse,                   this. Then I am going to relate these                  nonnegotiable rules.’’ Residents must
     juvenile centers, all of these things in                 into the larger question of how faith-                 remain alcohol and drug free and ac-
     America were religiously founded.                        based organizations and community so-                  company Mr. Cooley to church and
        The book ‘‘Tragedy of American                        lutions work. Quote, ‘‘Just tell them it               Bible study weekly. They must secure
     Compassion,’’ by Dr. Marvin Olasky, is                   is a spiritual bootcamp,’’ responds the                a full-time job or work as day laborers
     a brilliant exposition of how we went                    man who runs the Teen Challenge. It is                 at a local temporary agency until they
     from a basic religious-based provider of                 a 4-month induction phase to the 12-                   find permanent employment.
     social services to the government tak-                   month Teen Challenge program. The                        GSH residents must pay rent, $6 a
     ing over most of those options.                          New Orleans center serves as the                       night after their fifth free night of
        Now we had a terrible Depression.                     ground level, weed-out program that                    shelter. While they may spend a little
     There were other things that were oc-                    grabs drug users off the street and in-                money on personal needs, the men
     curring as well, but he highlights how                   cubates them in Biblical teaching.                     must save much of their earnings with
     some of it has been a substitution of                    Those who stay off drugs and complete                  the goal of becoming economically
     character mixing with private charity                    daily Bible lessons receive gold stamp                 independent of this house. The rules in-
     and helping others to a government                       certificates and a bus ticket to another               clude in bed by 10:00; no foul language;
     takeover of social services initiatives.                 8-month training center that offers in-                no fighting; and no women, presumably
        I commend all of Dr. Olasky’s books                   tensive Bible study and job skill train-               at least outside of marriage.
     to us. He has a great book on compas-                    ing. Only 20 percent of the residents                    I wanted to illustrate some of these
     sionate conservatism that is probably                    who enter the Teen Challenge program                   examples because you can see that
     the best single book out on that sub-                    graduate after 12 months. Of those                     many of these groups are effective.
     ject right now. He has several books on                  graduates, 86 percent remain drug-free                 How does this relate to the government
     leadership and some of the American                      7 years after graduation, according to a               and how do we work through this ques-
     heritage to understand the mixing of                     study done by the National Institute of                tion of religious liberty in America, be-
     how faith was so important in our                        Drug Abuse in 1975 and later confirmed                 cause it is illegal to use taxpayer dol-
     country.                                                 by university studies in 1994 and 1999.                lars to do proselytization or to do di-
        Going back to the social service pro-                   ‘‘At this place, we deal with the prob-              rect, overt funding of Christian activi-
     viders, what has happened is govern-                     lem of sin, not its effects,’’ says Mr.                ties or any other religious activities

VerDate 21-JUN-2001   04:07 Jun 22, 2001   Jkt 089060   PO 00000   Frm 00093   Fmt 7634   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K21JN7.209   pfrm04   PsN: H21PT1
     H3454                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                              June 21, 2001
     with taxpayer dollars. It is unconstitu-                 revised interpretation still requires                  sector is to encourage more charitable
     tional.                                                  that direct aid be limited to secular                  giving. Then we do not have the debate
       So how do we work through these?                       use by recipient organizations and the                 about whether or not government is in-
     What would you think, from many peo-                     court has left open the possibility that               volved or not, and there are more dol-
     ple’s criticism of this program, is that                 other limitations may apply as well.                   lars than the government will have in
     this is the type of thing that we are di-                Moreover, all of the justices have ex-                 it.
     rectly funding and we are directly                       pressed doubt that direct money grants                                    b 2100
     funding the proselytization, but that is                 to pervasively religious entities can
     not the case.                                            pass constitutional muster.                               Thirdly, it is technical assistance for
       Let me walk through a little bit first                   The standards governing indirect aid,                small communities and churches.
     some of the legal questions. David Ack-                  however, do not appear to have                         There are lots of Hispanic and black
     erman at the Congressional Research                      changed. Some aspects of the chari-                    churches in urban American that have
     Service has probably done the most                       table choice proposals that have been                  15 to 50 people in them. They do not
     work on this subject. His most recent                    enacted seem to satisfy these require-                 have CPAs and accountants in their
     is April 18, 2001, analyzing this chari-                 ments. The provisions do not give reli-                churches. They do not know how and
     table choice part of the debate. There                   gious institutions any special entitle-                when the government grants are com-
     are three parts to this that I want to il-               ment public aid but simply require                     ing. They need technical assistance, so,
     lustrate in this section.                                that they be considered eligible on the                one, they do not get sued, and, sec-
       The first is what is happening now.                    same basis as nonreligious institutions.               ondly, so they can figure out how to be
     As he says in this document, that in                       In addition, they all bar the use of                 eligible for the grants.
     the past, because contrary to public                     public aid for sectarian worship, in-                     Then we come to charitable choice.
     impression many faith-based organiza-                    struction and proselytization; i.e. they               Let me go through each of those a lit-
     tions, hundreds and thousands of them,                   require that the aid be used only for                  tle bit in particular here. First let me
     currently are involved in government.                    secular purposes. Then it is constitu-                 deal with the question of corporate phi-
     So what is this debate about? Well, the                  tional.                                                lanthropy. This has become high-
     debate is that, as he says, these organi-                  What we have been working through                    lighted because of a speech that Presi-
     zations have in the past generally re-                   the last week in particular is some con-               dent Bush gave at the University of
     quired programs operated by religious                    cerns regarding the original drafting of               Notre Dame, as a graduate I would
     organizations that receive public fund-                  the bill and whether it met these con-                 have to say arguably the best univer-
     ing in the form of grants or contracts                   stitutional questions.                                 sity in the United States.
     to be essentially secular in nature, es-                   Now let me illustrate some of the                       But he chose that to address the
     sentially secular in nature. That                        types of things that we are working                    question of why corporations have not
     means, for example, religious symbols                    with. To give you an example, there                    been allowing, they do not allow their
     and art had to be removed; religious                     was a report that an official of the De-               corporations to give to faith-based. In
     worship instruction and proselytizing                    partment of Housing and Urban Devel-                   other words, we can complain about
     have been forbidden. Therefore, they                     opment wrote to the bishop in charge                   government, but Dr. Michael Joyce,
     are not really when they are doing                       of the St. Vincent de Paul Housing                     who has been a leader in a lot of these
     these religious organizations anymore.                   Center in San Francisco asking them                    things, Michael Joyce was with the
     So many religious organizations do not                   to rename the building the Mr. Vincent                 Bradley Foundation and is now work-
     even apply to do social service work in                  de Paul Center because they got a gov-                 ing with the Capital Research Center
     any government grant program be-                         ernment grant. That is how ridiculous                  and other groups, and he is the person
     cause they basically have to become, as                  some of this is getting.                               who called this to the attention of
     is stated here, essentially secular in                     In another case that was reported in                 President Bush.
     nature.                                                  the Washington Post January 28, 2001,                     Listen to some of our biggest cor-
       So what is the President proposing to                  in a George Will column, a city agency                 porations in America and their stand-
     do, and what are we going to look at                     notified the local branch of the Salva-                ard for corporate giving, and then we
     here in the House? People think of it as                 tion Army that it could be awarded a                   can talk about the problem of faith-
     just this charitable choice, but it is to                contract to help the homeless only on                  based, but let us first look at what is
     help States set up their own versions of                 the condition that the organization re-                happening in the private sector. When
     faith-based and community initiatives.                   move the word ‘‘salvation’’ from its                   the government starts to separate
     It is to help implement the charitable                   name.                                                  faith, but it is even the private sector
     choice measures. It is to help pilot pro-                  Now those are extreme cases, but                     that separates.
     grams in this, but it is also a whole se-                more generally the problem has be-                        General Motors, number one in cor-
     ries of tax initiatives including giving                 come, as Dr. Amy Sherman has said,                     porate giving, declares contributions
     nonitemizers the right to claim chari-                   charitable choice, most important ef-                  are ‘‘generally not provided to reli-
     table deductions; to permit tax-free                     fect thus far, is that it made the col-                gious organizations.’’
     withdrawals from IRAs; to have indi-                     laboration plausible for those within                     The Ford Motor Company fund, the
     vidual development accounts; to en-                      government and the faith community                     number three corporation, ‘‘as a gen-
     courage States to adopt charitable gift                  who had previously assumed such                        eral policy does not support the fol-
     tax credits; to increase the charitable                  partnering was somehow outside the                     lowing religious or sectarian programs
     donation from corporations to 10 to 15                   bounds of constitutionality under their                for religious purposes. That is in the
     percent. It is a series of tax incentives                misguided interpretation of the first                  same undesirable category as animal
     as well, and then also technical assist-                 amendment.                                             rights organizations or beauty or tal-
     ance to small community and faith-                         In other words, much of this has not                 ent contests.’’
     based organizations.                                     been unconstitutional. It is that people                  So Ford and General Motors do not
       So are those things unconstitutional?                  did not realize it was constitutional.                 allow their funding to go to faith-based
       Now what David Ackerman writes,                        So that was kind of attempting to ad-                  organizations.
     and this is the fundamental kind of                      dress some of the constitutional ques-                    The fourth largest, Exxon-Mobil, ex-
     guts of the argument, he says, more                      tions.                                                 plains, ‘‘we do not provide funds for po-
     particularly, the Supreme Court now                        Now let me explain and review again                  litical or religious causes.’’ That is not
     appears to interpret the establishment                   this mix of what we are trying to do                   exactly true, since the company touts
     clause in a manner that does not auto-                   with the Community Solutions Act.                      its support of environmentalists, advo-
     matically disqualify pervasively sec-                      First, and this is first because it is               cacy groups for women and groups per-
     tarian institutions from participating                   the most dollars and the most impor-                   forming ‘‘public research.’’ But no
     in direct aid programs and perceives                     tant, it is not government. It is the pri-             money for faith-based organizations.
     them as able to honor restrictions to                    vate sector.                                              But IBM, the number six corporation,
     secular use even without intrusive gov-                    Secondly, it is tax incentives, be-                  ‘‘does not make corporate donations or
     ernment monitoring. But the court’s                      cause the best way to help the private                 grants from corporate philanthropic

VerDate 21-JUN-2001   04:07 Jun 22, 2001   Jkt 089060   PO 00000   Frm 00094   Fmt 7634   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K21JN7.210   pfrm04   PsN: H21PT1
     June 21, 2001                                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                              H3455
     fund to individuals, political, labor re-                seen more money for education, but                       When you look at the successes, in
     ligious or fraternal organizations or                    not for rehabilitation, not for a lot of               the worst places, I got challenged once
     sports groups,’’ and many faith-based                    the family services, not for child abuse,              by Bob when I first came in as a staff
     groups also have trouble with the last                   not for how we deal with the people                    director and he said, ‘‘Don’t be a typ-
     two words of IBM’s ban which says that                   when they are in prisons and try to                    ical white guy who sits on your duff
     they will not give any money to orga-                    help them; that no matter which party                  and pronounces what is wrong in our
     nizations that discriminate, for exam-                   you are at the state level, we are a lit-              urban centers. Go in and talk to people
     ple, on gender and sexual orientation,                   tle slow here in Washington, you are                   who are successful and figure out what
     which means faith-based organizations                    saying the only way we are going to be                 is working.’’
     like the Catholic church that do not                     able to address these problems is if we                  When I have been into Harlem and
     allow female priests or any religion,                    can extend the government dollars and                  Brooklyn and inner-city L.A. and in
     which is most major religions, includ-                   get the faith-based groups involved.                   Detroit and Washington and Baltimore
     ing Christianity, traditional orthodox                     The most direct way to do that, I                    and most of the major cities of the
     Judaism, Muslims, on homosexuality.                      have an act that we call the Give Act                  United States over the last 15 years as
     So they are ruled out because they                       to try to increase the value of the char-              a staffer and Member and talked to
     have ‘‘discrimination.’’                                 itable deduction. When I worked for                    people, in the worst places possible,
       So we have General Motors, Ford,                       Senator Coats, we developed the chari-                 there is always a success story there.
     Exxon-Mobil, IBM, saying no donations                    table tax credit. Senator SANTORUM                     There is always somebody who is not
     to faith-based groups. No wonder we                      and Senator LIEBERMAN in the Senate                    failing, who is succeeding. At least 40
     are having a problem with faith-based                    have introduced this Community Solu-                   percent, even in the worst cases, are
     groups getting funded. As Michael                        tions Act as a tax bill, and as I men-                 succeeding.
     Joyce told the President, according to                   tioned earlier, it is part of our Commu-                 I remember one study by, I think it
     this article, ‘‘I said the President is                  nity Solutions Act in the House. Argu-                 was David Farrington out of England,
     both the President of the government,                    ably the most important.                               that if your parents are not married,
     but also President of the Nation. There                    Now, I am disappointed that we have                  one of them is gone from your home,
     is a huge private sector that spends bil-                cut back the President’s proposal so                   they both have been in prison, they are
     lions emulating what the government                      much than the non-itemizers, but I un-                 both abusing drugs, neither are em-
     does.’’ So our lack and kind of our try-                 derstand we are under tremendous                       ployed, and the chances of that child
     ing to separate ourselves from faith                     budget pressures. I am still enthusi-                  getting caught up in the juvenile delin-
     has resulted in the private sector also                  astic about the bill. I will take what-                quency system are only 33 percent.
     separating themselves from faith.                        ever we can get.                                       What happened to the other 67 percent?
       Now one of our colleagues here, the                      But I am disappointed that we were
                                                                                                                       Well, usually they got involved in
     gentleman     from     Wisconsin    (Mr.                 able to come up with tax cuts for other
                                                                                                                     some sort of a mentoring and faith-
     GREEN), has developed legislation                        groups, but not where we really need it
                                                                                                                     based hook. The fact is that success
     which I am thrilled to cosponsor, and I                  in a lot of the social programs where
                                                                                                                     stories are when there are two parents
     praise him for his initiative, to try to                 the people are hurting the most, and I
                                                                                                                     involved, or when there a faith-based
     have Congress go on record saying this                   hope we can continue to increase that
                                                                                                                     mentor involved, or a church involved,
     is wrong out of the private sector. We                   over the number of years, and I hope
                                                                                                                     and there is work. We know what the
     need the private sector and the cor-                     the President will keep the pressure on
                                                                                                                     keys to success are. We have to build
     porate sector leading in the effort to                   in the Senate, and in the next few
                                                                                                                     on those successes, rather than trying
     try to get more money to the people                      years to increase that if our surplus
                                                                                                                     to reinforce the failures.
     who are effective at the grassroots or                   continues to come in the way it is.
                                                                But the tax incentives and the pri-                    Now, part of this is how do we help
     actually changing people’s lives.
       Now, the second part of this is the                    vate sector philanthropy, plus the ef-                 those little organizations? Pastor Riv-
     tax incentives. I was in an earlier life                 forts of Steve Goldsmith and now Les                   er’s organization in Boston, they talk
     in the eighties the Republican staff di-                 Linkowsky in a lot of everything, from                 about how they have helped reduce the
     rector of the House Committee on Chil-                   AmeriCorps to a lot of the other public                number of killings on the streets and
     dren, Youth and Families, when Dan                       service things, in addition to the Presi-              so on, and you hear all these govern-
     Coats was the ranking member, former                     dent’s proposals in each department to                 ment programs bragging about it. But
     Congressman and Senator.                                 see if the departments can look at how                 most government programs abandon
       We came to the conclusion after                        they can extend staff to help on faith-                that area and their neighborhoods in
     looking at so many of the problems in                    based, those are actually the biggest                  downtown Boston and the inner-city
     the United States that there was going                   part and the most important part of                    areas about 5:30 or 5 o’clock, maybe
     to be a limitation on how far the Fed-                   the Community Solutions Act.                           even at 4:30. The people who are left
     eral Government and even state gov-                        The next part is this technical assist-              there are the people in the community
     ernments and local governments are                       ance question. We have $25 million I be-               and the churches.
     going to be able to go in assisting in                   lieve in the bill to go to HHS. The                      But they do not get the grants. How
     solving our tremendous problems in                       President is also, I believe next week,                do they know between June 15 and
     this country, and that the best way to                   having mayors in to talk about what                    June 30 there is a grant on juvenile de-
     achieve this was going to be through                     they can do at the local level. We are                 linquency? How do they have the time
     faith-based organizations and the best                   encouraging states to set up initia-                   or knowledge to write out the grant
     way to achieve that was going to be                      tives.                                                 proposals? What we do in small busi-
     through assisting in the Tax Code.                         It does not all have to come out of                  ness? For example, when I was in my 2-
       Let me give you an illustration. It                    Washington. Most of the best execution                 year MBA program at Notre Dame, one
     does not matter whether the state has                    and the better ideas do not come out of                of the things we did in small business
     a Republican Governor or a Democratic                    Washington, they come up towards                       was we went out as students, and part
     Governor or who controls this Con-                       Washington. Part of this is how are we                 of our requirement was to go out and
     gress. We have not increased funds out-                  going to help? The fundamental thing                   help people prepare the grant requests.
     side of education for most of the social                 we are trying to address here really is                  We have microenterprise centers to
     problems in America to keep up with                      how do we help those who need the help                 help small businesses and start-up
     the problems of child abuse, with run-                   most and what is the gap?                              businesses get started in a lot of these
     aways.                                                     One of the gaps is that we see at the                communities to do that. Why do not we
       There is not a probation department                    grassroots level, even in the worst                    have that in social services? That is
     in America that does not realize that                    cases, as my friend Bob Woodson al-                    partly what the President is talking
     their caseload per probation officer is                  ways points out, all you guys down                     about in his compassion fund. That is
     increasing. In Indiana, we are now en-                   there seem to do is focus on the fail-                 partly what the President is talking
     tering, I think it is our 13th year of                   ures. Why do you not focus on the suc-                 about when he says the agencies need
     Democratic governors, and we have                        cesses?                                                to help that.

VerDate 21-JUN-2001   04:07 Jun 22, 2001   Jkt 089060   PO 00000   Frm 00095   Fmt 7634   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K21JN7.212   pfrm04   PsN: H21PT1
     H3456                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                              June 21, 2001
       We need to have the creativity and                     and they are Muslim and they want to                   Catholic city, but in that area, if you
     the entrepreneurship and the reinforce-                  go to a faith-based organization, and I                do a nutrition site and it was faith-
     ment in the social areas if we are real-                 am not being forced into that, and they                based it would probably either be Bud-
     ly serious about addressing the prob-                    cannot use my money for proselytiza-                   dhist or Muslim. Now let us say you
     lems, like we do in trying to provide                    tion, why should I care, if that is what               are a Christian in that neighborhood
     jobs for people. The two things go                       is going to be most effective and what                 and the only nutrition site is either
     hand-in-hand. Part of the solutions are                  that person wants?                                     Buddhist or Muslim, you have a prob-
     economic and part of them are in here.                      Now, a key part of that, which is one               lem. But if you have a choice, which is
       Broken families, you cannot educate                    of the things we have been battling                    critical to the faith-based option here,
     somebody or you cannot educate a                         about in this bill, is you have to have                it is not a problem. If the Bosnians who
     child if they are being beaten at home.                  a choice. Let me give you a couple of                  come to Fort Wayne organize them-
     If they are worried about whether their                  illustrations with this.                               selves, and I am not saying they do,
     parents are going to get divorced, if                       I have a son, Zachary, who is 7th                   but if they organize themselves around
     they do not know where they are going                    grade moving into 8th grade. Let us                    a Muslim church, or if the Buddhists
     to get their evening meal, it is pretty                  say his junior high has an after-school                are more comfortable with their faith
     tough to educate them. It is a social                    program, and so many of us are used to                 in having something, say a respite care
     problem and an economic problem, and                     thinking of it in a different way, so let              center that teaches the pacifistic and
     we have to address both of themselves.                   me phrase it this way. Let us say that                 relaxing attributes of Buddhism and
       I hope our universities, one of my                     the group that wins the bid for the                    that is what they want for hospice
     dreams is that some of the universities                  after-school program is Muslim.                        care, and there is an alternative for the
     would say, look, we are going to work                       He comes home at night and tells me,                other people in the neighborhood, why
     with some tech centers, we are going to                  hey, after we got started with the pro-                is that wrong? It is part of their insti-
     have our students spend some volun-                      gram we bowed down to Allah and had                    tutional strength of what a community
     teer times in the communities helping                    a prayer to Allah, and then a little                   builds upon. Faith cannot be separated
     these small groups figure out how to                     later we had a study on the Koran.                     from life for most people, regardless of
     apply for some of the grants, how to                        I call up the school and say, what in               what their faith is, somewhere around
     raise the private money from the phil-                   the world are you doing, putting my                    80 to 90 percent of Americans of all
     anthropic groups as they become more                     son in an after-school program where                   types and all heritages and all reli-
     sensitive to the need for faith-based or-                they are bowing down to Allah and                      gions.
     ganizations.                                             studying the Koran? They say, oh, that                   So one of the things is we clearly
       So that is the technical assistance                    part was done with private money, not                  have to have a choice, but we have to
     questions, because we have to come up                    with Federal money.                                    understand, those of us who are in the
     with some creative ways to address                          Ha, I do not care. My son was in the                majority, that we are not always going
     that.                                                    middle of the program. You mean, he                    to be in the majority in a given neigh-
       Now let me move to the most con-                       would have had to step out and have a                  borhood and that religious liberty
     troversial part, which is charitable                     big mess so he did not get up and em-                  means religious liberty. Now, one prob-
     choice. So the basic question is, if                     barrass himself in front of his friends?               lem that some conservatives are hav-
     someone chooses to attend a faith-                       Look, if this is an after-school program               ing with this is that say, what do you
     based program, why should that be de-                    and everybody is in there, you cannot                  mean a Buddhist group can be funded?
     nied? That is really the fundamental                     mix it that way.                                       Hey, that is what religious liberty is. If
     question here. If you want to go in a                       But now what if there were two after-               this organization is the best to address
     drug treatment program and go to a                       school programs? What if he had the                    the problems of that community and
     faith-based program, why should that                     option of which one he wanted to go to,                people want to choose that, that means
     be denied?                                               and there was a secular option, why                    it can be Buddhist or Muslim. It does
       For example, if you want to go to                      should not those kids who wanted a                     not just mean that Christian organiza-
     Salvation Army center for the home-                      Muslim program be able to go to a                      tions are going to be funded in this bill;
     less, why should you be denied that, if                  Muslim program? Not really a very                      it means that any religious organiza-
     you want to go to the rescue mission.                    good reason why they cannot, but you                   tion, as long as there is another pro-
     If you have a child care program and                     do have to have the option or clearly it               vider, has the flexibility to do that, be-
     you want to go to a Catholic sponsored                   is unconstitutional in my opinion.                     cause faith means faith. It does not
     child care center, this include a hos-                      Let me give you another illustration.               mean one kind of sectarian faith over
     pice for the elderly, respite care, hous-                A nutrition site, say, in Fort Wayne In-               another kind of sectarian faith. It has
     ing for people dying or trying to re-                    diana, not one of the more inter-                      to be balanced. There has to be equal
     cover from AIDS, programs for juvenile                   national cities of the world, but chang-               opportunity. And that goes in both di-
     delinquents.                                             ing like the rest of the country. We                   rections.
       If you want to go to a faith-based                     have had a lot of influx of immigrants.                  If I am saying that if you want to
     programs, why should you not be able                     Most people think, oh, Mexican and                     have a Christian program or a Jewish
     to go to a faith-based program? Faith                    Central American Spanish-speaking                      program or a Muslim program or a
     is a big part of most American’s lives,                  people.                                                Buddhist program, and you have to
     whether it is Christian, Jewish, Mus-                       No, we have a problem, because in                   have a secular alternative, you ought
     lim, Buddhist, whatever it is, why                       some of our areas, a problem in the                    to also have the opportunity, if there is
     should you be denied, particularly at                    sense the fire department talked to me                 a secular program, to be able to opt out
     the time of your greatest crisis, any                    about language problems, but it was                    and choose a faith-based program. It
     access to faith if you so desire?                        not about the Spanish language. It was                 goes in both directions. We keep hear-
       Let me go through some of the dif-                     about the fact we have had the largest                 ing here how you cannot have people
     ficulties with this. As I said before, one               population of dissident Burmese in the                 forced into a faith-based program.
     of the questions is, can you use my                      United States in Fort Wayne, and one                   Well, they should not be forced into a
     money, for example, I am a committed                     of the housing complexes on the north                  secular program either if they want to
     evangelical Christian, can you use my                    side of town is about half Burmese. In-                opt out and take that choice, for exam-
     money to fund a Muslim program?                          terestingly, what Chief Davey was                      ple, in drug treatment.
     Quite frankly, I do not want to fund                     talking to me about was the other half                   Now, one other thing that we have
     the teaching of the Koran, but the                       roughly of this complex, which are Bos-                been debating here, and this is another
     money cannot be used for proselytiza-                    nian.                                                  very ticklish situation, is should the
     tion, and if we are trying to figure out                                                                        grants go directly to the church or
     how to help somebody who is dying                                      b 2115                                   should we set up 501(c)(3)s, meaning an
     from AIDS and provide a hospice shel-                     Now, if we put a nutrition site in                    independent entity much like Catholic
     ter for them or recovery center when                     Fort Wayne, Indiana; admittedly, a                     charities or Catholic social services,
     other people will not care for them,                     mostly Anglo, mostly Protestant and                    Lutheran social services. Those are big

VerDate 21-JUN-2001   04:16 Jun 22, 2001   Jkt 089060   PO 00000   Frm 00096   Fmt 7634   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K21JN7.214   pfrm04   PsN: H21PT1
     June 21, 2001                                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                               H3457
     churches, big denominational setups.                     is still being sorted through, but the                   I have just visited Johns Hopkins
     Okay. Now, let us take an African                        church mission itself will not be at                   where they told me you could not go
     American church in inner city Phila-                     risk.                                                  off crack cocaine without tremendous
     delphia like one of our witnesses was                      Now, the closer the 501(c)(3) is to a                effort. I met in one day at least 150
     that is small, maybe 70 people. How do                   direct faith initiative; for example,                  former addicts who went cold turkey
     they set up a 501(c)(3)? That is our                     Catholic schools basically are exempt                  because they gave their lives to Jesus
     technical assistance question, and this                  also for the most part because of the                  Christ. I met them in housing com-
     is a very difficult question, because we                 religious exemption, because the mis-                  plexes. I met them in churches. I met
     need to help them set up a 501(c)(3), and                sion of the school is very faith based.                them in neighborhoods. It was extraor-
     what I have become aware of as I have                    But the degree you move, for example,                  dinary. They told me over and over, we
     worked more with this issue and I have                   to an exercise class or if a church                    were dealers. Generally speaking, when
     carried charitable choice bills to the                   moves to say a Pepsi bottling plant,                   I would come into the different housing
     floor now about four times, is we have                   the farther they move away from their                  complexes or places where they were,
     to be very careful we do not suck the                    basic mission, the more they are cov-                  they would say, can we get you a drink
     church into a very ill-defined and in-                   ered by sex discrimination laws, min-                  of water, and I would say either yes or
     creasingly changing court decision-                      imum wage laws, and a very difficult                   no, depending on if it was a hot day in
     making process on what constitutes                       one, hate crimes laws, because how we                  San Antonio, and they would say, can I
     the flexibility of religious freedom.                    define that in America has become in-                  tell you how I met Jesus Christ? I was
        Now, for example, the bottom line is                  creasingly flexible and puts those who                 lost and he turned my life around.
     I do not want to sink the church in the                  have strong views on certain moral                     They do not operate a drug treatment
     name of faith, and that could happen                     issues in potential risk. These are cru-               program, they operate a turn-your-life-
     here if we are not careful, because                      cial matters of religious freedom and                  around program which gets people off
     there are very difficult questions.                      how we draft this bill and move                        drugs. Nobody disputes that they have
     Would the church be covered by min-                      through is very important, because we                  the best success record.
     imum wage laws? Some say of course it                                                                             Later that evening, after having met,
                                                              do not want to destroy the church.
     should be covered by minimum wage                                                                               like I say, 150 to 200 people, I was with
                                                                Now, a fundamental question here is,
     laws, but what does that mean? We                                                                               Juan Rivera who was telling me his
                                                              and I would suspect that many church-
     have run into this with a number of re-                                                                         story, how he went cold turkey, and we
                                                              es will not apply. Nobody has to apply
     ligious children’s homes. What it                                                                               were in this little building with the
                                                              for a government grant. If any church
     means is you get paid for 40 hours and                                                                          sandy streets around it, he talked
                                                              is fearful that they could be drawn in,
     if there is a problem at your home and                                                                          about this tree where he first read the
                                                              then do not apply. It is very simple.
     the kids need help and your 40 hours is                                                                         Bible and he was in his backyard, at
                                                              You do not have to get caught up in
     up and the church does not have more                                                                            the backyard of that, and I pictured
                                                              this. But I believe, as in multiple votes
     money to pay you, you have to leave,                                                                            kind of a woods and it was just one bar-
                                                              here generally speaking with a margin                  ren tree with sand everywhere, a little
     regardless of what the problem is, be-                   of about 290 Members supporting, it has                different than the Midwest, and he said
     cause you are not allowed to volunteer.                  ranged from probably 240 to 300 and                    how he just is so thankful because he
     That was meant to protect workers in                     some,     have   supported      charitable             was on multiple drugs, how his life was
     the United States from corporations                      choice, because we believe that ulti-                  a mess, like many of the others had
     taking advantage of them and saying,                     mately, it is going to be impossible to                told me, and he said, I was going to be
     okay, your 40 hours is done, now I need                  address the problems in this country                   a dead man. He said, now my life has
     you to stay a little bit of overtime and                 without the help of faith-based initia-                changed. And I said, I am really embar-
     we are not going to count it because we                  tives, and I commend the President for                 rassed, because I have had a great life
     are not going to pay you. It was meant                   his Community Solutions Act.                           and I am not thankful enough. And he
     to protect workers, but it has never ap-                   Let me finish with two things. One is                said, you should be ashamed and I said,
     plied to churches, because many people                   a further quote from Michael Joyce. It                 well, I really am ashamed. He said, my
     in the churches are volunteers and                       is an article about him, and I will in-                dream is that some day my kids can
     working for the church. Probably there                   sert the full article from World Maga-                 have the opportunity that you have.
     are very few church secretaries, very                    zine into the RECORD at the end of my                    When we see people who are hurting
     few church staffers who do not both get                  remarks.                                               in drug abuse and we see people who do
     paid for a certain number of hours and                     Joyce says, ‘‘Ordinary people under-                 not have opportunities; part of the rea-
     then volunteer when there is a revival,                  stand this really well. We take human                  son we started government programs
     volunteer to take kids to an amuse-                      nature into account. We understand                     was in the area of AIDS because many
     ment park. You cannot do that if you                     humans as they were wrought by God.                    people would not help people with
     lose your religious exemption.                           These people wish to remake them,’’ he                 AIDS because they thought they could
        Another tough question. As I men-                     means the government, ‘‘and rearrange                  catch it and only the churches went
     tioned earlier, some religions, some                     them. It is like that line in a Bob                    out because they were confident of
     major religions, both in Protestant and                  Marley song: ‘Don’t let them rearrange                 their souls, so they were willing to
     in Catholic faiths and big parishes and                  you. That is why they fail.’ ’’.                       take the risk, so they reached out, and
     churches believe in a very tough thing                     They are not accounting for the basic                that is partly how the government got
     to say today, but in sex discrimination,                 human emotions and needs and beliefs                   involved in faith-based organizations,
     they believe that in certain positions,                  of the American people in many of                      because only the Christians and the
     there should not be male nuns, for ex-                   these government programs.                             Buddhists were early on too, in the
     ample, and do they have the right to                       One of the most moving things that I                 area of AIDS.
     maintain their religious freedom. If the                 have had happen to me in my life was                     Then in the area of the homeless. We
     church gets sucked into that and gets                    the first time I visited Freddie Garcia                do not have enough dollars for the
     government money, this is a tough,                       and Juan Rivera at the Victory Life                    homeless. Organizations like the Sal-
     tough question.                                          Temple program for drug addicts that                   vation Army and the rescue missions
        One of the most hotly debated sub-                    they operate in San Antonio and now                    and churches reached out to the home-
     jects in America today is homosex-                       throughout Texas. Admittedly, this il-                 less. We are going to tell these people,
     uality, and many, many, if not most                      lustrates several things. This program                 because faith is mixed in, you do not
     faiths, still believe that that is morally               would not be eligible for a direct gov-                even get the option of going to faith
     wrong. They have the right in America                    ernment grant, period, because it is                   based?
     as a church to have that view. If we put                 overtly faith. They would benefit from                   This has been a tragedy to watch how
     government money directly into the                       corporate philanthropy, they would                     America went from Founding Fathers,
     church, we endanger them, depending                      benefit from the tax exemptions, but                   from Congresses where we put Moses
     on where the court moves, on this sub-                   this is why so many of us feel that                    there and ‘‘In God We Trust’’ behind
     ject, if they have a 501(c)(3) as a sepa-                faith-based things have to be involved                 us, to the point where our major cor-
     rate entity that receives it. The clarity                in any programs.                                       porations in America will not even let

VerDate 21-JUN-2001   04:16 Jun 22, 2001   Jkt 089060   PO 00000   Frm 00097   Fmt 7634   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K21JN7.216   pfrm04   PsN: H21PT1
     H3458                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                              June 21, 2001
     their contributions go to faith based;                      Mr. Pallitta isn’t selling cars. But as an             As a preemptive strike, Teen Challenge
     where we have to fight about the Tax                     ex-heroin addict turned Christian counselor,           leaders have pushed voucher-style funding
     Code, where we have to try to get help                   he doesn’t mind high-pressuring the addicts            and prodded their own centers to adopt high-
                                                              who walk through his door. ‘‘I don’t like to           er standards. The question is, can Teen Chal-
     for faith based and people object. If                    give them time. I’ve seen so many guys walk            lenge accept more regulations without di-
     there is a guarantee you have another                    out the door, get shot, or pop a pill and over-        minishing the grassroots flavor that makes
     option, and if there is a protection,                    dose. I’m trying to reach them before the              it so effective?
     that people would still oppose faith-                    cycle begins again.’’                                     All Teen Challenge affiliates currently fol-
     based groups getting in. You either                         After drifting through six secular treat-           low 80 standards outlined in a 28-page man-
     care about people and want to help                       ment centers, Mr. Pallitta broke his own               ual published by the organization’s national
                                                              cycle in 1995 by checking into Teen Chal-              office in Missouri. Affiliates must keep writ-
     them in every way possible.
                                                              lenge, a Christian drug-rehabilitation pro-            ten job descriptions and evaluations of each
       Mr. Speaker, I support the govern-                     gram. Founded 40 years ago by a Pentecostal            staff member, maintain student files for at
     ment programs that try to reach peo-                     minister, Teen Challenge has over 300 world-           least five years, and record each discipline
     ple, but we also need to strengthen our                  wide affiliates, including 147 U.S. chapters.          ‘‘incident’’ and individual counseling ses-
     private sector. I hope that we can pass                  At the New Orleans affiliate, Mr. Pallitta             sion. They must also adhere to their own
     soon, and I am thrilled that President                   and six other ex-addicts run a street-front            states’ health and safety codes and pay for
     Bush has made this such a key part of                    operation in the heart of the Ninth Ward               annual independent audits. To guarantee ad-
     his agenda, and I hope the House and                     ghetto. Their office—a weathered, two-story            herence, the national office collects monthly
                                                              clapboard home—faces a grungy concrete bar             financial reports and conducts on-site in-
     Senate will have the courage to move
                                                              called Paradise Lounge and rows of dilapi-             spections every four years.
     forward with this.                                       dated wooden homes whose occupants sit in                 This self-regulation is burdensome enough
              [From World, June 16, 2001]                     metal chairs beneath brightly striped                  without adding onerous oversight from Uncle
                  FRONT-LINE REPORTS                          awnings.                                               Sam, says Greg Dill, the New Orleans direc-
                  (By Marvin Olasky)                             This morning’s walk-in—a thin blond man             tor. ‘‘I’m already struggling to pay for the
       One journalism newsletter complained re-               in his late 20s with long sideburns and bleary         audit, which costs me $3,000 each year,’’ he
     cently that reporters have overquoted me                 eyes—slumps in a chair across from Mr.                 said. ‘‘If they throw in another 10 regula-
     during this year’s debate about President                Pallitta and stares at the wall. He can’t              tions, that would be fine. But if they throw
     Bush’s faith-based initiative. I agree. Report-          seem to kick his six-year heroin habit, he             another manual on the table, that’s another
     ers shouldn’t be basing their stories on what            says, and his parents don’t know how to help           matter.’’
     Barry Lynn of Americans United for Separa-               him. ‘‘I stayed away from it for five days,               Mr. Dill’s center is cramped but clean. A
     tion of Church and State says. They                      but I crashed this weekend. . . . I need help,         tiny reception area doubles as a dining room
     shouldn’t be basing their stories on what I              but I’m worried my dad won’t like this place.          filled with plastic round tables, fish tanks,
     say. They should be going out into the field             He wanted me to go to a boot camp.’’                   and maroon couches. At the door, two para-
     and talking with people fighting poverty at                 ‘‘Just tell him it’s a spiritual boot camp,’’       keets greet visitors with cat calls they
     the front lines.                                         responds Mr. Pallitta. As the four-month
                                                                                                                     learned from the residents. Upstairs, 14 men
       That’s what WORLD is trying to do this                 ‘‘induction phase’’ to the 12-month Teen
                                                                                                                     wait in line for three showers and share
     year with stories of four kinds—and over the             Challenge program, the New Orleans center
                                                                                                                     three bedrooms, but each has his own bunk
     next 22 pages you’ll see examples of each.               serves as a ground-level, weed-out program
                                                                                                                     and closet space. Residents begin their day
     The first kind illuminates the debates going             that grabs drug users off the street and incu-
                                                                                                                     at 7:00 a.m. with group prayer, breakfast, and
     on within religious anti-poverty groups as               bates them in biblical teaching. Those who
                                                                                                                     household chores followed by eight hours of
     they think through how to respond to the                 stay off drugs and complete daily Bible les-
                                                                                                                     mandatory Bible study, chapel, and choir
     faith-based initiative. As the following story           sons receive gold-stamped certificates and a
                                                                                                                     practice, even if they can’t sing. (‘‘They have
     about Teen Challenge shows, evangelicals                 bus ticket to another eight-month ‘‘training
                                                                                                                     to learn to praise God instead of just asking
     are not easily led, and the questioning is in-           center’’ that offers intensive Bible study and
                                                              job-skills training.                                   Him to fix their problems,’’ says one em-
     tense and good.                                                                                                 ployee.)
       The second kind documents the persever-                   Only 20 percent of residents who enter the
                                                              Teen Challenge program graduate after 12                  At 8:30 a.m., they squeeze around an up-
     ance of some social entrepreneurs. Journal-                                                                     stairs conference table covered with Bibles
     ists not familiar with their activities some-            months. Of those graduates, 86 percent re-
                                                              main drug free seven years after graduation,           and spiral notebooks. Behind a small wooden
     times assume that the poor must wait on the                                                                     podium stands Brother David Sampson, a 6-
     lords of government. The articles beginning              according to a study done by the National
                                                              Institute of Drug Abuse in 1975 and later con-         foot-2, 220-pounder with lots of gold rings on
     on p. 76 show how individuals—Mo Leverett                                                                       his fingers and a heavy silver cross handing
     in New Orleans, Ray and Carolyn Cooley in                firmed by university studies in 1994 and 1999.
                                                              ‘‘At this place we deal with the problem—              from his neck. ‘‘Some of you guys figure, OK,
     Sarasota, and Vincent Gaddis in Dallas—                                                                         this is Christian and that’s good as long as
     have created programs that inspire both                  sin—not its effect,’’ says Mr. Pallitta. ‘‘And
                                                              the only way to change sin is through the de-          I’m getting out of jail,’’ says Brother Samp-
     those in need and volunteers willing to help.                                                                   son. ‘‘but the real jail is not a place; it’s your
       The third variety extends the boundaries               liverance power of Jesus Christ.’’
                                                                 Drug addicts aren’t the only ones under-            mind. And if your spirit doesn’t change, then
     of compassionate conservatism to areas                                                                          your mind won’t change.’’ Brother Sampson
     sometimes seem as apart from it. The day-                going change at Teen Challenge. As a poster
                                                              child for President Bush’s faith-based initia-         ends his lesson with a commentary on the
     to-day work of crisis pregnancy centers is                                                                      book of Romans: ‘‘That guy Paul, he knew
     probably the clearest example of compas-                 tive, the organization has received unprece-
                                                              dented media attention in recent months,               something.’’ he concludes. ‘‘He knew that no
     sionate conservatism around: Counselors suf-                                                                    one becomes a Christian by accident. God
     fer with individuals in need, working to save            and as name recognition increases so does
                                                              scrutiny. Critics note that many staff mem-            never tricked a person into becoming his fol-
     bodies and souls. Our story on p. 84 tells                                                                      lower. This isn’t a Burger King, ‘have-it-
     more about the major technological boost                 bers are ex-addicts whose only degree is a
                                                              Teen Challenge certificate. That, worries the          your-way’ religion.’’
     those counselors are now receiving.                                                                                As the on-site ‘‘dean of students.’’ Brother
       While we roam the countryside we try                   liberal group People for the American Way,
                                                              ‘‘could nullify state regulations for sub-             Sampson teaches and counsels drug addicts
     through a fourth kind of story to cover the                                                                     eight hours a day. But he doesn’t have a col-
     debate inside the Beltway, but even there we             stance abuse professionals by requiring
                                                              states to recognize religious education as             lege degree. His qualifications are 15 years of
     want to go beyond the usual suspect themes.                                                                     street experience as a homeless crack addict
     In that vein we conclude this section with a             equivalent to any secular course work.’’
                                                                 The complaint marks the latest round of             and three years of Bible classes. After grad-
     look at visionary Mike Joyce’s battle to get                                                                    uating from Florida’s Teen Challenge train-
                                                              volleys fired at President Bush’s efforts to
     corporate and foundation givers to drop their                                                                   ing institute in 1995, he became a certified
                                                              allow faith-based social-service programs to
     frequent discrimination against religious                                                                       teacher making $50 a week. (‘‘It’s not that
                                                              compete for federal funding. At first, left-
     groups.                                                                                                         we’re opposed to hiring MSWs [master of so-
                                                              wing groups argued that putting Chris-
                                                              drenched programs like Teen Challenge on a             cial work], it’s just that most MSWs didn’t
                 [From World, June 16, 2001]
                                                              level playing field with secular programs              go to school to make $50 a week,’’ said Mr.
          TEEN CHALLENGE’S NEWEST CHALLENGE                   amounted to state-funded ‘‘proselytism.’’              Dill, who also graduated from the program.
                    (By Candi Cushman)                        John Dilulio, head of the White House faith-           ‘‘This is a ministry, not an occupation.’’)
        ‘‘If all you’re looking for is an oil change,         based office, placated them in February and               Mr. Dill and his colleagues are what na-
     this isn’t the place. Because the oil will get           March by guaranteeing that programs like               tional Teen Challenge leaders call ‘‘street
     dirty again,’’ says dark-haired Enzo Pallitta,           Teen Challenge wouldn’t be eligible for                fighters’’—ground troops working on the
     speaking with a thick New Jersey accent and              grants. But after conservative pressure                front lines to rescue prisoners from enemy
     dramatic hand mannerisms. ‘‘Listen close-                forced him to reverse that policy, opponents           territory. Street fighters aren’t concerned
     ly,’’ he says, leaning over his desk and star-           discovered another buzzword, quality con-              with national strategy or whether the bat-
     ing at his listener. ‘‘This is not just about            trol. At issue is how much oversight Uncle             talions are appropriately equipped; they sim-
     getting clean. This is about changing your               Sam should have over Christian groups that             ply want to save lives at any cost. ‘‘Without
     lifestyle.’’                                             accept funding.                                        them this organization would just be another

VerDate 21-JUN-2001   04:51 Jun 22, 2001   Jkt 089060   PO 00000   Frm 00098   Fmt 7634   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K21JN7.218   pfrm04   PsN: H21PT1
     June 21, 2001                                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                    H3459
     institution. They are the only ones who can              and come into a faith -based program, they             if he shall gain the whole world but lose his
     reach the people we want to reach,’’ said                lose their stamps.’’                                   own soul? His mother had taught him that.
     Dave       Scotch,    the    Teen    Challenge             At the heart of the dilemma is a difference            ‘‘In spite of everything I had done, all of
     accreditator, Problem is, most feisty street             in diagnosis: State-funded groups treat drug           the Scriptures I learned as a child were still
     fighters tend to resist outside mandates.                addiction as a disease, prescribing medical            with me,’’ Mr. Gaddis said, and instead of
     ‘‘We’re still trying to resist outside man-              treatments and psychotherapy. But Teen                 killing himself, he turned himself into local
     dates. ‘‘We’re still trying to get them to               Challenge says the disease began with a con-           police. After serving a five-year prison sen-
     wear our national logo,’’ sighed Mr. Scotch.             dition of the heart and prescribes a relation-         tence, he came to Dallas as a homeless man,
       And now he wants to convince them to ac-               ship with Jesus Christ. That difference                found a church to attend, and earned enough
     cept more regulations so Teen Challenge can              threatens some people: ‘‘This [faith-based             money to attend college and seminary. He
     compete for faith-based funding. Texas be-               funding] will roll us back 60 years, right             graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary
     came the first testing ground recently as                back to when people thought you were an al-            in April 2000, with a master’s degree in Chris-
     some 40 Teen Challenge directors met for a               coholic merely because you didn’t accept               tian education.
     southwest regional conference at the gleam-              Jesus as your personal savior,’’ fretted Bill            Now he identifies with the children who
     ing white Calvary Temple building in Irving,             McColl, spokesman for the National Associa-            walk the city sidewalks. ‘‘I want them to un-
     a Dallas suburb. ‘‘If Teen Challenge is going            tion of Drug and Alcohol Counselors.                   derstand how the Scriptures apply prac-
     to climb the mountain, we’ve got to learn to               But Mr. Castellini says he just wants the            tically to their life, not just memorize them.
     live with change,’’ insisted Teen Challenge’s            right to offer his solut9ion alongside others:         I didn’t have that understanding growing
     president, John Castellini: ‘‘Say, change.’’             ‘‘We’re not asking for a handout. We just              up,’’ said Mr. Gaddis. To accomplish his mis-
     Some 40 directors mumbled, ‘‘Change.’’                   want a level playing field so we can take              sion, he recruited the help of Fellowship
       A balding minister with bushy eyebrows                 care of people’s basic needs.’’ With that in           Bible Church, which supplies free office
     and round cheeks, Mr. Castellini was trying              mind, he is also offering his own ground               space and weekly volunteers. With a $240,000
     to unite the independent-minded street                   troops a compromise: In exchange for federal           annual budget, the program is funded by do-
     fighters in a willingness to apply for govern-           vouchers for food stamps, emergency med-               nations from individuals and churches.
     ment funds in order to expand their pro-                                                                          Three nights a week, volunteers donate
                                                              ical assistance, and lodging, Teen Challenge
     grams. He started out treading lightly, first                                                                   their time tutoring children, who mostly
                                                              will accept reasonable government safety,
     telling a few introductory jokes about his                                                                      come from single-parent families that speak
                                                              health, and accountability standards. (‘‘Just
     grandchildren and reading a news article                                                                        little or no English. Tonight’s tutoring ses-
                                                              because you’re saying the name Jesus
     about how hotels earn five-star ratings. Then                                                                   sion begins with cheese cracker snacks and
                                                              doesn’t mean you should build fire traps,’’ he
     he levied the final punchline: ‘‘You just                                                                       peer-led singing. The children hold hands in
     think you’ve been inspected now. But just                                                                       a circle as a fourth-grade boy named Bryan
                                                                Mr. Castellini, however, emphasized that
     wait until this faith-based initiative takes                                                                    stands in the middle and loudly recites sev-
                                                              Teen Challenge will not accept extra regula-
     off,’’ he said, adding that some centers might                                                                  eral Bible verses. With his hands raised in
                                                              tions—like teacher education requirements
     need the pressure: ‘‘The parents are the real                                                                   the air, he then leads his playmates in a
                                                              or required psychotherapy sessions—that ul-
     inspectors. Can I be very honest? I would not                                                                   boisterous chorus of ‘‘Lord, I Lift Your Name
                                                              timately undercut faith-based initiative by
                                                                                                                     on High.’’ Afterward, the children go to their
     drop off my son or daughter at some Teen                 eliminating differences between religious              assigned tutors, including a college librarian
     Challenges.’’                                            and secular entities. Ultimately, he said, the
       That comment irritated some directors,                                                                        in a starched yellow dress shirt, a bilingual
                                                              street fighters will have the final say: ‘‘We          businessman wearing khaki shorts and
     who still have fresh memories of their less-             will only lead those who want to be led.’’
     than-glamorous beginnings. ‘‘When we first                                                                      Birkenstock sandals, and a housewife in a
     started, our place was dirty and run down,                                                                      long flowing broom skirt.
                                                                         [From World, June 16, 2001]                   During the summers, YBC takes the place
     and all of our staff were wearing 15 different                       LEADING YOUNG LEADERS                      of the public school, providing free lunches
     hats. But you know what? People got saved,
                                                                            (By Candi Cushman)                       for poor children and a refuge for latchkey
     delivered, and set free,’’ argued Jim Heurich,
                                                                Crowded with nondescript business build-             kids stuck in crime-ridden apartments. Chil-
     director of the San Antonio affiliate. ‘‘My
                                                              ings, dingy low-income apartments, and                 dren who attend regularly can go to a river-
     concern is that we are going to be so evalu-
                                                              well-lit liquor stores, the northeast Dallas           side Bible camp in the Ozarks.
     ated that we are evaluated out of business.’’                                                                     YBC children participate in community
       ‘‘Go Jim,’’ whispered someone across the               business district hardly seems a place for
                                                              children. But every day at 3:30 p.m., back-            service projects and a youth choir that per-
     room. Mr. Castellini remained unfazed. ‘‘We
                                                              pack-laden children fill the sidewalks and             forms at local nursing homes and malls. Vol-
     should treat the government like any other
                                                              weave their way through condemned apart-               unteer David Pruessner, a 45-year-old law-
     private donor and be accountable,’’ he said.
                                                              ment buildings and asphalt parking lots.               yer, teaches chess, where ‘‘you have to learn
     ‘‘The government consists of taxpayers.’’ Mr.
                                                                Like an urban deliverer, 42-year-old Vin-            to develop a strategy and think ahead,’’ Dur-
     Castellini believes the extra funding and
                                                              cent Gaddis stands on a street corner wel-             ing the summer, he gives group lessons to 20
     added legal protection provided by faith-
                                                              coming them into the tree-lined courtyard of           students at a time using 10 game boards and
     based legislation will outweigh the cost of
                                                              the Fellowship Bible Church of Dallas. Wear-           handmade wall charts. But teaching about
     conformance to regulations as long as those
                                                              ing a navy cap and matching dress slacks, he           God is at the center of the program, for Mr.
     regulations don’t change the Christian em-
                                                              escorts them into an office decorated with             Gaddis states that, ‘‘The gospel is the only
     phasis. But local affiliates remain skeptical.
       Mr. Heurich has good reason to feel skit-              red and green round tables and wooden book-            thing that really changes lives. When I sat in
     tish. In 1995, state officials tried to shut             shelves full of Bible videos and Dr. Seuss             the car with a gun to my head and when I
     down his San Antonio center, even though it              books. Through his Youth Believing in                  went to prison, I already had a good edu-
     was not state licensed, did not receive gov-             Change ministry, Mr. Gaddis provides tutor-            cation. But that didn’t help me. What really
     ernment funding, and defined itself as a ‘‘dis-          ing, Bible studies, and free meals for some            changed my life was the word of God. And
     cipleship program.’’ After a much-publicized             150 inner-city kids a year.                            that’s what’s going to save these kids.’’
     rally at the Alamo (see WORLD, July 29,                    ‘‘We use biblical principles to help these
                                                              children develop leadership skills,’’ he said,                   [From World, June 16, 2001]
     1995), then-Gov. Bush came to the rescue,
     pushing through a state law exempting faith-             explaining that there are no neighborhoods                          THE GOOD SARASOTAN
     based social programs from state inter-                  or parks in the area—just 10,000 apartment                          (By Barbara Souders)
     ference. That was the beginning of his com-              units that often host drug gangs and pros-               ‘‘The nerve!’’ huffed Carolyn Cooley,
     passionate conservative campaign.                        titution rings. ‘‘These children are exposed           hurstling her two young daughters past the
       So far, that campaign hasn’t helped other              to so much. Everything you wouldn’t want               unkempt man who lay surrounded by beer
     Teen Challenge centers. Florida director                 your child to see is right outside in the park-        cans, sprawled against a palm tree on church
     Jerry Nance received food stamps for 17 cen-             ing lot.’’                                             property. A battered hat shielded the man’s
     ters and 650 residents every year until offi-              Mr. Gaddis, who is black, works with His-            eyes, but holes in the soles of his shoes
     cials suddenly withdrew assistance in 1999,              panic children in a predominantly white                seemed to watch church-goers’ reactions.
     announcing that unlicensed facilities no                 church. But God was the original Deliverer,            Mrs. Cooley’s indignation dissolved into
     longer qualified. Here’s the catch: To obtain            he insits—and he first heard the tune 12               tears when, within the hour, she learned the
     the license, Mr. Nance had to replace Bible              years ago while pointing a revolver to his             man’s identity. The ‘‘bum’’ was actually her
     lessons with group psychotherapy sessions                head. Mr. Gaddis at first made the Dean’s              pastor, Neville E. Gritt. He’d stationed him-
     and hire state-approved counselors. Explain-             List every semester at his college in Ten-             self outside the church that Sunday morning
     ing that his program was a ‘‘discipleship                nessee, but then his mother unexpectedly               to awaken his congregation to needs he’d
     model, not a medical model,’’ he refused and             died of a brain hemorrhage during his second           seen while driving through Sarasota, Fla.
     lost $100,000.                                           year there. Grieving and angry with God, he              Heartsick, Ray and Carolyn Cooley prayed
       ‘‘Does this make sense to you?’’ Mr. Nance             turned to drugs as an escape. Nine years               that day in 1985 that they could begin to
     asked a White House drug abuse committee                 later, a long-time drug dealer, he planned his         show Christ’s love to such people. Feeling
     last year. ‘‘Individuals can live in the                 final act of rebellion—suicide. But as he              God’s call, they spent the evening pruning
     streets, use drugs, rob people, and still get            cocked the trigger, a Bible verse floated              their tight budget and gauging their finan-
     food stamps. But if they decide to get help              through his mind: What does it profit a man,           cial ability to rent a house that would serve

VerDate 21-JUN-2001   04:16 Jun 22, 2001   Jkt 089060   PO 00000   Frm 00099   Fmt 7634   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A21JN7.081   pfrm04   PsN: H21PT1
     H3460                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                              June 21, 2001
     homeless men. They followed through, and                 that crowd the paneled living room. Morn-              10,000 units in the center of the ward, the De-
     during the past 16 years almost 2,000 men                ings, the aroma of brewing coffee lures resi-          sire projects gained notoriety during the
     have found refuge at Good Samaritan House                dents downstairs to grab a cup before biking           1950s as the second-largest (and one of the
     (GSH), honored this year with a Florida                  or busing to work. Mr. Cooley also leaves,             most dangerous) housing projects in the na-
     ‘‘Points of Light’’ award—and some have                  going home to his family (if his wife and              tion. Although city officials recently demol-
     found hope. The home provides emergency                  son—his daughters are grown—haven’t spent              ished most of the units, some 1,000 people
     housing for homeless men recovering from                 the night at GSH) before heading off to his            still live inside the rat-infested rubble. Over
     traumas (such as surgery, a mental break-                day job again.                                         half are children under the age of 17 whose
     down, or a prison term) and a longer transi-                Mr. Cooley himself had struggled with al-           single mothers live below the poverty level.
     tional program for those ready to try to get             coholism until a pastor’s life inspired him to           In 1991, Mr. Leverett moved into a tiny du-
     back on their feet.                                      change. Today, he says his aim is ‘‘to live his        plex home near the projects, his family of
        Andrew Cunningham is one of the people                faith in front of the men, to plant seeds.’’           four becoming the only white family in the
     helped. At age 22, he was on and off drugs, on           During each man’s stay at GHS, Mr. Cooley              Ninth Ward. For the next nine years, he vol-
     and off the streets, and on and off in his rela-         guides him through a substance-abuse recov-            unteered as an assistant football coach at
     tionship with God. Initial stints at Good Sa-            ery program that emphasizes Christ as the              the public high school and led locker-room
     maritan House and a Sarasota Salvation                   basis of healing and renewal. Mrs. Cooley              Bible studies. He remembers how his passion
     Army shelter didn’t change him. But a stay               supports her husband, spending time at the             for cross-cultural outreach began during
     in an abandoned house where he and a friend              house with him and the men, attending                  high school years in Macon, Ga., where he
     stayed ‘‘strung out on crack cocaine’’ con-              church with them. Wednesday and Sunday                 felt forced to live a double life: Friday nights
     vinced him to return to GSH. At 25, he                   evenings, and distributing free clothing to            on the football field, with white and black
     emerged clean and sober. Now 13 years after              GSH residents and other Sarasota homeless              teammate pursuing victory together, and
     that emergence, Mr. Cunningham is married                people.                                                Sunday mornings at all-white churches
     with twin daughters, works as a certified                   The Cooleys say they rarely hear again              where racial jokes brought laughs.
     nursing assistant, owns a home, and is an ac-            from men who leave GSH: ‘‘They’re embar-                 ‘‘On the football field there were two cul-
     tive church member. ‘‘Ray set my feet in the             rassed and don’t want to be reminded’’ of              tures working together toward a common
     right direction,’’ he says.                              things like job loss, mental illness, or sub-          goal,’’ he says, but at other times ‘‘I had the
        At GSH, the right direction begins with a             stance abuse that led them there in the first          heart-wrenching experience of discovering
     set of simple, nonnegotiable rules: Residents            place. But some, like Everett Reid, 36, main-          that the people who most resisted the strug-
     must remain alcohol- and drug-free, and ac-              tain contact. He learned of GSH through                gle for freedom were white evangelical
     company Mr. Cooley to church and Bible                   Sarasota agencies that appreciate the                  Southern men like me.’’ After a broken hip
     study weekly. They must secure a full-time               Cooleys’ no-nonsense biblical approach to              dashed his dreams of a football career, he en-
     job, or work as day laborers at a local tem-             helping homeless men become self-sufficient.           rolled in Reformed Theological Seminary in
     porary agency until they find permanent em-              ‘‘It’s a good place for them to go. They have          Jackson, Miss., studied faith-based models
     ployment. GSH residents must pay rent: six               rules to follow,’’ said Robert P. Kyllonen, ex-        for urban renewal, and became an ordained
     dollars per night after their fifth free night           ecutive director of Resurrection House, a day          minister within the theologically conserv-
     of shelter. While they may spend a little                resource center for the homeless. Eleven               ative Presbyterian Church in America.
     money on personal needs, the men must save               months after showing up on GSH’s oak-                    11 A.M. Wearing tube socks, khaki shorts,
     much of their earnings, with the goal of be-             shaded front porch and starting to follow the          and a navy polo shirt, Mr. Leverett is stand-
     coming economically independent of GSH.                  rules, Mr. Reid moved to Jacksonville. He              ing before an office blackboard in the $3 mil-
     The rules include: In bed by 10:00 p.m., no              has completed the first year of a four-year            lion outreach center he opened last year
     foul language, no fighting, and no women.                sheet-metal apprenticeship.                            across from the housing projects. With a
        The rules echo those of 19th-century Chris-              In February, the Community Foundation               slickly polished gymnasium, 10 classrooms,
     tian workhouses. While neighbors and                     of Sarasota County recognized GSH with its             and 13 new computers, the 36,000-square-foot
     church members in American towns gen-                    Unsung Hero Award and commended the                    building built with private donations, dou-
     erally cared for people made suddenly poor               Cooley for funding the program themselves,             bles as a youth recreation center and a
     by calamity or death, townspeople built                  rather than waiting for outside assistance.            church.
     workhouses for men made poor by alco-                    With George W. Bush’s offer to make faith-               Today he is training three of his 20 full-
     holism or sloth. Residents of such homes                 based programs eligible for federal grants,            time employees. Like a coach explaining
     were expected both to work and pursue vir-               will the Cooleys now seek outside help? Mr.            play-by-play strategy, he draws lots of little
     tue in exchange for their keep. At the                   Cooley thinks not. He fears the Feds might             arrows and circles. But the game plan starts
     Chelmsford workhouse in Massachusetts, for               tamper with GSH’s staunchly biblical pro-              with a phrase: ‘‘incarnational ministry.’’ Mr.
     example, the ‘‘master’’ of the house could at            gram. Still, he may seek funding for the               Leverett tells his students, ‘‘Like Christ,
     his discretion reward faithful and indus-                Clothes Closet, a GSH clothing-distribution            you have to enter into their lives and suffer
     trious men, while punishing ‘‘the idle, stub-            program that he sees as less vulnerable to             redemptively for them. Part of that suffering
     born, disorderly and disobedient.’’ Use of               government strings.                                    is just demonstrating a willingness, a will-
     ‘‘spirituous liquors’’ was prohibited, and                                                                      ingness to hear gun shots at night, to feel in-
     house rules demanded every man ‘‘diligently                        [From World, June 16, 2001]                  secure, unsafe, and exposed.’’
     to work and labor.’’                                                                                              In addition to offering weekly tutoring,
                                                                          A DAY IN THE LIFE . . .
        Although the Cooley’s efforts at GSH were                                                                    Bible studies, and sports leagues, Mr.
     grounded in such history, and in Scripture,                           (By Candi Cushman)                        Leverett helps students start for-profit busi-
     many Sarasota Christians didn’t support                    Richard Scarry has won fame for children’s           nesses, including the ‘‘Brothers Realty’’
     their efforts to help homeless individuals in            books with titles like What Do People Do All           housing renovation program. He’s also plan-
     the area.                                                Day? Few people understand what New Orle-              ning for next year, when the outreach center
        The house in which the Cooleys launched               ans minister Mo Leverett does all day, and             will host the area’s first private school—De-
     GSH stood on the property of a small Sara-               what he has done most days for the past 10             sire Street Academy.
     sota church; the church’s leadership agreed              years. As founder of Desire Street Ministries            2 P.M. While Mr. Leverett does more men-
     to let the Cooleys rent it and start the shel-           (DSM), an outreach program that uses Chris-            toring, staff members like 25-year-old Heath-
     ter there. ‘‘But the church became upset                 tian principles to disciple youth and foster           er Holdsworth are working the neighbor-
     with what we were doing,’’ Mrs. Cooley said,             economic renewal, he is a white man who has            hood. As DSM education director, Miss
     ‘‘and the numerous needy and homeless [on                dedicated his life to mentoring black kids in          Holdsworth every afternoon visits Carver
     the property] giving the church a bad                    New Orleans’ worst ghetto. Here’s what he              Washington High School, located three
     image.’’ After 11 months, the church asked               and two people he has inspired do on a typ-            blocks from the projects and with the look of
     the Cooleys to leave. That’s when they                   ical day:                                              a giant warehouse. Outside are gray bricks
     bought the 1920s-era home that is now Good                 10 A.M. On a rainy summer morning, Mr.               and chain-link fences. Inside, the classroom
     Samaritan House.                                         Leverett winds his car through narrow New              doors have deadlocks, and the hallways are
        The Cooleys don’t hold fundraisers. Today,            Orleans streets named Pleasure and Abun-               bare except for signs touting the school
     two churches regularly donate money and in-              dance, showing a reporter the gutted ware-             health clinic and day-care center.
     kind gifts to support GSH, but from the be-              houses, crumbling brick housing projects,                Sporting tattooed arms and baseball caps
     ginning, the couple financed—and still fi-               and razor-wire fences of his neighborhood.             turned backwards, the students have crowd-
     nance—the shelter largely with their own                 On Desire Street, three miles north of the             ed into a small gymnasium for a school bas-
     cash. That means Mr. Cooley, 61, continues               French Quarter, rows of graffiti-covered               ketball game. Miss Holdsworth is there, sit-
     to work five days a week as a zone techni-               housing projects sit amid piles of dirt and            ting amid hundreds of shouting students in
     cian for Verizon Wireless. After work he goes            broken glass. Behind thick metal doors,                the gymnasium bleachers, greeting them and
     home to spend time with his family; at about             project residents stare like frightened pris-          inviting them to after-school tutoring. When
     8 p.m., he heads for GSH. There, he spends               oners through rectangular window slats.                she first arrived three years ago, none of the
     most evenings talking and watching tele-                   This is the Ninth Ward, an area whose                students would speak to her. Even local po-
     vision with the men who pile in after their              daily drug shoot-outs garnered it a reputa-            lice officers stopped her, asking if she had
     own day’s work to sink into sofas and chairs             tion as ‘‘New Orleans’ murder capital.’’ With          come to buy drugs. ‘‘She was a white girl

VerDate 21-JUN-2001   04:16 Jun 22, 2001   Jkt 089060   PO 00000   Frm 00100   Fmt 7634   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A21JN7.083   pfrm04   PsN: H21PT1
     June 21, 2001                                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                    H3461
     who came out of nowhere. So it took me a                 dren he watched today, especially those who            hearts and minds. Heartbeat International,
     good three months to speak to her,’’ said                came to the Bible study to escape the drugs            one of the largest national CPC organiza-
     Dwana, a 17-year-old student.                            or physical abuse that pervade their own               tions, recently surveyed 114 CPCs that use
       Now, though, Dwana prays twice a week                  homes. ‘‘I feel many different emotions as I           ultrasound. CPC directors reported that 60 to
     with Heather and attends DSM Bible studies               think about that,’’ says Mr. Leverett. ‘‘I             90 percent of abortion-minded clients decide
     and tutoring classes. Carrying a pink diaper             want to shelter my own children, but I also            to keep their babies after seeing live pictures
     bag, she leaves the basketball game at 3 p.m.            want to teach them the heart of Christ.’’ Al-          of them.
     to retrieve her 8-month-old baby. This June,             though his children attend a school outside              ‘‘Ultrasound connects a woman with re-
     Dwana will marry the baby’s 18-year-old fa-              the ward, Mr. Leverett encourages them to              ality—what she’s actually carrying in the
     ther inside the Desire Street Ministries                 interact with playmates from the housing               womb,’’ said Tom Glessner, president of the
     building. ‘‘I want my baby to grow up read-              projects during after-school programs and              National Institute of Family and Life Advo-
     ing the Bible and doing the right things,’’              Sunday school.                                         cates. ‘‘It’s no longer a ‘condition’ when the
     she said.                                                  Some people have called Mr. Leverett’s de-           mother sees her moving child. A bonding
       Each year, Miss Holdsworth helps some 30               cision to move his family into the ghetto a            takes place.’’
     students like Dwana pass their ACT college                                                                        Ultrasound also helps other people in a
                                                              foolhardy sacrifice. But sacrifice is just his
     admission tests and apply for financial aid.                                                                    pregnant woman’s life see a problem preg-
                                                              point, he says: ‘‘I want my children to see
     That’s a noteworthy accomplishment consid-                                                                      nancy as a person. Often, women choose
                                                              the incarnate gospel.’’
     ering that Carver students average a dismal                                                                     abortion because of unsupportive boyfriends
     14 out of a possible 36 points on the ACT test.                                                                 or parents. So centers strongly encourage
                                                                        [From World, June 16, 2001]
     The welfare mentality that pervades the                                                                         clients to return with doubting friends and
                                                                   WHEN A PICTURE IS WORTH 1,000 LIVES               family. Technicians nationwide relate sto-
     projects provides a formidable obstacle to
                                                                            (By Leah Driggers)                       ries of bored boyfriends who shuffle in with
     her efforts, says Miss Holdsworth. While tu-
     toring seniors, for instance, she discovered               Amber, 17, sits on a chair in an ultrasound          arms crossed, but later break down in tears
     that several parents allowed their kids to               room swinging sneaker-clad feet back and               or exclaim something like, ‘‘My son! That’s
     apply for disability certificates instead of di-         forth. Nearby, an embroidered pink quilt               my son!’’ Grandparents, too, point at the
     plomas so the family could receive federal               hangs on the wall proclaiming: ‘‘God’s love            screen in shock, demanding, ‘‘’Are you kid-
                                                              always forgives.’’ A door swings open and              ding me? Is that what’s going on in her? Is
     aid. That decision automatically disqualified
                                                              ultrasound nurse Kay Morton strides in,                that my granddaughter?’’
     them from college scholarships.
                                                              white lab coat fluttering.                               The military first used ultrasound to lo-
       3:30 p.m. Mo Leverett is doing his best to
                                                                ‘‘How are you doing?’’ asks Mrs. Morton,             cate submarines. But it wasn’t until the
     break the underachieving mentality by em-
                                                              50, smiling over multicolored reading glasses          early 1980s—at least a decade after Roe v.
     phasizing the second part of his game plan:
                                                              as she pages through the girl’s medical file.          Wade opened the abortion floodgates in
     indigenous leadership. Inside the DSM class-
                                                              The answer is sad: ‘‘My fiance just passed             1973—that CPCs began using ultrasound in
     rooms, students peruse books including the
                                                              away,’’ says Amber, her hands trembling.               their clinics. At least 200 CPCs nationwide
     Westminster Confession of Faith. They are
                                                              Amber’s boyfriend hanged himself two weeks             now provide the service, and other among
     pupils in Mr. Leverett’s first Urban Theo-
                                                              before, and Amber found the body, dangling.            the estimated 3,000 CPCs across the country
     logical Institute, a school designed to create
                                                              Now she is faced with a crisis pregnancy, and          are converting themselves into medical clin-
     indigenous spiritual leaders.                                                                                   ics that offer ultrasound and other diag-
       Institute student Richard Johnson, one of              is in the process of choosing whether to
                                                              carry or abort her child. The Dallas Preg-             nostic pregnancy-related services. CPC direc-
     Mr. Leverett’s first disciples, says a lesson
                                                              nancy Resource Center is offering a free               tors say medical clinics draw more clients—
     on the ‘‘Noetic principle’’ (man’s blindness
                                                              sonogram to help Amber decide.                         especially abortion-minded ones—than non-
     to sin) caught his attention: ‘‘The principle
                                                                ‘‘OK, just lie back,’’ Mrs. Morton says in a         medical counseling centers.
     applies to the projects: There’s no family                                                                        Too bad ultrasound is so expensive: A ma-
     foundation for children to see here. All we              soothing voice, laying a white blanket across
                                                              Amber’s legs. Amber holds her cotton T-shirt           chine costs about $30,000. But some manufac-
     had were guys and women just having sex                                                                         turers offer discounts for pro-life organiza-
     and selling drugs. That’s all our kids see and           in place and pulls down black overalls to re-
                                                                                                                     tions, cutting the price tag to around $18,000.
     they don’t see any wrong in it. In our com-              veal a slightly rounded belly. Mrs. Morton
                                                                                                                     Support supplies like gloves, gel, and film
     munity you are respected if you are a great              squeezes a bottle that spits clear, blue gel on
                                                                                                                     run around $1,000 annually, but medical pro-
     athlete, a big drug dealer, or a murderer.’’             Amber’s stomach. ‘‘Oh!’’ laughs Amber:
                                                                                                                     fessionals are the major cost. Some CPCs
       During high school, Mr. Johnson says, he               ‘‘That’s cold!’’ The room grows dim, and the
                                                                                                                     that can’t afford to buy a machine or employ
     respected his older cousin, a drug user who              jittery high-school senior freezes as Mrs.
                                                                                                                     a technican are networking with other
     eventually shot his mother seven times. Mr.              Morton presses a handheld transducer into
                                                                                                                     ultrasound clinics. Such links save lives:
     Johnson believes he was destined for similar             her abdomen. A few feet from Amber’s wide
                                                                                                                     When a counselor at a non-CPC clinic senses
     destruction until ‘‘Coach Mo’’ became his                eyes, an image jumps on a small computer
                                                                                                                     that her client will choose abortion, she can
     new role model: ‘‘When he first walked on                screen.
                                                                ‘‘See that flickering spot?’’ Mrs. Morton            call a local ultrasound-CPC for an emer-
     the field, we were like, man, somebody’s                                                                        gency visit.
     going to jail. Because a lot of the guys on              asks, using a mouse to point a virtual arrow
                                                                                                                       To broaden the reach of ultrasound, some
     the team were selling drugs and we thought               at a light that pulsates on-screen. ‘‘That’s
                                                                                                                     sonographers independently contract serv-
     he was a cop. Coach Mo wasn’t just another               your baby’s heartbeat.’’ A huge grim spreads
                                                                                                                     ices with local CPCs, toting their own ma-
     fly-by-night white dude. He stood firm and               across Amber’s face. Mrs. Morton clicks the
                                                                                                                     chines from center to center. Some OB/GYN
     he coached, he preached and he loved.’’                  mouse again and an electronic line appears             doctors also offer ultrasound services in
       6 P.M. Dressed in baggy jean shorts and a              that she uses to measure the tiny image                their offices. Dr. Wendell Ashby has offered
     black jacket, Mr. Johnson stands behind a                from head to toe. ‘‘It looks like your baby’s          sonography in his Amarillo, Texas, office for
     wooden podium as some 100 high-school stu-               about seven weeks,’’ she tells Amber. The              the past nine years. ‘‘We are a visual soci-
     dents file into the gym for a Tuesday night              girl nods slowly, eyes glued on the black-             ety,’’ he said. ‘‘[Mothers] can’t handle their
     Bible study. Boys with spray-painted nylons              and-white monitor, her body stone-still. Mrs.          conscience saying, ‘You’re killing your
     tied around their heads and girls wearing                Morton points out the baby’s legs, arms, and           baby.’ When they see little arms and legs
     lots of gold jewelry chat noisily. But the au-           the head; Amber clutches the top of her T-             kicking and moving, a heart beating, a
     dience grows quiet as Mr. Johnson explains               shirt, motionless.                                     brain, stomach, bladder, spine, and babies
     the concepts of original sin and undeserved                Mrs. Morton types and two words appear               sucking their thumbs, it’s no longer just tis-
     grace.                                                   on the screen: ‘‘HI, MOM!’’ The image shakes           sue. [These women] say they had no idea—
       ‘‘We can’t overcome sin on our own be-                 as Amber giggles. ‘‘Isn’t it incredible that           they thought it was just a little tadpole in
     cause there is nothing in us that is spir-               your baby already has developed brain                  there.’’
     itual,’’ he tells them. ‘‘If you are watching            waves, a heartbeat, and individual fingers?’’            Shari Richards believes it’s never too early
     porno flicks or doing drugs, the only way to             Mrs. Morton asks. ‘‘When I was in college              to detonate the tadpole myth. The founder of
     overcome those things is to let Christ rule in           studying to be a nurse, I didn’t believe in            Sound Wave Images, an international
     your heart.’’ Later, Mr. Johnson confides                God. But when I studied the development of             ultrasound education group in West Bloom-
     that he feels a sense of urgency at every                the embryo, that’s when I said there must be           field, Mich., has turned her attention to the
     Bible study. Too often, unresponsive stu-                a God. Isn’t your baby amazing?’’ Amber                next generation by developing an ultrasound
     dents walk out the door only to become vic-              nods, still staring at her sleeping child. Mrs.        video shown in over 5,000 classrooms world-
     tims of drive-by shootings or drug overdoses:            Morton prints a still shot from the sonogram           wide. Schools using the ultrasound video as
     ‘‘Sometimes I feel like they aren’t listening,           while Amber wipes tears from her eyes. ‘‘I             part of abstinence curricula report declines
     but I keep preaching anyway. Knowing that                can’t wait for my Mom to see this,’’ she mur-          in teen pregnancy of up to 25 percent, Ms.
     Christ paid a debt I couldn’t repay keeps me             murs, fingering the photo. ‘‘Now it is real.’’         Richards said.
     going.’’                                                   Amber chose to keep her unborn baby                    After seeing the Sound Wave video, one
       As Mr. Johnson teaches Bible study,                    alive, and many more moms are making                   student wrote, ‘‘I’ve always thought abortion
     ‘‘Coach Mo’’ squeezes in some family time at             similar decisions as crisis pregnancy centers          was a choice each woman should make. But
     his 9-year-old daughter’s softball game.                 (CPCs) and support organizations nationwide            after seeing the babies, I know that abortion
     Watching her play, he remembers other chil-              discover the power of ultrasound to affect             is wrong.’’

VerDate 21-JUN-2001   04:16 Jun 22, 2001   Jkt 089060   PO 00000   Frm 00101   Fmt 7634   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A21JN7.086   pfrm04   PsN: H21PT1
     H3462                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                              June 21, 2001
                [From World, June 16, 2001]                   President Bush announced late last month.              president of the nation. There’s huge private
               MY BABY WOULDN’T BE HERE                       ‘‘Currently, six of the 10 largest corporate           sector that spends billions emulating what
                                                              givers in America explicitly rule out or re-           government does. A few well-placed words
                    (By Leah Driggers)
                                                              strict donations to faith-based groups, re-            from the president could have a profound ef-
        Tessa Malaspina was 22 years old when the             gardless of their effectiveness. The federal           fect. He could call in top CEOs and ask
     cheap pregnancy test she bought turned posi-             government will not discriminate against               ‘what’s going on here?’ The president picked
     tive. ‘‘I was going to have an abortion,’’ re-           faith-based organizations, and neither should          up on that right away.’’
     members Ms. Malaspina, a blonde club danc-               corporate America.’’                                     This month, at age 58, Mr. Joyce is step-
     er who once was heavily into drinking and                   The president’s numbers came from a                 ping down from the helm of the Milwaukee-
     drugs: ‘‘I was having way too much fun                   study soon to be released by the Washington-           based Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
     partying.’’ When her mom convinced Ms.                   based Capital Research Center, which has               to lead two new nonprofit groups at the
     Malaspina to stop by the Dallas Pregnancy                issued an annual guide to ‘‘Patterns of Cor-           crossroads of business, politics, and faith-
     Resource Center, Ms. Malaspina warned her:               porate Philanthropy’’ since the mid-1980s.             based initiatives. The first, based in Wash-
     ‘‘It will not change my mind.’’ She’d already            CRC’s Christopher Yablonski has noted that             ington, will take on the ‘‘short-term game’’
     had one abortion; three months pregnant,                 policies posted on the websites of these top           of lobbying members of Congress and other
     she climbed the stairs to the CPC’s                      corporate givers often include rules to dis-           Washington elites about the virtues of Presi-
     ultrasound room, determined to have an-                  criminate against charities that see a con-            dent Bush’s plan, as summarized in the
     other one.                                               nection between material problems and spir-            ‘‘Community Solutions Act’’ before the
        ‘‘I didn’t want to see it, but at the same            itual problems. For instance:                          House of Representatives. The second, based
     time I didn’t think it would matter,’’ she                  General Motors (No. 1 in corporate giving)          in Phoenix, is a ‘‘larger project, educating
     says of the pending sonogram. ‘‘But once I               declares contributions ‘‘are generally not             the culture, and private donors in particular,
     saw it was a moving person with a heartbeat,             provided to . . . religious organizations.’’           for the long haul.’’
     I couldn’t do it,’’ Ms. Malaspina told                      The Ford Motor Company Fund (No. 3), ‘‘as             But how will Mr. Joyce’s new groups deal
     WORLD. ‘‘I couldn’t even think about [abor-              a general policy, does not support the fol-            with campaign-finance conspiracy theorists
     tion] again. I never realized how advanced               lowing: religious or sectarian programs for            and follow-the-money investigative journal-
     they were so early. . . . They give you infor-           religious purposes.’’ That’s in the same unde-         ists in the major media? They may quickly
     mation in school and stuff, but never                    sirable category as ‘‘animal rights organiza-          insinuate that the groups are a clever way
     enough. If I hadn’t have seen it, I wouldn’t             tions’’ and ‘‘beauty or talent contests.’’             for Bush donors to puff up the presidential
     have changed my mind. I don’t know how                      ExxonMobil (No. 4) explains, ‘‘We do not            legacy without any troublesome contribu-
     anyone could go through with an abortion                 provide funds for political or religious               tion limits. Mr. Joyce thinks such a brou-
     after seeing an ultrasound.’’                            causes.’’ That’s not exactly true, since the           haha would be a waste of breath. ‘‘Barry
        The day she decided to keep her second                company also touts its support of environ-             Lynn [of Americans United for Separation of
     child, she quit dancing, smoking, and taking             mentalists, advocacy groups for women and              Church and State] and his crowd have a lot
     drugs. ‘‘It totally changed my life around,’’            minorities, and groups performing ‘‘public             of resources. It isn’t who funds anything. It’s
     she says, pausing to tend blue-eyed son                  research.’’                                            what they actually do.’’ He plans on keeping
     Riley, 6 months old. Ms. Malaspina, who now                 IBM (No. 6) ‘‘does not make equipment do-           in touch with the White House, but ‘‘what we
     works full-time as a bill collector, says her            nations or grants from corporate philan-               cannot do is carry out their wishes. We will
     mom helps her with the baby: ‘‘It’s hard,’’              thropic funds to . . . individuals, political,         have to operate independently. It’s just that
     she says of being a single mom, ‘‘but I                  labor, religious, or fraternal organizations or        simple.’’
     wouldn’t have it any other way.’’                        sports groups.’’ Many faith-based groups                 Tom Riley, director of research at the Phi-
        Beverly Wright, 29, was five months preg-             might also have trouble with the last two              lanthropy Roundtable (which Mr. Joyce had
     nant when she stepped through the glass                  words of IBM’s ban on ‘‘organizations that             a major role in creating decades ago) says
     door to Dallas Pregnancy Resource Center,                discriminate in any way against race, gen-             Mr. Joyce was an atypical foundation execu-
     seeking a free pregnancy test ‘‘to make                  der, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.’’               tive during his 15 years at Bradley. Most pro-
     sure.’’ She had just lost her job and her car,              The Citigroup Foundation (No. 7) declares:          gram offices at large foundations are incred-
     and was also behind on her rent. ‘‘I had an              ‘‘It is not our policy to make grants to . . .         ibly risk-averse, and since there’s no risk of
     option to pay my rent or get an abortion,’’              religious, veteran, or fraternal organiza-             financial ruin, the biggest risk is bad press.
     she remembers. After the pregnancy test                  tions, unless they are engaged in a signifi-           Many corporations and foundations try to
     confirmed her pregnancy, Ms. Wright’s CPC                cant project benefiting the entire commu-              avoid controversy by avoiding charities that
     counselor asked if she would also like an                nity.’’                                                might be unpopular with the press. ‘‘Michael
     ultrasound. ‘‘I didn’t know what to expect,’’               AT&T (No. 8) will only fund groups that             Joyce took those risks, and he was strategic
     Ms. Wright confesses. ‘‘But my No. 1 choice              are ‘‘nonsectarian and nondenominational.’’            rather than reactive. He had a vision, a long-
     was abortion, so I wasn’t scared.’’                         Wal-Mart, the No. 2 corporate benefactor,
                                                                                                                     term approach of building a movement, an
        When the picture popped up on the screen,             was the main contrarian. Mr. Yablonski said
     Ms. Wright began crying. ‘‘I was shocked,’’              the company awards a lot of small grants,
                                                                                                                       Mr. Joyce brings a similarly unorthodox
     she says. ‘‘They were all telling me, ‘Look at           and on previous donation lists, it looked like
                                                                                                                     approach to his new calling. Whenever the
     her move! She’s so pretty! Do you see the                ‘‘every other grant’’ was to a faith-based
                                                                                                                     subject is the success of conservative philan-
     hand?’ That’s what did it. I saw what it real-           charity. And the other companies’ policies
                                                                                                                     thropy, Mr. Joyce sees no big secret. ‘‘Ordi-
     ly was—my baby. It gave me a change of                   don’t always completely bar donations to re-
                                                                                                                     nary people understand this really well,’’ he
     heart.’’                                                 ligious groups. CRC found that in contribu-
                                                                                                                     said. ‘‘We take human nature into account.
        Ms. Wright took home the black-and-white              tions of $10,000 or more, some bans were com-
                                                                                                                     We understand humans as they were wrought
     sonogram photos and kept them on her                     plete (IBM zero percent, AT&T 0.06 percent),
                                                                                                                     by God. These people wish to remake them
     dresser in a white envelope marked simply                but some let a little sunshine in (GM 2.2 per-
                                                                                                                     and rearrange them. It’s like that line in a
     ‘‘Baby.’’                                                cent, Ford 3.2 percent, Citigroup 3.9 percent).
                                                                                                                     Bob Marley song, ‘don’t let them rearrange
        ‘‘It made me accept that I had her. And it            One top-10 giver without an explicit ban,
                                                                                                                     you.’ That’s why they fail.’’
     made me fall in love with her,’’ says Ms.                Boeing McDonnell, still only gave 4.6 percent
                                                              of its grant money to faith-based organiza-                      BRADLEY’S FIGHTING VEHICLE
     Wright, now the proud mother of smiling 14-
     month-old Tia. ‘‘I still have those pictures. If         tions.                                                   Neal Freeman of the Foundation Manage-
     I had never seen the ultrasound, my baby                    Corporations today often view their con-            ment Institute called Michael Joyce ‘‘the
     wouldn’t be here,’’ she says, shuddering.                tributions as a business expense. The CRC              chief operating officer of the conservative
     ‘‘From the bottom of my heart, she’s the                 regularly finds liberal women’s and minority           movement. . . . Over the period of his Brad-
     best thing that ever happened to me.’’                   groups at the top of the corporate donation            ley service, it’s difficult to recall a single,
        Now Ms. Wright spends every day with Tia              list, which is a handy inoculation device              serious thrust against incumbent liberalism
     working as a live-in employee in a health                against discrimination lawsuits. But faith-            that did not begin or end with Mike Joyce.’’
     care home. What would she say to other                   based groups barely register on the typical              From his perch at the top of the John Olin
     abortion-minded clients? ‘‘Come get a                    corporate radar screen. ‘‘I was on a panel             Foundation, another conservative heavy-
     sonogram, and see what you’ve got inside.                with a corporate officer who said the First            weight, Mr. Joyce took over the brand-new
     It’ll change everything.’’                               Amendment didn’t allow them to give to re-             Bradley Foundation in 1985 when it began
                                                              ligious groups,’’ said conservative philan-            with $280 million from the sale of Milwaukee
              [From World, June 16, 2001]                     thropy executive Michael Joyce, com-                   electronics giant Allen-Bradley to Rockwell.
                                                              menting on the corporate mindset. ‘‘Cor-               Despite giving away almost $300 million in
                                                              porate leaders are working with some intel-            grants, Mr. Joyce is turning over the keys to
                   (By Tim Graham)                            lectual rot, or some pure ignorance.’’                 a foundation that now lists assets of $700
       The White House faith-based initiative is                 At a meeting at the White House in late             million. It’s the 68th largest foundation in
     opening up a new front, and some of its guns             January, Mr. Joyce took his turn to speak              America, and Mr. Joyce oversaw $44 million
     are aimed squarely at big business.                      about corporate discrimination against                 in grants last year.
       ‘‘Faith-based organizations receive only a             faith-based groups: ‘‘I said the president is            ‘‘I had no immediate offers or opportuni-
     tiny percentage of overall corporate giving,’’           both president of the government, but also             ties’’ upon retirement, he said, but ‘‘I did

VerDate 21-JUN-2001   04:16 Jun 22, 2001   Jkt 089060   PO 00000   Frm 00102   Fmt 7634   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A21JN7.090   pfrm04   PsN: H21PT1
     June 21, 2001                                       CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                     H3463
     place my trust in providence.’’ Just then                  EXECUTIVE COMMUNICATIONS,                            et No. 010530142–1142–01; I.D. 040601J] (RIN:
     along came Paul Fleming, the Phoenix mag-                                 ETC.                                  0648–AP23) received June 15, 2001, pursuant to
     nate of P.F. Chang’s Chinese Bistro, a 25-                                                                      5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on
     state restaurant chain. ‘‘From his many                    Under clause 8 of rule XII, executive                Resources.
     years seeing faith heal in the center city of            communications were taken from the                       2628. A letter from the Acting Director, Of-
     Phoenix, he was enriched in his own faith by             Speaker’s table and referred as follows:               fice of Sustainable Fisheries, NMFS, Na-
     what can be done.’’ Together, they decided to              2617. A letter from the General Counsel,             tional Oceanic and Atmospheric Administra-
     form a tax-deductible group to educate cor-              Federal Emergency Management Agency,                   tion, transmitting the Administration’s final
     porations on faith-based charities. ‘‘I talked           transmitting the Agency’s final rule—                  rule—Atlantic Tuna Fisheries; Regulatory
     him out of putting it in Washington,’’ Mr.               Changes in Flood Elevation Determinations              Adjustments [Docket No. 010523137–1137–01;
     Joyce said. ‘‘I visit Washington often, but              [Docket No. FEMA–P–7602] received June 18,             I.D. 051501C] (RIN: 0648–AP29) received June
     when I leave, I always say, ‘I’m going back              2001, pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the        18, 2001, pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to
     to America.’ I told him, be proud of your                Committee on Financial Services.                       the Committee on Resources.
     city.’’                                                    2618. A letter from the General Counsel,               2629. A letter from the Acting Assistant
       Mr. Joyce continues to apply his vision of             Federal Emergency Management Agency,                   Administrator for Fisheries, NMFS, National
     keeping the country from becoming a ‘‘pris-              transmitting the Agency’s final rule—Sus-              Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,
     oner to a hopeless progressivism’’ with his              pension of Community Eligibility [Docket               transmitting the Administration’s final
     new enterprise. ‘‘At the end of the 19th cen-            No. FEMA–7763] received June 18, 2001, pursu-          rule—Fisheries of the Exclusive Economic
     tury, liberals considered themselves the new             ant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee         Zone Off Alaska; Steller Sea Lion Protection
     Founding Fathers,’’ he said. ‘‘They had their            on Financial Services.                                 Measures for the Groundfish Fisheries off
     100 years, and they made a mess of things. At              2619. A letter from the General Counsel,             Alaska [Docket No. 010112013–1139–04; I.D.
     the start of a new millennium, they are out              Federal Emergency Management Agency,                   011101B] (RIN: 0648–AO82) received June 19,
     gas.’’                                                   transmitting the Agency’s final rule—                  2001, pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the
                       f                                      Changes in Flood Elevation Determina-                  Committee on Resources.
                                                              tions—received June 18, 2001, pursuant to 5              2630. A letter from the Acting Director, Of-
              LEAVE OF ABSENCE                                U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on Fi-           fice of Sustainable Fisheries, NMFS, Na-
                                                              nancial Services.                                      tional Oceanic and Atmospheric Administra-
       By unanimous consent, leave of ab-                                                                            tion, transmitting the Administration’s final
     sence was granted to:                                      2620. A letter from the Secretary, Depart-
                                                              ment of Health and Human Services, trans-              rule—Fisheries of the Northeastern United
       Mr. RUSH (at the request of Mr. GEP-                   mitting the Department’s report entitled,              States; Black Sea Bass Fishery; Commercial
     HARDT) for today on account of attend-                   ‘‘Tobacco Control Activities in the United             Quota Harvested for Quarter 2 Period [Dock-
     ing a funeral.                                           States, 1994–1999: Report to Congress,’’ in ac-        et No. 001121328–1041–02; I.D. 060501A] received
       Mrs. CUBIN (at the request of Mr.                      cordance with Section 3(c) of the Com-                 June 19, 2001, pursuant to 5 U.S.C.
     ARMEY) for today on account of illness.                  prehensive Smoking Education Act of 1984,              801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on Resources.
                                                              Public Law 98–474; to the Committee on En-               2631. A letter from the Acting, Office of
                       f                                                                                             Sustainable Fisheries, NMFS, National Oce-
                                                              ergy and Commerce.
          SPECIAL ORDERS GRANTED                                2621. A letter from the Deputy Director,             anic and Atmospheric Administration, trans-
                                                              Department of Defense, Defense Security Co-            mitting the Administration’s final rule—
       By unanimous consent, permission to                    operation Agency, transmitting a report of             Fisheries of the Exclusive Economic Zone
     address the House, following the legis-                  enhancement or upgrade of sensitivity of               Off Alaska; Yellowfin Sole by Vessels Using
     lative program and any special orders                    technology or capability for United Arab               Trawl Gear in Bering Sea and Aleutian Is-
     heretofore entered, was granted to:                      Emirates (Transmittal No. 01–0B), pursuant             lands Management Area [Docket No.
       (The following Members (at the re-                     to 22 U.S.C. 2776(b); to the Committee on              010112013–1013–01; I.D. 060801A] received June
                                                              International Relations.                               19, 2001, pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to
     quest of Mr. MCNULTY) to revise and
                                                                2622. A letter from the Chairman, Council            the Committee on Resources.
     extend their remarks and include ex-
                                                              of the District of Columbia, transmitting a                               f
     traneous material:)
                                                              copy of D.C. ACT 14–76, ‘‘DNA Sample Collec-
       Ms. NORTON, for 5 minutes, today.                      tion Act of 2001’’ received June 21, 2001, pur-         PUBLIC BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS
       Mr. PALLONE, for 5 minutes, today.                     suant to D.C. Code section 1–233(c)(1); to the
       Mr. GREEN of Texas, for 5 minutes,                                                                              Under clause 2 of rule XII, public
                                                              Committee on Government Reform.
     today.                                                     2623. A letter from the Assistant Director           bills and resolutions were introduced
       Mrs. MALONEY of New York, for 5                        for Executive and Political Personnel, De-             and severally referred, as follows:
     minutes, today.                                          partment of Defense, transmitting a report                   By Mr. GILMAN:
       (The following Members (at the re-                     pursuant to the Federal Vacancies Reform                 H.R. 2263. A bill to require that ten percent
                                                              Act of 1998; to the Committee on Govern-               of the motor vehicles purchased by Execu-
     quest of Mr. WALDEN of Oregon) to re-
                                                              ment Reform.                                           tive agencies be hybrid electric vehicles or
     vise and extend their remarks and in-                      2624. A letter from the Personnel Manage-            high-efficiency vehicles; to the Committee
     clude extraneous material:)                              ment Specialist, Department of Labor, trans-           on Government Reform.
       Mr. ENGLISH, for 5 minutes, today.                     mitting a report pursuant to the Federal Va-                 By Mr. WELLER (for himself, Mr.
       Mr. MORAN of Kansas, for 5 minutes,                    cancies Reform Act of 1998; to the Com-                        COYNE, and Mrs. JOHNSON of Con-
     today.                                                   mittee on Government Reform.                                   necticut):
       Mr. MCHUGH, for 5 minutes, on June                       2625. A letter from the Acting Director, Of-           H.R. 2264. A bill to amend the Internal Rev-
     28.                                                      fice of Surface Mining, Department of the In-          enue Code of 1986 to expand the expensing of
                                                              terior, transmitting the Department’s final            environmental remediation costs; to the
       Mr. THUNE, for 5 minutes, today.
                                                              rule—Kentucky Regulatory Program [KY–                  Committee on Ways and Means.
       Mr. GRUCCI, for 5 minutes, today.                      230–FOR] received June 15, 2001, pursuant to                 By Mr. PAUL (for himself, Mr.
       Mr. JONES of North Carolina, for 5                     5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on                     DEFAZIO, Mr. HOSTETTLER, and Mr.
     minutes, on June 25.                                     Resources.                                                     STUMP):
       (The following Members (at their own                     2626. A letter from the Division Chief, Of-            H.R. 2265. A bill to amend the Federal
     request) to revise and extend their re-                  fice of Protected Resources, National Oce-             Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to allow con-
     marks and include extraneous mate-                       anic and Atmospheric Administration, trans-            sumers greater access to information regard-
     rial:)                                                   mitting the Administration’s final rule—               ing the health benefits of foods and dietary
                                                              Taking and Importing Marine Mammals;                   supplements; to the Committee on Energy
       Mr. REHBERG, for 5 minutes, today.
                                                              Taking Marine Mammals Incidental to Con-               and Commerce.
       Mr. CUMMINGS, for 5 minutes, today.                    struction and Operation Of Offshore Oil and                  By Mr. ALLEN (for himself and Mr.
                       f                                      Gas Facilities in the Beaufort Sea [Docket                     BALDACCI):
                                                              No. 990901241–0116–02; I.D. 123198B] (RIN: 0648–         H.R. 2266. A bill to reduce the risk of the
                  ADJOURNMENT                                 AM09) received June 18, 2001, pursuant to 5            accidental release of mercury into the envi-
       Mr. SOUDER. Mr. Speaker, I move                        U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on Re-           ronment by providing for the temporary
     that the House do now adjourn.                           sources.                                               storage of private sector supplies of mercury
       The motion was agreed to; accord-                        2627. A letter from the Acting Director, Of-         at facilities of the Department of Defense
                                                              fice of Sustainable Fisheries, NMFS, Na-               currently used for mercury storage, to re-
     ingly (at 9 o’clock and 28 minutes
                                                              tional Oceanic and Atmospheric Administra-             quire the Administrator of the Environ-
     p.m.), under its previous order, the                     tion, transmitting the Administration’s final          mental Protection Agency to appoint a task
     House adjourned until Monday, June                       rule—Atlantic Highly Migratory Species                 force to develop a plan for the safe disposal
     25, 2001, at 12:30 p.m., for morning hour                (HMS); NOAA Information Collection Re-                 of mercury, and for other purposes; to the
     debates.                                                 quirements; Regulatory Adjustments [Dock-              Committee on Energy and Commerce, and in

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