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					 U      N       I    V     E      R     S      I     T     Y           O        F           H     A      W      A     I ‘ I

Community Colleges
                                                                                                Volume 36, No. 3 • April 2001

                    Community Colleges
                    reach a milestone

                                  hile one student is reaching out to the     colleges across the United States that join us in
 Message                          sky and learning to fly, another is         the celebration.
                                  delving into the fundamental build-             Here in Hawai‘i, the eight campuses of the
     page 2
                    ing blocks of life, sequencing DNA and cloning            UH Community Colleges share many of the
                    cells. As one student maps the unexplored ocean           same attribute as our mainland counterparts. The
      x             floor using sophisticated equipment and satellite         open-door policy, the focus on workforce devel-
                    imagery, another creates virtual worlds through           opment and the commitment to community ser-
 Leeward CC         computer animation and digital media.                     vice are characteristics the UHCCs have in com-
visitors from            These are today’s University of Hawai‘i              mon with community colleges nationwide. Yet,
Japan experi-       Community College students, and the story of              Hawai‘i’s island environment, its unique cultural
ence service        their high-tech educational experiences began one         heritage, and its strategic location in the Pacific
  learning          hundred years ago in Illinois. That is when the           give the UHCCs an opportu-
     page 4         school board in the little township of Joliet voted       nity to be a little different
                    to offer post-secondary courses through                   and offer programs that

      x             an area high school. Those courses
                    were so successful, that in 1916, a
                                                                              are uniquely designed to
                                                                               meet the needs of our
                    separate institution was formed                            island state. ✿
   UHCCs            called Joliet Junior College. It
participate in      was the first “community col-
  Ready to          lege.” This year during April,
Learn School        as we recognize Community
  Supplies          College Month and this spe-
    Drive           cial centennial, there are
     page 6         approximately 1,132

 Maui starts

     page 9                                                                 Drafting and engineering aide students at Hawai‘i
                                                                            CC learn the use of the latest CAD programs.
                               Interesting                                            events and other special functions. For all
                                                                                      the students and community members
                                                                                      who benefit from your stamina and dedi-

                                                                                      cation, I thank you.
                                                                                       Last month, I had the opportunity to
                                                                                  accompany the incoming University of
                                                                                  Hawai‘i President Evan S. Dobelle as he visit-

                                          uring April, we join community col-     ed our campuses. In my conversations with
          x                               leges across the U.S. in a national     him, he expressed his appreciation for the
    Joyce S. Tsunoda                      celebration of Community College        value of the community colleges, calling us
       Senior Vice             Month. This year is special in that it marks       both the safety net and the springboard for
                               the centennial of the first community college      the people. I think many of the faculty, staff
    President, UH and
                               in America. Imagine… it was 100 years ago          and students who met and talked with him
     Chancellor for            that our first community college took root.        believe that the Board of Regents made a wise
       Community                    Today, there are 1,132 community col-         choice in selecting him as our new president.
        Colleges               leges educating 10.4 million students—about             As I write this, another exciting opportu-
                               half of all U.S. undergraduates. What began        nity is in the works as well. Because of our
                               as a two-year college that primarily served as a   ongoing international efforts, the Thailand
          x                    feeder institution to baccalaureate campuses       government has contacted us to help them
                               and as a vocational training center, has           reform their system of higher education.
                               evolved into a unique, quintessentially            Thailand’s Minister of Education accompa-
      “For all the             American institution that reflects the diversity   nied officials from the country’s universities
                               and egalitarian spirit of our society.             and technical schools for a Thai-US Forum.
     students and                   Likewise, here in the Islands, the UH         The purpose was to facilitate dialogue to help
                               Community Colleges have solidly established        U.S. delegates have a better understanding of
      community                our place in public higher education. In fact,     the existing Thai educational structure, the
                               we have grown into the largest segment of the      goals of their educational reform and the
     members who               University of Hawai‘i system, serving close to     impetus for change.
                               24,000 credit students and another 26,000               Our Wo Learning Champions have
     benefit from              students participating in non-credit education     announced their first faculty enrichment
                               and training programs. Increasingly, our eight     opportunity, set for the fall semester; the
     your stamina              campuses are being tapped by industry, gov-        Pacific Center for Advanced Technology
                               ernment, and community partners to provide         Training is celebrating the grand opening of
    and dedication,            the flexible, hands-on, skills-related education   its system-wide headquarters at Honolulu
                               that helps drive Hawai‘i's economic engines.       CC; the Culinary Institute of the Pacific is
     I thank you.”                  We have many exciting things happen-          creating new system-wide marketing materials
                               ing—and I am not just talking about our spe-       and expanding its recruitment efforts.
                               cial Community College Month activities. I              If change is good, we must be doing great!
                               am, of course, impressed with the many             ✿
          x                    events our campuses have scheduled for the
                               month (see pgs. 6-7). But more than that, I
                               am amazed by you, my colleagues. On top of
                               all the new initiatives, the challenges and the
                               changes that we are in the midst of, you have
                               managed to organize career fairs, community

2                  UH Community Colleges
Excellence in Ed a day to remember
                                           lunch and reception. It was the          Tagawa, Aaron

    t wasn’t the Hawaiian blessing in
    the form of a sudden sprinkling        wonderful combination of all these       Koseki and Bert
    of rain at the start of the confer-    things that made the 18th Annual         Kimura,
ence, nor was it the Oli by Kawika         Excellence in Education Conference a     Kapi‘olani CC;
Napoleon of Kapi‘olani CC. It wasn’t       very special and important day for all   Al Spencer and
the hula performed by Heipua               UHCC faculty and staff.                  Helen Sina, Kaua‘i CC; flo wiger,
Kaopua of ETC, nor was it Dr. Mark             Many thanks go to the steering       Maui CC; Jean Okumura and Carol
Milliron’s keynote address. It wasn’t      and program committee: Gerri Kabei       Pang, Windward CC; John Muth,
the colloquia or the great facilitators,   and Sandra Okazaki, Employment           Patrick Naughton, Cammie
        nor the beautiful                  Training Center; John Carroll,           Matsumoto and Michael Rota of the
                                                                                    UHCC Chancellor’s Office.
                                                                                         Mahalo also to the members of
                                                                                       the registration and packet com-
                                                                                       mittee, the facilities and equip-
                                                                                     ment committee, the food and
                                                                                    refreshments committee, the publici-
                                                                                    ty and printing committee, the evalu-
                                                                                    ations committee, the ground trans-
                                                                        Hawai‘i     portation committee and the
                                                                      CC; Jan       acknowledgements committee.
                                                                    Petersen,       Mahalo also to Kapi‘olani CC and
                                                                  Leilani Hinds     Provost John Morton and all confer-
                                                        and Bert Shimabukuro,       ence facilitators and attendees.
                                                    Honolulu CC; Barbara            Everyone played a vital role in the
                                                   Ross-Pfeiffer, Michael           conference’s success. ✿

                  Wo Learning Champions                                              U N I V E R S I T Y
                                                                                      COMMUNITY COLLEGES
                                                                                                              O F    H A W A I ‘ I

                                                                                     is published eight times a year by the University
All expenses-paid seminar on learning and teaching                                       of Hawai‘i, Office of the Chancellor for
                                                                                         Community Colleges, 2327 Dole Street,

P    icture this: lush green lawns, giant trees, a flower-lined stream, groups of
     educators exchanging ideas at the foot of the Ko‘olau Mountains. You
could be in this picture. The Wo Learning Champions is sponsoring a two-
                                                                                                  Honolulu, HI 96822.
                                                                                                    Joyce S. Tsunoda
                                                                                      Senior Vice President, UH and Chancellor for
day seminar entitled Facilitating Learning—Valuing Teaching. Two partici-                         Community Colleges
                                                                                              Marilyn Walsh, Editor, 956-3862
pants from each UHCC campus will join the eight Learning Champions for
two days of reflection, conversation, exploration, and sharing beginning                          CORRESPONDENTS
                                                                                          Nancy Schein      Karen Hastings
September 14, 5:30 pm through September 16, 1:00 pm, at St. Stephen                        Hawai‘i CC        Honolulu CC
Diocesan Center, Pali Hwy, O‘ahu). Topics will include the changing role of
                                                                                         Joseph Campos     Barbara Bulatao-Franklin
teachers, counselors and support staff; the nature of learning; strategies that           Kapi‘olani CC            Kaua‘i CC....
promote learning; and teachers as scholars. Participants will be awarded a
                                                                                         Cindy Martin           Beth Kupper-Herr
stipend of $175. All food, lodging, and airfare (if necessary) are covered.                           Leeward CC
Contact Leigh Dooley ( or your campus’ Wo Champion                    Patricia Adams           Libby Young
                                                                                           Maui CC               Windward CC
for information and/or application guidelines. WHO CAN APPLY: Teachers,                              Dave Murakami
(all levels, including lecturers), counselors, and APT. Deadline: April 9. ✿                   Employment Training Center

                                                                                     April 2001                                          3
      Taking Notice
    KAP CC PARALEGAL TEAM                      in math or science. The goal of the                The entries of all 1st place win-
    NAMED CHARTER MEMBERS                      program is to help students recognize ners will be sent on to the national
                                               and develop their potential to excel          competition.
E        stelle Ogawa and Robert LeClair
         have been named as Charter
    Members of the Hawai‘i Paralegal
                                               in math and science and encourage
                                               them to pursue post-secondary                 NEW ON-LINE GRANT RESOURCE
                                               degrees in these fields.                      DEVELOPED AT UHCCS
    Association Advisory Council.
         In this capacity, Ogawa and
    LeClair of Kapi‘olani CC’s Legal
                                               to his col-
                                               leagues, “Mike
                                                                                                   E      ducational Specialist
                                                                                                          Forrest Lum, working
                                                                                                     with the UHCC Chancellor's
              Education Department will
                                               goes way                                              Office, has developed a grant
                serve on the four-member
                                               beyond the                                            Web site for use by the
                        Advisory Council
                                               call of duty to                                       UHCC faculty and staff. It is
                        responsible for pro-
                                               provide a rig-                                        a great and growing resource
    viding advice and direction to the
                                               orous and                                             for people looking into grant
    Hawai‘i Paralegal Association. The
                                               enriching                                             opportunities that are avail-
    Advisory Council is also responsible
                                               experience for Moser (front and center) with          able. Log on to
    for selecting the Paralegal of the Year
                                               the high school Upward Bound students and   
    recipient and the Career Achievement
                                               students in his   Polynesian Voyaging Society crew grants/ to check it out.
    Award recipient. The Hawai‘i Para-                                      members.
    legal Association is the professional                                                            HON CC ARTIST PART OF
                                               program, including students not only
    organization of Hawai‘i’s practicing                                                     “EAST MEETS WEST” EXHIBIT
                                               from O‘ahu but from neighbor

                                               islands, the Pacific Islands and the
                                               Mainland.”                                   H       onolulu CC’s Ray Valencia was
                                                                                                    one of 22 local artists invited by
                                                                                             the Honolulu Academy of Art to
    COORDINATOR RECEIVES                       WINNERS NAMED IN LEAGUE                       interpret the permanent exhibit at the
    NATIONAL RECOGNITION                       FOR INNOVATION’S STUDENT                      Academy entitled “East meets West.”
                                               LITERARY COMPETITION
C        ongratulations are in order to
         Leeward Community College’s
                                                                                             Valencia has five mixed-media pieces
                                                                                             in the “East is West in Hawaii” exhib-
    Mike Moser, Educational Specialist
    in charge of Upward Bound
                                               T     he winners at the state level for
                                                     the League for Innovation's
                                               Student Literary Competition are:
                                                                                             it and says they are “pieces that reflect
                                                                                             my Filipino ethnicity and plantation
    Math/Science, who won the                       Poetry: 1st-Lauren Florek, Maui          life.”
    President's Award of the Western           CC; 2nd-Tracey Chesler, Kauai CC;                  The exhibit takes up the whole
    Association of Educational                 3rd-Joseph M. Pettet, Windward CC. 2nd floor gallery at the Academy and
    Opportunity Personnel (WESTOP)                  Personal Essay: 1st-David Lynch, runs through April 15, 2001.
    in February for outstanding dedica-        Honolulu CC; 2nd-Kalyan Medla-
    tion to the ideals of educational equi-    Beardsley, Hawai‘i CC; 3rd-Paul               KAUA‘I CC GRAD NAMED
    ty and service. Moser is director of       Joyce, Leeward CC.                            CONCIERGE OF THE YEAR
    Leeward CC's Upward Bound
    Math/Science program, one of many
    programs nationwide funded by the
                                                    One Act Play: 1st-Myriah S.
                                               Connolly, Leeward CC.
                                                    Short Story: 1st-Christine M.
                                                                                            W        ill Shimabukuro, a graduate of
                                                                                                     Kaua‘i Community College,
                                                                                             was named the state’s Concierge of
    U.S. Department of Education. The          Yara, Honolulu CC; 2nd-Ann Heath              the Year 2000 by the Hawai‘i Hotel
    program is designed to strengthen          Stark, Maui CC; 3rd-Iris A. Cahill,           Association. ✿
    the math and science skills of partici-    Kapi‘olani CC.
    pating students who have an interest

4                  UH Community Colleges
LCC offers new adventures to visiting students
                                           treated guests to the food they had     language, English composition,

         hirty-three exchange students
         from Nakamura Gakuen              prepared, and entertained them with a astronomy, and Hawaiian music class-
         University and Junior College     hula and Japanese games.                es and student government leaders
in Fukuoka, Japan improved their lis-           A service learning component was met, conversed with, instructed and
tening and speaking skills in English,     included in the program at the          enjoyed the company of the visiting
studied Hawaiian history and enjoyed       request of the Nakamura Gakuen fac- students.
hands-on experiences in Hawaiian           ulty. Students learned about efforts to     The next step in the exchange will
culture and service learning during a      preserve endangered native plants and be a similar visit by Leeward CC stu-
two-week program at Leeward CC.            spent a morning                                     dents to Fukuoka in the
     One highlight of their visit was an   (along with stu-                                     summer of 2002. ✿
excursion to a lo‘i (taro farm), where     dents from
students learned about the cultivation     ecology and
and importance of taro in Hawaiian         environmental
life. They stomped through the mud         science classes)
to help clear and prepare a lo‘i for the   clearing a
next crop of taro. The following day,      wildlife refuge
the Japanese students were assisted by     of alien vege-
students from the Hawaiian language        tation, and
and culture classes in preparing lomi      planting
lomi salmon and laulau (traditional        native plant
Hawaiian dishes), and pounding poi.        species.
They also learned to hula and string            Students
leis. Their learning culminated in a       from Leeward
pa‘ina (Hawaiian party), where they
  ¯                                        CC’s Japanese Visiting Nakamura Gakuen students help clear a lo‘i.

 UHCCs take Cisco Training to China
                                                                                          The CCNP certification indi-

              ayne Lewis,
              Computing                                                              cates advanced or journeyman
              Electronics and                                                        knowledge of networks. After the
 Networking Technologies teach-                                                      training, the professors will be cer-
 er and Cisco instructor at                                                          tified to go back to their schools
 Honolulu CC, visited Beijing                                                        all over China to teach “Cisco
 last month to teach the first                                                       Semester Five” to other instructors
 Cisco CCNP (Cisco Certified                                                         and students.
 Network Professional) Academy                                                         Nine schools, including Tianjin
 course in China. Professors                                                         University, Fudan University,
 from various universities in                                                        Zhongshan University, University
 China, Singapore and New                                                            of Electronic Science & Technol-
 Zealand as well as network administrators of China’s         ogy of China and Temasek Polytechnics (Singapore), par-
 Education and Research Network (CERnet) participated         ticipated. While there, Lewis was also interviewed by a
 in the training. CERnet is an education network that         journalist for “China NetworkWorld” who spent several
 connects thousands of schools in China.                      hours interviewing him and students from the class.✿

                                                                                     April 2001                              5
          Celebrate Community
                                         Here are just some of the great events in April…
                                           BOOKS, ETC.
                                           The Maui CC Library book sale begins March 31 to raise funds for new books and videos
                                           for student use. CDs, audiotapes, records, videos, curios, games, jewelry and other boutique
                                           items will also be available. Sale runs April 2 to 21, Mon.-Thur., 8 a.m.-8 p.m.; Fri.& Sat.,
                                           8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
                                           CUISINE OF ITALY
                                           March 21-April 12, Leeward CC, The Pearl Restaurant. An Italian menu of lunch specialties
                                           served 11:30-1:30 p.m. For reservations, call 455-0475.
                                           ECO-JUSTICE FILM FESTIVAL
                                           April 17-21, Maui CC. For more information, call the Hawai‘i Institute for Human Rights
      READY TO LEARN                       and Political Science Club at 984-3291.
    DRIVE ON CAMPUSES                      A NIGHT IN INDIA
    During Community College               Take your taste buds to the East. April 5 and 6, Kapi‘olani CC, Ka‘Ikena Dining Room.
                                           Call Carl Hefner at 734-9715 for more information.
    month, the UHCC campus
    community has the chance to            KAUA‘I CC SCHOLARSHIP RECEPTION
                                           April 5, Kaua‘i Community College. For more information, call 245-8220.
    participate in the Ready to
    Learn (R2L) initiative, a pro-         MAUI CC CULINARY ARTS PROGRAM DESSERT FANTASY
                                           April 6, 6-8 p.m. Maui CC. Benefits culinary arts program.
    gram of the Community
                                           GARTH FAGAN DANCE
    Clearinghouse. R2L provides            April 6 & 7, 8:00 p.m., LCC Theatre. Tickets are $25 for adults and $20 for seniors, stu-
    basic school supplies to needy         dents and military. Following the performance, the company will return to the stage for a
    Hawai‘i school children (K-12).        brief question and answer session with the audience. To order tickets on-line, go to:
        While at their campus    
    bookstore, faculty, staff and          STATIONS
    students can make a cash               April 6-May 4 (opening reception 4-7 p.m., April 6), Gallery ‘Iolani,Windward CC. An
    donation. The bookstore, in            exhibition of endangered native, Polynesian and exotic plants of Hawai‘i that connects art
                                           and science through the collaborative work of Ingelia White, Windward CC, and Jean
    turn, can buy the items at             Gallagher, California State University, Chico. For information, call 235-7346.
    wholesale. Donations of new            LCC AT WAI‘ANAE OPEN HOUSE
    supplies are also welcome, and         Wed., April 11, 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. Leeward CC at Wai‘anae. Talk with faculty, counselors
    a collection area will be set up       and advisors. Attend admissions and financial aid workshops. Learn about Kapi‘olani CC’s
    at each bookstore. Items need-         Nursing program and the University’s College of Education programs offered through LCC
                                           at Wai‘anae. For information, call 696-6378.
    ed include:
    * 3-Ring binders, 2-inch               LEEWARD CC INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL
                                           April 10-12, LCC Campus. For more information, call 455-0011.
    * Marble composition tablets
                                           HAWAI‘I CC MAHALO RECEPTION
    * Colored markers                      For community partners and advisory council members of Hawai‘i CC. Wed., April 11,
    * Crayons, 24-count                    5:30 p.m. in the Manono Campus Cafeteria.
    * Folder paper                         LCC, THE PLACE TO BE: OPEN HOUSE
    * Glue, 4 oz                           April 12, 2001, 5:30 p.m.-8:00 pm, Leeward CC
    * Pencils                              Student Lounge and Cafeteria.
    * Pens                                 CHEF’S WINE DINNER AT THE PEARL
    * Portfolio with pockets               April 18, 5:30-7:30 p.m., Leeward CC’s fine dining
    * Rulers, 12-inch                      restaurant, The Pearl. A four course prix fixe dinner featur-
                                           ing Chef Mavro Executive Chef/Owner George
    * Scissors (blunt, 5-inch only)        Mavrothalassitis and Pacific Beach Hotel Executive Chef Eric. Wines
    * Spiral notebooks                     selected by Master Sommelier Chuck Furuya are paired with each course. $55 per person.
                                           Call 455-0298 for reservations.
6                UH Community Colleges
College Month with us!
 HO‘OKIPA 2001                                                       $12/$10. The finest choreographic talents in the islands come
 Friday, April 20, 6:30-9:30 p.m., Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Fund-       together for two nights of joyous
 raiser for Kapi‘olani CC’s culinary arts and hospitality program.   celebration of dance. Call
 Sponsorship of tables of 10 available for $10,000, $5,000 or        455-0385 for tickets.
 $2,000. Call Kelvin Ro at 734-9482 for more information or          WCC FAIR
 Sami Takai at 734-9570 for table reservations.                      April 28, Windward Mall.
 MAUI CC ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIP RECEPTION                                Entertainment, exhibits and
 April 20, Maui CC. UH Alumni Association Maui Chapter               activities for the whole family,
 Distinguished Alumni Awards. For information, call 845-3445.        presented by Windward CC.
 EARTH DAY IS EVERY DAY                                              ONE MAN SHOW: DAMIEN
 Hawai‘i CC’s Earth Day celebration, Friday April 20,                April 28, 7:30 p.m. and April 29, 5:00 p.m., Maui CC’s
 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Upper Campus of the University of Hawai‘i at         Vinnie Linares presents Damien at the McCoy Theatre, Maui
 Hilo and Hawai‘i Community College                                  Arts and Cultural Center.
 LCC GUITAR ENSEMBLE                                                 CHANGING LIVES…CREATING FUTURES
 April 22 at 4:00 p.m., LCC Theatre. Tickets $3.                     April 28, 10 a.m.-2 p.m., Maui CC and the UH Center Maui
                                                                     gather at Queen Ka‘ahumanu Center for a college fair.
 TIME AGAIN                                                          "2001 Ulupalakua Thing,"
                                                                     11 a.m.-4 p.m., Tedeschi Vineyards on the Ulupalakua Ranch.
 April 23, 7:00 -8:30 p.m., Windward CC, Hale Kuhina. The
                                                                     Maui’s Agriculture Trade Show and Sampling. Proceeds benefit
 WCC Millennium series celebrates the 437th birthday of
                                                                     the MCC Agriculure and Culinary Arts programs.
 William Shakespeare with works interpreted by Terence Knapp.
 Free admission, ample parking. Call 235-7400 for information.       PANAYAM SA LEEWARD
                                                                     April 29, 2001, 9:00 am-3:00 pm, Leeward CC. The
                                                                     Philippine Studies Program conference-workshop designed to
                                                                     encourage students of Filipino ancestry in the Leeward and
 Sat., April 28, Noon-1 p.m., Ala Moana Shopping Center.
                                                                     Central O'ahu districts to pursue higher education opportuni-
 Students walk the runway in the creative, youthful creations of
                                                                     ties. For information, call Raymund Liongson at 455-0224.
 Honolulu CC’s Fashion Design students. Free. Open to public.
 MOTHER'S DAY CERAMICS SALE                                          THE HALE ‘AINA GOLF TOURNAMENT
                                                                     April 30, 2001, Hawai‘i Prince Golf Course, Ewa. Golf with
 April 27 and 28, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Windward CC. Don’t miss
                                                                     chefs and help raise money for educational programs sponsored
 this popular annual sale of student and staff pieces. Call 235-
                                                                     by the Hale ‘Aina Foundation. A day to golf and eat and eat
 7400 for more information.
                                                                     and golf. For information, contact 524-7400, ext. 272.
 Kaua‘i Community College Performing Arts Center, Friday,
                                                                     TASTE OF THE STARS
                                                                     May 5, 6-9 p.m., Leeward CC’s The Pearl. A stellar event fea-
 April 20. For more information, call the theater manager at
                                                                     turing a martini bar, 4 wine vendors, specialty coffees and 18
                                                                     of Hawai‘i’s best chefs. Silent auction, dining under the stars,
 HEALTH SCIENCES OPEN HOUSE                                          jazz entertainment and emcees Emme Tomimbang and Chuck
 April 24 and 26, Kapi‘olani CC. For high school students in         Furuya. $65.00 per person. Call the Pearl at 455-0475 for
 health career pathways and others interested in careers in          reservations.
 health services. For more information, call Aaron
 Koseki at 734-9224.                                                    TEACHER APPRECIATION DAY AT
 “TRIBUTE TO SECRETARIES” BUFFET                                          BORDERS BOOKS & MUSIC
 April 25-April 27, Leeward CC’s The Pearl restau-
 rant. 11:30-1:30 p.m., $16.00 per person. Call 455-      Borders Books & Music at both the Ward and Waikele locations
 0475 for reservations.                                   is offering faculty a 20% discount on all personal book purchases
 ROBERT NAKEA, PIANIST                                    on April 21. Just bring your Borders Teachers Discount card or
 Friday, April 27, Kaua‘i CC Performing Arts Center,      other form of ID that identifies you as UH faculty (to get a
 7:00 pm. Presented by Kaua‘i Concert Association.        card), and receive a discount on purchases. Also, see the LCC
 Call 245-SING for more information.
                                                          Improv Group, the LCC Guitar Ensemble and other UHCC tal-
 LCC DANCE FESTIVAL 2001                                  ent perform at both Borders locations.
 April 27 & 28 at 8:00 p.m, LCC Theatre. Tickets:

                                                                                              April 2001                                7
    13th Annual Hawai‘i                  NATIONAL CULINARY PERSONALITY
       National Great
     Teachers Seminar                         DAZZLES LCC STUDENTS
                                                                                                       the True
T     he Hawai‘i National Great
      Teachers Seminar is a high
energy summer retreat that brings
                                                                                                       Vinegar: A tast-
teachers together to exchange                                                                          ing of artisan
teaching innovations and solutions                                                                     and commercial
to teaching problems. It takes place                                                                   brands gave
at the rustic Kilauea Military                                                                         students the
Camp in the Volcanoes National                                                                         opportunity to
Park on the Big Island. Participants                                                                   taste authentic
stay in cozy cabins and have access                                                                    aged balsamic
to many recreational amenities.                                                                        vinegar and
     Tuition is $750 and enrollment                                                                    compare it to
is limited to 65 participants inter-      Honolulu Magazine Publisher John Alves with Lynne Rosetto commercial
ested in sharing ideas and talking                Kaspar and her LCC audience in background.           varieties.
about teaching for six days—in- and                                                                      The Hale

out-of-doors, on bus excursions,                  he Hale ‘Aina ‘Ohana           ‘Aina ‘Ohana, a group of conscien-
early in the morning and late into                brought one of the nation’s    tious Hawai‘i restaurauteurs, under
the night, by a fire or under a tree.             most respected authorities     the direction of John Alves of
     Participants can also enroll in     on food to the Leeward Community Honolulu Magazine, supports the
EDEP711, Practicum in Educa-             College campus on March 5. Lynne        UH Community Colleges’ culinary
tional Psychology, a three-credit        Rossetto Kasper, whose perceptive       programs through educational pro-
graduate level course offered by the     observations about food are heard       grams such as these and through
University of Hawai‘i. For infor-        over the airwaves on HPR’s KIPO         other events and programs. The
mation and application, contact          and KIFO on Saturday mornings,          ‘Ohana was established in early 1998
Larry Fujinaka, director, at 455-        visited the Islands and dazzled the     and holds several fund-raising events
0374 or e-mail      taste buds and imaginations of          annually to fund these valuable
Visit the Web site at www.greattea-      Leeward CC culinary students and        learning experiences for the culinary ✿                       others in attendance. Kasper’s pre-     program students at the UH
                                         sentation, A Connoisseur’s Guide to     Community Colleges. ✿

T    he National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) is looking
     for you. NISOD’s Innovation Abstracts is searching for articles about cutting-edge inno-
vation and good practice in the community colleges.
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8              UH Community Colleges
                                                                 Faculty, staff
                                                                 and visitors at    Kaua‘i CC’s PCATT labs
                                                                 Kapi‘olani CC        expand services
                                                                 listened as
                                                                 Dobelle (l)
                                                                 shared his views   T    he PCATT training consor-
                                                                                         tium’s effort is constantly
                                                                                    expanding and, at Kaua‘i CC, that
                                                                 on the challeng-
                                                                 ing job of being   expansion has taken place in the
                                                                 the University     designation of two on-campus
                                                                 of Hawai‘i’s       computer labs for PCATT course
                                                                 12th president.    use. Also, for the first time, exten-
                                                                                    sion classes are being offered at the
                                                                                    Pacific Missile Range Facility in
                                                                                    cooperation with ITT, and at
Dobelle visits campuses after                                                       Princeville through the efforts of
                                                                                    Princeville Corporation’s Mike
appointment as UH President                                                         Loo, who is the president of the
                                                                                    Kaua‘i Chapter of the Hawai‘i
                                          ly being treated like a “special inter-   Technology Trade Association. ✿

           n March 12, the University
           of Hawai‘i Board of            est group.” Dobelle assured those in
           Regents approved the           attendance that higher education is
appointment of a new president to         not an interest group, but the foun-         IT’S TAX TIME... ARE YOUR
succeed President Kenneth                 dation for the economic and social           STUDENTS AWARE OF THE
Mortimer, who will step down from         health of the state. He also said that
                                                                                           HOPE TAX CREDIT?
office in July. Evan S. Dobelle, cur-     all teachers—at all of the 10 campus-
rently President of Trinity College in
Hartford, Connecticut, arrived in
                                          es that comprise the UH system—
                                          are of the utmost importance and
                                          deserve to receive tangible rewards
                                                                                    H     onolulu Community College
                                                                                          student Mary Anne Meyers,
                                                                                    under the direction of Sociology
Hawai‘i to announce his acceptance
of the position and got a whirlwind       for their work.                           Professor David Cleveland con-
tour of all the UH campuses.                   After his initial address, Dobelle   ducted a study on the campus in
     On the backside of a brief           sat down at one of the tables in the      February 2001, to determine how
appearance on one of the local            cafeteria to ask and answer questions.    many students were familiar with
morning news shows on March 13,           As the session ended, he invited          the HOPE tax credit available to
Dobelle stopped in at Kapi‘olani          everyone and anyone to call or e-         them. Survey results found that
CC’s ‘Ohi‘a cafeteria to talk with fac-   mail him with any concerns, as we         73% of the students were not
ulty, staff and students. He explained    want to make sure he is accessible.       knowledgeable of the credits. So
that he took the job because of the       One Kap CC attendee asked if he           what would a $1000 tax credit per
challenges that come with it.             had yet purchased any “rubber slip-       student mean? For eligible stu-
     Dobelle has led Trinity College      pers.” He responded, “Not yet,” and       dents, the tuition for one year at
since 1994. He was previously chan-       explained that the suit and tie were      our UHCCs could be only $26.
cellor and president of the nine-cam-     clothes that he was comfortable in,       According to Meyers, Hawai‘i
pus, 85,000-student City College of       and he wanted to be comfortable as        would experience increased enroll-
San Francisco, and president of           he began this interview process. He       ments that could generate more
Middlesex Community College in            added, however, that as he grew           educated students with a higher
Lowell, Massachusetts. Dobelle stat-      comfortable in his new home, he           earning potential. This would in
ed that in Hawai‘i and some other         hoped within a few years he would         turn increase the tax base and raise
states, higher education is increasing-   have a closet full of aloha shirts. ✿     consumer spending in the state. ✿

                                                                                    April 2001                              9
 Haw CC prof publishes                        EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION
   book on history of
   Korean literature                       WHAT EMPLOYERS WANT:
                                           Soft Skills for our Students
           ssistant Professor James Hoyt
           of Hawai‘i Community
           College completed a signifi-                                      By Erin Loo of the Employment Training Center
 cant book about Korean literary tra-
                                                                                             sionally, regardless if you are

 dition during the nineteenth century                     henever
                                                          you read a                         applying for an auto body or an
 during a sabbatical from Hawai‘i
                                                          help-                              office clerk position)
 Community College. It has been
                                           wanted advertise-                               • Basic applied math skills (e.g.,
 published by Jimoondan Inter-
                                           ment, it normally states the mini-                ability to count change or per-
 national Publishing Company and is
                                           mum qualifications for the job. For               form simple calculations)
 available at the Mo‘okini Library,
                                           the most part, these requirements               • Problem-solving
 (the UH-Hilo library) as well as
                                           are the “technical knowledge” need-               skills (e.g., ability to
 other bookstores around the islands.
                                           ed to perform the duties of the                   present reasonable
      The book, entitled "Soaring
                                                           position. However, this           and creative solutions
 Phoenixes and Prancing Dragons: A
                                                           alone is not enough.              instead of simply
 Historical Survey of Korean Classical
                                                           Rather, mastering “soft           complaining about a situation)
 Literature,"covers material written by
                                                           skills” is just as critical,    • Teamwork mentality (e.g., ability
 Koreans in Classical Chinese (which
                                           and the key to turning a competent                to realize that your role is critical
 accounts for the major part of
                                           applicant into an outstanding                     to the success of the team or
 Korean literary activity during this
                                           employee.                                         company)
 period), as well as compositions in
                                               In the past month, I have been              • Positive attitude (One employer
 the Korean language. According to
                                           fortunate to meet and speak                          stated it perfectly when she
 Hoyt, it was entitled Soaring Phoenixes
                                           with employers who are willing                       said that her company “Hires
 and Prancing Dragons after a Sino-
                                           to share what they feel is                           for attitude; trains for skill.”)
 Korean expression used in praise of
                                           important in selecting appli-                        • Self-confidence (e.g., ability
 literary titans. By reviewing nearly
                                           cants to fill their vacancies. The                   to have a “sense of self ”
 two thousand years of Korean literary
                                           Excellence in Education Conference              • Taking initiative (e.g., ability to
 history, this book identifies nine
                                           on March 9, 2001 also offered an                  remain motivated on the job,
 major characteristics of traditional
                                           opportunity to gain insight on what               eager to learn additional skills,
 Korean culture and society.
                                           employers want from community                     and refusing to be idle are traits
      James Hoyt first visited Korea
                                           college and ETC students.                         highly desired by employers)
 with the U.S. Sixth Infantry
                                               The following is a summary of                   Fortunately, many of these sug-
 Division in 1945. He has been
                                           the skills that employers (i.e., Bank of       gested soft skill sets are already
 studying Korean culture ever since.
                                           Hawai‘i, HMSA, Manpower, DFS                   reflected in our curricula, thereby
 He received his doctoral degree in
                                           Galleria, Hawaiian Electric                    reinforcing the efforts and commit-
 Korean history from the University
                                           Company, AT&T, Olsten Staffing                 ment ETC (and the rest of the
 of California, Berkeley, and served as
                                           Services, Zippy’s, Shriner’s Hospital,         UHCC system) has to the students,
 Cultural Attaché at the American
                                           and Pihana Pacific) identified as              business partners, and
 Embassy and Chairman of the Board
                                           important in their selection processes:        communities we serve.
 of the Korean American Educational
                                            • Communication skills (e.g., the             ✿
 Commission (Fulbright Program).
 ✿                                            ability to speak and write profes-

10             UH Community Colleges
 New program at Maui CC trains                                                      UHCC.e-learn
  specialists in energy issues                                                     offers summer
                                                        will offer students           schedule
         he dedication
         of a solar test                                certification in energy
         lab at Maui
Community College
                                                        management, photo-
                                                        voltaic design and        T     his summer, the UH
                                                                                        Community Colleges are offer-
                                                                                  ing a summer session through the
signals the launch of                                   installation, and solar
a new program to                                        water heating system      new UHCC.e-learn program.
train workers for                                       design and installa-           UHCC.e-learn is a series of dis-
energy conservation                                     tion.                     tance-delivered courses that fulfill
jobs and to help                                         The MIST program         the requirements for the Associate
                           Don Ainsworth, Maui CC                                 in Arts degree (AA).
Maui residents save                                     performs research,
energy.                                 offers instruction and constructs              The UH Community Colleges
    College and community repre-        demonstration projects in energy          collaborated to bring this system-
sentatives gathered at the new Maui     management, green building and            wide AA degree program on-line
CC Instruction and Sustainable          alternative power. The new lab is         last year. Now, to expand their ser-
Technology (MIST) Solar Testing         currently testing the efficiency of       vices and make education even
Facility located in a 40-foot Matson    three different types of solar water      more accessible, the program is
container on the lower end of the       heating systems. “By testing these        offering summer courses as well.
Maui CC campus in late February to systems under controlled conditions                 Students may now apply for
dedicate the new facility. Speaking at in the lab, we will be able to deter-      admission at all seven campuses.
the dedication, Bill Bonnet, presi-     mine which system results in the          Registration dates may vary by
dent of Maui Electric Company,          most significant saving in power,”        campus. To begin the application
praised Maui CC for its leadership      said Ainsworth.                           process, students may visit the UH
role in this energy-saving research.        The new cohort program for stu-       Community College in their area,
    Don Ainsworth, Maui CC’s            dents will include approximately 120      or visit the UHCC.e-learn Web
coodinator for the MIST program,        hours of training, preparing them         site:
said the new solar test lab marks the   for jobs as energy specialists and        and download an application form.
beginning of a cohort program that      related work within the industry. ✿       ✿

     CALL FOR PAPERS                      Hawai‘i CC celebrates 13th annual Earth Day Fair
   2001 Conference on                     It’s a big event on the Big Island and Hawai‘i CC has helped it grow. The
 Information Technology                   Earth Day Fair at Hawai‘i
                                          CC brings community mem-

T    he League for Innovation in
     the Community College is
holding its 2001 Conference on
                                          bers and campus friends
                                          together in a celebration that
                                          only the Big Island knows
Information Technology in                 how to plan. This year, the
Minneapolis, November 14-17,              event is again growing into a
2001. The deadline for submission         fun, educational and inspira-
of conference presentations is April      tional day for celebrating and
13, 2001. The proposal form is on-        sharing the wonders of
line at ✿                 Mother Earth. ✿

                                                                                  April 2001                          11
 Thai & US education leaders visit UHCCs
       leven delegates from education and
       industry in Thailand, including the
       Minister of Education, met with
local and national educational experts at
the East-West Center March 21-23 to share
information about the value of the uniquely
American institution, the community college.
    Thailand has embarked on a country-
wide educational reform, and one of the
primary initiatives is to incorporate a sys-
tem of community colleges into their edu-
cational structure. Allen Cissell, program      U.S.-Thai forum delegation, l-r (first row) Dr. Sirikorn Maneerin, Adviser, Ministry of Education (MOE);
specialist with the U.S. Department of          Dr. Kasem Watanachai, MOE: Virginia Loo Farris, Counselor for Public Affairs, American Embassy; Joyce
                                                Tsunoda, UHCC Chancellor; Allen Cissell, U.S. DOE; Dr. Kla Somtrakool, Adviser, MOE; Mr. Vichit
Education welcomed the Thailand delegates Tichantuek, Deputy Director-General, Vocational Education, MOE; (2nd row) Dr. Rewat Sutham, Deputy
on behalf of the United States.                 Director-General, Non-formal Education, MOE; Dr. Wichit Srisuphan, Chair, Doctoral Program in Nursing,
                                                Chiang Mai University; Beng Poh Yoshikawa, Honolulu CC; Dr. Chalintorn N. Burian, Director, Southeast
    John Halder, President of Community Asia Institute of Int’l Education; Dr. Margaret Lee, President, Oakton CC; Ms. Songsri Wanasen, Deputy
                                                Secretary-General Private Education, MOE; Dr. Frances Lee, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, City College
Colleges for International Development          of San Francisco; Ms. Sunanta Sangthong, Office of the Permanent Secretary, MOE: (back row) John Morton,
(CCID), presented information about his         Kapi‘olani CC Provost; Ramsey Pedersen, Honolulu CC Provost; John Halder, President, CCID; Mark Silliman,
                                                          CC Provost; Dr. Kent                President, Crowder College; Mr. Gary P.
organization which helps establish relation- LeewardAmerican Embassy; Dr.Farnsworth, Exec. Director for Resource Development,Keith, CulturalCC
                                                Officer,                         Ed Stoessel,                                         Eastern Iowa

ships with international partners. Halder       District; Jack Smith, Stanley Foundation; Dr. H. Martin Lancaster, President, North Carolina CC System; Mr.
                                                Nuttee Pookayaporn, VP, Thailand Federation of Private Vocational Schools.
also noted that Chancellor Joyce Tsunoda is
the Chairperson of the organization at this time. In his                 structure, the goals of the country’s educational reform
presentation, Thailand’s Minister of Education, Mr.                      and the impetus for change.
Kasem Watanachai, painted a picture of a country that is                       UHCC Chancellor Tsunoda and USDOE’s Allen
eager to learn new technologies and establish an educa-                  Cissell made presentations and initiated discussions dur-
tional system that will benefit the nearly half-million stu- ing their October 2000 visits to Thailand. The visit by the
dents who annually graduate from their high schools as                   Thailand Minister of Education, public and private uni-
well as provide opportunities for life-long learning.                    versity presidents, and others signifies the possibility of
    Through the discourse, US delegates were able to get                 new educational partnerships with community colleges in
a better understanding of the existing Thai educational                  the United States. ✿

UNIVERSITY OF HAWAI‘I          University of Hawai‘i                                                                                        Non-Profit Org.
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