; Coho Returns To Sliammon River At All Time Low
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Coho Returns To Sliammon River At All Time Low


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									                                                                                                                                    Neh Motl- December 1st, 2006 - Page 1

                                                                            Neh Motl

    Coho Returns To Sliammon
     River At All Time Low.
By Scott Galligos                   in survival,but there are several
As the salmon run ends this         factors to consider.The most ob-
season in the Sliammon River,       vious of these factors is climate
Hatchery staff are highly con-      change and the exploitation
cerned with low coho returns.       rate of the coho. It is frustrat-
                                    ing when these factors are out
This trend has been noticeable      of your control,despite the best
on the entire South Coast in        efforts from S.E.P. staff,the runs
many streams in the past two to     seems to be on the road to ex-
three years,but the impact in the   tinction.
Sliammon River has been hard
felt. Between 1994 and 2004,the     It would be a shame to see the
coho returns in Sliammon have       disappearance of a fish species
averaged at five to six hundred      during your lifetime, while we
Spawners. In 2005,a total of        have a chance to do something
seventy five coho returned to        about it now. There is Species
the Sliammon River,a drop of        At Risk program which has to
over 86 %.This yearʼs count to-     be approved at the Government
tal is at fifty coho, with the run   level to protect endangered
ceasing quickly.                    stocks,such as these coho,but
                                    red flags have not gone up just
With the low level of returns,it    yet.
has been difficult to obtain eggs
for Enhancement purposes,with       It is a very noticeable and con-
only 8000 eggs being taken last     cerning issue here and now,but
year,of which only 5000 made it     we need to get the word out
to release. This yearʼs egg total   there to the general public.               Qoq’asookt ~ Rose Adams-Pielle tries her hand at Traditional Weaving. Karen Galligos met
is at 10,000 eggs,but there will    So consider this the first red flag.        Hereditary Chief ChepXimiyam, Janice George- Joseph and husband Willard ‘Buddy’ Joseph at
be some mortality to consider.      Thank you for reading this.               the Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Quebec in 2005. The weaving classes consisted of 2-
                                    Cheers and Merry Christmas                day sessions of 10 people. Due to overwhelming demand all sessions were promptly booked and
It is difficult to determine what    to all !                                  a waiting list was created.
is causing this drastic drop off

New Sliammon Administrator Brings
 Wealth of First Nations Experience
                                                                           area. My work at that time with      early 90s. I spent a couple of     case, and ghost-writing their
                                                                           native people had a lot to do with   years reviewing evidence in a      autobiography. It was a lot of
                                                                           helping fishermen and loggers         large British stock fraud case,    fun and an interesting project
                                                                           structure their small businesses     traveling to Europe to interview   but not the kind of thing one can
                                                                           so that they were situated on re-    defendants and lawyers in the                             Cont. P.2
                                                                           serve for tax purposes.

                                                                           During this time I met
                                                                           my common law hus-
                                                                           band who was a native
                                                                           fisherman and for the
                                                                           next ten years I lived on
                                                                           reserve at Cape Mudge.
                                                                           I arrived too late to ob-
                                                                           tain status through mar-
                                                                           riage but I was involved
                                                                           in my community, my
                                                                           extended family, and
                                    need of a solicitor for his prac-      with helping to raise my
                                    tice, since he spent his life in the   two step-daughters.
                                                                           The only occasion when
I graduated from U. Vic. Law
                                    In early 1987 I found myself in        my work didnʼt involve
School in the mid-1980s, and
                                    Campbell River with a really in-       working with native
after articling and working for
                                    teresting and varied practice. It      groups and people, was
a little while in the Vancouver
                                    happened that Doug had taken           a two year period when
area, I got a call from Doug
                                    over Rod Naknakimʼs practice           I was given the oppor-
Marion, who I had known in
                                    on the Campbell River Reserve          tunity to write a book
law school. He was practic-
                                    which meant that we had virtu-         about two Vancouver
ing in the Campbell River area,
                                    ally all the native clients in the     stock promoters in the
had a busy practice and was in
                                                                                                                                 Neh Motl- December 1st, 2006 - Page 2

New Sliammon Administrator Brings
 Wealth of First Nations Experience
Continued from P.1                  he is the author of the legal text-   and am now at Level 3 of the                                          able to have a positive impact
                                                                                                           to make this a better, stronger
make a career out of.               book, “Native Law.”                   program.                                                              on our communityʼs future.
                                                                                                           community. I canʼt do anything
I returned to the practice of law   Jack was impressed with my                                                                                  Ruth Sauder CAO
                                                                                                           about the past but I hope to be
and did the same type of work       skills as an administrator and        While I never started out with
as I had done previously. As        that is the role he asked me to       such a plan I seem
                                    play with his law firm. I ran his
well, I did some lobbying for the
North Island Native commercial      business while we continued
                                                                          to have developed a
                                                                          group of skills, legal,       Tla’Amin Ahjeeyit Chi Chuy
fishers, since most of my fam-       to do strategic legal work for        administrative and fi-
ily, neighbours and friends were    Bands that often couldnʼt pay         nancial, combined with                            The Tla’Amin Ahjeeyit Chi Chuy
being impacted by the politics      our bills. I sometimes found          almost 20 years of liv-                           (Healthy Babies) Program is for
of fishing in the 1990s. I also      other sources of funding and          ing or working with                               pregnant women and women with
spent part of my annual sum-        was very involved in helping          native people, that is
                                                                                                                            children up to one year of age.
mer vacation out on the water       to establish the quantum to be        a specialty of a sort. I
seine salmon fishing with my         paid in the large Aboriginal title    hope to bring all of my                           The group meets 3 times a month to so-
husband.                            test case that Woodward & Co.         experience and skills to                          cialize & discuss a variety of health topics.
                                    has had in trial for the past four    bear on my job within                             Weekly gift vouchers are also available.
In 1997 with the retirement of      years. This case is just winding      this community.
Cape Mudgeʼs long-term Band         up now and will almost certain-                                  For more information contact
Administrator I took on the role    ly change the legal environment       I can see that there is    Shelley Clements (CHN) or Dawna Pallen @
of Administrator for a 6 month      in which Treaty settlements are       a great need to devel-     Tla’Amin Community Health Services Society
contract. At the time I felt        negotiated. The hope is that it       op greater capacity in     604. 483.3009 or 1.888.271.5555
that trying to be an administra-    will give Bands more bargain-         Sliammon, and I have
tor while being a community         ing power.                            been working to in-
member was too difficult, so I                                             form myself these last     DEC 6, 2006 P/N Christmas Party
                                    I found that I really enjoyed uti-    few weeks about the                   – Christmas Photos
declined to apply for the per-
                                    lizing my skills, legal and other-    pressing issues here,                 with Emma
manent position. It was while
I was the Band Administrator I      wise, in an administrative con-       including Housing and
                                    text. I learned hands on about        Unemployment. Iʼm
                                                                                                     DEC 13, 2006 Pick Up COMMNITY
met Jack Woodward who assist-                                                                                     GOOD FOOD BOX
ed the Band with much of our        accounting and bookkeeping            not a miracle worker so
                                                                                                                  @ New Health Building
legal work at that time. When       but knew that if I wanted to take     I hope the community
                                    my administrative career to the       will be patient with me
I left my marriage a year later                                                                      DEC 20, 2006           No Session
Jack contacted me and asked me      next level I would need to study      while I work on solu-
if I would come work for him. I     accounting and obtain a desig-        tions to some of the       DEC 27, 2006           No Session
spent 5 years with Jack. He has     nate. I left Woodward & Co. 2         problems that are here.
been providing legal services to    years ago and began the CGA           I feel honoured that       IMPORTANT NOTICE TO PRENATAL MOMS YOUR GIFT
Bands for almost 30 years, and      program. I made the Honours           youʼve entrusted me        VOUCHERS WILL ONLY BE HELD FOR 2 WEEKS @ HEALTH SER-
                                    List in my last academic year         with the task of helping   VICES AND NOT REISSUED IF IT IS NOT PICKED UP.

                                                                          Sacred Heart News
   December 8th, 2006 @ 5:30 PM                                           I would like to thank people
   Vancouver Friendship Centre                                            who helped with the Church
   Simon Baker Room                                                       raffle and rummage sale.
   Vancouver, BC V5L 1S7
                                                                          Winners of the sliammon sa-
   December 12th, 2006 @ 5:00 PM                                          cred heart church raffle:
   Sliammon Salish Centre (Gym)
   4885 Salish Drive                                                      - Cedar woven hat: Ted Rodo-
   Powell River, BC V8A 4Z3                                                  nets
                                                                          - Cedar headband: Jayden
   We have 4 seats up for election:                                          Paul
                                                                          - Cedar roses: Karen Galligos
        1) Henry Vivier                                                   - Baby moccasins : Curtis
        2) Melanie Vivier (Vancouver Rep.)                                   Smith
        3) John Dominic                                                   - Childʼs vest: Steve Formosa
        4) Cathryn Paul
                                                                          We fundraised $860.00 which
   A report of 2005-2006 ac-                                              will go towards the last vest-
   tivities and an executive report                                       ment which is green.             Sliammon’s Sacred Heart Church located on Sliammon’s scenic waterfront
   will be made available at both
   meetings. We look forward to                                           Thank you to the ticket sell-
                                                                                                           Sliammon Treaty Society; and         up for painting of the outside
   seeing you if you have any ques-                                       ers:
                                                                                                           a special thanks to Agatha (she      of the church.
   tions please call the STS Toll                                           Gail Blaney, Louise Domi-
   free: 1.877.483.4427 or (604)                                          nick, Dorothy Louie, Elaine      is an elderly lady who lives in
                                                                                                           westview and always helps our        OUR CHURCH IS GETTING
   483.4427.                                                              Tom, Donna Tom, Lorraine
                                                                                                           church out).                         THERE.....SLOWLY  BUT
                                                                          Wilson, Yvonne Hackett, Sal-
   * Light dinner provided for both sessions *                            ly Louie, Margaret Timothy,
                                                                          Mary Anderson (Brookʼs math      Rummage sale: $174.00 pro-
                                                                                                           ceeds will go towards saving         Betty Wilson
                                                                          teacher) Sliammon Health,
                                                                                                                                     Neh Motl- December 1st, 2006 - Page 3

       Community Plan Provides a
      Vision for Sliammonʼs Future
Steven W. Gallagher - Intergovernmental Relations
Sliammon Community Develop-
ment Plan Ready for Drafting
                                    mentation and communication
                                    action plans. The results from all
                                    the workshops are now being as-
                                                                                                                                   �         ��������
The past couple of months have      sembled into an overall made in
been very busy delivering the fi-    Sliammon Community Develop-
nal round of workshops with the     ment Plan which is expected to be
                                                                                                 ������������������������          �������������������������
participation of leadership, com-   drafted by years end. Leadership,
munity services, infrastructure,    Program Managers and the Plan-                               ������������������������
                                                                                                 �     ����
land and resources, finance and      ning Team will then have an op-
administration and economic         portunity to do a plan review to                             �����������
                                                                                                                                   �     ��������������������
                                                                                                 ����������������������            ������������������������
The results from all the workshops are now

                                                                                                                                   �     ������������������������
being assembled into an overall made in                                                                                            �����������������������������������

Sliammon Community Development Plan                                                    ������������
which is expected to be drafted by years end.                                                                                ���

development, with broad repre-
sentation of our membership in-
clusive of the elders, youth and
                                    make further recommendations or
                                    necessary adjustments.                                           ��������
                                                                                                                                     ��������������                          �
Sijitus. The planning process has   The information gathered from                                                                     ��������������
fulfilled our overall community      the Open Houses and work-                                                                         ��������������
engagement strategy.                shops with our membership in                                                                      �����������
                                    Sliammon and Vancouver earlier
The comprehensive community         this year will be rolled into the
planning process is in stage two    Community Development Plan
(the planning stage) of a four      as this is a “Community Driven”
stage process that sets out short   planning process which is very
and long term goals and explores    significant and unique for our na-
and identifies strategic imple-

  Film Focuses On
                                                                                 ����������                          �
Missing And Murdered                                                     Effective communication both in-
                                                                         side and outside our community
                                                                                                               process is implementation. The
                                                                                                               purpose of implementation is to
                                                                                                                                                     The fourth stage is the monitor-
                                                                                                                                                     ing and evaluation. This stage

 Aboriginal Women
                                                                         provides a foundation for the suc-    reach the goals and projects set      will prompt the question – Are we
                                                                         cessful growth, development, and      out in the Comprehensive Com-         making progress with the goals
                                                                         implementation of the Communi-        munity Plan and to make the vi-       we have set out in the Community
                                                                         ty Development Plan. Through-         sion a reality by creating positive   Development Plan? Over a peri-
                                                                         out all of the workshops, Leader-     changes in our community. This        od of time regular reviews, evalu-
                                                                         ship, Program Managers and staff      stage will realistically take the     ations, revisions and updates will
                                                                         have had intense “think tanks” on     longest as the goals and projects     occur as our community growth
                                                                         how they can improve how they         are implemented over time and         and priorities are realized.
                                                                         currently communicate with each       adjustments to change will occur.
                                                                         other and how to better informa-                                            Planning is all about knowing
                                                                         tion share with the membership.                                             where we want to go as a nation
                                                                                                                It is important for Chief            while reflecting on our commu-
                                                                         Effective and regular informa-                                              nities accomplishments. We all
                                                                                                                  and Council, Program
                                                                         tion sharing with the community                                             have a collective responsibility
                                                                                                                  Managers and entities              for defining what our community
                                                                         ensures that the membership is
                                                                         up-to-date on all planning aspects       to coordinate effective            will look like for our children
                                                                         and has the knowledge to actively     communication to ensure               now, into the future, and beyond.
                                                                         participate in the planning pro-        community engagement
                                                                         cess. Clear communication will         at different phases of the           I would like to thank everyone
                                                                         foster healthy decision making          plan and provide regu-              for participating in our Compre-
Powell River Film Festival          Tears” in northern British Co-       for the betterment of our com-                                              hensive Community Planning
                                                                                                                lar reporting back to the
Presents                            lumbia, and onward to Saska-         munity.                                                                     process over the past year and
                                                                                                               community on how imple-               acknowledge Chief and Council
FINDING DAWN                        toon, where the murders of Na-
February 17, 2007                   tive women remain unresolved.        Communication outside our com-         mentation is progressing             for continuing to support and rec-
Time to be announced at a later     Along the road to honour those       munity with local governments,         and how the projects are             ognize this important initiative.
date                                who have passed, she uncov-          industry or academic institutions     benefiting the community.              I wish you all a safe, happy and
                                    ers inspiring stories of strength,   can provide the opportunity to                                              healthy holiday season.
Dawn Crey, Ramona Wilson,           courage and resilience, as com-      gain external support for our
Daleen Kay Bosse. These are         munities come together to stem       Community Development Plan
just three of the estimated 500     the tide of violence.                by coordinating and integrating
Aboriginal women who have                                                with regional plans. Keeping our
gone missing or been murdered       Christine Welsh will be in atten-    outside networks active can trig-
in Canada over the past thirty      dance with the film. This will        ger cooperation, joint initiatives,
years. In Finding Dawn, ac-         be the highlight of the festival     financial support, and ensure a
claimed Metis filmmaker Chris-       and Sliammon be involved in          high level of awareness and sup-
tin Welsh takes us on an epic       a number of ways. Please keep        port for Sliammon First Nation
jouney into the dark heart of       this date on your calendar.          aboriginal title and rights within
Native womenʼs experience in                                             our traditional territory.
this country from Vancouverʼs       For more information on the
skid row to the “Highway of         film: www.nfb.ca/findingdawn           The third stage of the Compre-
                                                                         hensive Community Planning
                                                                                                                                 Neh Motl- December 1st, 2006 - Page 4

        C.P. Issues Far From Resolved
CP Frequently Asked Questions        ship and family disputes over       When thinking about solutions,       acknowledge traditional fam-       shops that link to resolving
I have been working on the           land parcels. Decisions must be     here are some things to keep in      ily main residences around         issues and for people to bet-
Lands Verification Project since      fair, consistent, transparent and   mind:                                1900.                              ter understand their rights and
June to identify issues and dis-     community driven.                                                       • Develop electronic filing sys-     responsibilities.
putes relating to Certificate of                                         The funders have extended the         tem and website to make all       • Develop a dispute resolu-
Possession (CP) and other lands      What Happens to CPs if project (within the existing bud-                 relevant legal land documen-       tion process between INAC-
within Sliammon Reserves.            Sliammon Signs a Treaty?           get) until mid February while         tation available.                  Band-individual land holders
Community members and CP             If Sliammon completes a Trea- they try to unravel the 100+              • Request that INAC provide a       to coordinate approaches to
holders have provided a lot of       ty, the community will need to                                           series of materials and work-      addressing the issues.
important information that will      decide what to do
help us all understand why there     with CP lands. CP                                                                                         These are very complex, long
are so many conflicts over CPs        lands do not exist THINGS TO CONSIDER- THE FUTURE OF CP’S                                                 standing issues that are inter-
and family lands.                    once the Indian Act                                                                                       twined in every aspect of our
                                     is gone. We need » Nobody will get less than what they have now. All CP-holders should receive            lives and everyone concerned
We are also at a time when some      to find the best op-     a legal interest that is similar to what they currently have.
                                                                                                                                               deserves certainty. Our people
community members are asking         tions and develop     » CP-holders may be asked to sign legal agreements stating that they accept
                                                                                                                                               have always been closely con-
for new CPs. Most Bands re-          a set of principles     the terms of ownership and understand they will have to follow Sliammon
                                                                                                                                               nected to the land and we must
fuse to issue CPs anymore be-        to convert CPs into     zoning and land-use regulations.
                                                           » The community should decide if other community members will have an op-           find ways to accommodate that
cause there have been so many        other legal interests
                                                             portunity to get a parcel of land when the CP-holders are having their CPs        within a modern system. The
problems with them across the        called     Replace-
                                                             converted into new Replacement Tenures.                                           decisions that Sliammon gov-
country. Some First Nations do       ment Tenures. For
                                                           » Are Land Code bylaws in place? i.e. matrimonial, standard lot sizes, en-          ernment makes for one situation
not have any CPs while others        example, the West-
                                                             forcement                                                                         today will create a ripple effect
like Lheidli Tʼenneh and Sech-       bank Constitution
                                                           » Do we have logical steps in place to obtain land tenure?                          that will be felt for many years
elt opted to buy back all of their   and Nisgaʼa Final
                                                           » What are our timelines to develop these processes?                                to come. It is up to us to deal
CPs early on because they real-      Agreement allow » Do we have reasonable use agreements? i.e. subsurface, sales, rentals,
                                                                                                                                               with this situation in a reason-
ized the potential for future con-   people to keep any      leases                                                                            able and fair manner to ensure
flict.                                CP created under » What are the servicing costs to the Nation and the individual?
                                     the Indian Act, » Are there strong conflict of interest regulations?                                       that the best interests of our
There are many considerations        but now call them » Current with National standards? i.e. environmental, endangered species,              children are at the forefront of
to decide on a fair process for      “allotments.” No                                                                                          our decisions today.
                                                             human rights
choosing which Band members          allotments were » How do we pay for archeological site assessments?
should get CPs. In the future, the   granted until they » What about proven traditional family holdings?                                       If you have any questions, ad-
community and Council need           made laws estab- » What is the linkage with housing and infrastructure? i.e. CMHC mortgages,              ditional information or sugges-
to decide how to make sure all       lishing policy, pro-    rental arrears                                                                    tions, please feel free to contact
Sliammon members have a fair         cedure and criteria   » Will we have residency requirements?                                              me at (604) 483-9646 – ext.240
opportunity to hold title to some    for granting allot- » Are membership regulations, status issues, non member rights and band               or email me at: michelle.
land. However, we should first        ments that passed       transfers finalized?                                                               washington@sliammon.bc.ca
try and sort out fair solutions to   through commu-        » How will we deal with wills and estates?
past issues with the 21 CPs that     nity referendum.
are in place.
                                     Council needs to                    common issues that we have
Sliammon Government must             have a lot of discussions with      identified in reporting so far.      HOUSING CONNECTION
not repeat the mistakes of the       the community to develop op-        The original project work plan      � A CP-holder can build houses and other buildings on the CP
Indian Act and create a legacy       tions, principles and reasonable                                          without getting a BCR or ministerial approval. It is easier to
                                                                         only required documenting the
of inequality, generational hard-    conditions for what happens                                               get a mortgage but you sometimes need to surrender the
                                                                         issues but it was quickly real-
                                     with CPs to protect both parties.                                         footprint of the structure to the Bank.
                                                                         ized that just wasnʼt acceptable
                                                                                                             � CPs can be rented or leased to non-members, but leases
                                                                         to people and we had to go a
                                                                                                               are supposed to be approved by the Minister of Indian Af-
                                                                         step further.                         fairs.
 � A CP on reserve is documented proof of legal title. It is                                                 � If you are a private home owner on a CP, you are respon-
                                                                         We have prioritized key areas         sible to pay your own insurance and your funding eligibility
   somewhat like fee simple ownership or private property
                                                                         that can lead to proactive work-      for repairs or renovations is different from regular IR lands.
   rights off reserve, but with much more limited rights.
                                                                         able solutions in a broad range     � CPs are subject to property tax and service fees much like
 � A CP is an Indian Act land holding, it has nothing to do with
   traditional land holdings. Some CPs were created in areas             of the issues identified in sur-       lease holders at Klahanie. Sliammon does not charge prop-
   of traditional family lands, but many traditional family lands        veys. These include:                  erty taxes or service fees for CPs yet, but some other First
   were not turned into CPs.                                                                                   Nations do.
 � Land transactions are not considered legal until they are              • Resurvey Blocks 1-11 as it
   registered and formally signed off by the Minister of Indian            has not been done since 1959      WILLS AND ESTATES CONNECTION
   Affairs through the federal approval process.                           and there has been much de-       � CPs can be passed onto Band members in a will, but even
                                                                           velopment that make many of         legal wills are still required to be approved by the Minister of
 USE OF CP LANDS                                                           those lines obsolete.               Indian Affairs.
 � All tenants in common (people named on the CP) must be                 • Lobbying INAC to fix mis-         � If a CP holder does not make a will, the Minister of Indian Af-
   in agreement of the property use.                                       takes in their registry includ-     fairs decides which heirs in the immediate family are eligible
 � Band members can choose to sell their CP property to other              ing wrong names, numbers,           (and what interest share they are entitled to). Eligible rela-
   members only. A non-Sliammon person could never law-                    lots, cancellations and inform      tives only include legally recognized spouse, children, par-
   fully hold permanent title to Sliammon land.                                                                ents, siblings and in some cases nieces and nephews. The
                                                                           lawful holders of the chang-
 � CP lands are subject to the Sliammon Land Code and the                                                      Indian Act does not recognize grandparents, aunts, uncles
   Sliammon Land and Resource Management Plan. In fu-                                                          or cousins for inheritance when there is no will.
                                                                          • Allow Sliammon to access all
   ture, Sliammon will have a Constitution that will more clearly                                            � If a non-Sliammon member receives a CP in a will that per-
                                                                           INAC archival documentation
   define zoning and land-use. For example, Council and the                                                     son cannot hold the CP. Usually their interest is bought out
                                                                           to get a clearer understanding
   community may decide that Sliammon does not want cer-                                                       by family members who are Band members.
                                                                           of intentions at the time of      � When a CP holder passes away, their CP interest is auto-
   tain types of businesses (like landfills, dumps, or noisy in-
                                                                           transaction.                        matically transferred to their spouse (if they are a member)
   dustrial activities).
                                                                          • Carry out an archeological         as a right of survivorship. That is how some CPs transferred
 � CPs can be expropriated by the Band with Ministerial ap-
                                                                           inventory on all six IRs to en-     out of their family of origin.
   proval. Usually this would be done for the purpose of infra-
   structure that is of benefit to the majority of the community
                                                                           sure that there are no future     � If CP lands were transferred through wills or estates or by
   such as roads or a longhouse. Compensation is only given                disruptions to sacred sites.        sales to other Sliammon members, only Ministerial approval
   for improvements and appraised value of the land.                      • Develop commemorative              was required. Typically, neither the members involved, nor
                                                                           maps and documentation to           the Department of Indian Affairs notified Sliammon.
                                                                                                                                    Neh Motl- December 1st, 2006 - Page 5

Sliammon Forest Products Update
Why is Sliammon applying            months to receive approval or
for a Probationary Commu-           denial of the application (pos-
nity Forest Agreement?              sibly June 2007 or sooner).
                                    Should Sliammon receive ap-
In April 2006, Sliammon First       proval of a PCFA, actual opera-
Nation entered into a Forest and    tions of harvesting the commu-
Range Opportunities agreement       nity forest tenure will not start
with the BC Ministry of For-        until 6 to 8 months after (possi-
ests. As a result of the FRO,       bly January/February 2008).
Sliammon was directly invited
to apply for a Probationary         Purpose of the Forest and
Community Forest Agreement          Range Opportunity
(PCFA).                             Agreement

What is a Community Forest?         The purpose and objectives of
Community forestry is about lo-     the FRO agreement are to:
cal control over and enjoyment      1. Create viable economic op-
of the benefits offered by local        portunities and to assist in the
forest resources. These benefits        improvement of social condi-
are both monetary and non-             tions of the Sliammon First
monetary. On the monetary              Nation through economic di-
side, benefits include local em-        versification.
ployment an economic devel-         2. Provide interim payment and
opment. On the non-monetary            other economic benefits to
side, benefits are derived from         the Sliammon First Nation
the many values associated             through a forest tenure op-
with forest including ecologi-         portunity and/or economic
                                                                           John ‘Poon’ Harry and Brad Harry were hired onto Tla’Amin Forest Products Burning Crews.
cal (including the protection of       benefits related to forestry
drinking water), cultural, spiri-      received by British Columbia
                                                                          count. Recently, $401,000.00        supplies, and employee salaries.      - Liability Insurance ($12,000/
tual, medicinal, and recreational      from forest resource develop-
                                                                          of this money was transferred       TlaʼAmin Timber Products              year)
values. Sliammon will have the         ment.
                                                                          over to TlaʼAmin Timber Prod-       could have hired 2 professional       - Possible fixing up of log dump
opportunity to manage a part of     3. Address consultation and pro-
                                                                          ucts Ltd. for the day to day op-    Consultants at approximately          site (Estimate of $150,000.00
the local forest and gain eco-         vide Interim Accommodation,
                                                                          erations of the corporation and     $500 - $600 per day for ap-           plus)
nomic benefits.                         as set out in the agreement.
                                                                          for the planning and preparing      proximately 60 days or more to        - Lease Forestry Truck
                                    4. Provide a period of stability
                                                                          of future logging operations.       complete the Community For-           - Plus more operating costs
The PCFA starts off as a 5 year        to forest and/or range resource
                                                                          $25,000.00 has been transferred     est Application and Business
probationary forest tenure and         development on Crown lands
                                                                          over to the Sliammon First Na-      Plan; however that bill could         Although $902,000 is a lot of
could lead into a 99 year tenure       within the Traditional Terri-
                                                                          tion for Youth Registrations (for   have been as high as $60,000.00       money to receive as an interim
that is renewable every 10 years.      tory of the Sliammon First
                                                                          sports).                            plus.                                 payment for the FRO, we must
Sliammon is offered 28,000 m3          Nation during the term of
of AAC per year on Crown Land          the Agreement, while longer                                                                                  keep in mind all the operating
                                                                          EXPENSES OF TLAʼAMIN                OTHER FOREST OPERAT-                  expenses of the forest corpora-
which is located in the Bunster        term interests are addressed
                                                                          TIMBER PRODUCTS                     ING EXPENSES:                         tion and future expenses. For-
Range and the northwest side           through other agreements or
                                                                          There are many office and ad-        - Hiring of 12 Sliammon Crew          estry (TlaʼAmin Timber Prod-
Haslam Lake.                           processes.
                                                                          ministration expenses associ-       members to burn the debris on         ucts) needs to keep a certain
                                                                          ated with running a corpora-        the recently harvested cutblock       amount of money set aside (in
Craig and Cathy started work        As many of you are aware,
                                                                          tion. Expenses include: hydro,      on IR#1 plus Fuel for burning         the bank) for Operating and
on the application in August.       Sliammon First Nation re-
                                                                          telephone, fax machine (long        the piles                             Silviculture costs. TlaʼAmin
The deadline to submit the ap-      ceived an Interim Payment of
                                                                          distance), internet service, com-   - Peak Advertisement for com-         Timber Products is a business
plication to the MOF is Decem-      $902,000.00 when the FRO was
                                                                          puter technician fees, photo-       munity forest application             and it needs to be managed and
ber 31st. Upon submission, it       signed. All of this money was
                                                                          copier lease payments, office        - Consultant fees (2 days per         operated like a business in or-
may take approximately 3 to 6       immediately put into a trust ac-
                                                                                                              month) & Legal Fees                   der to be successful. Once TTP
                                                                                                              - Delivery of community flyers         starts generating revenue from
                                                                                                                                                    forest tenures, then money can
                                                                                                              FUTURE FORESTRY                       be reallocated to the different
                                                                                                              LOGGING/OPERATING                     Sliammon departments.
                                                                                                              - Road Construction from main         The money that Sliammon re-
                                                                                                              roads to cutblocks (Approxi-          ceived from signing the Forest
                                                                                                              mately $35 - 40,000 per kilo-         and Range Opportunity should
                                                                                                              meter)                                be 90% utilized on forest related
                                                                                                              - Licence Fees,                       operations in order for TlaʼAmin
                                                                                                              - Stumpage fees (Average of           Timber Products to be a success-
                                                                                                              $37.00 m3)                            ful business company/corpora-
                                                                                                              - Road Use Agreements - $0.08         tion. The company is managing
                                                                                                              per meter/per km (to haul logs        all the Sliammon forest tenures
                                                                                                              on the main roads – we have to        and resources, including the
                                                                                                              pay to use these roads)               woodlot, IR blocks, any salvag-
                                                                                                              - Engineering (falling boundary       ing, and future tenures. There
                                                                                                              layout, road boundary layout,         is a lot of liability and operat-
                                                                                                              traversing) and timber cruising       ing expenses that comes with
                                                                                                              expenses                              managing these tenures and that
                                                                                                              - Siliviculture (Purchase of trees,   needs to be kept in everyoneʼs
                                                                                                              replanting, brushing, pruning,        mind.
                                                                                                                                        Neh Motl- December 1st, 2006 - Page 6

                   A is for Attendance
                                                                                                                  James Thompson
                                                                                                                 Recognizes Perfect
                                                                                                                  Attendance With
                                                                                                                     Limo Ride
                                                                                                                James Thompson students who              students and a great incentive
                                                                                                                have 10 days of perfect atten-           for all the students to work on
                                                                                                                dance are eligible to enter a            their attendance; and all the stu-
                                                                                                                school draw for “Perfect Atten-          dents have an opportunity to en-
                                                                                                                dance Prize.” Two students are           ter the “Perfect attendance draw
                                                                                                                selected at assembly. The lucky          for the month!.”
                                                                                                                winners are pampered, whisked
                                                                                                                away on a limo ride, and they            Congratulations to Kirsten Paul
                                                                                                                are able to enjoy a pre-ordered          who was the lucky student that
                                                                                                                lunch of their choice at the             was selected for the month of
                                                                                                                Shinglemill restaurant.                  November. Also, congratula-
                                                                                                                                                         tions to Selena Point who was
                                                                                                                Pearl Limousine Service offers           selected for the month of Octo-
                                                                                                                this service in kind to the School       ber, and Shania Hillis who won
                                                                                                                – This is a very exciting for the        for September.

                                                                                                                 Thuns Travels to
Trey Tanguay, Kirsten Paul, MR.Walt and limo driver. Kirsten Paul won the James Thompson attendance
award for November and was rewarded with a limo ride and lunch at the Shinglemill.

             The Three Aʼs...                                                                                    the Upper World
THE THREE AʼS.........                attends all classes their name       This project will only be for
ATTENDANCE                            will go in a collection box. there   this school year. We will then       Brooks and Oceanview stu-                There are also off reserve First
ATTITUDE                              is a possibility of getting their    evaluate the success or failure      dents work together to write             Nations students and non First
ATTENTION                             name in the collection at least      of the project.                      and perform this traditional             Nations Participating. It is a
                                      four times. It stands to reason                                           Sliammon story. The students             perfect cross cultural produc-
We are encouraging all                that if your name goes in the        For the month of October, the        will be performing at the 12th           tion with everyone working to-
Sliammon students to better at-       collection box four times, you       winners of the mall certificate       annual conference on Literature          gether.
tendance because it pays! Along       have more chances of winning         are:                                 and Literacy. This conference
with attendance we encourage a        a certificate than someone who                                             is being sponsored by FNESC              I would also like to thank the
positive attitude and paying AT-      misses a day or a period here        JAMES THOMSON SCHOOL                 and Ministry of Education, Ab-           following parents for helping to
TENTION to class instruction.         and there. That student will not       Student: C.J. Hackett              original Branch.                         sew outfits for the kids:
                                      be eligible for the draw.              Parent: Steven Galligos                                                     Gail Blaney
We also would like to acknowl-                                                                                  The Sliammon Students partici-           Yvonne Hackett
edge Sliammon parents for             For those students who meet the      OCEANVIEW SCHOOL                     pating are:                              Dorothy Louie
recognizing the need of a good        conditions, we will also have a       Student: Manu Luaifoa               Eileen Francis                           Elly Poole
education and encouraging their       collection box for parents. They      Parent: Bonnie Charlie              Drew Blaney                              Sally Louie
children to better attendance.        too are eligible for a mall cer-                                          Brittany Borgfjord                       Mary Anderson (Brooks Math
                                      tificate if their child meets the     BROOKS SCHOOL                        Kayle Wilson                             Teacher)
RULE FOR THE MONTH:                   attendance criteria. we strongly      Student: Brittany Wilson
For every week that a Sliammon        felt that parents need to be ac-      Parent: Doreen Harry
student is at school on time and      knowledged as well.                                                                  TLA’AMIN COMMUNITY HEALTH BOARD SOCIETY
                                                                                                                                     BURSARY APPLICATION

   ���������������������������������������                                                                        1. PERSONAL INFORMATION

   ����������������������                                                                                         NAME: ______________________________________________

  ��������������������������������������������������������                                                        ADDRESS: __________________________________________
                                                                                                                  TELEPHONE #: _________________

  �� ������������������������������������������������������
  �����������������������������������������������������                                                           NAME OF EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE:
                                                                       ��������������������������������           ______________________________________________
  �� �������������������������������������������������������                                    �������
  ������������������������������������������������������                              �����������������           PROGRAM OR FACULTY ACCEPTED INTO: (Please attach acceptance
  �������������������������������������������                                         ������������������          letter)
                                                                                  ��������������������            GRADE POINT AVERAGE ACHIEVED - (Please attach transcripts)
                                                                                    ������������������            ______________________________________________
  ������������������������������������������                          ���������������������������������������
                                                                          ������������������������������          2. ON A SEPARATE PIECE OF PAPER PLEASE ANSWER THE FOL-
  �������������������������������������������������������                                                         LOWING QUESTIONS
  ��������������������������������������������������������                  ��������������������������������      a) Elaborate on your career goals.
  ���� ��������� ������������ ����� ���� ����������� ��� ��� ����        �������������������������������          b) Outline your extracurricular activities and also list any volunteer work.
  ��������������������                                                ����������������������������������          c) Tell us what you think might work for the Sliammon First Nation to
                                                                                                  ���������               become a healthier and more progressive community.
                                                                                                                                        Neh Motl- December 1st, 2006 - Page 7

   News From The Youth Zone
Paha Kwagen-Yik Meh Thote DEC. 1st is
One in Spirit—Helping Others                                                                                      WORLD AIDS
During the month of November
we enjoyed record numbers of
                                         As for the December sched-
                                         ule, please note that there is
                                                                                                                  AWARENESS DAY
youth attending programs at the          no Wednesday program during               REGARDING
communities new youth build-             the first 2 weeks of December.           THURSDAY SWIM
ing. We finally managed to get            Please check what days pro-               PROGRAM!!
our new Fooz ball table through          grams are offered for your age                                            AT A GLANCE:
the door so things are starting to       group. We will be planning           Please be advised that
really happen. Weʼd still like to        some trips for the New Year this                                          - Aboriginal People Are Over Represented In The HIV
                                                                              there are new guidelines for
see more female youth attend-            coming month so make sure and                                                Epidemic in Canada
                                                                              Thursday Youth Program.
ing. Come on down and tell us            stop-in to let us know what you                                           - Aboriginal People Make Up A Growing Percentage Of
what you want to see and weʼll           want to do!                                                                  Postive HIV Reports and Reported AIDS Cases
                                                                              Effective immediately we
all try and make it happen.                                                                                        - Injecting Drug Use Continues To Be A Key Mode Of HIV
                                                                              regret that we are only
                                          Finally, we are looking forward                                             Transmission In The Aboriginal Community
                                                                              able to accept youth who
This month the boys 13-18 chal-          to the start of a new program                                             - HIV/AIDS Has A Significant Impact In Aboriginal Women
                                                                              are between the ages of
lenged the RCMP detachment to            tentatively called Canoe Jour-                                            - Increasing Number Of Aboriginal People Are Among New
                                                                              13-18 years of age for our
a friendly game of floor hockey.          ney, Life Journey. During this                                               HIV Infections And Are Living With HIV/AIDS
                                                                              Thursday night trip to the
The game was fast paced and to-          program up to 12 youth will be       complex.
tally exciting for all who played.       invited to attend a series of 8
The RCMP even like it so much            workshops aimed at preparing         Due to limited budget and
that they are rumored to be              for a canoe journey. It is our       not enough room in the              HOW DO PEOPLE GET INFECTED?
planning on attending on every           eventual goal to build a tradi-      vehicles we need to enforce         You can get AIDS only if the HIV virus gets into your body. The
Monday night. This is a great            tional canoe as part of the pro-     this age restriction.               virus can be carried into your body in semen, the fluid from the
way to build relationships while         gram. Look for more informa-
                                                                                                                  vagina, or blood. People can get the HIV infection when they have
developing new game skills. If           tion regarding this new Health       If you are a young person           sex, or when they share infection needles or syringes. A mother can
you want to watch, everyone is           Canada funded program in the         aged 9-12 years of age, a           pass the HIV to her baby.
welcome to come and check it             New Year.                            full program happens for
out. Also in November a large                                                 you each Wednesday from             WHAT ARE THE COMPLICATIONS?
number of youth participated             Have a safe and happy holiday        4pm to 9pm. As part of this         If your HIV test result is positive, it means you are infected with
in a Crystal Meth awareness              season!                              program we will be par-             HIV. If the test result is NEGATIVE, it probably means you do not
workshop aimed at prevention.                                                 ticipating in field trips to the     have the HIV antibodies. But HIV antibodies can take 12 weeks or
This was a good workshop and             Hugh Prichard and Erik Blaney        Complex.                                                                    longer to show up. So your
provided some pretty graphic
                                                                                                                                                           test can be negative, and
descriptions of what this dead-          TlaʼAmin Community Youth             Sorry for any confusion.                                                     you can still have the virus
ly drug can do to you. Thanks            Programs
                                                                                                                                                           if you have been infected
Cindi for your facilitation.
                                                                                                                                                           recently. If there is a chance
                                                                                                                                                           you have only recently

 Smoking, A Serious
                                                                                                                                                           been infected, the only way
                                                                                                                                                           to be sure you do not have
                                                                                                                                                           HIV is to have a second test

Aboriginal Health Issue
                                                                                                                                                           12 weeks (3 months) after
                                                                                                                                                           your first test.

                                                                                                                                                       AIDS is the last stage of
                                                                                                                  the HIV infection. People who have AIDS become more and more
Aboriginal Tobacco Strategy              eases every year. Smoking is                                             sick and may often die. But you can protect yourself against the
                                                                             ease, chronic respiratory illness,
                                         a leading risk factor that              impaired lung function and       HIV and AIDS.
Smoking is a serious Aborigi-            contributes to heart                        cancer.
nal health issue. Almost 70%             disease, lung can-                                                       HOW DO I FIND OUT IF I HAVE THE DISEASE?
of Aboriginal people smoke               cer, and cancer                              Fact: Smoking re-           There is a blood test for HIV. It is called the HIV antibody test. If
– three times the national aver-         on the lips, in the                           mains the number one       you have the HIV your body makes antibodies against it. If you
age - and the effects of ciga-           mouth and in the                              preventable cause of       have these antibodies it means you are infected.
rette smoke are felt by people           throat.                                      death and disease in
of all ages, whether they smoke                                                      Canada.                      WHAT SHOULD I DO?
or not. Every year, Aboriginal           Fact: Two thirds of the                                                  If you have HIV, you must tell your sex partners anyone you have
communities witness thousands            smoke produced by cigarettes        Fact: Smoke-free environments        share needles with. They will have to decide if they want to be
of cigarette-related illnesses and       is released into the room and is    can benefit the health of all Ab-     tested for HIV infection.
deaths. Cigarette smoking has            inhaled by both the smoker and      original people.
reached a crisis point in Canada

Almost 70% of Aboriginal                                                     As the 45,000 people die each
                                                                             year from cigarette-related dis-
                                                                                                                                 HEALTHY SEXUALITY CLINIC

people smoke – three times                                                   eases, the cigarette manufac-
                                                                             turers replace them with you,
                                                                                                                                  3rd FLOOR OF THE HOSPITAL
                                                                                                                                     (PUBLIC HEALTH UNIT)
the national average -                                                       your loved ones and anybody
                                                                             else who believes that cigarette
                                                                                                                              EVERY TUES. 12:30- 2:30
                                                                             smoke and second-hand smoke
                                         others. Second–hand smoke           cause little or no harm.                      BY APPOINTMENT OR DROP IN
and Aboriginal people are most           has twice the nicotine and tar as                                           ANONYMOUS –NO NOTIFICATION TO/FROM OTH-
at risk. Yet, this is a crisis that is   the smoke that smokers inhale       Keep Our Nation Strong – Donʼt                 ER HEALTH PROFESSIONALS
preventable.                             directly from a cigarette. The      Smoke
                                         ill-effects of smoke from ciga-                                             THIS IS BETWEEN THE PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE
Fact: Cigarette smoke contains           rettes, cigars or pipes are most    Source: Health Canada                                AND YOU ONLY.
4,000 chemicals, including 50            felt by those who donʼt smoke
that may cause cancer.                   - especially pregnant women,        Contact Joyce at (604) 483-                 FOR MORE INFORMATION PHONE 485-3310
                                         children and infants. Over the      3009 if you would like help to
Fact: Over 45,000 Canadians              long term, exposure can produce     stop smoking.
die from cigarette-related dis-          major consequences – heart dis-
                                                                                                                                   Neh Motl- December 1st, 2006 - Page 8

 Sliammon Repatriation and Culture:
     A Photo Essay of Celebration
Up-date from the Research De-        as many Bands Leslie could find
partment Karen Galligos, Com-        and request their permission to
munity Researcher / Translator       participate in this endeavor.

Hi everyone, it has been a very      I hope you all enjoyed the pic-
busy time this past year and now     tures. We are hoping to have
I would like to give you an up-      another 3 weekend session and
date of some of the projects that    have one of our weavers travel
I have been working on.              to Squamish to learn the basics
                                     on how to instruct and demon-
• Currently, I am archiving our      strate the weaving techniques
repatriated baskets and other        and bring this back home and
objects. I am photographing,         teach our community members.
attaching ID numberʼs to them        I think we have learned a lot, it
and collecting any background        was so nice to see everybody lis-
information I can find. I will be     tening, getting along and helping
printing them and placing them       one another. “Way to go!” Lets
in an album for our resource li-     keep this going strong. Iymot.
brary; I will be saving the infor-
mation with the pictures on CD       EmaXwiyga,
                                                                         Karen Galligos, Leslie Tupper and Elsie Paul at the Museum of Civilization in Gatineu Quebec
and stored in a fireproof safe.       Karen Galligos

Sliammon Baskets Housed at
the Royal BC Museum                                                      Galligos to participate in
I am still working on the Repa-
triation of Sliammon Artifacts
that are housed in 2 different
                                                                         Museum Re-design                    honoured, this is a 4 year project
                                                                         Leslie Tepper, Curator, West-                                            did not do justice to our heritage
museums. To ensure there would                                                                               and she travels to the Westcoast     and decided to form a working
                                                                         coast Ethnology from the Mu-
be no obstacles in the repatria-                                                                             and visits different communities     group with representatives from
                                                                         seum of Civilization has invited
tion of these objects, Denise                                                                                to get the feel of community and     several different communities to
                                                                         me to be a part of her working
Smith and I have been work-                                                                                  the people. After visiting our       help her re-design the display.
                                                                         group in re-designing the Coast
ing with Debbie Dan, Curator                                                                                 communities, Leslie felt that
                                                                         Salish House in their Grand
for the Powell River Historical                                                                              the display in their Grand Hall
                                                                         Hall. Needless to say, I am very
Museum requesting their sup-
port and ʻtemporary storageʼ of
these objects. Debbie has been
very supportive and stated that
“it would be an honor to assist
and store our baskets and other
objects until such a time that our
Cultural Centre is built. We will
be meeting with Debbie to go
over the agreement that she has
drafted for the temporary stor-
age of our artifacts.

We met in Nanaimo last month
to develop an appropriate pro-
tocol to be followed and it was
decided that a letter would be
sent to the Chief and council of

The Museum of Anthropology in UBC has 2 of Sliammon’s masks,
which date back to 1893 - 1934. The information I gathered about
these masks is that they were collected from Bliss Landing after 1893
and before 1934.

                                                                                        Weaving Classes
 Donnie Wilson’s awesome bear design

                                                                                        Hereditary Chief ChepXimiyam, Jan-                attempts to maintain our Culture and
                                                                                        ice George- Joseph and husband Willard            Heritage. Shortly after that, I wrote a
                                                                                        ʻBuddyʼ Joseph promote Culture and Her-           letter to Janice requesting they come
                                                                                        itage by revitalizing traditional practices       into our community to revitalize this
                                                                                        and activities. I met Janice and Buddy            cultural activity. Janice was very hap-
                                                                                        at the Museum of Civilization in Gatin-           py to oblige and immediately applied
                                                                                        eau, Quebec in 2005. Our first weaving             to Canada Council for a grant to come
                                                                                        class took place on the long Thanksgiving         into our community to re-introduce the
                                                                                        weekend and Janice and her husband Bud            traditional style of weaving. The weav-
                                                                                        have travelled to our community                   ing classes are 2-day sessions and could
                                                                                                                                          take in 10 people. In no time at all, the
                                                                                        Since then, we continue to build on that          weaving classes were booked and we
                                                                                        friendship. Janice related to me her expe-        also had a waiting list. Here are some
                                                                                        riences in revitalizing a lost tradition and      photoʼs of our weavers ~
                                                                                        inquired about our community and our
                                                                                                                                    Neh Motl- December 1st, 2006 - Page 9

 Sliammon Repatriation and Culture:
     A Photo Essay of Celebration

All Photographs courtesy of Karen Galligos: Top left: Hereditary Chief
ChepXimiyam, Janice George- Joseph and husband Willard ‘Buddy’
Joseph. Right: Janice George share the fine art of weaving as work-
shop particpants look on. Right Bottom: The weaving class shows off
their tunics.

 TlaʼAmin Timber
Products Hires Crew
  To Clean Up Cut
TlaʼAmin Timber Products            the guys were split into 4 groups
hired 12 sliammon members to        with 3 in each. There was ap-
burn the wood pile debris left      proximately 100 piles to burn.
from the harvesting of a cut        37 hectares was logged and ap-
block on IR#1 (just behind the      proximately 10,000 cubic me-
gym). the cut block was har-        ters were taken out.
vested this past summer. The
burning crew burned the piles       Tree planting will take place in
last week, nov.20 - 24th.           the spring of 2007 and 40,000
                                    trees will be planted consist-
The guys hired were: Alvin          ing of majority Douglas fir and
Wilson (crew supervisor), Phil-     western red cedar, and a small
lip Timothy (crew supervisor),      percentage of alder.
Wayne Noble (crew supervi-
sor), Gordon Williams (crew         Submitted by TlaʼAmin timber
supervisor), Leon Timothy, Tom      products ltd.
Treakle, Luchie Harry, John
Poon Harry, Brad Harry, Duane       For pictures see page 5.
Francis, Clyde Carta, and Adam

                                                                                                                                      LARRY HANSON
  SLIAMMON WALKING GROUP                                                                                                                  BAND
   We will be starting our:
                                                                                                                                      @ RED LION INN
           Walking Group

                  On Wednesdays
                                                                                                                                      NEW YEARS EVE
   TIME: 11:00 - 12:00                                                                                                                Limited Tickets: $20 per person @ Pub
   DATE: Nov. 8, - Dec.13, 2006                                                                                                       (don’t be disappointed
   PLACE: Sliammon Gym                                                                                                                & get them now)

   Walking is for everyone. It is not fast paced.
   Everyone walks at his/her own pace.

           Everyone is Welcome                                           This advertisement is for those who would like to hire me for Christmas
                        Incentives for participation                     Events, Private Parties, Staff Parties, Birthday Parties, Anniversary Parties.
                                                                         Please email me larryhanson31@hotmail.com
   For more information contact: Dawna or Shelly @
   604.483.3009                                                          Or phone me @ 604-767-1302 for arrangements.
                                                                                                                                        Neh Motl- December 1st, 2006 - Page 10

Ahms Tah Ow Students Encouraged
     to Renew Commitment
Serious Students                         They know that the deed is done    at least a few hours a week at          help you clear your plate so you
                                         by staying with it and by mak-     school into oneʼs schedule. If          can make it work. Give us a call
Wow! Only three weeks of                 ing their education a top prior-   youʼve registered and havenʼt           or stop by. Your future beckons.
school before Christmas holi-            ity, because itʼs hard work.       been making it here regularly,          Michael Petersen
days. Ahms Tah Ow continues                                                 maybe Louise or Michael can             Lousie Dominic
to have a strong core of serious         A few others are struggling to
students who are making steady           simplify their lives so they can
progress in their studies. It is         be here too. Since we now have
obvious that these people are
committed to their own success.
                                         a morning and an evening ses-
                                         sion, itʼs relatively easy to fit
                                                                                      IMPORTANT FOR PARENTS:
                                                                                        Drug and Alcohol Policy
                                                                             SCHOOL DISTRICT                        or alcohol, as outlined previ-      gram. The student will not be
                                                                             NO. 47 (POWELL RIVER)                  ously, then they may require        re-admitted to school until all
                                                                             REGULATION                             the student submit to a drug or     appointments are met and as-
                                                                                                                    alcohol test (alcohol test using    signments are complete.
                                                                             1. Each school shall make help-        a hand held breathalyzer, drug
                                                                             ing services for drug and alco-        test using a saliva sample).        If the Parent(s)/Guardian(s)
                                                                             hol prevention accessible to           Refusal to submit to a drug or      wish to appeal the decision
                                                                             students. These services shall         alcohol test will be considered     of the School Administration,
                                                                             include, but not be restricted to:     an admission of guilt. Parents      the Board will meet with the
                                                                                                                    or guardians will be informed       Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and
                                                                              • screening students for drug         both verbally and in writing of     student within ten (10) days of
                                                                               or alcohol problems,                 the incident with a copy to the     the original suspension.
                                                                              • implementing drug and alco-         Superintendent of Schools.
                                                                               hol prevention activities,                                               SECOND OFFENCE:
 Good study skills start early, Lily Tom enjoys an age old tale.              • participation in case con-          4. School principals shall con-     The principal or designate will
                                                                               ferences for students with           sider the nature of any drug        automatically impose an indefi-
            HAPPY HOLIDAYS SLIAMMON!                                           needs,                               and alcohol related offence,        nite suspension until a meeting
                                                                              • providing school counsel-           determine at which step the         is arranged with the Committee
             From the staff of the Public Library                              ling services, providing writ-       District Drug and Alcohol Dis-      of the School Board. Parent(s)/
                                                                               ten referrals and background         cipline Procedure the student       Guardian(s) and student must
       Last Open Day of the SʼLibrary for 2006                                 information to community             is at, and act according to that    meet with the Committee of
        Thursday, December 21 until 7:00 PM                                    agencies (with parent and/or         procedure.                          the School Board to determine
                                                                               student knowledge and con-                                               the consequences of any of-
 This Christmas give the gift of literacy                                      sent),                               Drug and Alcohol Offences           fence. At the discretion of the
                                                                              • serving as case managers or         Students K – 7 will be conse-       Board a second time offender
       Deck the halls with gift of books                                       team participants for students       quenced on an individual basis.     will undergo extensive drug
           With love of reading too                                            referred for community-based         The consequence will be thera-      and alcohol counselling. At
  Snuggle by the fire with Piglet, Roo and Pooh                                 treatment services, as appro-        peutic in nature with minimal       the discretion of the Board the
                                                                               priate, and                          loss of instructional time.         student will be referred to an
              Parent, you’re the teacher                                      • informing parents and stu-                                              alternate path for his/her edu-
                The one to model best                                          dents about the drug policy          Secondary students will be giv-     cation. At the discretion of the
             That as we read we learn a lot                                    and consequences each                en one chance to rehabilitate       Board the student will remain
                 Before we leave nest                                          year.                                their drug use. Drug infractions    with the alternate path for up to
                                                                                                                    carry over each year Grades 8       one calendar year. A student
               Babies like the board books                                   2. Personnel employed by the           – 12.                               may only return to a regular
                   Toddlers fairytales                                       School District and other per-                                             program when he/she has a
               Graphic novels are for teens                                  sons authorized to supervise           FIRST OFFENCE                       letter of recommendation from
               And adventure is for tweens                                   students shall notify a school         (SECONDARY):                        professional staff with the opin-
                                                                             principal whenever they have           The principal or designate will     ion that they are confident the
                A little time for reading                                    suspicions that a student is:          automatically impose an indefi-      student will not be using drugs/
                   Practiced everyday                                                                               nite suspension until a meet-       alcohol at school and is
             Brings the world into our lives                                  • using, or under the influence        ing is arranged between the         serious about his/her studies.
               And helps us see the way.                                        of drugs or alcohol, or             Parent(s)/ Guardian(s), student     In order to be re-admitted to a
                                                                              • distributing, selling or offering   and the School Administration       regular program, the student
         ~ This cheesy poem written by Jeannette                                to sell drugs or alcohol, or        to determine consequences           must meet with the Commit-
                                                                              • in possession of drugs or al-       for the infraction. The meeting     tee of the School Board for ap-
                                                                                cohol.                              will be held within ten (10) days   proval.
                                                                                                                    of the infraction. The first time
                                                                              This applies to students              offender, at the School Admin-      THIRD OFFENCE:
                                                                                while they are:                     istration’s discretion, may re-     Upon a student’s third drug
                                                                              • attending school                    ceive a one month suspension        infraction between Grades 8
                                                                              • in transit to and from school,      or more, be required to attend      – 12, the student will automati-
                                                                                and                                 drug and alcohol counselling,       cally be recommended for per-
                                                                              • attending a school function,        complete assignments related        manent expulsion.
                                                                                regardless of location.             to the offence and complete
                                                                                                                    all school assignments. The         The student and their parent(s)/
                                                                             3. School principals, with other       student will have support from      guardian(s) will be required to
                                                                             staff as required, shall interview     the itinerant hospital home-        meet with a Committee of the
                                                                             students reported to them and if       bound teacher. The student’s        School Board to determine the
                                                                             they have a reasonable suspi-          parent(s)/guardian(s) will also     terms of expulsion (an educa-
                                                                             cion that a student has been us-       be made aware that any further      tional program will be provided
                                                                             ing, distributing, selling, offering   offence will result in automatic    if the student is under the age
                                                                             to sell, or in possession of drugs     removal from a regular pro-         of 16).
Kayley and Gabby enjoy the gift of literacy at the Powell River Library
                                                                                                                                  Neh Motl- December 1st, 2006 - Page 11

 Christmas Time Is A Magical
     Time For The Chuys
Dear Parents:                        Many elders left us this past       minds during this season, it can     • Reading a Christmas story
Christmas is just around the
corner. This can be a very
                                     year. It is good to remember
                                     that our children can be feeling
                                                                         be easy to forget that Christmas
                                                                         can be a magical time for the
                                                                                                              • Making play dough and using        7th Annual
stressful time as us adults rush
around with shopping, decorat-
                                     sad at Christmas as they think of
                                     grandparents or great grandpar-
                                                                         children. Our children love to
                                                                         share their excitement with us,
                                                                                                               Christmas cookie cutters to
                                                                                                               create holiday shapes.              Drug March
ing, baking, wrapping presents:
all on top of the usual house-
                                     ents who are no longer in this
                                     world. It may be meaningful
                                                                         and it can be great medicine
                                                                         for us as adults to look at this
                                                                                                              • Talking about First Nations
                                                                                                               winter traditions while having        A Huge
hold chores, errands and work.
It may also be a difficult time
                                     to think of ways to remind our-
                                     selves and our children that the
                                                                         holiday through our childrenʼs
when we are missing loved ones       spirits of those we love are with                                       Swimming and skating are
who may have journeyed to the        us always.                          The following are some ideas        available at the complex dur-         The 7th Annual Sliammon
spirit world or who may be liv-                                          for spending some quality time      ing the school holidays. These        Drug March held on No-
ing far away.                        There can be so much on our         with your children over the         are always fun family activities.     vember 22, 2006 was a
                                                                         holidays. These ideas are taken     Playing card games or board           huge success.
                                                                         from a calendar created by the      games at home are also great          Eighty-one people were
                                                                         First Nations Parents Club in       ways to pass the time and get         in attendance at the Salish
 Early Childhood Development                                             Vancouver.                          connected with our children.
                                                                                                             Our time and attention are the
                                                                                                                                                   Centre. The march started
                                                                                                                                                   outside the band office and
      Programs & Services                                                 • Singing Christmas songs
                                                                          • Driving around looking at
                                                                                                             best gifts we can give our chiy
                                                                                                                                                   went thorough the reserve
                                                                                                                                                   and finally to the Salish
                                                                           Christmas lights                                                        Centre. People of all ages
                                                                          • Making gift wrap using pa-       Best wishes for a wonderful           were welcome and we had
 Early Childhood Development Outreach Services                             per, bags, stamps, markers,       Christmas and a great new year.       a good turn out of elders
 Brenda Pielle can be reached at the SCDRC phone number (483-              crayons, etc.                     Brenda Pielle                         and children and teens. We
 3449) at extension 4. Please give Brenda a call if you are interested                                                                             would like to give a special
 in any of the following services:                                                                                                                 thanks to Sally Louie, Cindy
                                                                                                                                                   Smith, Candace Galligos,
 Fluoride Varnish – children six years of age and under                                                                                            Ryan Dominic, Patty Dip-
 can have fluoride varnish painted on their teeth every six                                                                                         lock, Brenda Diplock and
 months right in your own home, or at the SCDRC. This is                                                                                           to our guest speaker Gerry
 an extra prevention measure for our children and is meant                                                                                         Olman. We want to espe-
 to go hand in hand with regular visits to the dentist and                                                                                         cially thank the elders for
 professional dental care.                                                                                                                         their participation and in
                                                                                                                                                   judging our poster contests
 Toy and Book Lending – Parents may borrow children’s                                                                                              and to the RCMP Const.
 books, or toys for a period of two to four weeks.                                                                                                 Dave Fish.

 Developmental Screening – If you would like to take a
 look at your child’s development by using an Ages and
 Stages Questionnaire, you may access one from Brenda
 and she can go over it with you if you wish.

 Referrals and Information – If you have any concerns
 about your child’s health or development, Brenda has
 referral information for services in town such as: speech
 therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, infant
 development consultation, etc. These professionals are
 willing to come out to our community and talk with you
 about your concerns. If you would like to look at a pam-
 phlet or handout about some topic related to child devel-
                                                                         MORE FAMILY PROGRAMS IN SLIAMMON
 opment, Brenda would be happy to share with you any
 information she has gathered in her resource library.
                                                                         Family Recreation Night
                                                                                                                                                  Parent Peers Monday
                                                                                 Who:              Families with children 0-12 years              Night Out
     THESE PROGRAMS AND SERVICES MADE POSSIBLE THROUGH                           When:             Dec. 1st / once per month – dates to be
         FUNDING FROM THE MINISTRY FOR CHILDREN AND                                                announced in 07 6:30pm-8:00pm                  Who: Parents of children
                    FAMILY DEVELOPMENT.                                          Where:            at the gym                                              0-6years
                                                                                 What:             games, puzzles, snacks, crafts, sing along     When: Monday evenings
                                                                                                   Fun for the whole family                       December 4th and December
                                                                                                                                                  11th 6:30pm-8:00pm
                                                                                                                                                  Where: Multi purpose room
                                                                         Parent Tot Drop In                                                       – Sliammon Child Develop-
Family Swim Program                                                                                                                               ment Centre
                                                                                 Who:                 Parents and Infants / Toddlers 0-2yrs old   What: December 4th Joyce
Who: children 0-6 years of age                                                   When:                Thursday mornings 10:30am-noon              Pollack will be sharing with us
and their families                                                               Where:               Multi purpose room – Sliammon Child         about nutrition
When: Dec. 3rd / dates in the new                                                                     Development Centre                          December 11th Winnie
year to be announced 12:00noon to                                                  What:              Play time for the children                  Kucharsky will share about
1:00pm                                                                                                Songs, rhymes, stories, refreshments        infant sign language.
Where: at the complex                                                    Come on out for a chance to talk with resource people about your
What: A fun activity for the whole                                       child’s development, a chance to talk with other parents, and a chance   Child minding will be provided.
family free swimming and light re-                                       for your little one to meet some children around the same age.
freshments afterwards in the lobby
                                                                                                                                Neh Motl- December 1st, 2006 - Page 12

In Memorial, Thank You To The Community
                                      Maggie. He lived a very tra-      We would also like to give spe-     Many thanks to the pall bear-       We had asked that there be no
                                         ditional life and was very     cial thanks to the Sliammon         ers, honorary pall bearers and      flowers for the funeral as that is
                                             proud of his teachings     Fire Department. These people       the ushers who were there at the    what our Dad would have want-
                                               (taow) and his in-       put themselves at risk when-        church for us. We also want to      ed. Donations were collected
                                                  dependence. He        ever they are called upon, day      thank Father Lawrence for the       ($642) and we donated these
                                                    made it his goal    or night. We can only imagine       service and also to Bill Blaney     funds to the Sliammon Cultural
                                                     in life to share   what you must go through and        and the group for providing the     Program. Our dad firmly be-
                                                      his teachings     we pray for your peace as well.     music and to the dedicated men      lieved in taking care of himself
                                                      with his fam-     Please remember to take care of     who always come out to help at
                                                      ily. Dad was      yourselves too.                                                         and sharing his teachings. It is
                                                                                                            the graveyard.                      our wish that these funds go to-
                                                      very proud of
                                                      his children      We would like to extend spe-                                            wards furthering the teaching of
                                                                                                            Special thanks to Murray and        our culture so that others may
                                                     (Roy,       Lee,   cial thanks to our Auntie Elsie
                                                                                                            Nancy Mitchell who came to the      benefit.
                                                     Denise, Dela-      for her comforting words and
                                                                                                            house on the day of our Dadʼs
                                                   na and Angela)       compassion. In times like this
                                                                                                            funeral. Your song brought spe-     Lastly, our family would like to
                                                 and all of his         we need someone to lean on, to
                                               grandchildren.           ground us, to hold us together.     cial gifts and provided us with     wish you all Seasonʼs greetings.
                                                                        We also extend a thank you to       peace on that difficult day.
                                           We would first of all like    Betty Wilson for her help with                                          Take care.
Cheh cheha thetch                     to thank Corporal Blanche,        the food, prayers and also for      Many heartfelt thanks to Noreen
                                    Constables Goulde, Pelat, Webb      providing the cedar roses for the   Paul for the pictures and for be-   Denise Smith & Family
Our family would like to extend     and Constable Fougere for their     casket and to our cousin Vangie.    ing there with us through it all.
our sincere thank you to all of     caring, understanding and com-      Thank you to David Louie and        You are true jeh jeh.
the people who came forward         passion. They were there with       Melvin Mitchell who provided
to help us in our time of grief     us through it all and we are        the cedar paddles. Many spe-
with the passing of our father,     extremely grateful. We would        cial thanks to Mia Louie for
David.                              also like to thank the coroner,     the blanket – it was so special,
                                    Alaine Alington for her caring      beautiful and perfect. Thank
We have gone through an ex-         and compassion in guiding us        you to Sammy Pielle and Elsie
tremely difficult time. The sud-     through the long wait. Thank        Paul who helped us with the
den and tragic loss of our father   you to all of you who came for-     burning.
was devastating. It will take us    ward to help. (Apologies if we
all a long time to heal and ac-     forgot anyone).                     Thank you to all of the people
cept.                                                                   who provided food to the house
                                    There were many people who          and for the luncheon. We ap-
Our father, David was a good        came forward to help, visits to     preciate all the work and help.
man. He was a husband to            the house, bringing food and        Special thanks to Mary Harry
Irene, son to Mary and John,        other necessities and just being    who as always comes forward
brother to Floyd, Phillip and       there to talk to us. Thank You.     to help to organize the food.
                                                                                                                             Neh Motl- December 1st, 2006 - Page 13

   Check Out Whatʼs New At
       Tlaʼ Amin Health
Dear Community Members,                       3. TCHS is entering into its 3rd five year
                                                Memorandum of Understanding with
                                                                                             Malaspina College courses to all its
                                                                                             member nations
                                                                                                                                        MERRY XMAS
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
to all! Where has this calendar year            the Sliammon Chief and Council.                                                        AND FAREWELL
gone? Another year bites the dust. In an      4. TCHS will have completed its evalu-        On behalf of TlaʼAmin Community
attempt not to sound much like an AGM           ation of health transfer for the last five   Health Board Society, we wish you a      With mixed feelings I have decided
Report, I asked myself a couple of ques-        years.                                      happy, safe holiday and a prosperous
                                                                                                                                     to make changes in my career. No-
tions.                                        5. Through Inter-Tribal Health Author-        2007.
                                                                                                                                     vember 24th, 2006 will have been
                                                ity, using video conferencing to offer      Rose Adams and Laurette Bloomquist
                                                                                                                                     my last day working for TlaʼAmin
What have we, as staff, done this past
                                                                                                                                     Health, your community.
year that we havenʼt done before? Some
staff has participated in the following ac-
tivities:                                                                                                                            My time working for the TlaʼAmin
                                                                                                                                     Community will be an experience I
 o Medical Terminology Classes                                                                                                       will always cherish. I have learned
 o Diabetes Project                                                                                                                  so much from each and everyone
 o Excel Level #2 Classes                                                                                                            who has touched my life. I think
 o Power Point Classes                                                                                                               of Elders, co-workers, clients & so
 o RCMP Canoe Trip                                                                                                                   many friends who have taught me
 o Restorative Justice Training                                                                                                      about your culture with respect,
 o Video Conference Workshops                                                                                                        caring and an openness to share
 o Video Conference Meetings                                                                                                         your teachings. I have learned that
 o E – Health (Electronic Health Files)
                                                                                                                                     so many of you have strength &
                                                                                                                                     courage to make changes in your
What staff has left TlaʼAmin Community
                                                                                                                                     life even when faced with many
Health Services this past calendar year?
Jo-Ann Allen – Home Care Nurse, Ade-                                                                                                 challenges. My hands go up to
line August – Justice Worker, Judy Gaud-                                                                                             you all!
ett – Youth Worker, Vicki Harry – Home
Care & Tobacco Support/Relief Recep-                                                                                                 I may be done working in your
tionist, Cindy Smith – Strengthening                                                                                                 community but I will still be a fre-
Families, Danielle Walford – ECE Day-                                                                                                quent visitor. Cyndi Pallen is step-
care and Renee Huvall – ECE Daycare.                                                                                                 ping into the role of co-coordina-
                                                                                                                                     tor for Cheʼchega towtl, Family
When staff leave that also means new                                                                                                 Program. I know she will have the
staff arrive: Crystal Dominick – ECE                                                                                                 caring & knowledge to have this
Daycare, Corinne Vanderwal – Home
                                                                                                                                     program continue to be a benefit
Care Nurse, Jean Daly – Home Care
                                                                                                                                     for you all.
Support, Roy Nelmes – ECE Daycare,
                                                                                                                                     Have a wonderful Christmas Sea-
Margaret Rossi – Relief Receptionist,
Curtis Smith - Maintenance, Joyce Pol-                                                                                               son and Happy New Year!
lack – Nutritionist/Diabetes Specialist,
Lori Pierreroy – ECE Daycare.                                                                                                        Emote

What is new for TCHS in 2007?                                                                                                        Cindy Smith
1. We will have E – Health up and run-
  ning by the third week of January. Staff
  will be in training during the week of
  January 15th and we will be live by the
  18th of January.
2. TCHS is entering into its 3rd five year
                                              Non Insured Health Benefits
  health transfer agreement with Health
                                              Out of Town Medical Transportation Information
 CHE CHE GAH TOWLTH                                                                         August 1st – October 31st 2006          Total Mileage = $4,166

 EXERCISING WITH ARTHRITIS                                                                  Out of town medical appointments
                                                                                                                                    Total Taxis = $2,764.40

                                                                                            160 individuals accessed services for   Total Meals/Adult
  When arthritis threatens to immobi-           through the day.                            medical appointments out of town        Breakfast = $3,216 (402 x $8)
  lize you, exercise keeps you moving.        � Helping to control your weight,                                                     Lunch = $3,496 (437 x $8)
                                                thus lessening stress on your joints        Escorts:                                Dinner = $7,360 (430 x $16)
  Exercise can improve your health and         � Helping you sleep at night and             136 Escorts provided (85% of the
  fitness without hurting your joints          feel better about yourself                    individuals who went out of town for    Total Meals/Child
  whereas not exercising makes your                                                         medical appointments requires an        Breakfast = $68 (17 x $4)
  joints more painful and stiff. Exer-        Check with your doctor first. Un-              escort)                                 Lunch = $76 (19 x $4)
  cise                                        derstand:                                     Reason for escorts = 85 Doctor Re-      Dinner = $144 (18 x $8)
  helps by:                                                                                 ferrals; 26 Elders; 25 children
                                              � Whatʼs within your limits                                                           Total Days provided = 390
  � Strengthening the muscles and sur-        � What kind of exercises are best             Destination:                            Total Nights provided = 220
    rounding tissues thus maintaining         for you                                       93 appointments in Vancouver; 66
    support for your bones                    � What level of exercise is likely to         appointments in Vancouver Island        Total No Show Charges from
  � Helping to keep bones dense and           give results                                                                          Hotels = $701.80 (5 individu-
    strong                                                                                  Total Travel:                           als)
  � Decreasing fatigue and giving you         Source: MayoClinic.com                        208 on Ferries; 23 on Pacific Coast-
    more strength and energy to get                                                         al; 62 by Bus
                                                                                                                                          Neh Motl- December 1st, 2006 - Page 14

                                                                                            A Fed Bear Is
                           7th Annual
Community Candlelight Ceremony
Tla Amin Community Health Services will be hosting its 7th
                                                                                            a Dead Bear
                                                                                  Never approach a bear to try           clean. If possible, move the     avoid eye contact and talk in
Community Candlelight Memorial for our loved ones that have gone                  to drive him off. Instead, try         grill well away from the house   soothing voice.
on their Spiritual Journey.                                                       shouting, banging objects to-          when not in use.                 • If the bear stands up, he is
                                                                                  gether, making as much noise         • Donʼt feed pets outdoors.        NOT going to attack but is curi-
                                                                                  as possible and looking as big       • Donʼt leave any scented prod-    ous and wants a better sniff or
Date: December 5, 2006 - Tuesday                                                  as possible (by spreading your         ucts outside, even non-food      view.
Place: Sliammon Salish Center                                                     arms, or better, coat outward)         items such as suntan lotion,     • Back away slowly; if bear
Time: 5:00                                                                        to convince the bear to retreat.       insect repellent, soap, and      chomps jaw, lunges, or slaps
                                                                                  Throwing things at the bear is         candles.                         ground or brush with paw, he
Community Burning - will be held on Dec. 4/2006 – Monday
                                                                                  also an excellent way to get him                                        feels threatened.
Time: 12:00 – 3:00 @ Salish Center
Preparation for the cooking/burning will be on Mon. morning @
                                                                                  to move on.                          Here is what to do if you find      • Slowly retreat from area or
Health Building. Everyone is welcome to participate.                                                                   yourself in one of these situa-    make wide detour around bear;
                                                                                  As the saying goes, “a fed bear      tions.                             donʼt crowd or block bearʼs es-
                                                                                  is a dead bear.” Bears who be-                                          cape route.
Dinner will be provided                                                           come accustomed to finding            • Slowly back away, watching       • If a bear makes contact with
                                                                                  food around human dwellings          the bear. Stay calm and avoid      you, DO NOT PLAY DEAD.
                                                                                  are inevitably labeled “nui-         direct eye contact,
There will be a table set up for community members to bring a                     sances” and often pay for it with    which could elicit a
picture of your loved ones and candles will be provided to light. You             their lives.                         charge. Try to stay
are welcome to bring your own candle.
                                                                                                                       upwind and identify
                                                                                  • Rinse food cans and wrappers       yourself as a human
For more information contact : Dawna Pallen @
604.483.3009                                                                        before disposal. Keep gar-         by standing up, talk-
                                                                                    bage cans clean and deodor-        ing and waving your
                                                                                    ize them periodically.             hands above your

Aboriginal Planning
                                                                                  • Donʼt leave trash, groceries,      head.
                                                                                    or animal feed in your car, the    • If the bear tries
                                                                                    bear will break into your car      to approach you,

 Committee Needs
                                                                                    to get at the food.                stop. Try to scare
                                                                                  • Place trash cans at the curb on    it away by clapping
                                                                                    collection day rather than the     your hands or yell-

   Your Input                                                                       night before.
                                                                                  • Harvest fruit off trees as soon
                                                                                    as it is ripe, and promptly col-
                                                                                                                       ing, throw rocks or
                                                                                                                       sticks and use pep-
                                                                                                                       per spray if you have
An Invitation for you to attend          the Ministry of Children and               lect fruit that falls.             it. NEVER TURN
any one of the three informa-            Family Development (MCFD).               • Only provide bird feeders out-     AND RUN, running
tion sessions with Vancouver                                                        side during the coldest months     may mean you will
Coastal Aboriginal Planning              In September 2002, BC Aborig-              of the year—generally No-          be chased.
Committee-                               inal leaders and the BC Govern-            vember through March—and           • If the bear contin-
                                         ment signed a MOU “agreeing                always hang feeders so they        ues to approach you,               Fighting back is the best chance
On December 7th @                        to work cooperatively to ensure            are inaccessible to bears.         resume backing away slowly         of persuading a black bear to
TlaʼAmin Community Health                the smooth transition of Author-         • Donʼt dump household left-         while continuing to be aggres-     stop its attack. Use a large stick,
Building Board Room                      ity for Aboriginal services and            overs.                             sive towards the bear.             a rock or anything else that you
  Three Sessions: 10 am –                to establish a joint dialogue and        • Keep barbecue grills that are      • Pick up children so they donʼt   have on hand to hurt the bear.
  Noon, 2 pm – 4 pm, or                  decision-making process with               on decks or close to the house     run or scream; restrain dog;
  6 – 8 pm                               respect to the safety and well-
                                         being of Aboriginal children
The Vancouver Coastal Ab-                and families. This meeting is            o VCAPCʼs communications plan
original Planning Committee
(VCPC) is a planning commit-
                                         the first community – based
                                         meeting to discuss the process.
                                                                                  o VCAPCʼs work plan & vision
                                                                                  for the future                              Good Food Box
tee that was set up to establish
an Authority for Aboriginal              The presentation will include:           After the presentation VCAPC           You can place your orders for
children and families in the             o How VCAPC plans to partner             staff will be present for ques-
Vancouver Coastal region by              with communities                         tions and conversation                 the GOOD FOOD BOX up to
                                                                                                                         DEC 8, 2006 @ 11:30am
                                                                                                                         The box is $12.00.
  Happy Birthday                                                                                         Little Man

  Kyle George                                                              Son upon this very special Day Dec 7th
                                                                                                                                        After 11:30 am your order will be placed
                                                                                                                                        on the list for the next month.

                                                                                       We would like to remember                        Orders may be placed with either Dawna
                                                                                              That you have been                        Pallen - GFB coordinator or - Receptionist
                                                                                  A treasured moment in our lives                       at Tla’Amin Health. (Your GFB order can
                                                                                                                                        be placed at any time.)
                                                                                        It has been a true blessing
                                                                                    in our lives to watch you grow         Pick up your GFB on Wednesday,
                                                                                           Through out these years         DEC 13, 2006 @ 12:00 – 4:30
                                                                                  And with these warmest wishes            @ Sliammon Gym
                                                                                       that we give this gift to you
                                                                                   And we want you to remember           The box usually has potatoes, carrots, on-
                                                                             that our love is always there for you       ions, apples, oranges, bananas and other
                                                                                               Happy Birthday Kyle       seasonal fruit & vegetables.
                                                                        May all your hopes and dreams come true
                                                                                                                         Good Food Box is coordinated by Dawna Pallen at
                                                                                                   Love Mom & Dad
                                                                                                                         Health Services for more info call 483.3009
                                                                                                  Couteney & Ciera
                                                                                                                                    Neh Motl- December 1st, 2006 - Page 15

Che Che Gah Towlth
Low Blood Sugar Can Cause Anxiety
What Is It?                            � Fast heart beat                   Wait 15 minutes, retest and re-
                                       � Headache, irritable               treat with 15 g carbohydrate (as
 Very little sugar in the blood.       � Confusion, slurred speech         above) if your blood sugar is                           Do you have
You may/may not experience             � Unconscious or coma or            still less than 4.0.                                    diabetes?         Do you need a blood
feelings of “low blood sugar”.           death                                                                                                       sugar testing
If you are testing your blood                                              Once your blood sugar is above              Do you                        machine?
sugar with a glucose meter and         What To Do When Your Blood          4.0, have the usual snack or                test your     Is diabetes
the reading is less than 4.0, then     Sugars Are Low                      meal that is due at that time of            blood         in your              Do you want to talk
you have low blood sugar.                                                  the day. If a meal or snack is                            family?              about diabetes?
                                       If possible check your blood        more than 1 hour away, eat a
What Causes Low Blood Sug-             sugar to be sure that it is a low   snack of a starch and protein
                                                                           such as 1⁄2 sandwich or 6 soda
                                                                                                                        Diabetes Talking Circle
ar?                                    blood sugar. Other things can
                                                                           crackers with cheese or peanut                  Let’s meet Tuesday,         EVERYONE WELCOME
                                       also cause these symptoms. If
� Taking too much insulin or           you canʼt test and you have         butter. Eat your usual meal at                  December 5th
                                                                           mealtime.                                       from 2:00 to 3:00           For more information call
  diabetes pills                       symptoms, go ahead and treat
                                                                                                                                                       Joyce at (604) 483-3009
� Unplanned physical activity          it.
  such as clamming, fishing,            Take 15 g of fast acting “carbo-    Always carry a sugar source                     Sliammon Health Centre
  grass cutting, long walks etc.       hydrate”                            such as the BD tablets or Dex-
� Missed or late meals                 � 3 BD glucose tablets or 6         trosol tablets, or Lifesavers or
� Drinking alcohol                         Dextrosol tablets               sugar packages with you. You
                                       � 6 regular Lifesavers              might have a low blood sugar
How Do You Feel When You               � 3⁄4 cup of juice or regular       reaction when you are not at
Have Low Blood Sugar                       pop                             home – perhaps in a car or on
                                       � 3 teaspoons of sugar or honey     a boat etc. By carrying a sugar
                                                                           source with you, you are always
                                                                                                                For more information about diabetes
� Shaky, weak, sweaty, hungry              or jam
� Frightened, nervous                                                      prepared, always safe.               call Joyce at (604) 483-3009

“Cross Cultural Gathering” in Sliammon with
the focus on “War Against Crystal Meth”
Cyndi Pallen-Addictions Pro-     and soplen. The guests brought            Nations people experiences due       or low intensity users.There are     Hugh Prichard – TlaʼAmin
gram Coordinator & Dawna Pal-    special potluck international             to isolation and marginalization     severe psychological and physi-      Health Youth Coordinator
len Health Promotion Coordina-   dishes from their ethnic back-            that deeply affect our First Na-     cal effects with meth use.           Erik Blaney – Practicum Stu-
tor of TlaʼAmin Health Services  grounds.                                  tions people. Gerry states, “It                                           dent of Child and Youth Care
along with Powell River Child,   Special Guest Speaker: Gerry              is a process of healing from the     Common ingredients are ac-           (Nanaimo MALU)
Youth and Family Service Soci-   Oleman of Lillooet, BC works              legacy”. Many of us as First         etone, brick or engine clean-        A special evening was set up to
ety implemented a special        with the Provincial Residential           Nations people face challenges       ers, drano, and lye, anhydrous,      deliver the “Crystal Meth Pre-
                                                 School Proj-              today in main stream society,        ammonia, all which are highly        sentation” specific for youth.
The welcoming                                    ect. Gerry was            and we are learning how to deal      flammable. Scans indicate,            The youth were asked to give
and opening re- The average life span p r e v i o u s l y                  with social concerns of our peo-     “Meth changes the brain for-         feed back on clarity, under-
marks came from of a chronic meth user in Sliammon                         ple such as high rates of alco-      mation and leaves holes in the       standing of Crystal Meth, and
Chief Walter Paul, is seven years! Meth is in the year                     holism, drug addiction, violence     brain tissue”. Crystal Meth is       feedback on the time frame in
and representa- highly addictive even 2000, to teach                       and loss of culture. Prior to con-   highly dangerous and destruc-        delivering the presentation.
tion from Powell      for first time or low                                 tact First Nations people did not    tive! Crystal Meth is Deadly
                                                 drum       mak-
River was Mayor          intensity users.                                  experience social diseases, and                                           We had 17 youth (ages 12 – 19)
                                                 ing and gifted
Stewart Alsgard.                                 Sliammon with             various complex concerns.            Thank you to the following for       attend on November 16, 2006 at
“Thank you to both for being in a couple songs. His words were                                                  all the help and prep for the eve-   TlaʼAmin Health Board Room.
the present, and supporting the greatly appreciated as he had the          The presentation included            ning of Tuesday November 21,         Dinner and an evening out to
work done toward a healthier ability to enrich the audience                • Myths, Facts, and Realities of     2006.                                the complex was included.
future for the community and of Sliammon and the guests                      Crystal Meth
future generations”.             of Powell River Community                 • History of Crystal Meth              Kitchen Aid/Set Up/Deco-           Thank you once again to Hugh
                                 mainly professionals working              Forms and Appearances of               rate/Clean Up/BBQ Salmon/          and Erik.
The evening began with a din- with people. Gerry shared on                   Crystal Meth                         Bannock & Made Paddles
ner of Traditional BBQ Salmon, the dynamics associated to First            • Dynamics of Crystal Meth             – Roseann Louie, Brandi            Powell River City Council and
                                                                                         Use                      Nicole Harry (Craig) Mario         TlaʼAmin Health submitted
                                                                                         • Clan Labs              Paul, Mark Paul, Ramona            a joint application based on a
                       Where:       Health Center                                        • Productions            Dominic, and Charlie Bob.          partnership to deliver the proj-
                                    4895 Salish Drive                                                             The Tla’Amin Health Staff          ect, which includes the Cross
                                                                                         Handouts      were       who assisted were -                Cultural component of both
   Community Kitchen

                       When:        DEC 11, 2006 Monday                                  presented to the         Dawna Pallen – Co-facili-          the Powell River and TlaʼAmin
                                           (Date change)                                 audiences to re-         tated                              Community.
                                                                                         view on their own        Cathy Paul – Registration
                       Time:        1- 4:30                                              time. The message        Gerald Blaney – Pick up            Cyndi Pallen and Deborah Mc
                                                                                         was strong to pass       cake, and Juice Containers         Isaac of PRCYF, will co-facili-
                       We get together to make meals that are cost                       on the information       John Louie - Master of Cer-        tate in a special gathering at the
                       effective and nutritious. The group gets                          about the devas-         emony                              Powell River Complex in the
                       together the last Tuesday of every month. The                     tating effects of        Jeannie Bassett – Finance          future, along with presentation
                       meals & baking we do is from scratch and
                                                                                         Crystal Meth.            Department                         to the youth and parents, and
                       freezable for later use
                                                                                                                  Maggie Gisle – Volunteer           Powell School District Teachers
                                                                                         The average life         from town – Deliver flyers,         on Pro D Day.
                       Contact Dawna Pallen @ 604.483.3009
                                                                                         span of a chronic        and beaded paddles for gifts.
                       for more information or if you would like
                       to sign up.                                                       meth user is sev-                                           If you have any questions or
                                                                                         en years! Meth is      Special Thank you to the fol-        would like to attend a future
                                                                                         highly addictive       lowing in preparing for this pre-    presentation, please notify Cyn-
                                                                                         even for first time     sentation:                           di Pallen at 604-483-3009.
                                                                                                                                     Neh Motl- December 1st, 2006 - Page 16

                                             LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
                                                                       What can Sliammon learn from the
                                                                       Songeesʼ Situation?
                                                                       After keeping up with the Song-         They didnʼt ask anyone for his-        to build on the heritage site infor-
                                                                       hees situation over the last few        torical background or permission,      mation guide and raise the profile
                                                                       weeks, I felt I needed to flag the       just exercised their authority. No-    without scaring the surrounding
                                                                       situation for our area as there are     body knew about it until it until it   community into thinking we are
Su Suʼs to the young vandals
who have been spray painting
                                    Sliammon                           many similar circumstances that
                                                                       we could end up facing. I know
                                                                                                               blind sided them in the media.         anti-development.

graffiti on the signs, buildings,      Soccer                           that the nations is probably al-        We also have many caves and
                                                                                                                                                      Development pressure around us
                                                                                                                                                      is only going to keep growing and
and roads around our commu-         Tracksuits.                        ready on it and that much of this
                                                                       work has already been researched
                                                                                                               sacred sites that hold legends of      the province will protect private
nity. Many of us take pride in                                                                                 great events and that were used        land owners and money making
Sliammon and have worked              Tracksuits are $130.00 each.     and documented. I donʼt know if         for sacred cultural practices. We      development first. I donʼt want it
very hard to beautify our com-          I am taking more orders        we need to bring it to the Nego-        also have overlaps with other sur-     to be too late for one of our trea-
munity. Shame on you for not                                           tiators attention as an issue with      rounding Nations where sacred          sures and stand by to watch it fall
                                       until Friday, December 8th.
caring about where you live!                                           specific caves and other sacred          sites may be located.                  for a condo development. Thanks
                                        If you would like to order
                                                                       sites to protect in the territory                                              for listening.
Do you do this on your walls at         one, I require the full pay-
                                                                       right now. I would rather be pro-        • Do we have a map showing our
home? Are you allowed to?            ment of $130.00. Please email
                                                                       active than reactive and end up in         caves and sacred sites? Does        Michelle Washington
                                    kitgalligos@hotmail.com or call    the media like they have.                  it include a listing of use?
Pa-aj-as – to responsible parents   me at work at 604-483-9696 or                                               • Are any of them registered
who know where their children             home at 604-414-9451.        The Songheees are under the                ARC sites?
are at all times. All parents         December 8th is the              Douglas Treaty but they still fall       • Do we have a chart listing lev-
should know where their kids          absolute deadline.               under the Heritage Conservation            els of protection and signifi-
are and what they are doing.            Cathy Galligos.”               Act which not only failed to pro-          cance of certain sites to our
                                                                       tect their sacred site in this case,       people?                                The deadline for the
                                                                       the Ministry gave the ok to de-                                                   next issue is Tuesday,
                                                                       stroy it by removing the roof to        There have already been so many           December 19th, 2006
                                                                       research whether there was any-         sites destroyed in our territory ei-
                                                                       thing sacred in it! They say that       ther deliberately or unconscious-        After that date, material submitted
                                                                       sacred sites are not accepted as        ly. Who knows which of these              and judged appropriate cannot be
                                                                       arc sites and will not be protect-      sites could prove our occupation           guaranteed placement but, if still
                                                                       ed unless you can prove use and                                                  relevant, will be included in the fol-
                                                                                                               for 50,000 years or bring a major                    lowing issue.
                                                                       occupation. In this case, there         discovery. What if the bones of
                                                                       were many registered sites on the       the ihos are in its cave between          Please e-mail typed submissions to:
                                                                       mountain but the cave was not           here and Lund? What if it is true         information@sliammontreaty.com
                                                                       registered as an arc site (they have    that many of our people buried            I will also make myself available to
                                                                       kept it secret to protect it) and the   their regalia and coppers to hide       cover stories- however, this is subject
                                                                       developerʼs archeologists deemed        them from the first missionaries                to my time, and deadlines.
                                                                       it unsafe to research. The heavy        that came? Look at clam gardens
                                                                       development around it probably          just being accepted and the impact             For inquiries call:
                                                                       made it unstable but that doesnʼt       they could have on our foreshore                Noreen Paul
                                                                       make a difference now.                  tenure. I donʼt know how we raise               604-483-4427
                                                                       Their Chief and Council made            awareness in our own and the sur-              1-877-483-4427
                                                                       deals with the developer five            rounding community that our
                                                                       years ago with no Land depart-          sites deserve respect and protec-
                                                                       ment or community consultation.         tion but this is a good opportunity
    December Birthdays 2006

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