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					                                                 Arizona Society for
                                              Computer Information, inc.

Volume 9 Issue 03                                               March 2002

        Monthly Agenda                                           President’s Message
Basic Questions and Answers : 12:30 P.M.
                                                                    Drawing Life
                                                           "You're the only person I've ever seen bringing a key-
BUSINESS MEETING :                                         board to the hospital," said a woman in the elevator. I set
  Old Business:                                            up my notebook computer on a rolling table beside
  Minutes:                                                 Mom's bed. She's my wife's mother. When she slept, I
  Treasurer’s Report:                                      drew my house plans using AutoCAD. When she
  Committee Reports:                                       needed help, I was right there with a suction tube. The
  Membership:                                              nurses called me The Computer Man.
  Price Report:                                                At age 93, Mom had suffered a stroke. She entered
  Site Seekers:                                            the hospital with clear lungs and a strong heartbeat.
  Buy, Sell or Trade:                                      Soon she had pneumonia and a heart attack. She hangs
  Questions & Answers:                                     on, but life is so uncertain.
                                                               The notebook has a touch pad, and it's a fine device
NEW BUSINESS:                                              for pointing and clicking. But have you done much drag-
  Announcements:                                           ging with a touch pad? It's hard to beat an optical mouse.
                                                               There's one PS/2 port on the back, for a keyboard or a
General Questions and Answers                              mouse. And I like the full size keyboard if I'm doing
                                                           much typing, so the keyboard takes the PS/2 port and the
MAIN MEETING:                                              mouse takes a USB port. It's a bit bulky lugging a key-
                                                           board sticking out beyond the notebook bag. Hence the
                                                           observation in the elevator.
Ric Fischer will give a presentation on Zoo Tycoon, a          Several relatives arrived at once. "If we don't expect
Microsoft game featuring Lions and Tigers and Bears!       her to live six months, we can get her in hospice," one
Oh, my.                                                    said, right there in her room. Mom was drifting in and
                                                           out of sleep. I tried to move the conversation into the
Bob Nixon will show us how to prepare a picture CD         hall. "Oh, she can't understand anything," they said. Her
which will automatically run when inserted in the drive.   dementia doesn't allow her to hold a sensible conversa-
                                                           tion, but how do we know what she can understand?
Bring your friends and neighbors.                              With positive messages, we strengthen each other.
                                                           With negative remarks, we break the spirit, and block
Great prizes for paid-up members.                          possible communication.
                                                               The specs called for insulation batting to be drawn in
                          c                                the exterior walls of my house plans. It's an interesting
                                                                                                  (Continued on page 2)
            The ASCIi Clipboard
ASCIi OFFICERS                                                                                (Continued from page 1)
President                                   Hank Pearson                   602-944-2965
Vice-President                              Bob Nixon                      480-897-6204       curly line pattern. To see it cor-
Treasurer                                   Jean Steell                    602-861-3642       rectly on the screen, I set the
Secretary                                   Ric Fischer                    602-266-0567       linetype scale to .1875. That's a
                                                                                              six-inch wall divided by 32. At
COMMITTEES                                                                                    3/8"=1', the drawing is 1/32 actual
Meeting Moderator                                                                             size on D size paper: 36"x24". For
                                                                    Joel Schwartz
Clipboard Putter-togetherer                                         Joe Benedetto             plotting on paper, I set the linetype
Membership                                       Lee Laughner, Quentin Campbell               scale back to 1.
APCUG Coordinator                                                     Ric Fischer                  We took turns sitting with
Review Committee Chairman                                                                     Mom. In her sleep, she had a
                                                                         Bill Funk
Training & Education                             Marilyn Carter, Jamie Clemmons               strong cough and a good swallow.
Club Sales                                               Carl Cole, Lee Laughner              When awake, she couldn't cough
Doc Elwell Phone Tree                                                   Carl Cole             and swallow, even with coaching.
Dealer Coordinator                                                                            Physically, the automatic responses
                                                                   Ron Brookman
Vendor Coordinator                                                       Bill Funk            worked fine. But her mind couldn't
Webmaster                                                             Ric Fischer             consciously take control.
                                                                                                   A rattling noise developed in
                                                                                              her breathing. She strained more
ASCIi                                                                                         and more for each breath. The
Arizona Society for Computer Information, inc. is a non-                                      nurses sent for a respiratory thera-
profit computer user group that formed well over 14 years ago.                                pist. Just as he arrived on the floor,
ASCIi is just computer people helping computer people by sharing                              he was called away for a double
information and talents.                                                                      trauma. The room grew tense.
ASCIi has a formal meeting on the second Saturday of the month in the                              One of the features most fun to
ABACUS building, at 3rd Street and Earll, on the first floor.                                 draw is electrical wiring, with gen-
ASCIi also has an informal meeting on the fourth Saturday of the month                        tle curves connecting the switches
at Exceptional Realty, 4645 S. Lakeshore Dr. Suite 1, Tempe, AZ.                              and lights. Everything is drawn in
Hardware and software problems welcome.                                                       layers, in different colors, and dif-
Steering Committee meetings will be at the Eastside meeting at 1:00                           ferent line weights. Each symbol
P.M. which lasts about 30-45 minutes. All members are encouraged to                           has a meaning. Drawings are or-
attend and input their ideas for the future of YOUR user group.                               ganized and tidy. With drawings,
                                                                                              we can plan the real future.
New users are welcome, and membership in ASCIi is NOT required to                                  Life is random and unpredict-
attend the meetings.                                                                          able. Perhaps there is a plan, some-
                                                                                              where, more organized and tidy
Information may be obtained by contacting one of the ASCIi officers, on                       than a computer drawing. But we
the ASCIi web-site or by writing to:                                       are not trained to read it. We do
Arizona Society for Computer Information, inc.                                                not know the future, but we always
4397 W. Bethany Home Rd. PMB# 1296                                                            have choices. We can fall victim to
Glendale, AZ 85301                                                                            life's cruel turns, or we can learn
                                           c                                                  from life. The exact outcome is not
                                                                                              in our plans. But we can decide
                                                                                              what to do with the symbols.
The CLIPBOARD is published monthly by the A r i z o n a S o c i e t y f o r
C o m p u t e r I n f o r m a t i o n , i n c . A subscription to the CLIPBOARD is included
in the yearly dues.
                                                                                                Submitted by: Hank Pearson,
                                                                                                     ASCIi President
The information and data in this newsletter was obtained from sources considered reliable.
The accuracy or completeness is not guaranteed. The opinions expressed in this newsletter
are not necessarily those of ASCIi, its editors or staff.
Permission to reprint any non-copyrighted article is granted if author and ASCIi Clipboard
are credited.

           The ASCIi Clipboard
       Ric’s                           have seemingly divine inspirations. For example, if we did this same
                                       scheme among a group of 100 people, what would happen? If I received
    Ruminations                        the letter from an outside source, I would pay the outsiders a total of
                                       $5.00 for the documents they are selling me. If I then add my name to the
      By Ric Fischer                   bottom, remove the first name, and send it to the other 99 people in my
                                       group, I would receive $99. I then send out 99 copies of document num-
The Federal Trade Commission           ber 5, since each of the 99 received a letter with my name in the fifth slot.
(FTC), a branch of the govern-         The other 99 people then add their name to the bottom, delete the first
ment that is, among other things,      person and now I am in the slot for document number 4. Those 99 people
charged with protecting the inter-     mail it to 98 people, since they will not send it to themselves or me. Here
ests of the consumer, recently         is the fun part: 99 people will have mailed 98 other people, each of them
issued a request: Break the            will have my name in the slot for document number 4. However, since all
Chain!                                 of them already have document 5, none of them will send this newer let-
    We have all received chain         ter to the other 98 people, because, as the letter says, you do not re-send a
letters at one time or another.        new version of the letter. Since those 99 people already received docu-
Before the Internet soared in          ment number 4, they will not be ordering it from me. We have hit a dead-
popularity, we were getting them       end within the group of 100 people. I gained $94.00 (not including post-
via regular mail. I am sure you        age and copying costs). Everybody else in the group each lost $5.00 and
will recall the good old, “Send        the world kept on spinning in space.
this letter to ten people or you’ll         However, it said that there is one born every minute. It sure is an inter-
have seven years of bad luck.”         esting experiment in wealth-redistribution, though.
    One of the more popular                 Email is a terrific tool for cheap and effective communication, whether
schemes was to sell documents          or not you are sending the communication to someone you know. It costs
for a dollar each. First, you send a   little to send an email to a hundred thousand people. Sadly, it costs only
dollar to each of the five people      slightly more to email two hundred thousands.
listed at the bottom of the letter          I do not enjoy spam. It annoys most people. If you get a joke or story
(thus ordering five different          that you enjoy, please do not send it to everyone in your address book. I
documents). Second, remove the         used to receive quite a lot of them. I read almost none of them. I finally
first person and add your name to      asked people to send something to me only if they themselves have some-
the bottom of the list. Lastly,        thing to say to me. I rarely receive jokes nowadays. I am happy about
send the newly modified letter to      that. I really appreciate it when someone takes the time to write a mes-
as many people as possible. The        sage and email me. I am human and I enjoy human interaction. I consider
result is that you could make          forwarding very impersonal, especially when it to me and 133 of their
thousands if not hundreds of           closest friends. Good examples of close friends are
thousands of dollars. Then there       and It is truly an honor to be among such a
is the responsibility of mailing       select group.
out one of the five documents to            I no longer wonder why it can be so difficult to get responses in a
each person that sent you a dollar.    timely fashion from various support email addresses.
In addition, the letter never               Back to the FTC advisory: They are trying to let us know that we
seemed to mention sales taxes. If      should not be participating in these chain letter schemes because many of
the purchaser lived in the same        them are illegal.
state as you, I always thought that         You can read more about it at
you were legally required to have           Please, do not break the law. It would be terrible if we had to move the
a tax ID license and submit an         meetings to a special room in prison.
earnings report plus your share of
the state sales tax to the Depart-
ment of Revenue. However, I                                                 c
could be wrong. Silly me. Of
course, I would rather skip the
whole thing and just make my
    Fortunately, I was never silly
enough try this. Occasionally, I

           The ASCIi Clipboard
             Review of Zoo Tycoon                                                Would you be willing to go to the
                                                                                 local zoo if the admission fee was
                          by Ric Fischer                                         $50.00?

Do you like animals? Do animals like you? Many humans eat animals and            Then again, we have staffing to
vice-versa. We like our vicious animals behind bars where we can watch           hire. Paid employees include
them. Sometimes it is fun to watch them and sometimes it is boring. Have         maintenance workers,
you ever been to the zoo and just felt like it was not a fun experience?         zookeepers, and guides. It gets
Perhaps the entertainment value was so low because there was not enough          tricky trying to weigh and
to keep you interested.                                                          balance your various costs
                                                                                 against your income.
Have you ever wanted to watch a man flee for his life from a lion that
somehow escaped the lion pen at the zoo? Now you can and without any             This summer, Microsoft will be
blood or gore! Last year, Microsoft introduced a terrific new game called        releasing an expansion pack
Zoo Tycoon. The game comes with several scenarios, an assortment of              called Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur
animals, and a bountiful selection of buildings and structures.                  Digs. It will allow Zoo Tycoon
                                                                                 players to build a dinosaur zoo.
Installation is a                                                                                  Imagine setting
piece of cake.                                                                                     a tyrannosaurus
The game runs                                                                                      rex or a
smoothly and                                                                                       velociraptor free
has a very good                                                                                    to chase your
introductory                                                                                       guests!
scenario to get
you familiar                                                                                      Running a zoo
with the basics                                                                                   can be a lot of
of playing the                                                                                    work but very
game.                                                                                             rewarding. Just
                                                                                                  remember to
The goal is                                                                                       keep the lions,
whatever you                                                                                      tigers, and bears
want it to be.                                                                                    in their pens.
You can try to
build a small                                                                                    Ric Fischer is a
community zoo                                                                                    computer geek
that specializes                                                                                 of the second-
in providing a respite from the doldrums of everyday life. Alternatively,                        highest order.
you can strive for the peak of the zoo world by having a huge,                   You can learn more about him at
moneymaking zoo that is world-renowned for the incredible results they 
get from their research and the wide array of animals on display.                You can reach him by email at
Whatever the ultimate goal, you have several things you must accomplish
in any zoo. Build the animal pens and provide facilities to attract guests.                     c
Guests dislike zoos that do not provide clear visibility to the pens. They
get grumpy if you do not have food for them, and they get especially
irritated if you do not have conveniently located restrooms. The condition
of the animals also affects the humans. If the animals are always hungry,
thirsty, have lousy or inappropriate living quarters, or the wrong terrain,
the guests can tell that the animal is dissatisfied and will not want to visit
your zoo in the future.

Tickets, annual memberships, donations, research grants, and concession
sales all generate income. You might be tempted to pump up the prices.

                 The ASCIi Clipboard
          I don’t like                                                  Future Site Seekers
            political                                   I have a partial listing for the clipboard, but will fill in holes later (as I
             jokes…                                     get volunteers).

                                                        March           Ric Fischer
                                                        April           Robert Schulz
         Too many of                                    May             Volunteer needed
                                                        June            Volunteer needed
          them get                                      July            Kevin Svec
           elected.                                     Aug
                                                                        Hank Pearson
                                                                        Quentin Campbell
                                                        Oct             Bob Nixon
                                                        Nov             Kathy Deaton
                     c                                  Dec             Volunteer needed

                                                                        Submitted by Phyllis Baughman

                       Change of                                                                      c
Or any other change we should know about? e-mail address change?

Let Lee Laughner, our Membership Chairperson, know. She can be
reached at the main meeting, or by e-mail:
or by phone (her number is on the telephone & Email list available at
the main meetings).

         Make sure                                       New location for the Steering Committee will be at the
                                                                    Eastside meeting at 1:00 P.M.
       your dues are
          paid to be                                                           NEW LOCATION
                                                                             Exceptional Realty
         eligible for                                                  4645 S. Lakeshore Dr. Suite 1
       the door prize                                                            Tempe, AZ
                                                                For further info. Call Bob @ (480) 831-0002
                                                             Every member who attends is on the committee.
                                                             Important decisions are made at these meetings.
                     c                                         This is YOUR club. It needs YOUR input!


    Westside Meetings                            Eastside Meetings
          ABACUS building
                                            Exceptional Realty, 4645 S. Lakeshore Dr.
          3rd Street & Earll
                                                      Suite 1, Tempe, AZ
   The Second Saturday of each Month
                                                The Fourth Saturday of each Month
             at 12:30 P.M.
                                                           at 1:00 P.M.

                                        US 60

                    S                                 R
                    t                                 u
                    r                                 r
                    e                                 a
                    e                                 l                4645 S.
                    t                                               Lakeshore Dr.
                          Earll Drive                                  Suite 1


                                                           Baseline Rd.

4397 W. Bethany Home Rd. PMB#1296
Glendale, AZ 85301


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