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					Where to Play Paintball

Paintball is usually played in neighborhood backyards, somewhere in the
woods, or on abandoned or empty lots. Though it is usually alright to
hold paintball games at these places, there are safer venues for having
paintball competitions.

Many fields specially designed for paintball games are being developed in
the U.S. These organized fields allow paintball players to have their
games in a safe environment.

It is recommended that paintball games be held in commercial fields
rather than backyards and empty lots. Commercial fields have referees who
know how to play the game in a safe manner. In addition, commercial
fields offer several
choices when it comes to types of field, making the games more
interesting and challenging for the players. Most importantly, these
fields have insurance, and are in the proper zone.

If one decides to play in the woods, make sure permission is granted to
play there. No one wants to have a game interrupted by an angry landowner
because his or her property is being trespassed upon.

The scope of the playing arena should be determined, and the boundaries
marked with neon tape so that players will know where and/or where not to

What are the factors to consider when scouting for a field to hold the

First, there is the price. The going rates for field rentals range from
$15-20, plus the fees for gun rentals and paintballs. Secondly, one
should inquire if the place serves food and drinks to customers. Lastly,
one should inquire about their playing hours.

One of the best fields in the country for playing paintball is Robinhood
Paintball located in Havre de Grace, Maryland. They provide different
kinds of paintball games, such as recreational and tournament style
plays. Robinhood Paintball has a total of six playing fields that give
new gaming experiences for users because of its constant rearrangement.
Considering the experience of the staff, their willingness to ensure that
players will have a good time while staying on the premises, and the
prices that Robinhood Paintball charge are fair enough. They will also
guarantee the safety of the equipment that the players will use.

Aside from Robinhood, there are other fields in Maryland that offer good
services to players. There is Maryland Paintball on Route 40 and Outdoor
Adventures in Bowie.

When engaging in paintball games, just make sure to take all the
necessary precautions in order to have a good AND safe time. Always
remember to check the fields for potential danger, and to observe all the
rules so that nobody gets hurt.