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									Mark!   You are it!

Paintball is a game where markers or guns are filled with non-lethal
paint put in gel-like capsules which basically are used to shoot
opponents. These markers are propelled by compressed gas.

Markers used in paintball evolved through the years - their use now is
not the reason they were created years ago.

Markers for trails, trees and cows:

Believe it or not, the use of these markers started in the 70’s when
farmers and members of forest groups used them to mark trees as well as
trails, and cattle. The guns used then were powered by gas. Then -
whether by inspiration or boredom – the users of these guns began playing
around and instead of aiming them at other objects, decided to use the
guns on each other.

And then there was paintball:

It was in 1981 that a group of friends decided to play their own unique
version of paintball. They were using same guns they were using to mark
trees when they talked among themselves and decided to buy into a tree-
gun manufacturing business. The guns were then modified to control the
speed as well as the power of the marker.

They promoted the guns and markers to the public and “viola”, the game
of paintball officially began at a field near Rochester, New York, in

The first paintball marker:

Ironically, the first ever paintball marker was not called a paintball
marker and was not even used for paintball. It was called a paint-pellet
and was created by the Nelson Paint Company originally for the forest
industry. It was invented by James Hale and the patent was approved on
January 29,1974.

The first paintball gun:

The first and only gun designed especially for paintball was called
Splatmaster   was invented by a man named Robert Shepherd who was issued
a patent on July 3,1985. Later on, markers know as electro-pneumatic
guns were developed.

The first paintball marker that is washable:

A specially designed marker with a washable fluid placed inside of soft
gelatin capsules was invented by a man named George Skogg: the patent was
officially granted on January 6,1987. This special marker fluid is more
precise when shot: when it hits something, it is brighter and more
visible. It is easily washable with regular soap and water or detergent.
Paintball markers have become user and player friendly through the years.
Who could imagine that what was used originally for cattle and trees
could be enjoyed by many people as a game? Hooray for paintball!

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