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									Know How to Make Safe Your Creative Work

Register your work for complete protection with copyright registration and copyright
infringement. As increasing competitor in market, you must give your business and
product an exclusive individuality by trademark registration and find affordable
services with trademark litigation india. Enjoy also advantages of trademark search.

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Copyright is a private right for the protection of intellectual property granted to the creators of original works
such as literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works, cinematography films and sound recordings under
Indian law. It is an exclusive right to do or authorize others to do certain acts related to their original works.
The importance of copyright has increased enormously in the recent times due to the rapid technological
development in the field of printing, music and computer industries. The law of copyright in India is
contained in the Copyright Act 1957 as amended time to time. Infringement can be stopped by an action for
infringement. The remedies available are an injunction and damages or account of profits and in some cases
conversion damages. trademark litigation india

Copyright registration plays very important role, if the owner has registered his work than he can easily face
the infringement cases. As per the Copyright Act, in the Register of copyrights all the details of the work are
entered which will act as prima facie evidence in all courts. Copyright protection is required for evidence to
support the claim when the work gets infringed. Though under international law copyright protection is
automatic but it is helpful in an infringement suit. Hence there are several factors for the protection of the
work. trademark search

Ensure Your Work is Properly Marked:

A correctly worded notice will deter infringement. Although work is automatically subject to copyright
protection under law but displaying a notice shows that you have an awareness of copyright and take
infringements of your work seriously. fcra registration

Register your work:

In the infringement suit, the valuable evidence can be provided by copyright registration with verifiable
proof of the date and content of the work.

Agreement Between Co-authors:

If your work is a joint venture, than all the parties should be sure about their position, rights, and what
happens when someone leaves.

Owing to the international character of copyright various countries have joined to form conventions for the
protection of copyright owned by its nationals in other countries. The Berne Convention and Universal
Copyright Convention are the result of such joint effort. Most of the countries are members of one at least of
these conventions. India is a member of both these conventions. Accordingly Indian copyright owners can
protect their work in almost any country in the world.In the rapidly changing technological environment,
copyright protection is being extended to many areas of computer industry and the owner of the original
work must go for copyright protection to secure his work. trademark registration

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