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No matter how young and healthy we believe our parents are, a time will come when they become old
and frail. Don t worry because this is a natural cycle of life, which all of us will go through one way or
another. But by preparing early on, you can ensure that your parents and your entire family can
transition into this new phase well. You can start today by showering your parents a love and care. But
aside from that, you must also be preparing emotionally, spiritually, and most of all- financially.

It would involve sitting down with your personal finance adviser and discussing the right course of
action in achieving financial preparedness for your parents. You have discuss things such as retirement
plans, health and life insurance, and debt repayment if your parents have any.

Your financial planner will help you achieve all these things so you can ensure that your parents have a
secure, fulfilling, and pampered life during old age. Here are some more tips that can help you take good
care of your aging parents.

Ask your parents. Sit down and talk with your parents regarding their plans or hopes for the future. You
need to know how they want to live their retirement so you can plan and prepare for it. Your parents
would probably want to travel so it is important that you know how to get them travel packages. And
when they want to just live on a cozy home somewhere peaceful, it is important to start looking into
retirement communities or homes.

Make a list. Make sure that you don t forget any of your plans and goals for your parents so write each
one of them on a list. Include your parents biggest to littlest wishes because when they grow old, little
gestures you do for them will matter. Having a list would also be great since you won t have to forget
anything and you will always have a constant reminder.

Find help. It won t be easy to take care of your old parents but there are resources that you utilize to
help the job easier for you. For instance, there are nursing and caregiver agencies that can provide you
with a nurse for your parents or you could hire a food service that makes healthy meals for the elderly.
Make their home suitable. You must also elder-proof your parents house by installing safety device and
gadgets that would make going around the rooms and bathrooms and treading the stairs easier for

Be ready for adjustments. This is especially in terms of your time. When your parents grow old, you
must sacrifice some time to be with them, instead of spending a day at the gym or bar hopping. Your
presence will be greatly appreciated by your parents.

Make your mom and dad s lives comfortable in the future. Start planning your money management
today. Follow the tips above for an easier and faster planning for the future of your aging parents.

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