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Chapter 5 Software for office automation _ Microsoft Office suit _


									Chapter 5: Software for office automation ( Microsoft Office suit )
       This chapter I learn about software for office automation
(Microsoft office suit). In this week I learn about Microsoft Excel
and Microsoft Word.
       Microsoft office has many programs in it. Microsoft Excel is
program to use in office for making the table, chart, graph and
calculation (income, outcome, etc.). Microsoft Excel can use
mathematics calculation (i.e. can make equation for calculate).
Microsoft Excel make graph and can insert image. Microsoft Word
is the program is use for write the message or letter. In Microsoft
Word we can make table, graph, and insert image. We can make
geometric pictures and we can add color in pictures.
        Microsoft Office is very important programs for work life in
today. We can use Microsoft Word in writing work. We can use
Microsoft Excel for calculation work or table work. We can use
Microsoft PowerPoint in my work presentation. At the last we can
use all programs in Microsoft Office work with together.

Done by    Wittawat Leesakul
           No. 31 ID 47580360

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