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(859) 257-7115

                                                                     University of Kentucky (Host)
  Scholarships Available                                             Asbury University
  High School Students                                               Bluegrass Technical College
  • Type 1—uncapped tuition/fees                                     Centre College
  • Type 2—$18,000/yr tuition/fees                                   Eastern Kentucky University
  • Type 7—$9,000/yr or in-state tuition/fees*                       Georgetown College
  * UK provides in-state tuition rate for all Type 7                 Kentucky State University
  High School                                                        Midway College
    Scholarship recipients                                           Transylvania University

  In College Scholarships
  •Type 1— uncapped tuition/fees
  • Type 2— $18,000/yr tuition/fees
  • Type 3— $9,000/yr tuition/fees
  • Type 6— $3,000/yr tuition/fees

  Express Scholarships
  • Competitive/ Type to be determined upon award
  • Nursing, Electrical Eng, Computer Eng,
    Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, etc.

  All scholarship recipients receive $900/yr
  for books and $300-$500 monthly stipend
                                                          APPLY ON-LINE at  
                                                          phone: (859) 257-7115                                    (859) 257-7115
                                                          local web:
Current as of 25 Mar 11. Information subject to change.
WHAT IS AIR FORCE ROTC? Air Force Reserve Officer
                                                                HOW MUCH TIME DO STUDENTS HAVE TO SPEND WITH                      WHAT ARE THE CAREER OPPORTUNITIES?
Training Corps (ROTC) is a program that prepares young
                                                                AIR FORCE ROTC EACH WEEK? Approximately six                       We offers over 100 career fields, including:
men and women to become officers in the United States
                                                                hours per week for freshmen and sophomores, eight hours           Aircraft – pilot, navigator, maintenance
Air Force while completing a degree.
                                                                per week for juniors and seniors.                                 Space & Missiles – satellite operations, space
IF I JOIN AIR FORCE ROTC, DOES THAT MEAN I’M                                                                                      warning, missile launch operations, maintenance
                                                                WHAT ARE THE DRESS REQUIREMENTS? Hair must be                     Engineering – research, development and technical
JOINING THE MILITARY? No. ROTC is a training program
                                                                kept in accordance with Air Force guidelines when in uniform,     management in various engineering fields
for military officers, but the students in the program have
                                                                but that doesn’t mean students have to cut it all off. Students   Science – mathematics, nuclear physics,
not yet joined the military. Students who complete the
                                                                are required to wear uniforms to Air Force ROTC classes and       metallurgy, meteorology
ROTC program will join the military after graduating from
                                                                Leadership Lab and occasionally for special events.               Computer Science – programming, systems
college, at which time they will be commissioned as second
lieutenants in the Air Force.                                                                                                     analysis, development
                                                                WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF BEING IN AFROTC?                         Law – labor, claims, international contracts,
                                                                • Scholarships to help with the cost of tuition and books         military justice, legal assistance
WHAT IS MY OBLIGATION? Most ROTC graduates have a
                                                                • Free room and board for scholarship cadets at Asbury College    Health Sciences – physician, dentist, nurse
four-year commitment. Pilots, navigators and air battle
                                                                • A monthly, tax-free cash stipend given during the               Management – intelligence, security forces,
managers have six- to 10-year commitments after training.
                                                                  academic year while on scholarship or enrolled in               personnel, air traffic control, supply, finance,
                                                                  the Professional Officer Course                                 communications, electronics, munitions
                                                                • Academic credits toward the completion of most degrees          This is just a small sample. Call (859)257-7115
                                                                • Visits to Air Force bases and orientation flights aboard         for more information
In fact, we encourage students to take a curriculum they are
                                                                   Air Force aircraft
interested in and in which they have the capability to do
                                                                • Travel on military aircraft on a space-available basis
well. Our main academic concern is that students
                                                                • Opportunity to pursue a graduate degree
maintain a grade point average (GPA) above 2.0 and attain
their degrees in the time period planned. The GPA
                                                                WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF BEING IN AIR FORCE
requirements are different for students applying for a
                                                                ACTIVE DUTY?
scholarship or who are on scholarship.
                                                                • Rewarding, meaningful positions of responsibility
                                                                • Competitive salary and allowances
                                                                • 100% tuition assistance toward an advanced degree
The vast majority of Air Force jobs do not involve flying at
                                                                • Retirement after 20 years with a percentage of base pay
all. In the civilian world, there are thousands of jobs and
                                                                • 30 days of leave with pay each year
careers – doctors, lawyers, law enforcement, engineers,
                                                                • Medical and dental care furnished at no cost
Financial careers, food-service management – the list
                                                                • Unlimited sick leave with full pay
is endless. For almost every civilian out in the work force,
                                                                • Free housing on base or off-base housing allowance
there is an Air Force officer counterpart performing the job.
                                                                • On-base discounted shopping
                                                                • Officer’s clubs, swimming, golfing, bowling, tennis
                                                                • Daily stipend available when traveling on official orders

Q: How can you tell these are Air Force ROTC cadets?
 A: They’re not paying tuition!

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