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									“Know the right man, place the responsibility on him, and expect results”. Art of War

Attention potential employer,

Introducing Mr. Brian P. Vogl is applying for the position of Senior Software Developer/Engineer.
        I am a computer hardware and software research and development professional having developed
many hardware solutions and computer programs now in use. I am able to translate ideas into designs
that are innovative, functional and fit a customer’s complex requirements. I have prepared functional
design documents and created plans for internal testing, customer review and final approval. I have
served as project team lead on high visibility projects working closely with customers and management,
incorporating engineering requirements into feasible working products while providing direction to other
project team members where necessary.
        Most recently I have been involved in software development, however, I also know how to use
electronic test equipment to troubleshoot to board and component level and I have circuit design, wiring
assembly and test bench experience. I learn quickly. I’m an engineering problem solver capable of
adapting to new situations. I have effective communication and customer relation skills. I am a
personable, logical, intelligent a quality oriented team player and a patient teacher.
        I am very much interested in employment with your company on your current projects. My
experiences are broadly based. I believe my skill set make me the ideal candidate for the position I am
applying for. Please allow me the opportunity to discuss with you, in person, my talents and abilities as
they pertain to your specific business needs. Please contact me to set up an interview.


Brian P. Vogl
2105 S 10th Street.
Kansas City, Kansas 66103

I have working level knowledge and experience with the following: Windows and Unix operating
systems, Assembly Language (Motorola and Intel), MS (C, C++, Visual C++, C#, MFC, STL, ATL
COM, DCOM), Rabbit C, SQL (Microsoft ODBC, OLEDB, DB2, MySQL & Informix DB), Unix (Shell
Scripts, Informix 4GL, C and C++ gcc compiler), cgi-bin Programming in C, C++ and JAVA, object
oriented design and coding, Fortran, Basic (Visual basic, VBA). Third party API’s, component DLL’s,
device drivers, TCP/IP, UDP Protocols, Telnet, FTP, hardware interfacing, data acquisition and GUI
display. I know how to debug code on various platforms. I am familiar with many application programs
including, MS Developer Studio, VSS, SVN, Autocad, Excel, MS Word, Photoshop, Video editing
software, Visio flow-charting, Macromedia MX 2004, Flash and many other software packages.

I’ve developed software under difficult situations and circumstances. From home office to cubicle to
motel room to trackside box to war time field training exercises to the backseat of automobiles and small
aircraft. I’ve had to tackle difficult development challenges in difficult environments.
                                                    Brian P. Vogl
                                       2105 S 10th Street, Kansas City, KS. 66103
Oct - 2005  Advanced Ground Information Systems Inc. - Virtual Office Based in KC, KS – Sr. Software Engineer
Sep - 2010  Developed embedded solutions for handheld pocket PC phones & PCs using VS2008 & WM6. AGIS
            features real time position reporting that give military and first responder personnel a common operational
            picture. Improved GUI and communications, integrated live streaming video feeds to cell phones and PCs.
Jan - 2005  Digital Ally Inc. – Grain Valley, MO – Software Engineer
Oct - 2005  Design of application to capture and display video from USB device. I used ATL-COM and MFC to create
            an embedded / remote Media Player application for annotating video segments.
Jan - 2002  Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) – Kansas City, MO.– Soft/Hardware R&D Engineer
Oct - 2004  Team lead responsible for architectural and functional OOP design, inter-application messaging spec. and
            GUI display of real time video capture systems for railroad and truck terminal applications. Designed
            interface to line and area scan cameras, OCR engine and nuclear radiation detection systems. Did electronic
            design and Coding to acquire serial signals & communicate with remote computers using discrete I/O &
            UDP/TCP/IP sockets. Development of traffic control systems with embedded Rabbit microprocessor.
Sep - 2000  Generation Technologies – Overland Park, KS – Visual C++ Programmer
Sep - 2001  Enhanced and modified newsroom management software used by news and information agencies. Worked
            with Windows API, Developer Studio IDE and Source Safe. Created design documentation. Coding to
            interface with MS Word embedded Media Player and other COM objects. Designed GUI interface for
            Video display from RF Video card input. Programmer using Microsoft Visual C++ using MFC, STL, ATL
            (COM, DCOM), VB, VBA, SQL OLEDB, and MS SQL server 7.
Dec – 1999  Informix Software – Now an IBM company -- Lenexa, KS - Database Programmer -- Contract.
Mar – 2000  Created the Informix web based product catalog system. The product catalog is used by customers and sales
            representatives of Informix to locate, order and download Informix products. Mostly 4GL with some C
            coding to replace legacy code in library functions. The continuation of a previous project, responsible for
            making it all work together. Programmer using Informix 4GL, SQL, SPL, IWCF (CGI)
Jul - 1998  Marketing . com aka MRA – Prairie Village, KS. - Windows Programmer
Mar - 1999  Worked on the Sales Activity Management System (SAMS) for Caterpillar Sales Engine Division.
            Implemented distributed application programming in C++ 6.0 using MFC for Windows, use of SQL /
            ODBC, and Access database components managing multiple client connections to a remote server.
Jul. - 1997 Sprint Communications - Gardner, KS. - SQL Database Programmer
Jul - 1998  Work in Network Support, help desk environment, responsible for database maintenance. Program in dbase
            III, SQL, Bourne Shell for Unix, & REXX Scripts for OS2 to query, analyze & update the main EWO
            Informix database. Created reports in Excel spreadsheet used EWO drafting system and .dwg files.
Jun - 1986  Public Television 19 Inc., KCPT - KC, MO. - Broadcast Engineer
Nov - 1995  Maintenance, repair and operation of broadcast and production equipment, high power U.H.F. transmitter,
            tape machines, cameras, computers and special effects generators developed hardware interfaces and custom
            software solutions in assembly language, C and Visual basic. Used Autocad to create facilities and design
            drawings, created custom automation database software that facilitated editing of nightly promo reels. I used
            Unix C to create an internet gateway and graphical user interface program.
Jul -1995   J.C. Air is now Aeroflex - Gardner, KS. - C++ Programmer / Computer Engineer
Oct. -1995  Part time contract. Created front end of a stand alone ATE device for testing and troubleshooting of DME
            equipment, wrote analytic interpreter software in MS C++ to decode instructions sent via an IEEE 488
            serial interface. Software sent commands to Visual Basic user interface and test engine software.
Nov - 1984  H & K Computers Inc. - KC, MO. - Electronics Design Engineer - Consultant 4-86 to 4-88.
Apr - 1988  Initially computer, calculator, video and electronic customer service, sales and field repair moved to design,
            prototyping, testing, board layout, programming and manufacturing of an embedded processor controlled
            clock operated switch. It utilized an embedded Motorola microprocessor programmed as a clock, and hand-
            held programmer. Device controls heavy AC loads for the outdoor advertising industry. Featuring a unique
            relay design that uses a photodiode to detect and adjust power relay timing, a separate liquid crystal display
            programmer to initialize clock & Sunrise Sunset calculation programs. Development of a 3 pass assembler
            to process mnemonic assembly code.
Brian P. Vogl continued.
Apr - 1980      Central Valley Electronics - KC, MO. - Hardware & Software Design Engineer
Nov - 1984      Conducted hardware & software design and development of a slow scan video facsimile device that accepts
                an NTSC video signal digitizes it and sends it to a computer one line at a time via an RS232 serial interface.
                Wrote software to anti-alias and display the video. Hardware and software interface engineer responsible for
                development and manufacturing. Design of an OCR program in Motorola 6502 assembly language.
Before 1980     Harmon Electronics - Grain Valley, MO. - Design Engineer
                Designed railroad trackside signaling, crossing equipment and related protection devices. Delivered designs
                to manufacturing and reviewed their construction. The design of relay logic and its conversion to discrete
                logic lead to an interest in computers and computer programming.
Between .       Computer Communications – KC, KS. – Windows Programmer/ Software/ Hardware Engineer
Positions.      Self employed. Use C, C++ as cgi interface, Macromedia Flash MX 2004, Pinnacle Studio 7, Sound Forge,
                HTML & JAVA to create custom web sites. Use MS C++, Java, Excel and assembly language to support
                hardware designs. Testing and integration of components used in the analysis of financial securities and
                commodities markets. Created closed captioning decoder that produces a serial signal for capture and use
                by a computer. Did computer service and hardware / software installation also assisted in design of
                economic simulation program. Created web based library for the KU Medical Center’s TBI lending library
                project. Creator of the interactive programs located at I recently added three apps to the
                Computer Communications Company in the Android market.

    Programming for the Dialogic telephone communications board. C code to create telephone voice mail, information
     and solicitation systems.
    Custom software, Rubics Cube computer game, Anybase base conversion program. See:
    Technical writing for educational purposes - Suspension bridge kit, "The Mathematics of Suspension", Instructions
     for assembling an electric motor using household items.
    The electric can crusher. Device for crushing aluminum cans. Featuring a Triac controlled AC reversible motor,
     CMOS circuitry, safety door and a unique four screw mechanism.
   Maintenance, electronics repair and operational experience with many and various types of television broadcast, and
     editing equipment.
    Secret clearance issued by DSS (Defense Security Service).for government operations.
    Participated in Patriot 7 training exercises Fort Pickett, VA.

    Computer Basics Teacher -Rosedale Middle School - After School Program - KC, KS.
    Science Teacher 4th, 5th, & 6th grade students - Riverside Elementary School - Lawrence, KS.
    Past president - Spring Valley Neighborhood Association - KC, KS. Volunteer for local youth festivals and
     neighborhood cleanup activities.

    Home remodeling including carpentry, electrical wiring and gardening.
    Model railroading, roller skating bicycling, camping, and computers.
    Avid aviation enthusiast enjoying paragliding (PG) & powered paragliding (PPG).

1989 - 1994 Chemical Engineering - University of Kansas - Lawrence, KS.
l983 - 1989 Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science courses –
                    Johnson County Community College - Overland Park, KS.
       l979 General Class Radiotelephone License (First Class)
1975 - 1977 Electronics Technology Degree - Electronics Institute - K.C, MO.

REFERENCES available upon request.
SALARY REQUIREMENTS available upon request.

Java OOP programming                                 ---     5 years
--- Java Eclipse for Android                         ---     2 years
C Programming Quick C compiler cc                    ---     4 years
C programming for Unix cc, gcc                       ---     4 years
C++ OOP programming Visual C++ ver 4 to 8            ---     13 years
--- MFC (Foundation Class Libraries)                 ---     3 years
--- Templates: STL, ATL (COM & DCOM)                 ---     5 years
--- Windows Mobile 3-6.                              ---     4 years
Microsoft Visual Basic programming ver 2 to 6        ---     5 years
--- MS VBA (Visual Basic for Applications)           ---     2 years
Informix 4GL Programming                             ---     1 years
SQL programming                                      ---     7 years
--- Informix                                         ---     2 years
--- Microsoft SQL server 7.0                         ---     1 years
--- MySQL                                            ---     4 years
HTML                                                 ---     8 years
Motorola & Intel assembly language                   --      2 years

Misc languages
Basic, Lisp, Bourne Shell scripting,
REXX, Fortran, MS Dos scripting.                     ---     4 years
Operating systems used
Windows including 3.X, 95, 98, NT, XP, 7             ---     20 years
MS Server 2003 / 2008, MS IIS 6                      ---     3 years
Unix Appache, Sun, Sparc, HPUX etc...                ---     2 years
Linux                                                ---     4 years
OS-2                                                 ---     1 years

Other Skills:
I understand electronics as my first profession. I know how to troubleshoot circuitry to component level.
I have done extensive logic / microprocessor design and design of support circuitry using CMOS mpus
like the 68705, Rabbit and ARM. I have written embedded code for these types of microprocessors.
I understand logic and have done design work with discreet and active components,

Brian Vogl…

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