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									                      Network Outsourcing – A Beneficial Option for your Business

Networks are the backbone of organizational growth, and a flourishing economy has encouraged
organizations to expand and strengthen their IT infrastructure, with an increased focus on Networks. An
efficient IT network infrastructure is crucial to support an existing business and meet future demands. Many
network executives need to increase network capacity to meet the growing demand for data services, as
companies make an effort to reduce costs, and in such cases network sourcing is an important strategy that is
capable of meeting those challenges. For a long time now, IT-related fields have leveraged outsourcing as a
way to enhance capabilities, tap into deep skills and reduce costs.

The emergence of newer technologies and dispersed geographical operations has made management of
networks a formidable task. As networks converge and become more complex, organizations continue to
search for ways of streamlining their operations. The continuing effort to reduce costs and increase the
quality of services is leading an increasing number of service providers to turn to outsourcing as a way to
manage the many activities.

Network outsourcing is today recognized by practically all major corporations as the best way to control costs
and minimize technical risks for an extensive range of information security services such as designing
network infrastructure, delivering desktop support, verifying security and compliance, or developing
applications. Whether businesses are trying to survive hard times or hit the ground running during a
recovery, network outsourcing makes it possible to react faster to changing circumstance. Implementing a
network-outsourcing deal requires close attention to alignment, due diligence, contract governance and
workforce communication.

With an efficient network outsourcing partner, companies can also experience greater efficiencies and
improved service because outsourcing providers are contractually obligated to specific service levels. An
outsourcing provider with a global, industrialized capability is able to take efficiencies generated with one
client and apply them to other companies, resulting in continuous operational improvements. Look for a
service provider that can manage majority of the Network Life Cycle Management activities and tasks from a
secure ISO 27001/20000 certified centralized network operations center. It would be advantageous if the
service network outsourcing service has effective infrastructure management as well as an advanced
transition methodology to ensure that each activity can be converted into an ITIL compliant process that can
be effectively delivered through tools and automation.
Enjoy a favorable ROI with a reputed service provider who has the requisite experience in monitoring &
managing converged network infrastructure along with cutting-edge networking solutions.

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