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					Huawei U8100
How to upgrade your software to
turn your phone into a Wi-Fi™ hotspot.
Huawei U8100

About Wireless Tether

WIND Mobile is offering a software upgrade for your Huawei U8100 ANDROID™
smartphone. The key new feature for this upgrade is the Wireless Tether
application, which allows your U8100 to become a portable Wi-Fi™ hotspot.

Remember, if you don’t have the right data add-on, using the internet on your
phone will be charged on a pay-per-use basis. Check out the data add-on options
in the Shop section of and stop by a store or call us at 611 from
your WIND phone to add or change your add-ons.

About Wireless Tether

Wireless Tether is a new application that allows up to 3 computers to connect
to the Huawei U8100 via Wi-Fi™ and share the network connection to access the
internet. In order to use Wireless Tether, the computer needs to have its Wi-Fi™
adapter running in ad-hoc mode. Please refer to your computer’s operating system
manual for instructions on how to configure the adapter to run in ad-hoc mode.

Once you’ve upgraded your Huawei U8100 and opened the Wireless Tether app,
you’ll find there are 4 groups of settings you can update:

Wi-Fi™	          •	Give	your	device	a	unique	name	by	modifying	the	SSID	
	                •	Turn	on/off	WEP	encryption	and	define	a	password

Security	        •	Turn	on/off	access

LAN	             •	Define	a	private	address	pool	used	to	assign	IP	address	for	
                   connected devices.

Notifications	   •	Set	up	what	notifications	you	would	like	to	receive	when	a	
                   computer connects to your phone via Wireless Tether.
Huawei U8100


You’ll	need	a	microSD	memory	card	(max	16GB)	with	at	least	512MB	free.	

Make sure your phone battery is fully charged.

NOTE:	We	recommend	you	back	up	your	important	information	by	syncing	to	your	
Gmail	account	or	a	memory	card.
Huawei U8100

Installing the Upgrade

1.		 Download	the	upgrade	software	(it’s	available	from	the	“External	Links”	list	at	and	save	the	zipped	file	to	your	computer.	

2.		Extract	the	file	contents,	which	should	include	a	folder	called	“dload”.		

3.		Copy	the	“dload”	folder	to	the	root	directory	of	your	microSD	card.	For	
	 example,	if	your	micro	SD	card	shows	up	as	Removable	Drive	(F:),	you’ll	need	
	 to	copy	the	folder	to	the	F:	drive.	There	are	2	ways	to	transfer	the	folder:

	   Method	A	   You	can	copy	the	folder	via	a	microSD	reader/writer	–	just	
	   	           remember	to	eject	the	microSD	card	through	Settings	>>	SD	Card	
	   	           &	Phone	Storage	>>	Unmount	SD	Card	before	you	remove	the	
                microSD card from the phone. Put the memory card into the
	   	           microSD	reader/writer,	insert	it	into	an	unused	USB	port	and	drag	
	   	           and	drop	the	“dload”	folder.

	   Method	B	   Connect	your	Huawei	U8100	to	your	computer	using	the	USB	data	
                cable that came with your phone. A pop-up window should appear
                on your monitor with several options. Click on the File Transfer link.
                The memory card in the Huawei U8100 will show up as a removable
	   	           drive	so	you	will	be	able	to	just	drag	and	drop	to	copy	the	files.

4. After copying is done, follow the computer’s operating system instructions
   to disconnect the removable drive. If you used Method A, put the card back into
   your phone.

5.	 On	the	Huawei	U8100,	go	to	Settings	>>	SD	Card	&	Phone	Storage	and	select	
    Software Upgrade.

6. Tap the SD Card Upgrade menu, the Confirm button and then the Upgrade
   button. The upgrade will start. Please don’t remove the microSD card, the
   battery or the SIM card during the upgrade process.

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