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					June 15, 2012

Dear HSM Students and Parents,

In about a week we will be leaving for our houseboat trip. We are working hard to see that everyone has a fun and safe time and
want to keep you informed as to the specifics of the trip.

We will be leaving on Sunday, June 24 at 10 am from the Charter Square parking lot (across from the Foster City Campus). In an
effort to not distract from the Sunday morning services, please make every effort to be on time. We will be returning to Charter
Square on Wednesday, June 27 around 9 pm, but please be flexible. We will update the twitter account on our blogs with arrival

Here is a list of what you need to bring. You will live in your swimsuit for most of the trip, so pack lightly.

	        	        •Bible	&	Pen	(MAKE	SURE	YOU	BRING	THESE!!)
	        	        •Shorts	and	T-Shirts
	        	        •Swimsuit	and	towel
	        	        •Sunscreen	and	Aloe
	        	        •Insect	Repellent
	        	        •Sleeping	Bag	and	Pillow
	        	        •Toiletries	(BIODEGRADEABLE	SHAMPOO,	toothbrush,	deodorant)
	        	        •Money	for	lunch	on	the	way	up	and	dinner	on	the	way	back
	        	        •Flip	Flops	and	durable	shoes	(for	the	hikes,	water	shoes	work	great!)
	        	        •Durable	Water	Bottle
	        	        •Water	Toys	(Some	sort	of	Floaty	to	chill	in	the	water	with)
	        	        •Snackies	(everyone	loves	snacks!)

In	an	effort	to	get	rid	of	distractions,	do	not	bring	any	electronic	devices	including	iPods	&	cell	phones.	Below	is	the	dress	code	for	
the trip.

	        	        •Ladies:	one–piece	swimsuits	or	a	rash	guard/t-shirt	over	bikini
	        	        •Gentlemen:	No	Speedos,	inappropriate	graphic	T’s	or	exposure	of	boxers

We’re	really	excited	to	spend	a	few	days	with	you	and	look	forward	to	what	God	is	going	to	do	on	this	trip.	We	will	have	our	cell	
phones	on	for	emergencies	while	we	are	on	the	houseboats	but	there	is	limited	service.	I’ve	included	the	Resort	number	for	ex-
treme	emergencies	only–Bridge	Bay	Resort,	(800)	752.9669.	If	you	have	any	questions,	don’t	hesitate	to	call.

In His Hands,

Kevin	Kaub		     	         	       	     	              	        Scott	Kazarian
Student	Ministry	Director,	North	Campus	 	              	        High	School	Pastor,	Foster	City	Campus
(530)	400.8480	 	          	       	     	              	        (949)	350.7152	

Central Peninsula Church | 1005 Shell Blvd. | Foster City | Ca | 94404 | (650) 349.1132 |

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