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									    Volume 53, Issue 4
                                                CALVIN PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH

     April 2008
                                              Calvin Courier

MARC MY WORDS                                                                                            PASTOR MARC ANDRESEN

The city has been described in these ways:                        of course there were also differences.
-Widely varying beliefs among the residents                       Corinth had strong a economy, materialism, many people
                                                                  staying for short times, and a cosmopolitan feel because its
-Clashes between the Church and the culture                       geographical location made it a hub of commerce, as goods
-Pressure to conform to the cultural norms                        were moved through that part of the world.
-A mixture of peoples from different areas of the world
-Many people come for a short time and then move on               Plus it was a Greek city, but a Roman colony, so this brought
-Strong economically and also quite materialistic                 very diverse philosophies and world views. Residents
                                                                  included Greeks, Latins, Syrians, Asiatics, Egyptians, Jews -
-Many gifted athletes come for brief times                        who bought and sold, labored and reveled, quarreled and hob-
-Intellectual (intellectually alert)                              nobbed in its environs.
-Highly individualistic
-Cosmopolitan                                                     These things contributed to moral corruption, intellectual
                                                                  alertness, and controversy about philosophical ideologies.
These descriptors certainly could be about Corvallis, could
they not? But they are actually references to the first century  We know that Corvallis is a prosperous city, known for its
city of Corinth.                                                 primary “product” and economic strength being connected
                                                                 to intellect. This breeds a bit of intellectual arrogance. In 1
Living, working, serving the Lord and His Kingdom in Corvallis Corinthians, Paul cleverly satirizes human intelligence with a
often feels like quite a challenge because of the atmosphere     comparison to God’s wisdom. He leads us to do things the
and attitudes displayed in the lines above. Therefore the book Lord’s way, by His power and gifts, as that which is greater
of 1 Corinthians delivers to us many gifts and tools, as well as than the world’s ways and alleged wisdom.
spiritual power and equipping to live and serve in our city.
                                                                 All in all, 1 Corinthians should help us as a church, as we seek
We do find many parallels between Corvallis and Corinth. But to more completely be the church our Lord desires, and to

Paula’s Corner                                                                                     Paula sent these pics 3/26.
                                                                                                   They’ve had 2 weeks of snow
                                                                                                   in Tilza. She said it’s been an
In just a few short months, I will have been here in Latvia                                        adventure walking to work in
for a year. It has been a huge time of stretching for me                                           knee deep snow.
spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Through the strug-
gles of learning the language and culture, finding my
“place” on the team, and getting settled in a new place, I
am learning to rest in the Presence of the Lord.
Every day I learn that there are so many things I can’t do
for myself. I not only need God’s help to carry me daily but
the help of so many people around me, too. As a fairly in-
dependent “traveler” through this life in years past, this
change seems especially hard now. He is teaching me to
stop, remember His faithfulness and goodness to me – and
be reminded that He brought me here. The more I do this,
the more joy I have – even in the uncertainties.
Thank you for your prayers, letters, cards, packages and
email messages. They each bring a smile to my heart and
so much joy in remembering you all.
Love, Paula
                                                                     Craig’s Corner
Marc My Words.. ….…….……..1
Craig’s Corner……....…….…….2
Community Connections…………3                                        I wanted to give a word of encouragement to everyone at
Parish Nurse…………………….3                                            Calvin to come participate in one of the 3 classes we are
Calendar……..…………..….… 4                                           offering for the Spring Term. Below is a brief description
Serving Schedule.….……..….......5                                  of all three classes. I hope the classes will cause us
                                                                  to want to walk closer with God day by day. The picture
                                                                  to the left was taken of Isaac (my son) and I when we
                                                                  were at a church family camp about 6 years ago. I love
                                                                  this picture because it speaks to me not only of my
                                                                  responsibility to be a father who spends time with my son,
                                           but of our Heavenly Father wanting to walk alongside of us in our journey of life.
WEEKLY ACTIVITIES:                         I believe Sunday school is another way for God to draw near to us as we
(Please check the calendar for changes.)
                                           endeavor to draw near to Him.
Sunday School, 9 AM                                               Walking with Him,
Worship, 10 AM
SMAC (Middle School), 6-8 pm                                      Pastor Craig
SMAC (High School), 6-8 pm
Men’s Bible Study, 6:30 AM
Women’s Bible Study, 1 PM                  Start of Spring Term Sunday School Classes: April 6th
Wednesday-                                 1) Studying Amos and Hosea for All Their Worth
Guys D.G., 7 PM                            Armed with the insights we have gained from reading Fee and Stuart's book, "How to read
Girls D.G., 7 PM                           the Bible for all its worth", we will attempt to put their methods into practice as we study
                                           two Old Testament Prophets. As always, our end goal will be to challenge ourselves
                                           through this study to be the people that God desires us to be.
                                           2) Essentials in Knowing God
                                           This class will be a great opportunity to deepen your relationship with God by focusing on
                                           Him and what He is like. We will be studying the following topics:
                                           Spirituality for Today                            The Freedom of Forgiveness
APRIL                                      Knowing God Through His Names
                                           How Should We Address God?
                                                                                             Letting Go of Guilt
                                                                                             Expectant Prayer
BIRTHDAYS:                                 A Better Look At God’s Face                       The Source of All Beauty
                                           How To Repent?                                    It’s All About Joy
3– Lee Rockey
                                           Each study on these topics are provided through “Christian Bible Studies” which is a part
4– Laura Rung
                                           of Christianity Today International. Material will be handed out each week for the next
6– Jonathan Nicol
                                           week’s study.
7– Doug Oxsen
8– Gayle Cornelius                         3) Prayer Class
8– Les Kilbourne                           Anyone who has a desire to spend time praying with other folks at Calvin and lifting differ-
8– Katherine Leavengood                    ent needs to the LORD is encouraged to join the class.
10– Kerry Platt
11– Scott Goering
16– Deb Dornfeld
19– Martha Rockey                           TREASURER’S CORNER
21– Ken Funk                                This is the first of what will b e a regular monthly Calvin Financial performance report.
22– Donna roth                              For January through February of 2008 Calvin giving to the general fund was $37,230 vs.
24– Tom Youtsey                             a budget of $55,258. Expenses were $53,923 vs. a budget of $55,258. This leaves us
27– Melody Slothower                        with a deficit of approximately $18,028 year-to-date. Please keep this in mind as you
28– Bryan Bremer                            pray about your giving.
28– Steven Zuidema
30– Bruce DeYoung                           In His service,
                                            Eric Skinner, Calvin Treasurer

  Page 2                                                                                                           CALVIN COURIER
                                       Community Connections
                                                         by Doug Eldon

Matthew 25:31-46 tells us we are to care for the hungry and        or Melissa Steenhoek (738-0999) who are Calvin’s Love, INC
thirsty, the stranger (those who are lonely or disenfranchised),   volunteer coordinators.
the naked (those who are not well clothed or housed), the sick,
and the imprisoned.                                                Benton Habitat for Humanity: donations of construction ma-
Pastor Marc’s sermon “Disciples Care for the Poor and Hurt-        terials and/or money; volunteering on builds Wednesdays/
ing” included the following main points about our doing that:      Saturdays. They also need people to pray and serve on the
                                                                   Church Relations Committee. Call Debbie Coppenger at 752-
• God’s mercy and compassion stands behind what Jesus              3354.
said, both for the poor and hurting, and for us to be
                                                                   Community Outreach: grounds maintenance around the
  like Him
                                                                   building (weeding and mowing); remodel an administrative
• We are called to care for others, and by so doing we will be
                                                                   room to increase usefulness and storage; translating (mostly
caring for Him
                                                                   Spanish) in medical clinics and counseling sessions; and pro-
• Jesus cared for these people; we need to care for them as
                                                                   viding for ongoing needs for pillow cases, spoons, hygiene
                                                                   products, toasters, and coffee makers. Talk to Lee Tinker at
• By doing so, we will earn the right to be heard
• We’ll be showing our faith by our works
• For such good works as these we’ve been saved
                                                                   Department of Human Services (DHS): drivers are needed
• Blessed are the merciful
                                                                   to transport children to appointments, mostly visiting their par-
• The poor, hungry, lonely, homeless, and needy are God’s
                                                                   ents. Call Wilma at Love, INC for more information: 757-2707.
representatives on earth!
• People’s needs can be physical, mental, emotional, social,
                                                                Carolyn Hinds - Family Outreach Advocate: cooking class
and spiritual
                                                                every other Wednesday from 3-6:00 PM (supervising, helping
                                                                in the kitchen or game room, or with clean-up) or buying gro-
As Director of Community Connections, I have been looking
                                                                ceries. Homeless Education Program: driving, mentoring
into organizations, agencies, and ministries in Corvallis that
                                                                and enrichment of kids; donation of car seats.
take care of the poor, needy, and hurting. One of my goals has
                                                                Call Carolyn Hinds at 757-3920.
been to see where we as individuals and as a church can get
involved. I will be presenting more details later, but here are
                                                                Calvin Community Garden: Tyler Jones will need administra-
some opportunities I have found so far.
                                                                tive help as people return to work their plots, and as new peo-
                                                                ple sign up. His number is 231-6144.
Love, INC: work on bikes; car repair; cut and haul firewood;
buy and donate personal hygiene items, school supplies, bike
                                                                Southside Youth Outreach: “Tuesday Club” prepare and
helmets and bike locks to have at the Love, INC office; help
                                                                serve meals for up to 120 kids (and clean up) the first Tuesday
deliver furniture and help people move; help feed 60+ interna-
                                                                of each month from 4-7:00 P.M. Talk to Brenda Bremer at
tional students each Wednesday; work in the Love, INC office;
                                                                754-0518. Wilma at Love, INC needs help coordinating meals
administer the car donation program; and help with graphic art
                                                                the other weeks.
work on some publications. Call Wilma at Love, INC (757-
2707) for more information, or Carolyn Teegarden (757-3050)

FROM THE PARISH NURSE                                    JUDY KRAFT, RN
What is a “Hospitalist”
If you, or a family member have been in the hospital recently, you probably received care from a physician called a
“Hospitalist”. You were encountering a new concept in health care. Most hospitalists are physicians who specialize
in internal medicine, pediatrics, family medicine but work primarily in the hospital setting.
         Since it is very difficult for your primary care physician (PCP) to be available at the hospital and also keep up
with office visits, this new type of position was created. The Hospitalist specializes in in-patient management.
Because they are present in the hospital 24 hours a day, they can respond immediately to any new problems that may
arise. However, the fact that the Hospitalist does not know you places more responsibility on you to know your own
health history and have a list of current medications.
I have found this group of physicians very easy to work with when I am helping people transition from the hospital to the
next level of care. They welcome information about how Calvin can help with getting needed services to people at

CALVIN COURIER                                                                                                   Page 3
April 2008
 Sun       Mon                Tue                   Wed                  Thu                    Fri    Sat

                              1                     2                    3                      4      5
                                      Bible Study
                                       6:30 AM

                              Women’s Bible Study
                                    1 pm
                                             SMAC D Groups
                                                 7 pm
                             SSYO, 4-6:30 pm
6          7                  8      Bible Study    9                    10                     11     12
                                      6:30 AM
                                                                           Retirees Event
                             Women’s Bible Study                         Evergreen Aviation
                                   1 pm                                  Space Museum tour
                                                                           Meet at Calvin, 10
                                                    SMAC D Groups
    SMAC                                                7 pm

13         14                 15      Bible Study   16                   17                     18     19
                                       6:30 AM
                                                     Retirees Lunch at
                              Women’s Bible Study    Michael’s Landing
                                    1 pm                 11:30 a.m.

                               Courier Info Due!    SMAC D Groups
    SMAC                                                7 pm
20         21                 22      Bible Study   23                   24                     25     26
                                       6:30 AM
                             Women’s Bible Study
                                   1 pm

               Deacon Mtg.      Session Mtg.        SMAC D Groups
                  7 PM            6:30 pm               7 pm
27         28                 29      Bible Study   30
                                       6:30 AM
            Baby Shower      Women’s Bible Study
                for                1 pm
           Asher Watkins
                                                    SMAC D Groups
           7 p.m.                                       7 pm

Page 4                                                                                                CALVIN COURIER
                        Worship Organization and Serving Calendar
                                       April 2008
10:00 AM                    April 6             April 13                April 20              April 27


Ushers                 Bob & Inday Johnson     Scott & Vikki           Win & Norma         Wayne & Carol
                                               Leavengood                 Eaton              Gladwin

Greeters                   Ila Bench         Randy & Carolyn           Rob Gardner           Miller Family
                          Ardith Unwin          Teegarden             Betty Goddard

Minute for Missions
Sound                    Mel McCracken          Lee Rockey            Carol Andresen       Melody Slothower
Piano/Organ               Marilyn Platt         Doris Smith              Skip Rung           Marilyn Platt
                          Rachel Eby                                                       Joanna Rightmer

Worship Team            Nick Ogle (Guitar)   Marta M (Guitar)       Dorry Eldon (Guitar)   Jeremy A (Guitar)
                         Ken Roth (Oboe)     Ella Hersh (Violin)     Joanna Rightmer          Marsha Hill
                           Marsha Hill           Rachel Eby           Katie Andresen

Communion                                      Deb Kennedy

Communion                                      Deb Kennedy

Communion                                      Vern Bowlby
Servers                                        Ruth Bowlby
                                                 Don Davis
                                               Nancy Davis
                                                Ed Goering
                                               Lois Goering

Nursery                   Nancy Davis          Marilyn Platt         Marta McCracken         Karen Allison
Children's Church             N/A              Karen Allison           Debbie Miller          Laura Rung

If you can’t serve when scheduled please find a replacement and contact the office with the
change. For questions regarding scheduling please contact—
Ushers -                  Wayne Gladwin             757-8481       Worship Coordinator -    Rachel Eby                  745-2536
Greeters -                Dorothy Frank             745-7721       Communion Set-up -       Diane Nicol                 745-7761
Children’s Sermon -       Debbie Miller             917-0391       Communion Servers -      Kim Nelson                  757-8021
Minute for Missions-      Peter Ogle                754-5452       Nursery -                Debbie Miller               917-0391
Sound -                   Mel McCracken             753-2204

Articles, serving schedules, and other contributions to the May Courier
are due in to the office by April 15.  Thanks, KIM

CALVIN COURIER                                                                                                 Page 5
Retirees Events                                                           An Evening on
We have two opportunities for fellowship in April.
                                                                          Fantasy Island
                       Thursday, April 10 -
                       Evergreen Aviation
                       Museum Tour                                        Friends of the Family
                       We will meet at Calvin at                          Fundraiser Banquet
                       10 a.m. to carpool to
                       McMinnville to visit the                       Friday, April 25, 2008
museum. The museum cost for is $12.00. You can
bring a sack lunch or get lunch at their food court.                        6:30 p.m.
                                                                    CH2M Hill Alumni Center
Wednesday, April 16 -                                                Oregon State University
Lunch at Michael’s Landing
Join us for lunch at Michael’s                                    The gala evening will feature:
Landing (2nd Street, Corvallis)                                   The Hawaiian Singing Leslies
at 11:30 a.m.
                                                            Luau dinner catered by Spice Island Catering
                                                                 Personal messages of inspiration
Contact Les & Elva Kilbourne at 757-8044 for more
information.                                              If you would like to attend, please contact Friends of the
                                                          Family Ministries at 541-757-1761 or

                                          It’s a boy!
                                  We’re having a Baby Shower
                            Monday, April 28th - 7:00 p.m. at Calvin
                Come help us celebrate the birth of Asher Watkins (parents are Greg & Julie ).
                           Contact Diane Nicol at 745-7761 for more information.

              REPORT FROM UGANDA
              News from Val Shean - Peace Ministry in Karamoja
              The Peace Ministry is still going very strong. Over 3000 people have moved into the No-Man’s
              Land now, the former battle zone between the two warring groups (Nabwal). They are busy
              putting up houses and preparing to plant gardens. Please pray for a UN FAO proposal that we
submitted for $45,000 for agricultural support for the people during their transition into harmonious living.

 Page 6                                                                                        CALVIN COURIER
   TO OUR WONDERFUL CALVIN FAMILY                                                             March 23, 2008

   Thank you so much for the many ways                          To our friends at Calvin Presbyterian
   you found to lovingly support us during                      Church:
   these last few days and weeks. We could                      The sudden and unexpected amputation of
   feel your thoughts and prayers sustaining                    Jeane’s right leg ended our prospects of
   us in an incredible way. The Memorial                        coping independently with the problems of
   Service was just beautiful and so very                       aging (Jeane is 83 and I am 90). Of special
   meaningful, because your love for our                        help to us has been the assistance we have
   mother, Elsie Carr, was evident in every-                    received unreservedly from fellow members
   thing you did. We can never express how                      of Calvin Presbyterian Church.
   much this meant to us. We want to thank
                                                                We are particularly grateful to Judy Kraft,
   you, too, for the many gifts to the building
                                                                who found for us quarters for assisted living
   Fund in mother’s name. She was very
                                                                at Stonybrook Lodge. To move us there on
   excited about the plans that were drawn
                                                                what turned out to be a rainy day, Randy
   up for the new sanctuary and would be
                                                                Teegarden provided his covered trailer,
   pleased when it becomes a reality.
                                                                ordinarily used to transport recreational vehi-
                     From the family of Elsie Carr              cles, and with the help of Bradd Jones, Eric
                                                                Meieir, Doug Eldon, and Ken Roth, delivered
                                                                our belongings to Stonybrook with surprising
From Carolyn Hinds -
(Family Outreach Advocate with the Corvallis School District)   In sensing the obvious pleasure that the
A note received from a Corvallis teacher-
                                                                above-named found in freely giving of their
                                                                time to assist us, we experienced a liberal
Hi Carolyn,
                                                                measure of the unselfish love Jesus exempli-
I just wanted to let you know what a difference your as-        fied for all of us. Thank you again for your
sistance has made for one of my students. As a first            kindness.
grader, he had been coming to school for most of the
year with clothes that didn’t fit, no underwear, filthy, and    We covet and will continue to appreciate
with a strong odor of urine. He is very low academically        supporting prayers.
and almost never participated in the activities going on
around him. Since you began giving his family assis-            Yours,
tance to help them get laundry done, I have seen a
huge change in my student. Now he is coming to                  Jeane and Erwin Jost
school clean and frequently wearing clothes that fit him
better. Not only that, he has started to participate in,
and be excited about, learning. In writing he wrote his
first real sentences the other day, and in math finished
almost a whole addition practice (a first). I see a light in
his eyes that wasn’t there before.
Thank you!
(Calvin is connected to Carolyn by the cooking class we host
and she leads here. We help meet some of the needs of fami-
lies she works with through the Needy Fund.)

                  Save the date!
                  Calvin’s summer camping weekend is set for July 11-13th this year. We will be returning to the
                  group site at Cape Perpetua on the coast. There is a lot of hiking, tide-pooling, and relaxing to be
                  done. Mark your calendars now so you don’t miss out!

 VOLUME 53, ISSUE 4                                                                                        Page 7
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    Phone:   541-757-8021
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    Worship Schedule:
    Sunday School, 9:00 AM
    Worship, 10:00 AM
    Calvin Staff:
    Marc Andresen Pastor
    David Steenhoek Director of Student Ministries
    Craig Kulonis   Pastor of Discipleship
    Doug Eldon      Director of Community Connections
    Judy Kraft      Parish Nurse
    Rachel Eby      Worship Coordinator
    Kim Nelson      Office Manager

    We’re on the web!

                        Caring for Your Aging Loved Ones
                        A series of three workshops designed to help people who care for a loved
                        one, or are anticipating this responsibility.

                                   When:      Sundays, April 27th, May 4th & 17th, 2008
                                   Where:     Calvin Presbyterian Church
                                              1736 NW Dixon Street, Corvallis
                                  Time:       3:30 - 5:30 p.m.
•     Health Issues - Alyssa Thompson, MD
•     Legal Issues - John Dezanni
•     Community Resources - Panel of community agencies that serve elders.

                         Please register at the Calvin Church office by phone: 757-8021,
                           or by e-mail: if you plan to attend.

                                 A donation of $5 is requested to cover material costs.

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