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   2012-2013 PROGRAMS
   Executive Education

Challenge yourself,
go beyond your ideas

Recognized as one of the world’s top business schools, IE Business School, with its central
Madrid campus, boasts students from over 85 countries on its Master, Doctorate and Executive
Education programs. IE Business School trains leaders that promote innovation and change
in business organizations, entrepreneurial styles of management that generate employment,
collective wealth and social well-being.

IE Business School has a urban campus in Madrid and a 400 strong Faculty. Its programs use innovative online and presential learning methods,

entrepreneurial spirit that has formed an integral part of the School since its inception, a truly international vision of business and management,

project, born from a private initiative more than 30 years ago. Since then it has worked to promote innovation. Therefore IE fosters entrepreneurial
behaviour in all its students with the philosophy that an entrepreneur is not only someone who creates their own business, but also someone who
contributes to the growth and improvement of the organization where they work.

IE Business School has been recognized by the world’s most important institutions. Achievements include a triple crown comprising accreditation
by EQUIS (European Quality Improvement Systems), AMBA (Association of MBAs) and AACSB International (The Association to Advance Collegiate
Schools of Business), this last accreditation being the most recent, having been awarded in April 2002.

                                                              IE Business School is considered one of Europe’s leading business schools by
                                                              international journals like Financial Times, The Economist, Wall Street Journal or
                                                              América Economía. These publications recognize IE Business School as a leader in

  Executive Education           Distance Learning              MBA Ranking                    MBA Ranking                    MBA Ranking
  Ranking                       International Executive        May 2011                       August 2011                    September 2009
  May 14th 2012                 MBA Ranking                    4th worldwide                  3rd worldwide                  1st worldwide
  12th worldwide                February 24th 2010
  MBA Ranking                   1st worldwide
  January 31st 2012
  3rd in Europe and
  8th worldwide
  Executive MBA Ranking
  October 24th 2011
  8th worldwide
  European Business
  Schools Ranking
  December 5th 2011
  6th worldwide
International Executive Programs                                                                                                             

Karen Hobbs. Tel: 91 568 96 25.                                                                                2012                             2013

                                       PROGRAM                                   PLACE                  DURATION           PRICE     SEP   OCT   NOV    DEC   JAN   FEB   MAR APR    MAY   JUN   JUL

        Finance Programs

  IEP Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions                                   Madrid, Spain              3 days           3.800 €

  IEP Finance and Accounting Workshop for Non-Financial Managers              Madrid, Spain              3 days           3.800 €

  IEP Corporate Finance                                                       Madrid, Spain              3 days           3.800 €

  IEP Beyond Valuation                                                        Madrid, Spain              3 days           3.900 €

  IEP Islamic Finance                                                     Madrid, Spain/ Jeddah,         6 days           6.500 €
                                                                               Saudi Arabia

        Marketing Programs

  IEP The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing                                     Madrid, Spain              3 days           3.800 €

  IEP Building a Customer-Centric Organization                                Madrid, Spain              3 days           3.800 €

        Operations Programs

  IEP Leading Project-Driven Organizations                                    Madrid, Spain              3 days           3.800 €

  IEP Global Supply Chain Management                                          Madrid, Spain              3 days           3.800 €

  IEP Effective Management for Security Professionals                         Madrid, Spain              4 days           4.500 €

        Skills Development Programs

  IEP Executive Negotiation Workshop                                          Madrid, Spain              4 days           4.700 €

  IEP Management and Fundamentals Skills for Scientists and Researchers       Madrid, Spain        14 weeks online + 12   11.800 €
                                                                                                      presential days
  IEP Innovative Leadership                                                   Madrid, Spain              3 days           4.300 €

  IEP Global Leadership for Women                                             Madrid, Spain              3 days           3.900 €

  IEP Strategic Leadership                                                    Madrid, Spain              3 days           3.900 €

        Learning Through Context Programs

  IEP China: An Inside View                                                   Beijing, China             4 days           5.300 €

  IEP Brazil: An Inside View                                                São Paulo, Brazil            4 days           5.300 €

IEP: International Executive Program
Top Management Programs                                                                                                                                

Manuel Bermejo. Tel.: 91 568 82 12.                                                                                 2012                             2013

                                      PROGRAM                                PLACE                 DURATION             PRICE     SEP   OCT   NOV   DEC    JAN   FEB   MAR APR MAY   JUN   JUL

                                                                                                  2 separate
TM Global Senior Management Program                                   Chicago/Online/Madrid residential modules        18.500 €
                                                                                             + 4 online modules
                                                                                            2 residential modules      17.900 €
TM Advanced Management Program - Blended Edition                          Madrid/Online         + online period
TM Advanced Management Program - Intensive Edition                           Madrid                  1 month           17.900 €

TM Vision Management Program                                                 Madrid                   3 days           4.250 €

TM Owners and Entrepreneurs Management Program                               Madrid            3 X 1 week modules      17.900 €
                                                                      Silicon Valley/Madrid/    3 in-class modules     18.900 €
TM Global Engineering Leadership Program                                Hong Kong/Online       3 months online study
TM Executive Master in Positive Leadership and Strategy                      Madrid                13 months           46.200 €

Online Programs                                                                                                                                 

Dolores Pérez-Lafuente. Tel: 91 787 51 15.                                                                        2012                             2013

                                      PROGRAM                                PLACE                 DURATION             PRICE     SEP OCT NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL

OP Programs covering multiple areas                                          Online                 2,5 weeks           945 €

IE Law School: Executive Education / International Programs                                                                                                  

Carlos de la Pedraja. Tel: 91 568 96 00.                                                                            2012                             2013

                                      PROGRAM                                PLACE                 DURATION             PRICE     SEP OCT NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL

TM Lawyers' Management Program                                        Madrid/London/Online          3 months           15.000 €

IEP Key Issues in Global Competition Law: An International Approach          Madrid                   3 days           2.700 €

IEP Corruption, Bribery and Ethics in International Business                 Madrid                   3 days           2.700 €

OP Drafting and Interpreting International Contracts                         Online                 3,5 weeks          1.450 €

OP Marketing for Lawyers and Law Firms                                       Online                 3,5 weeks          1.450 €

 S Lawyers, Contracts & Communication Skills                                 Madrid                10 sessions         1.750 €

 S Drafting and Interpreting International Contracts                         Madrid                10 sessions         1.750 €

TM: Top Management        OP: Online Program       S: Seminar


At IE Business School, we view Executive Education as a way for managers, directors and
company leaders to update skills, learn the latest trends and practices and to network
with experts and other managers. Executive Education addresses key issues facing
executives, such as increased competition, global and increasingly interdependent
economies, more dynamic markets, fast-paced technological evolution, shrinking
product lifecycle, constantly changing consumer habits, and corporate responsibility.
Ultimately, Executive Education will address these issues and guide executives in
confronting them.

Top Management Programs                                      Online Programs
    Ms. Yvonne Sánchez                                           Ms. Dolores Pérez-Lafuente
    Associate Director                                           E-learning Director
    Tel.: + 34 91 568 82 12                                      Tel.: + 34 91 787 51 15
    E-mail:                                E-mail:

International Executive Programs                             IE Law School – Executive Education
    Ms. Karen Hobbs                                               Mr. Carlos de la Pedraja
    International Executive Programs Manager                      Director. IE Law School - Executive Education
    Tel.: +34 91 568 96 25                                        Tel.: + 34 91 568 96 00
    E-mail:                                    E-mail:

Custom Education
    Ms. Alina Pirvulescu
    Corporate Manager
    Tel.: + 34 91 745 47 61
Argentina / Buenos Aires                 Guatemala & Mexico / Mexico D.F.            Singapore / Singapore
Federico Paviolo        Álvaro Sánchez                
Australia / Sidney                                                                   South Korea / Seoul
Isabelle Delacave   India / Mumbai                              Abraham Lee
                                         Karan Gupta
Brazil / São Paulo                                                                   Turkey / Istanbul
João Villas                Ireland & UK / London                       Sevtap Bas
                                         Sally Averill
Central America & Colombia / Bogota                                                  UAE / Dubai
Patricia Salgar     Italy / Milan                               Arturo Manso
                Sergio Negri
                                                                                     USA / Los Angeles
Chile / Santiago de Chile                Japan / Tokio                               Jean Marie Winikates
Mauricio Yury               Harumi Hotta                             

China / Shanghai                         Peru / Lima                                 USA / Miami
Estela Ye                   Bruno Garro                 Guillermo Montes
Ecuador / Quito                          Portugal / Lisbon
Alexandra Pérez      Inés Holtreman              USA / New York
                                                                                     Kim Janulewicz
Egypt / Cairo                            Russia & Ukraine / Moscow                            
Sandy Samaan           Irina Polovneva
                                                             Venezuela / Caracas
Germany / Munich                                                                     Irais Souto Rodríguez
Vanessa de Gruyter

                                                                                IE Business School Executive Education
                                                                               Castellón de la Plana, 8 / 28006 Madrid
                                                                         Te. +34 91 782 17 00 / Fax +34 91 745 47 62

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