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									               How to Recover from Alcoholism?
Many people around the world suffer from a cognitive disease called alcoholism.
People suffering from alcoholism are generally thought of as someone with low
moral values. However it is important to understand that many addicts use the high
they receive from alcohol to get rid of their worries and problems, at least
momentarily. In their attempt to forget their worries, they do not realize that their
life becomes controlled by alcohol and finally they reach a stage where they don’t
feel normal till they drink some.

It is not impossible with Narconon Fresh Start to recover from alcoholism.
Recovery begins when the alcoholic realizes that being an alcoholic is a problem.
They need to understand that their addiction is not just harming them but is also
harming the people around them.

The process of recovery is unfortunately not very smooth in this case. Therefore if
you are trying to quit drinking, you should start with learning how to reduce
consumption, and later should also learn how to refuse a drink. The benefits of
becoming free from an addiction will be realized only after total recovery is
achieved. Since the road to recovery will be a long one, it will also require lot of

If you are someone who wants to quit drinking, then you must know that it will be
very difficult during the initial few weeks and therefore distance should be kept from
places where alcohol is served. There are many techniques mentioned in Narconon
Fresh Start Program. Relaxation techniques like prayer, exercise and meditation
will be very useful. You can also develop new hobbies that can take your attention
off from cravings.
Planning your future and judiciously using the extra time that you now have will
strengthen your desire to stay away from alcohol. Whenever you feel like getting
back to your old habit, remind yourself of the good things that have happened to
you since you quit drinking. You can make notes of the good times you have had
since you quit drinking and go through them when you are tempted to drink again.
Nothing good can come of out of being addicted to alcohol, so do everything in your
power to stay away from it.

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