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									                            3ds max Hyperlinks & Shortcuts
                                                    brought to you by
                              Palmetto FIRST Robotics and Team 342

                                                              Team 342 Animation Mentor
        Useful Hyperlinks

FIRST Documents:

3ds max 7 Online Tutorials:

3ds max 6 Downloadable Tutorials:

Excellent FIRST Forums
      (including AVA Stuff):

Other 3ds max Forums & Tutorials:

A couple good 3ds max books
3ds max 6 Animation: CG Filmmaking
from Concept to Completion by Barrett

3ds max 6 Killer Tips by Jon A Bell

Don’t forget!
Upload entry & consent forms by 2/14/05, then the
storyboard & animation by 2/22/05.

Good Luck!

Kevin Thorp
                        3ds max Hyperlinks & Shortcuts
                                                brought to you by
                            Palmetto FIRST Robotics and Team 342

     3ds max Keyboard Shortcuts
User Interface Function     Keyboard Shortcut
Open File                   CTRL+O (letter "o")
Save File                   CTRL+S
Redo Scene Operation        CTRL+Y
Undo Scene Operation        CTRL+Z
Delete Objects              DELETE
Top View                    T
Bottom View                 B
Left View                   L
Front View                  F
Camera View                 C
Isometric User View         U
Maximize Viewport Toggle    ALT+W
Wireframe / Smooth Toggle   F3
Material Editor             M
Expert Mode                 CTRL+X
Show Tab Panel Toggle       Y
Hide Cameras Toggle         SHIFT+C
Hide Lights Toggle          SHIFT+L
Hide Grids Toggle           G
Go to End Frame             END
Go to Start Frame           HOME
Forward Time One Unit       . (period)
Back Time One Unit          , (comma)
Play Animation              / (forward slash)
Auto Key Toggle             N
Render Last                 F9
Render Scene                F10
Select All                  CTRL+A
Select Invert               CTRL+I (letter “i”)
Select None                 CTRL+D
Select-By-Name Dialog       H
Select                      Q
Move                        W
Rotate                      E
Scale                       R
Transform Gizmo Toggle      X
Transform Type-In Dialog    F12
Align                       ALT+A
Zoom Extents Selected All   Z
Zoom Region Mode            CTRL+W
Zoom Viewport In            [ (open square bracket)
Zoom Viewport Out           ] (closed square bracket

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