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NPSI Launches New Website


The National Protective Services Institute, also known as NPSI, has launched a new website.

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									NPSI Launches New Website

The National Protective Services Institute, also known as NPSI, has
launched a new website.

San Antonio, TX – August 14, 2012 – The National Protective Services
Institute, a non-profit corporation specializing in Personal Defense, Law
Enforcement, Security, Anti-Terrorism, and Bodyguard Training, has
launched a new website ( to better promote the various
classes they teach.

Also known as NPSI, this school is able to provide some of its classes
free to the public to ensure community awareness in such areas as
community response to an active shooter, recognition and reporting of
suspicious terrorism indicators, and personal defense solutions.

NPSI often has people travel from across the United States, and sometimes
internationally, to receive training in such specialized courses as
Executive and Dignitary Protection, advanced tactical firearms training,
and instructor-trainer level courses.

This new website should make it easier for students from around the world
to register for classes, pay online, and receive the specific
instructions they need to attend their classes. It is extremely user
friendly, with class descriptions that are easy to read, testimonials
that are real (with full names), and an easy to use registration system.
Prospective students can search for classes using the Course Catalog, or
by looking at the upcoming class schedules.

At NPSI, all instructors are subject matter experts who are both
certified AND qualified to teach. The NPSI motto is “Certification
through TRAINING, not attending” because so many schools simply push
students through and attempt to meet only the minimum standards required.
Since they don’t believe in doing this, the secondary motto of NPSI is
“Train like your life depends on it!”

The website has a gallery of pictures where prospective
students can see some actual students engaged in instruction. Of course,
students’ faces are blurred to prevent identification from would-be bad
guys. This same courtesy is provided to all NPSI students; recognizable
pictures are not used unless permission has been given otherwise.

For more information, please visit, or contact Ken Lewis,
National Protective Services Institute’s Vice President of Business
Development, at (210) 737-7233.

About the National Protective Services Institute
Headquartered in San Antonio, TX, the non-profit National Protective
Services Institute (NPSI) offers programs, services, and instruction to
provide students the ability to become leaders in public safety and
professional protective services, as well train members of the general
public to increase their personal defense skills. NPSI is structured to
train students to attain the important licensing and certifications they
need, and to prepare them for exciting careers in Law Enforcement,
Security Operations, Anti-Terrorism, Homeland Security, Emergency
Management, and Emergency Medical Services. For additional information
please visit our website at: Texas License # F01081.

Jason McLendon
National Protective Services Institute
San Antonio, TX
(210) 737-7233

Protective Services, Defense, Security, defense skills

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