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					2                                   Editarticle   Editor Gives Journal a Boost and Leaves
The Journal of Technology Studies

                                                  Jerry Streichler, Editor

                                                       Cece Iandoli made significant                       online as they are completed. We hope
                                                  contributions during her brief term as this              that the inaugural hard copy of the 2001
                                                  journal’s Editor. To the Epsilon Pi Tau Board            volume that readers will receive early in
                                                  of Directors’ charge to prepare this publication         2002 will be equally well received as a
                                                  for entry into the 21st century she responded            useful alternative to the material that has
                                                  by engineering a well-received change in the             been posted on the World Wide Web
                                                  journal’s outward appearance and internal                during 2001.
                                                  design and layout. The Board of Directors also       2. The Epsilon Pi Tau Preceptor (the
                                                  sought a journal that, while maintaining its             official Newsmagazine). The first copy
                                                  prominence as a scholarly publication, would             of this second element of the inform-
                                                  better serve its Epsilon Pi Tau members and              ation and publication system was
                                                  subscriber readers who were increasing in                mailed to members last fall. We have
                                                  number and who represented more diverse                  received positive feedback on it. From
                                                  technology interests, cultures, and nationalities.       its attractive design, layout, and
                                                  In response, Cece devised guidelines and took            typography it is clear that the Epsilon Pi
                                                  initial steps to extend the journal’s subject            Tau Preceptor is different from its
                                                  matter and range of topics.                              predecessor, the long-serving
                                                       We were delighted for her when she was              “Quote-Unquote” Newsletter. Our
                                                  promoted to full professor and then appointed            dream is to make it a truly general
                                                  to chair her department at San Francisco State           magazine that includes information
                                                  University. That emotion changed to                      relating to leadership, technology
                                                  disappointment when we (and Cece) realized               developments and issues, career
                                                  that the demands of those new responsibilities           development, chapter programs and
                                                  were seriously affecting her ability to fulfill          accomplishments, events and highlights
                                                  editorial responsibilities. If only she would have       from regions, and achievements of
                                                  been able to continue with the program that              individual members. These, in addition
                                                  we had envisioned. Nevertheless, we were                 to announcements of honors and awards
                                                  fortunate to benefit from her creative energy            and business matters of the organization,
                                                  and enthusiasm and the paths she blazed                  will make up this new periodical.
                                                  during her almost two years of service to            3. The Epsilon Pi Tau Web Site. The
                                                  Epsilon Pi Tau.                                          existing Web site will be significantly
                                                       This writer appreciated and valued the              upgraded in design and comprehen-
                                                  Iandoli presence: first, as a mentor in trans-           siveness. It will have a new address, and
                                                  ferring the Editor’s reins to her, and then, after       because of its linkage and other
                                                  she took full responsibility, as an observer and         capabilities this comprehensive, user-
                                                  supporter of her ideas and helping with their            friendly, interactive Web site will be the
                                                  implementation. With her departure and a                 heart of the Epsilon Pi Tau Information
                                                  return as a “new” Editor it makes sense to               and Publications System.
                                                  promptly implement an innovative approach                The Web site will include sections of
                                                  to publishing The Journal of Technology Studies      general information about Epsilon Pi Tau.
                                                  that we had been planning for Cece to manage.        These will be open to members and
                                                  The concept places the journal at one of three       nonmembers to provide them with critically
                                                  interrelated elements of what we call the Epsilon    important information about the organization
                                                  Pi Tau Publication and Information System.           and about technology. But only active Epsilon
                                                  They are:                                            Pi Tau members will be able to access other
                                                  1. The Journal of Technology Studies. A publi-       secure pages. These will contain Epsilon Pi
                                                       cation and dissemination change marks           Tau publications online, and career and
                                                       the 2001 volume. We have already                advancement information as well as
                                                       received positive feedback about the            information on technology and technical issues
                                                       concept of posting individual articles          and events.
     As a one-stop service, members will be able   maintains the most extensive article solicitation       3
to link with a variety of other professional       system of any comparable journal that serves
organizations and professional and scholarly       our fields of technology. This has been done

                                                                                                       The Journal of Technology Studies
journals and magazines related to the many         to ensure that our members will enjoy the
disciplines and specializations in the tech-       benefits of the best and most diverse scholarly
nology professions served by Epsilon Pi Tau.       materials that could be acquired. The system
     Secure chat rooms, also only accessible to    described in the preceding paragraphs expands
Epsilon Pi Tau members, will facilitate            on the notion of providing the best that is
communication with other members                   possible to members. The three elements not
throughout the world. Such an exchange and         only provide publications with enlarged
sharing of professional information relevant to    scope, but open significant and meaningful
common career and technical interests will         communications devices. These will provide
certainly be beneficial to members.                member enrichment opportunities that we
     Business matters, including payment of        hope will serve and, indeed, help members as
dues and ordering of such items as Epsilon Pi      they progress and advance in their careers in a
Tau jewelry, will be enabled with security. And    technology profession and even hold their
finally, members will be able to communicate       interest in retirement.
directly with Trustees, Regional Directors, and         Naturally, Cece cannot, nor would she,
the executive staff at the International Office.   claim credit for all that is reported here. What
     So, how does all this relate to you, our      she did with the journal has served the best
members and readers? The short answer stems        interests of the Epsilon Pi Tau membership.
from the Board of Directors’ wish to build on      The remaining elements of our publication and
the journal’s reputation and to improve and        information system will do no less. Thanks,
enrich member services. As an example, we          Cece! JS
share a not widely known fact that the journal

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