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									                                                                                  Solicitation   : B05-182911
                               South Carolina                                     Run Date       : August 16,
                                                                                                                         Steve Pullie
                                                                                  Issue Date     2012December 15, 2004
                          Department Of Public Safety                             Buyer          : August 16,
                                     AMENDMENT-01                                 Phone          2012December 15, 2004
                                                                                  E-mail         : Steve Pullie
* Deliver all items to:   -

Blythewood, SC

         Requested Delivery Date: As specified          Bidder’s Best Delivery: ______________days After Receipt of Order (ARO)
                                                        Bidder’s Discount Terms:______________%______________Days.

         Return Bid No Later Than…(Opening Date/Time): 12/28/04 / 11:00 a.m.                             Posting Date:
                                                                                                         For Award Postings, See Below

         Return Bid To: S.C. Department Of Public Safety                   Express / Hand-Carry To: SCDPS
                        P/ O. Box 1993                                                              10311 Wilson Blvd.
                        Blythewood, SC 29016                                                        Blythewood, SC 29016

         Description:         See attached answers to questions. Open date changed as indicated.

                                                       MUST BE SIGNED TO BE VALID

         By signing this bid, I certify that we will comply with all requirements of section 44-107-10, ET Seq., Relating to the S.C.
         Drug-Free Workplace Act.

                                *** Solicitation Number and Opening Date must be shown on sealed envelope ***

                                       Award will be posted at Express/Hand-Carry to:

           AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE                                    PRINTED NAME                                          DATE

           COMPANY                                                                                 STATE VENDOR NO. (IF KNOWN)

           MAILING ADDRESS                                                                         SOCIAL SECURITY OR FEDERAL TAX NO.

           CITY                                                    STATE           ZIP CODE                          PHONE

           EMAIL ADDRESS: (Please provide)                                                                           CONTRACT NO.


           BUYER                                                                                                         DATE
1.    Does the Department of Public Safety have preferences on server hardware brands? HP, Dell, IBM? Database
      software? SQL, Oracle, DB2?

     SCDPS will provide the server. The database platform is SQL Server and will be
     provided by SCDPS.

2.    What methods of communication or interface are expected with Computer Aided Dispatching /switching? Retrieval
      and display? Update? Ties to voice recordings stored in RMS from CAD?

      The incorporation of CAD data into the RMS is an option for the Offeror (page 27 item 13). Upon award and if this
      particular option is selected by SCDPS, the Offeror would be provided the database schema for the CAD application.
      For proposal preparation; Offerors may contact SCDPS’ CAD vendor SMARTCOP. The State will not be held liable
      for any information that SMARTCOP provides that changes the scope of the RFP.

3.    Are there history or back-files that require conversion or scanning into the contemplated RMS?


4.    What other device input methods are contemplated for the RMS data gathering besides laptop and paper?

      See page 19 for current methodology and page 24 numbers 20, 22, and 23.

5.    Please describe the form and method of entry of STP documents contemplated. Does the RFP require scanning
      devices for this purpose? Or other method of data exchange?

      See answer to number 4; No; however such devices would be evaluated as a value added feature at the Offerors’

6.    Are there other systems such as jail management and court records systems requiring interface contemplated? Please
      list all software and the database currently used to store data.


7.    What backup software is currently used?

      Veritas Backup Exec

8.    Is a Storage Area Network or Enterprise Tape Library in use? Contemplated?

      Yes both are in use.

9.SCHP “activity collection system” (Page 18)
  The RFP Background information indicates the SCHP “prefers” to have
 “Incident/Arrest data…be manipulated and extracted from this repository”. Please
   provide details about the existing “arrest collection system”, the database being used,
   connectivity issues, and availability of data to be extracted. Please indicate if the
  database schema will be provided.

 Currently the existing Activity Collection System currently only collects a few of the
 fields required for a valid SCIBRS incident report (see list below). Similarly, there is
 no SCIBRS validation applied to these data fields. SCDPS will accept option pricing
 on the cost to modify this particular application (see page 19 paragraph one).

 Incident fields from the Activity Collection System:
  Incident ID
  Employee Number
  Date of Incident
  Time of Incident (Military Format)
  Highway Type
   Highway Number
   Description of the Incident
   Incident Report Type

10. SCHP “activity collection system” (Page 18)
    Are all data elements of a valid SCIBRS report COLLECTED in the “activity
    collection system” and are those elements VALIDATED in the “activity collection
    system” to assure SCIBRS compliance? If not, please indicate how DPS envisions
    the collection of any additional required data, and how DPS envisions the correction
    of invalid data.

   No; See page 19 paragraph one.

11. Attachments A - H
    Many of the attachments contain preprinted forms. Is it desirable or required that the
    RMS system produce the “completed” or “filled out” forms on-demand from data
    entered into the system?
    Yes, see page 23 number C-11.

12. Network (Page 20)
   The RFP describes certain wireless network infrastructure. Please indicate which
    agencies (SCHP, STP, and BPS) will use wireless connections, and the probable
    number of wireless clients.

   SCHP, STP, and BPS are all part of the SCDPS (see page 18 paragraph 1).
   If an Offeror submits a wireless option; SCDPS would evaluate as an option. Cost
   should be provided with a volume breakdown matrix.

13. Import Data (Page 23)
    The RFP requests a pricing option that will “import data from the existing Activitiy
    Collection System into the Contractor’s RMS…”. This has two possible meanings:
         a.       Forward-looking importation of new data being created, or
         b.       Historical Data Conversion of legacy files

Please indicate the definition of this requirement, and if “b” please indicate the approximate number of legacy records to be

     A – Forward looking importation of new data being created.

14. Remote Client Version (Page 24)
    The RFP references “remote client software…” capable of operating in “standalone
    mode on the PC”. Please indicate the approximate number of such clients.

   See page 23 C 3-4.

15. Training & Support
    The RFP references training at DPS Headquarters. Does DPS intend to employ a
   “train the trainer” methodology or will ALL users be trained by the Contractor. Please
    indicate the method, and the number of people DPS intends to train.

   All training options will be considered.

  Does DPS assume the role of “first level” User support for the field Law Enforcement
  Officers or is the Contractor to assume such responsibilities? “First Level” is defined
  as daily operational, connectivity, training related or procedural issues by DPS support
  personnel; with significant support issues to be passed through to the Contractor.

   SCDPS will support all first level support issues that are required to run the
   Contractor’s solution. Initial training will still remain the responsibility of the
   Contractor for the solution provided in the scope.
16. File Server Installation (Page 22)
    The RFP indicates that the “contractor shall provide all file server installation”. Does
    this assume that DPS will provide a currently licensed, version updated, on-the-
    network file server and the Contractor’s installation shall be application installation
    and certification only?


17. Software Escrow (Page 17)
   Does DPS currently maintain escrow facilities? If not, should the costs of escrow
   be included in the Contractor’s quotation?

  No; Yes See Cost section number 1 page 25.

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