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					  Editor’s Column
                Anne Fowler writes...
Well, there is a lot in this one, which is good!
I’m glad to see we have got the support of                            AGM
the local community from the contributions
of articles and news. Please keep them                          Tue 22 Jan 2008
coming in. Please also support our
advertisers during this festive season,
                                                               Parish Hall Lounge
without them, we would not be able to print                          8.00pm
the BB.                                                   Benson Bulletin invites all BB readers,
                                                          advertisers and residents to its AGM in
I was delighted to receive a recent invitation            January. Please come along to find out
to the Mill Stream Day Centre for drinks and              how the magazine is produced, financed
nibbles (or ‘shovelling’ as it can be known               and distributed - meet the team. We look
when I turn up). A most excellent                         forward to seeing you.
independent institution, providing social
activities and hot meals for the senior                    email your letters/articles to
members of our community. They are
currently looking for volunteers to help them
continue their valuable work, so anybody                     or deliver/send them to
with some time to spare and willingness to                     Benson Parish Hall
help please call Irene Richardson on 01491
I wanted to know about rubbish collections
over the Christmas period for the diary page,           Letters to the Editor ------------------------------ 2
so I had a look at the SODC website. There              District Council News ----------------------------- 6
should be no confusion this year because                Book of Remembrances --------------------------- 8
our normal collection day is Thursday and               Parish Council News ---------------------------- 10
there are no changes to Thursday                        From Belles to Bells ----------------------------- 12
collections. So it’s business as usual.                 Remembrance Day Parade ---------------------- 14
I hope everybody has a Happy Christmas/                 Happy Birthday Inez --------------------------- 14
New Year!                                               Church Times ------------------------------------- 17
                                                        Passey Balloon Trip ----------------------------- 18
                    BB                                  Health Walks -------------------------------------- 18
     For One Year – By Post                             Bird Spot ------------------------------------------ 20
              An Excellent Present                      Benson Road Action Group -------------------- 20
     for friends or family who have moved               BEST ----------------------------------------------- 22
                                                        BCA ------------------------------------------------ 22
               away from Benson
                                                        Corn Exchange ------------------------------------ 24
      Call Don Fletcher on 01491 838577
                                                        School News -------------------------------------- 26
                                                        Local Clubs and Societies ---------------------- 30                                  Classified Ads ------------------------------------- 31
                                                        Diary ----------------------------------------------- 32
                                                    Volume 14 No 4
            Cover Photograph                        Published by
        Aerial view of Benson village.              Benson Bulletin News Association
      By kind permission of Ray Passey.             Printed by
                                                    NP Design & Print Ltd, Wallingford : 01491 824827
                                                   BB                                                       1
                                                      worked at the Institute of Hydrology for a
      Letters to the Editor                           few months).

                                                      We went back to Benson recently - took
                                                      photos outside The Shepherd’s Hut and
Dear Club Chairman/Chairperson,                       drove past the airfield, now with armed
I am writing as the Clubs and Societies               guards at the gates! But the pub on the main
Secretary of the Benson Bulletin.                     road south of the airfield was gone (London
We publish a list of all clubs, including             Road Inn?), and we failed to find the field
officers, on the Benson Bulletin Web page. I          where the caravans used to be - (we were on
would be grateful if you would check the              our way to Heathrow so time was short) nice
details ( or if you            to see the area isn’t covered with new
are no longer on the committee, to pass this          subdivisions though!
on to the club/society for their reply. This is
purely to update our records.                         Can anyone tell me anything about the old
                                                      couple who managed the caravans, or the
Secondly, we publish in the Benson Bulletin           name of the field or lane where they sat. I’m
short reports about various meetings,                 told there was a lady called Anne who
happenings etc. We would particularly like to         worked at the nearby garage and lived on the
hear from clubs which do not regularly                caravan site. If only we’d taken more
report, as well as thanking those who keep            photographs way back then!
us informed, and ask you please to continue.          Many thanks from Canada!
You may reply to this by dropping replies             Jeanette Clark
into my letterbox, or the Parish Hall letterbox.
You may also send it by email to the BB               Answers can be sent via the bb.editor
(                   email address, or via the
                                                      Parish Hall BB envelope. AF
Thank you for your help.
                                                      Dear Editor,
Jackie Bryan
Clubs and Societies Secretary                         Who owns the road?
01491 838623
                                                      Winter is approaching, so a good time for a
Dear Editor,                                          reminder of the special dangers that this time
My husband was at RAF Benson in 1969.                 bears. For over a year I am commuting by
We got married in November, but could not             bike from Benson to Oxford. And I have
find any accommodation around the airfield.           almost daily encounters with drivers who
In desperation we rented a tiny caravan in a          seem to have psychic powers to anticipate
farmer’s field south of the airfield. There was       oncoming traffic when they overtake within a
no running water and the one outside tap              turn. However, here I want to focus on the
tended to freeze in winter. The few caravans          use (better: misuse) of car headlights.
were managed by an elderly couple - the old           Because of an obvious misconception of the
lady I remember vividly, as she had long              necessity and consequences of this extra (!)
straggly grey hair and always wore the same           light most people seem to believe that the full
outfit: big baggy sweater over a kilt over blue       headlight is needed as soon as it is dark, and
jeans and wellingtons!                                this habit leads to the lights turned down,
To get to Benson you came out of the                  generally, too late, therefore, annoying
caravan field, turned left and at the end of          pedestrians and bringing cyclists and
this lane was a pub, on the main road. In the         animals into grave danger.
other direction, turning right out of the
caravan field, the lane led to a main road           Full headlights are only necessary in rare
where you caught the bus into Wallingford (I                                   Continued overleaf
2                                                  BB
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                                       BB                                                             3
    Letters to the Editor                             Arson Attack in the Village
situations, such as a dark street with an         I guess that having an allotment alongside a
upward slope. They are certainly not needed       footpath, all owners expect, from time to time,
when driving through a village: whoever           to lose a few vegetables. I don’t expect
thinks he needs full headlights when driving      anyone could claim that they were squeaky
at 30 mph through a village like Berrick          clean in their youth but the latest outbreak of
Salome is wrong – as well as inconsiderate        vandalism crosses the line between relatively
regarding inhabitants of the houses the           harmless high spirits and criminal damage.
dazzling light shines in!
                                                  A row of beautiful looking cabbages were
Eyes have the fascinating ability to adjust to    uprooted and apparently used for an
darkness, by opening of the pupils as wide        impromptu game of football, but the really
and letting in as much light as possible. In      serious damage involved burning a tool shed
this situation the system cannot cope with        down to the ground. Please, if anyone saw
bright light shone directly into it; we (and      anything, let a member of the Parish Council
other animals) get blinded for up to a few        or the police know – you can do it
seconds. During this time a cyclist like me,      anonymously through Crimestoppers on
travelling at 18 mph, covers almost 20 metres;    0800555111.
enough to land in the trench when blinded
by an oncoming driver that fails to turn down
his lights. In even greater danger are animals
such as pheasants, rabbits or cats. Their
eyes are optimized to see in the dark, and
unlike cyclists and pedestrians, they don’t
continue their movement when blinded.
Instead they stand still and wait until they
see again. The incredible number of roadkill
is a testament to this. It is because of the
huge number of scavenging birds (e.g. red
kites) that this is less apparent.
Who owns the road? – The answer to this
question should be: we all; car drivers,
motorcyclists, pedestrians, cyclists and
animals. Because we all have the right to be      These people must be stopped before
safe on our roads!                                someone gets seriously injured.
Frank Niesen

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    District Council News                          New Housing Allocations Policy
                                                   Along with other Oxfordshire districts and
               Sue Cooper writes ...               the City, SODC is to introduce Choice Based
                                                   Lettings for social housing. Everyone
                                                   wanting affordable housing in South
Concessionary Travel                               Oxfordshire (or elsewhere) should put their
A new national system from April 2008 will         name on the waiting list and have their need
allow the over 60s and the disabled to travel      assessed. Need will be put into bands
free on local buses (those which have stops        according to urgency. When properties
with a maximum of 15 miles between). SODC          become available, those on the list can bid
passes will continue to be valid from 9.00 am      (not by money but by need) for a property.
(the national requirement is from 9.30 am) to      Availability of accommodation will be
11 pm. £20 worth of travel tokens will still be    advertised on the internet or those in need
offered as an alternative for the over 70s and     can be notified by alternative means.
the disabled, who can be accompanied by a          Apparently the system works well in other
carer of their choice.                             places, as time is not wasted offering homes
                                                   to people in areas they don’t like or which are
Waste survey results                               not suitable.
Thank you to all those who completed the
waste survey. 1580 completed                       Toilets in Benson
questionnaires were submitted. The                 I am still not sure what is happening about
favoured option for the new waste contract         the Benson public conveniences as there is
means that we are likely to get kerbside           still no electricity supply. I wrote to SODC
collection of glass (90% in favour), weekly        asking them to take back responsibility for
collection of food waste (78% in favour),          the toilets, as I believe strongly that the
fortnightly collection of residual waste with a    people of Benson should not have to pay for
wheeled bin and fortnightly-at-least               tourists or visitors from other towns and
collection of dry recyclables. 64% of              villages to use a toilet in Benson. But they
respondents said they would be willing to          have responded by sending Benson Parish
accept a fortnightly collection of residual        Council the papers for transferring the
rubbish if food waste is collected weekly. I       ownership to the Parish Council and have
hope this won’t mean that we throw away            offered a one-off payment towards the
even more food. Apparently we now as a             maintenance. There is certainly a need for
nation throw away more food than we used           such a facility in a civilised society, and the
to eat 60 years ago! Introduction of a new         Parish will continue to struggle with the
scheme will involve a comprehensive                electricity supplier; but I am sorry that SODC
education package which I hope will have a         is turning its back on its responsibilities.
strong waste minimisation message so that
we try not to buy more than we need.
Fortnightly garden waste collection on
paying for a brown wheeled bin is to be
                                                          Keith Smith
                                                       Carpentry Service
continued as at present.

Flood Reports                                           √ Roofing
Riparian owners (ie those with the land
adjacent to rivers and streams) are                     √ Fitted Kitchens
responsible for keeping channels clear but              √ Wardrobes
the Environment Agency have oversight. If
you notice rubbish building up in a
                                                        √ Internal & External Doors
watercourse which might cause flooding                  Tel: 01844 278076
following heavy rain, please clear it.                  Mob: 07967 564863
6                                                 BB
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                                 BB                                    7
                                               For years, Parish Councillor, Don Fletcher,
                                               had listened to the Vicar reading out on
                                               Remembrance Sunday the names on the
                                               War Memorial of the men of Benson and
                                               Turners Court who had fallen in battle. It
                                               occurred to him that, for the most part, we
                                               knew little of their lives and how they had
                                               died beyond their names.

                                               Having given it some thought, he sought
                                               people in the village who would be
                                               interested to research and produce a book
                                               listing as much information about the men
                                               as was possible to ascertain. Alastair Jack
                                               and William Burtt responded, and Fred
                                               Smith offered to fund the project.

                                                 Following much research and considerable
                                                 work, the group published the 1995 edition
                                                 of the Benson War Memorial and Graves
                                                 Book of Remembrance which was
produced in time for the village celebration of the 50th anniversary of VE Day. Now, 12
years on, the original edition of the book is sold out.
Thanks to the hard work of Janet Burtt and the generosity of the Bensington Society the
book has recently been updated, reprinted and will be on sale in St Helen’s Church on
Remembrance Day and afterwards in the village.
    The “War Memorial and Graves Book of Remembrance” is sponsored by the
    Bensington Society and published by Pie Powder Press. The book may be
    purchased at The Benson Library, Derry’s Den or by post from the Secretary of the
    Bensington Society. Should you wish to purchase a book by post please complete
    the tear off slip below and forward it to the Secretary of the Bensington Society.

    To: The Secretary, Bensington Society, The Stables, 11A Castle Square, Benson,
    Oxon, OX10 6SD


    Please forward me      copy(s) of the ‘War Memorial and Graves Book of Remem-

    I enclose a cheque for £     made out to ‘The Bensington Society’ (£4.99 + 50p
    P&P per copy)

    Signed:                                                      Date:
8                                           BB
BB   9
                                                 intends consulting residents about what is
  Parish Council News                            needed in new areas but you may like to start
             Jon Fowler writes ...               thinking about this. Nothing will happen in a
                                                 hurry as this would be an expensive project
                                                 so funds need to be raised and grants
Mill Stream Day Centre                           applied for as well as getting plans drawn up
The Parish Council recently received a           and approved.
representation from Ken Smith, Treasurer of
the Mill Stream Day Centre. The Centre           Transport Representative
provides an opportunity for the elderly          We still need a Parish Transport
members of the community to enjoy a              Representative. Benson is fortunate to have
cooked meal and the company of other             a good bus service but things are evolving
people. The substance of Ken’s submission        all the time and we need a representative to
was that whilst the costs or running and         look after Benson’s interests in negotiations
maintaining the Centre have risen, the           with OCC. Please ask at the Parish office,
availability of volunteer resource to help run   upstairs at the Parish Hall (phone 825038) for
the Centre has diminished. This has resulted     further details if you would like more
in an increase in costs (the Centre receives     information about this interesting position.
no financial assistance from either the
District or County Council).                     Allotments
                                                 Apologies for not making it clear in a
                                                 previous edition that Benson allotments are
                                                 for Benson parishioners. If you would like an
                                                 allotment for next year, please apply to the
                                                 Parish Council BEFORE 31st January. We are
                                                 trying to avoid the allotments becoming
                                                 overgrown with weeds and we may need to
                                                 look at other arrangements after that date.

                                                 Yet again there has been a spate of
                                                 vandalism. This time it took place at the
                                                 Allotments off St Helens Avenue and
The photograph shows Bishop John                 appears to have taken place on Friday 16th
(Oxford) tucking in to stew and dumplings in     November. A shed was torched and mindless
the Day Centre on 29th October. The ladies       damage done to some of the Allotments. If
are, from left to right, Joan Mills, Isobel      anyone has any information as to the culprits
Taylor and Pauline Trailor.                      please contact the Police non emergency
                                                 number (0845 850 5505) or the Parish Office.
The Day Centre is desperate for help - if you
  can spare any time at all, please contact     Dog Fouling
 Irene Richardson at the centre 834889.         Reports have been received at the Parish
Parish Hall and Pavilion                        Office of dog fouling, particularly on the
Following the recommendations in the Parish     Sunnyside football pitches (which has to be
Plan and the need to upgrade some facilities,   cleaned up by the footballers before each
the Parish Council are considering extending    game) but it appears to be something of a
the Parish Hall and Pavilion. This could also   general problem around the village. The
improve security around the building by         majority of dog owners are responsible
removing shady alcoves where some people        people who clear up after their quadrupeds
have been gathering to smoke and drink late     have emptied. Local Authorities have the
at night. After Christmas, the Parish Council   power to take enforcement action against
                                                                          Continued overleaf
10                                            BB
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                                              BB                                      11
  Parish Council News (Cont.)                          From Belles to Bells!
             Jon Fowler writes ...                              Peter Clarke writes ...
people who fail to dispose of their dog’s          I was so pleased I showed the picture on
faeces. If you have evidence of dog owners         page 8 of last month’s edition. A number of
not disposing of faeces, please contact the        ladies have come up with the names – that is,
Parish Office.                                     all bar one.

Brook St Bus Stop
A new bus stop is proposed in Brook Street
(opposite The Cedars). The reason for the
new stop is Thames Travel’s plan to
withdraw the ‘hail and ride’ that previously
operated for local buses. The new stop, a
single pole, is proposed to be sited outside
103 Brook St and there will be one stop for
both directions of travel. The new stop is
subject to confirmation that the lay-by
adjacent to the road is owned by OCC
                                                   They are, seated from the left, Pamela Moran,
Highways and agreement by the Parish
                                                   Perdita Marston, Kathleen Pearson and the
Council to the new stop.
                                                   unrecognised person. Standing behind them
                                                   – again from left – Betty Byfield, Mollie
  Giffords Perform in Aid of the                   Sanderson and Judith Pennick.
      Mill Stream Day Centre
                                                   Things haven’t stopped there, for we now
The Giffords will stage their show in aid of       have a 1976 photo of all the WI members at
The Millstream Day Centre in Benson Parish         the time of their 50th Anniversary, taken in the
Hall on 2nd February 2008. Tickets on sale at      old village hall. This is great. Ladies all over
Benson News, Cottage Kitchen Derry’s Den.          the village are out with their pencils trying to
and from myself Ian Leppard. For further           recall names so that we can record them on
enquiries please phone Ian Leppard 838580.         the village web site
        Learn to Swim at the
                                                   This is important for all those who try to
        Abbey Sports Centre                        trace their forebears, as well as giving a lot
Would you like to learn to swim or improve         of fun recalling half forgotten friends.
your strokes?
If you meant to sign up in September for           In the same way we have just uploaded a
swimming lessons but didn’t get around to it,      series of teams of bell ringers from the past
it is not too late to start at the Abbey Sports    on to the site. Do take a look if you can.
Centre, Berinsfield. Their classes, for adults     Which just reminds me to say how delighted
and children at a variety of levels, run all       I was to learn that the complete team of bell
through the year and you can join at any           ringers on Remembrance Sunday were all
time. There are also one to one lessons for        from Benson. John Tchighianoff tells me this
those wanting to make more rapid progress.         hasn’t happened for years.
Call in at the centre or phone 01865 341035        Well done the village.
for more details, or look on the SOLL-Leisure
                                                           Email your articles to
Sue Cooper                                     
12                                                BB
  50% OFF all New
Patient Consultations
for Benson residents
    until 31/12/07

                        BB   13
  Remembrance Day Parade                                  Happy Birthday Inez!
   Ray Hewett (Bandmaster) writes...                               Peter Clarke writes ...
                                                      “90 years young”, writes Peter Clarke, when
                                                      he visited Inez Taylor on her 90th birthday on
                                                      29th October last.

                                                      Of those years, the last 50 have been in
                                                      Benson, where her contribution to the
                                                      community has been formidable. Six years a
                                                      parish Councillor, Chairman of the Benson
                                                      Players, almost all of her time in Benson as a
                                                      member of the WI.

                                                      Indeed she told him that – writing recently to
                                                      complain about our reduced service from
                                                      Royal Mail - she was invited by the WI to
I have been asked to say something about the          address their national AGM in London on
Remembrance Day Parade on behalf of the               the matter. She declined on health grounds,
band.                                                 but thought seriously of going!
What on earth can I say... Well I must say I was
very impressed with the RAF both on the
ground and in the air, their turn out was
immaculate and the deportment was very
impressive, as was the fly past, the two Merlin’s
led by a Puma was rather awe inspiring.
The task of playing Last Post and Revellie was
given once again to Eleanor Chappell. Only
someone who has done this many times will
know how alone and terrified you feel as you
stand there on your own. At least three
members of the band were standing watching
and reliving the experience, we need not have
worried, as once again she played it beautifully.     Famous also for her knitting (the proceeds of
A real credit to the Band and the youth of today      which go to support Trefoil), she is seen here
as were all the youngsters on parade and their        with her latest batch of children’s clothing
flag bearers.                                         due shortly for dispatch
It is with great pride that our band actually have
two other players who regularly play Last Post
at other venues, Matthew Digweed who plays
at Brightwell cum Sotwell and Howard
Chadwick who plays at Crowmarsh Church.

I wonder if this is a record for a village Brass
          To insert a flier in BB
          contact Don Fletcher
              01491 838577
14                                                   BB
 Chiropody & Reflexology

      SUE WILLIAMS                                 Going Away?
         MBChA, MSSCh, ITEC                        Keyminders now includes the Benson
         Registered with                           and Wallingford area.
   Health Professionals Council                    We visit your home, pamper and feed
                                                   the pets, check security.
    Tel: 01491 638616                                                          01235 520290

       Matthew Prince
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Extensions                Conversions
Brickwork                     Roofing                    Available for letting for regular
                                                         bookings, meetings, children’s
                                                                   parties etc.
Drives                               Patios                REASONABLE RATES
Decking                             Fencing                    Booking Secretary
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                                                            IKES, ACCESSORIES, SERVICING, REPAIRS

                                                    *T RY BEFORE YOU BUY ON OUR LARGE DEMO AREA
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Crowmarsh                                             Turn into Greenlands Farm and follow signs
Wallingford Oxon OX10 8ED
                       Tel: 01491 825222            01491 871721

                                                   John Taylor (Ewelme) Limited

                                                    uHIGH EFFICIENCY & RENEWABLE SYSTEMSu
                                                                  uHEAT PUMPSu
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                                                      uUNVENTED HOT WATER CYLINDERSu
                                                     uOIL, GAS, LPG BOILER & AGA SERVICINGu

                                                              Office 01491 833538
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                                              BB                                                    15
Wallingford Methodist Church,
             Jim Price - Lay Pastor writes...
This is a tale of two stories, the question is
which one do you prefer?

The first story starts like this;
Once upon a time a long time ago there was a
series of collisions. Energy, matter and
molecules collided with each other and
somehow you are here today, by accident. Here
by chance.
The second story starts like this;
In the beginning God created the heavens and
the earth. He created everything and that
includes you. Created not by accident but by
design. He loves you and wants a relationship
with you.

Which story do you prefer?

The first story continues like this;
The strong live and the weak die, so kill or be
killed. It’s all about survival, look after number
The second story continues like this;                            Thank You
Blessed are the meek, blessed are the poor,
blessed are the peacemakers. Greater love has
no man than he lay down his life for his friends.                   George Coling

Which story do you prefer?                           No words can express my gratitude to
                                                     everyone for their kindness over the loss of
The first story ends like this;                      my dear husband George. Especially the
You die, the end.                                    kindness of friends in Sands Way for their
And second story? Well it really has no end at       kind words and kindness. Thank you one
all, For Jesus said “I am the resurrection and       and all. Eileen Coling
the life. He who believes in me will never die”
                                                                    Ethel Cox
Here are two stories, two stories to explain the  I would like to thank all who attended the
world. No one can prove which one is true. No     funeral of my late wife Ethel who sadly
scientist, no philosopher,                        passed away on Saturday 13th October at
 no politician, no priest, no king.               Wallingford Hospital. Also for the donations
It’s up to you to choose.                         given to St. Leonard’s ward at the hospital,
                                                  thank you all, as well as a big “thank you” to
Here are two stories, which one do you prefer?    all my neighbours and Ethel’s friends and
      With thanks and apologies to Bob Hartman.   workmates who have given me the strength
                                                  to carry on with my life at this sad time.
Wallingford Methodist Church.                     From Bill, her devoted husband.
01491 837045                                      Mr W.E. Cox,14 Crown Lane Benson             01491 835351
16                                              BB
The Church of England Parish of Benson               Sunday Services
St Helen’s Church. Vicar: Revd Andrew Hawken         8.30am Holy Communion (BPC)
The Vicarage, Church Road, Benson                    10.00am Parish Eucharist (Common Worship)
Tel/Fax: 01491 201668                                Service Details:
OLM: The Revd Jean Travis -01491 838713              Sunday School and Creche
Churchwardens: Jenny English - 826618                3rd Sundays - Orchestra & Children in church
                   Gary Jones - 839289               Baptisms & Weddings to be arranged with the Vicar
The Catholic Parish of St Birinus                Holy Mass
Dorchester-on-Thames                             Weekdays 9.30am
Priest: Fr. John Osman, MA., STL.,               Sat       6.30pm Vigil Mass for Sunday
Bridge House Presbytery                          Sun       9.30am (Berinsfield Church)
1 Bridge End, Dorchester-on-Thames                         11.00am Solemn Mass
Telephone: 01865 340417                          Confessions
                                                 Sat       5.45 - 6.15 or upon request
                                                 Exposition & Benediction of The Blessed
                                                 Sacrament: First Sunday of each Month 5-6pm
                                                 Children’s Liturgy of the Word
                                                 Sun       9.30am during Berinsfield Mass
Benson Free Church                               Sunday Services
High Street, Benson                              10.45am Morning Service
All Enquiries to Richard Shuttler                6.30pm Evening Service -
Telephone: 01491 834138                                  1st Sunday in the Month

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)       Meeting for Worship
13 Castle Street, Wallingford                    Sunday at 10.30am with Children’s Class.
Enquiries to Warden Tel: 01491 837835

Ridgeway Community Church                        Sunday Services
The Ridgeway Christian Centre                    10.00am Worship & Ministry at Christian Centre
21b/22 St Mary’s Street, Wallingford
Elder: Revd Bernard Thompson
Telephone: 01491 834568

Church of England Parish of Berrick Salome       Sunday Services at 11.00am
St Helen’s Church                                1st Sunday of Month - Family Service
Vicar: The Revd Ian Cohen                        2nd Sunday - Holy Communion (BPC)
The Vicarage, 58 Brinkinfield Rd, Chalgrove      Other Sundays - Family Communion
Churchwardens: Dr. Marian Shaw - 01865 890915    Baptisms & Weddings to be arranged with the Vicar
Peter Percival - 01865 891237

Wallingford Methodist Church                         Sunday Services at 10.30am & 6.30pm
St Leonards Square, Wallingford                      Coffee Morning every Thursday 10 - 11.30am
Lay Pastor: Jim Price                                ‘Tots Time’ every Thursday during term times
Tel: 01491 837 045                                   Boys & Girls Brigade Wednesday evening
Email:              All welcome, please contact Pastor for details

Wallingford Baptist Church                       Sunday Services at 10.30am & 7.00pm
Thames St, Wallingford                           Holy Communion 3rd Sunday each month
Vicar: The Revd Douglas Harbour
Tel: 01491 839904
                                                BB                                                    17
              Balloon Trip                            Health Walks in Benson
                                                               Margaret Wiggall writes...

                                                         Walk Off Your Christmas Pudding
                                                   Calling all current health walkers, all ex-health
                                                   walkers and all of you who are going to be
                                                   health walkers next year – yes, I know you
                                                   are out there. Come and join us to “Walk off
                                                   your Christmas Pudding” on Saturday
                                                   December 29th. We will set off from Ewelme
                                                   School at 11 o’clock and, depending on the
                                                   numbers that turn up, will have a choice of
                                                   walks to suit all levels of fitness.

                                                   It would be nice if everyone could meet
                                                   together afterwards for a hot drink, light
Lorraine and Ray Passey, at last, made their       lunch and a bit of a natter. If you are
long delayed Wedding Anniversary hot air           interested in doing that, give me a ring so
balloon trip. They took off from the playing       that I have an idea of numbers and can get
field at Sunnyside by kind permission of the       somewhere booked.
Parish Council and travelled high over the
                                                   Margaret 01491 838286
Oxfordshire countryside to Little Hasely (5km
north of Chalgrove) where the lack of wind
curtailed their trip. The photos (here and on
the cover) are reproduced are by kind
                                                    Christmas at Chinnor Railway
permission of Simon Daykin and the
Passeys, the cover photograph showing the       Santa Steam Specials Why not give the
view of Millar Close and the Westfield/         children a special treat this December by taking
Blacklands estate from the air.                 them on a steam train ride to meet Santa? Santa
                                                will be giving out presents to all children during
   Dedicate a Christmas Light                   the journey and parents will receive
                                                refreshments. Book online at
                                                or by phone on 01844 354117. Saturdays and
As Christmas approaches our thoughts turn       Sundays ONLY between 10am & 4pm Chinnor
to our family and friends. St Helen’s Church,   Station is signposted off the B4009 in Chinnor
Benson warmly invites you to make a             village
donation to dedicate a light on our Christmas   2nd/3rd & 8th/9th Dec Trains depart Chinnor
tree to someone special who is in your          Station 10.45, 11.15, 12.45, 2.00 & 3.15 (8th Dec
thoughts at this time of year. You may record   fully booked)
                                                   th   th     nd   rd
your dedication on the special card provided. 15 /16 & 22 /23 Dec Trains depart Chinnor
                                                Station 10.45, 11.15, 12.45, 2.00, 3.15 & 4.30
DONATION TO ST HELEN’S:- £5 per Light           29th & 30th Dec Mince Pie Specials. After
                                                Christmas try a Mince Pie Special to blow away
You can do this at St Helen’s Church, Gary      those post-Santa blues. Enjoy a trip down the
Jones the Butcher, Derry’s Den, Chiltern        ICKNIELD Line along the foot of the Chiltern
Produce or call Janet 01491 824661.             Hills whilst enjoying seasonal refreshments –
                                                squash and biscuits for Children and Mince
    Sunday by Sunday Pew Sheet (News)           Pies for Adults. No need to book just come
     available at        along. Trains depart Chinnor Station 10.30,
                                                12.00, 1.30 & 3.00
18                                            BB
                          Roy Passey
           Interior and Exterior Builders and Decorators

All Building Works
• Renovations
                                                    Ashcroft, High Street, Benson
• Extensions                                                 Tel: 01491 838797
• Small Works Department                               Mobile: 07860 890925
• Domestic and Commercial Work                              Fax: 01491 832959

                                                             with your
                                                             own bird of
                                                             prey for a
                                        Hands on hunting with Harris
                                        Hawks - ideal gift for Christmas,
                                        birthday, or just because you
  Benson Volunteer                      always wanted to...
                                        • Half a day handling
      Helpline                          • Full day handling/hunting
      Mon-Fri 9-11am                    • Evening hunting by lamp
                                        • Hawk walk for an hour
           Call                           Please contact David Hughes on
      01491 825992                         07966 293894 or 01235 811912
 to ask for help or to volunteer                -- 10 years experience --
                                         We also cater for corporate days and
                                        special occasions, telephone for details
                                           BASED IN OXFORDSHIRE
                                   BB                                          19
                                                    With the freezing rain and strong wind
     The Bird Spot                                  outside today I plan to top up my feeders
              Tom Stevenson, writes...              and sit next to the window with a cup of
                                                    coffee and my binoculars seeing what turns
I thought watching birds was supposed to            up. A reminder to provide food and
be a quiet gentle occupation suited to my           especially water for the birds and let me
retired status but, whilst carrying out             know if anything unusual shows up – you
surveys over the last month, I have been            never know if the winter is cold you could
chased by a stampeding herd of bulls and            even get some of those exotic Waxwings
warned off in no uncertain terms by a big           though they prefer berries than the nuts,
guy with a scary looking automatic gun.             seeds or bread you will probably be
Well, to be honest it was only six young            providing.
bullocks and they were only trying to be            Tel: 01491 836888
friendly – I think - and the man with the gun       Mob: 07773251301
was polite and only doing his job. I had            Email:
been pointing my binoculars towards the
RAF Benson accommodation units and I had
been observed doing so. Never a dull                   Benson Road Action Group
moment – pity the birds didn’t live up to the                         Dave Rushton, writes...
earlier excitement. This was all part of “the
big bird survey” going on throughout the            The Road Action Group has made some
country over the next few years. Any                progress - and now needs your help. We are
budding ornithologists out there who would          currently in discussions with the County
like to get involved give me a call. All you        Council on HGV problems through the
have to do is to be able to read a map,             village, and now need to collect some
identify birds and count.                           evidence of the sort of problems we
                                                    experience. So if you have any experience of
The winter didn’t exactly creep up on us this       noise/vibration/pollution/safety problems
year but hit us with a bang. It has, though         associated with heavy vehicles, then please
brought with it a change in the local avifauna      spare a few moments to let the Parish Council
(decided to go up-market with my words this         know. If you have identified a particular
month). I think all of our summer visitors          operator then that would be helpful. A note
have probably left us now though I am still         through the Parish Hall letterbox or an email
hearing of a few Swallows and House                 will be fine (
Martins down in the south-west. The winter
thrushes, Fieldfares and Redwings are               Apart from this, OCC have undertaken HGV
rapidly denuding the local hedges of                traffic surveys around Watlington, and the
hawthorn berries and any Blackcap or Chiff          number of heavy lorries using the B4009
Chaff you see will be an overwintering bird.        through there seems to have decreased.
The watercress beds are good value at the           OCC have also carried out Speed Checks for
moment with at least 2 Water Rails, up to 2         us at 6 sites around the village, with another
Little Egrets and I have had reports of 2           check still to come. These checks (done
Sandpipers (almost certainly Green                  electronically) have shown high speeds on
Sandpipers) and passing visits from a               St Helens Ave, on the Watlington Rd
Peregrine. I hope the Sandpipers decide to          approaching the chicane, and on Oxford Rd
hang around as they have not overwintered           when the school is closed. It is very likely
at Ewelme since 2002. I can’t guarantee you         that action will be taken on these stretches of
seeing any of these but for a chance we are         road, so please slow down. As ever, if you
running guided walks throughout the winter          have any queries or can help, then please
on the first Sunday of the month starting at        ring me or Ian Leppard.
10.30am.                                            Dave Rushton 01491-838711
20                                               BB
       37 Blacklands Road, Benson, Oxon OX10 6NW
    Tel/Fax: 01491 838567 Mobile: 07971 007 072

       New Installations • •   Extra Lights
            Extensions • •     Low Voltage Lighting
               Re-Wire • •     Security Lights
          Extra Sockets • •    Portable Appliance Testing

  Established in the area for over 18 Years

       Stage Works
  Performing Arts School
           Benson Youth Hall                                         Home or Office
 Wednesday afternoons for ages 4 - 12
Vacancies for ages 4-6 and 9-12 in Jan 08                        Hardware/Software Issues
Learn all aspects of Performing Arts with qualified
     experienced and Police Checked Tutors                             Mobile Engineer
     Students gain confidence and self-belief                          At Your Service
For information please call Emma Jane Taylor on                       Competitive Rates
                  07956 176166                                        Tel: 07798 728886
         or Ann Burley on 07708 823177

                                                            BB                              21
   BEST                                               BCA
                   Keith Tibbs writes...                  Rob Anderson-Besant writes...
Although the scribe’s pen has been idle         We have had a busy, but rewarding, few
since June, BEST itself has been active         months in the run up to our first BCA Race
during the summer - such as it was - and the    Night on 19th October. This took place in the
autumn. Topics have ranged from domestic        Parish Hall and there were eight races, with
solar energy to Northmoor Trust’s Castle        horses and trainers auctioned for the final race.
Meadows project, and included butterfly         Given this was our first such event, the evening
hunting and water cress cultivation at          was well attended, betting was good and the
Ewelme. Despite the wet summer, we have         amount raised exceeded expectation. It was a
been able to hold all our summer activities     fun event and we had great feedback. Building
outdoors and even picked a fine evening for     on our experience we are planning another race
the annual picnic. As reported in last month’s  night in the New Year and look forward to
BB, the garden pond survey organised by         seeing you there.
Richard Soulsby produced a good response.       These events do not happen without planning
The AGM was held in October when it was         and hard work. There are many people to thank
decided we could again peg membership fees      including, in no particular order, our master of
at 2005 prices (i.e. £8 per year)!              ceremonies: Peter Lemaire; Elizabeth Lemaire,
                                                Cynthia Winfield and Mick Doney who took
For the coming year, we are planning talks on the bets and paid the winnings; Tanya and
a diverse range of subjects to include the      Sarah from CopyKatz who ran the bar, sold
weather patterns in the local area (Benson’s    tickets and printed the programmes and the
micro climate!); the potential for hydro-       BCA committee who did everything from
electric power from Thames weirs; butterflies   setting out the hall, typesetting, selling tickets
and events such as moth trapping; visit to a    and preparing the meal. Special thanks go to our
wild flower farm and to Warburg Nature          other race sponsors who were the Bensington
Reserve and a dawn chorus walk. The aim for Society, CopyKatz, Benson News Agents, City
2008 is for us to meet regularly on the second 1st Tyres, Serco Aerospace and Benson Garage.
Tuesday evening of each month in either the     We also thank the horse owners and everyone
Canons Room (October to March) or Ewelme        who came.
Water Cress Beds Visitor Centre (April to       At the time of writing we await a final figure but
September), and to hold the outdoor             do know the event turned a healthy profit. All
activities during the daytime on dates to be    money raised puts the BCA in a better position
arranged.                                       to make donations and support local
                                                organisations in the community.
We would be delighted to see more new           In the October edition of the Benson Bulletin
members – particularly those who would          we included a questionnaire seeking your views
bring down the average age a bit! The first of on possible uses for Warwick Spinney. I have to
the 2008 meetings will be on Tuesday 12         say the response has been very strong in terms
February at 7.30 pm, when Richard Soulsby       of the number of replies. Thank you again to
will talk about butterflies – about which he    CopyKatz, Derry’s Den and the Parish Hall for
has considerable knowledge. Why not put         acting as collection points. We will work
the date in your diary now?                     through every reply, note your comments and
                                                report back with results as soon as we can.
Contacts for information: Keith Tibbs           If you enjoyed the race night and have
(Secretary) Tel: 01491 838689 (e-mail           suggestions for improvements or better ideas or                   for fund raising events, then we want to hear
Tom Stevenson (Chairman) Tel: 01491 836888      from you. Just contact our secretary (details in
(e-mail         the diary at the back of the Bulletin) and come
                                                along to a meeting.
22                                            BB
      Chiltern Florist                             REGISTERED

& Chiltern Produce

                    BEAUTIFUL              Margaret Brock PHSH RSHom
                      FLOWERS               Dedicated to Healing Naturally
                       FOR ALL
                                                    01491 838246
               tel: 01491 837739

BOUQUETS • ARRANGEMENTS                           McTIMONEY
INTERNATIONAL TELEFLORIST                     Stuart Brock DC MMCA
                                           Treatment for all ages and Animals
   we also sell a comprehensive                 Back Pain • Neck Pain
range of fresh fruit and vegetables              Stiffness • Migraines
                                                  01491 832903
 Delivery Free in Benson area               Human & Animal Chiropractor

                                      BB                                    23
     Corn Exchange                                         Northmoor Trust
                     Liz Adams writes...                                      Zoe Burns writes...
Something is sparkling in Wallingford this             If you can’t face another year of buying
Christmas – could it be the Sinodun Players’           socks, chocs and scented soaps for family
diamond jubilee pantomime, Cinderella? This            and friends, then the Northmoor Trust is here
classic fairy tale was the first pantomime             to help!
produced by the society and this year once             The Northmoor Trust, who manage
again Cinderella will be released from her life        Wittenham Clumps and a 300 hectare local
of domestic drudgery to have a ball on the             estate, has a range of unique gifts available
Corn Exchange stage. Expect a traditional,             this Christmas to help the environment and
glittering family show. Tickets are on sale            bring a smile to people’s faces.
now for the production, which runs from                Make a newt happy this Christmas…
Thursday 10 to Saturday 26 January (not                From just £10, you can ensure that newts,
Sundays or Mondays), with shows at 7.30                sheep, bats and birds all go into the New
pm, plus 2.30 pm matinees on Saturdays.                Year with the confidence that their homes will
Tickets for under 16s are £5; adult tickets are        continue to thrive. Wildlife Adoptions make
£9 Tuesday to Thursday and £10 Friday and              perfect gifts for those ‘difficult to buy for’
Saturday. Seats sell fast – especially for             friends and relatives.
matinees – so it’s wise to get yours this              Dedicate a Tree…
month.                                                 Let someone know how special they are to
                                                       you by dedicating a tree to them within
Putting on a show such as Cinderella – not             Neptune Wood at Long Wittenham.
to mention keeping the volunteer-run theatre           Dedications come with gift certificates and
and cinema functioning for the rest of the             are just £10.
year – takes a lot of work. Without the                Northmoor Trust Friends Gift Membership
volunteers who staff the Corn Exchange it              From just £24 a year you can can give friends
would collapse overnight and as such the               and loved ones this wonderful membership
Sinodun Players are actively looking for new           which provides free guided walks around the
members to help keep it running. Unlike                Wittenham Clumps, free wildlife talks, free
Cinderella, you won’t be handed a mop and              entry to Project Timescape and the warm
bucket but more inviting options might                 glow of knowing that you’re helping to
include projecting films, building sets,               project the beautiful Wittenham Clumps
pulling pints, ushering, serving tea and               landscape.
coffee, helping out in the box office, or
hauling on backcloths during scene                         Now taking Christmas orders for
changes. Do let us know if you’re prepared                    Little Wittenham Lamb
to help. If it all sounds a busy enterprise, it is,    For all gifts details, visit the online ‘shop’ at
but one where we all delight in the final    
product. For more information do pop in and
see us or visit

Tickets can be purchased in advance from
the box office on Fridays and Saturdays from
10.00 am to 12.30 pm or by post (see for more details).
In addition, our telephone booking service
operates from 7.30 pm to 8.00 pm on
performance nights. It is also often possible
by buy tickets on the night.
24                                                    BB

                 BB   25
                                                      previous hard work. I hope that both Baloo
     Benson School News                               (John Arnott) and I can maintain the
                      Gina Russell writes...          standards and continue to meet the high
                                                      expectations of the Cubs set by the previous
Summer Fair                                           Akelas, Chris Orme and Dave Perry. We
Despite rubbish weather, the Summer Fair              have a lot to live up to!
still had a great turn out and was another            We must also say a big thank you to the
successful fundraiser for FoBS, with                  District Commissioner Richard Booys, Penny
approximately £1400 raised. Thank you to              and Gill, for supporting us during these first
everyone who attended to make it a great              few early weeks.
day. And a big thank you to all the                   Our Cub parents have all kindly offered their
volunteers who helped and supported us                help, but we would also like to draw on the
both in the organisation and on the day –             wider community in Benson. We are looking
these events would not be able to take place          for people with previous Cub/Scouting
without your help. Any suggestions to                 backgrounds, perhaps even with a warrant,
improve the day are also welcome.                     to help out from time to time. We would also
The Benson Ball                                       be interested to hear from anyone with
Once again, the Ball was a great success and          anything that they could share with the
all who were there had a fantastic evening            Cubs, to enhance the programme of activities
dancing into the early hours. The evening             we do with them. It may be a hobby, skill, job,
raised in excess of £4,300, over £1,000 more          experience etc. We would love to hear from
than last year for FoBS. This money has               you!
paid for a much needed stage which the                If you think you have something to offer,
children will use for various performances, so        then please contact me, on 01491-825703 or
well done everyone for all your raffle, auction       email me at
and ticket money contributions. Very special          Looking forward to hearing from you.
thanks go to Yasmin Sweeney who, once                 Akela (Rachel Wood)
again, pulled off a great event to raise money
for the school. Yasmin and her team worked
very hard to make this event a success. Our                      Girlguiding Benson
thanks also go to everyone who donated
prizes and to John Glavey for making a great          The end of this term sees the retirement of
auctioneer.                                           Valerie Caswell, assistant Brownie Guider of
Christmas Fair                                        4th Benson Brownies. Whilst Valerie will
Should you get this in time, our Christmas            retire from ‘active’ service she will remain our
Fair will be held on Friday 30th November in          District President.
the School Hall from 6-8pm so do come along
and enjoy some last minute Christmas                  I am sure that all the Brownies, Guides,
shopping, mulled wine and tombolas.                   Leaders, parents and all those who have
                                                      encountered Valerie’s dedication to
            1st Benson Cubs                           Girlguiding will join me in thanking her. The
                                                      hard work and commitment she has given
                                                      unstintingly to Girlguiding in Benson (as well
We are up and running again!                          as at district and division level) has been
Good news all round I think, for all involved         unassuming and unsung.
particularly as this is in the Centenary year of
Scouting and also as we currently use a              Therefore, I wish now to voice that thanks
Scout/Cub hut once visited by Lord Baden             and wish her more peaceful Tuesday
Powell himself!                                      evenings.
First of all we must thank Chris Orme,               Thank you Valerie!
Duncan, Malcom and team for all their                Nic Daykin
26                                                 BB
BB   27
                                                  good as we possibly could and we would like
  Benson Community Pre-School                     to give a special mention to some of the
                 Valentine Ward writes ...        companies who have helped us achieve this:
                                                  our main sponsor Gurneys of Benson and
The run-up to Christmas is so much fun with       Griffith & Partners, Roy Passey, Higgs
little ones around. I can’t really bring myself   Printing & Office Supplies (Wallingford) and
to do anything particularly Christmasy until      BPW Print – thank you all so much. This
the 1st December but even by then I have lost     project is about strengthening links with the
count of the number of times I’ve answered        community as much as anything and we feel
questions about The Big Day. On the plus          we have achieved this so well done everyone
side, I now feel I can justifiably use the        and we hope you are all as pleased with the
“Father Christmas only fills stockings of         result as we are.
good children who share their toys with their
brothers…” which I’ve been holding off            Finally, Benson Community Pre-school
using since about February.                       children, staff, parents and committee all wish
                                                  you all a very merry festive season and a
At pre-school the children are busily             happy 2008.
preparing for their carol concert with some
lovely traditional carols as well as some
which are new to me. I think the decorations
are going to be very special again this year        Ewelme School Chistmas Bazarr
with lots of creative ideas from the staff.

Don’t forget our cake sale will be going               SATURDAY 8th DECEMBER
ahead on the 15th December in the village                   2.00pm-4.30pm
from 10–12 (or until we sell out) so if you       COME AND SEE SANTA IN HIS GROTTO
have friends and family visiting, pop down          DO YOUR CHRISTMAS SHOPPING
and pick up something delicious. All                 PLAY GAMES AND WIN PRIZES
donations are welcome so do feel free to
bring something along to sell on the day.                TEA AND MINCE PIES

Having been working on the ‘Benson Pre-                  ALL WELCOME FOR A FUN
school Cooks’ cookbook for some time now,                     AFTERNOON!
the committee members have been drooling
over the recipes so we are looking forward to
making some of the cake recipes for the               Benson Players on the Hunt!
stand. We are really thrilled with the
cookbook. We have had tremendous
enthusiasm from the parents and staff as well     Every fancied a spot in the limelight?
as around the village: Chris the Butcher has
created a fabulous recipe especially for the      Used to do it a long time ago but got the bug
book and we now have the secret                   again?
ingredients of one of Benson Primary
School’s favourite puddings. In addition we    Benson Players are seeking people for our
have contributions from a number of            May 2008 production of “Relatively Speak-
‘celebrities’ from the Prime Minister to the   ing” by Alan Ayckbourn. We are looking for
prestigious Raymond Blanc who was also         actors and production crew to join our
kind enough to write the foreword.             friendly group. So, budding actor or willing
                                               backstage helper – all welcome. If you are
Considerable effort has gone into the design   interested please call 07716 800253.
and production of the book to make it look as Hilary Binks (Secretary Benson Players)
28                                           BB
            Dave Perry                                                   Registered Osteopath
  Experienced, reliable,friendly,                                      Backache     Rohan D Iswariah, D.O.

          local service                                                Headache
       Competitive rates                                               Sports                                           accepted
                                                                       Joint          01491-838866                      by all
                                                                       Pains                                            major
           Tel: 01491 838267                                           Arthritis       Ivy Cottage, Chapel
                                                                                              Lane                      insurance
           Mob: 07900 448060                                           Tennis
                                                                                       Benson OX10 6LU
                                                                       Elbows                                           companies

                                                                                            Denture Repairs
                                                                      Courtyard                    1 Hour Service
                                                                      Technologies Ltd
                                                                                             l   Emergency! dentures repaired
                                                                      The Stables,
                                                                                                 while you wait
                                                                      Brightwell Farm,
                                                                      Brightwell Baldwin,    l   Cleaning Service available
                                                                      Oxfordshire            l   Why wait 24 hours
                                                                      OX49 5NP
                                                                                             l   Professional Team

                                                                              Tel: 01491 613031
                                                                                     Don’t delay store this number

 SHOE                     Leather
                                           KEY                        Larkmead
REPAIRS                   Repairs        CUTTING                      Veterinary Group
     GARY WILLIS looks forward to meeting you                         Ilges Lane, Cholsey,
    SAME DAYSERVICE - COMPETITIVE RATES                               Wallingford, Oxon OX10 9PA
                                                                       Domestic Pets ~ 01491 651379
                                                                       Farm & Equine ~ 01491 651479
                                                                           All Consultations by Appointment
                                                                                   AMPLE PARKING
                                                                                     24-hour Emergency Service
  21 St Mary’s Street, Wallingford (next to Thames Hair Salon)                     Also at 111-113 Park Road, Didcot
                  Telephone 01491 825224                                            Domestic Pets ~ 01235 814991

    NORMAN WEST & SON                                                        ree are td
                                                                       AltomT C L
      DEVELOPMENTS                                                    Tree Felling          Seasoned
                        (ESTABLISHED 1967)
                                                                      Height Reductions         Logs
                                                                      Lopping & Pruning      For Sale
      BUILDER & DECORATOR                                             Stump Grinding
  LAND & PROPERTY TRANSACTION                                         Fencing
           free estimates                                             Landscaping
        NHBC REGISTERED                                               Grass/Hedge Cutting
                                                                      Maintenance Contracts
NORMAN: 01491 838662                         LEE: 01491 652631
                                                                      Fully     Insured                        tel: 01844 339833
                                                                      Free      Quotations                     mob: 07958 759747
Westbrook House, Old London Road, Benson, Oxon OX10 6RR                            email:

                                                                 BB                                                             29
  Local Clubs & Societies                        The society plans to support the Benson
                                                 Church Bells Appeal and to this end
              Clubs Sec: Jackie Bryan            delicious Preserves and Pickles, prepared to a
                                                 secret formula by Mrs Marion Cherry, will be
         Benson Evergreen Club                   available at meetings, £1.50 per jar. Not to be
Members had the chance to finish off their       missed!
Christmas shopping on a trip in November to
Swindon, a new destination for the Club.         We are already looking forward to 2008 and
                                                 we have some fine excursions, events and
The next event to look forward to is the         talks planned. So now is a good time to
Christmas Party on December 12th, with           consider joining us. For more information,
carols, a special tea and a super free raffle.   please call George Verdon on 01491 835819
                                                 or Paul Booker on 01491 825864.
The party is restricted to members and
invited guests. All other meetings in the year                    Benson W.I.
are open to visitors who are prospective         At our December meeting Benson W. I.
members, the next one being 9th January 2008,    members enjoyed Martin Sirot Smith’s ‘A
when we have a speaker from the Thames           Tudor Christmas’ and are now looking
valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance service.       forward to 2008 - our 82nd year! Our meeting
                                                 on 16th January will be a members’ New Year
The Evergreens wish a Happy Christmas to         lunch and the speaker at the February
all B.B. readers.                                meeting will be Brian Lowe talking about
Linda Youthed                                    ‘Odder Oxford’. Visitors are always welcome
                                                 - please contact Sandra - 202375 or Jill -
            Bensington Society                   838735. Looking a little further ahead,
                                                 Benson W. I. will be having a table top sale
Our society will complete a very successful      (in aid of funds) on Saturday 8th March at
year in December, with some excellent visits     Benson Parish hall - more details later.
and fascinating talks. The most recent           Jill Spence
meetings included a talk on the American
Museum and an ‘Antiques Road Show’                     Wallingford Photographic Club
when Michael Welch discussed the history
and provenance of a wide range of members’       Photography is a very popular hobby - so
artefacts.                                       why not enjoy it in the company of other
                                                 enthusiasts? Our meetings are held on
Our next meeting, the Bensington Christmas       Thursday evenings throughout the year
Party, will be held on 7 December at 7.30 pm     until May at the Crowmarsh Pavilion,
and will feature Keith Churcher talking on       (behind the tyre warehouse near the bridge)
and demonstrating ‘The History of Magic.’        The Street, Crowmarsh, at 7.45 for 8p.m. until
The evening will also feature the celebrated     10p.m. with a break for coffee.
Bensoc Christmas Supper. Visitors are            6th December – David Beasley on
always welcome to attend for a charge of         ‘Wallingford of the 20’s and 30’s’ a digital
£2.00. Supper is available at a nominal charge   presentation of scenes from those times.
and there is a wine bar open during the          13th December Christmas Social
evening.                                         We good wishes to everyone for Christmas
                                                 and the New Year! Our meetings resume in
The society’s most recent publication,           January!
‘Benson War Memorial and Graves – Book           3rd January - PAGB slide lecture.
of Remembrance’ will be available for            We are always pleased to see new members
purchase at society meetings and also at         and visitors, from beginners to advanced
shops in the village.                            photographers. Tel 01491 835632 for info or
30                                             BB
                                           Christmas Bookings Now
                                                 Being Taken
                                         Two course Christmas Lunch £12.95
                                         Three course Christmas Lunch £15.95
                                         Three course Christmas evening meal
                                         Enjoy one of Oxfordshire’s finest riverside locations
                                                       Large outside patio area
                                          Available for private functions and party bookings
                                                               all year
                                         Food served all day - seven days a week
                                                   Winter opening times:
                                                   Mon - Sun 8am - 6pm

                                             Bookings Tel 01491 833732
                                                   Benson Waterfront
                                                  Benson, Wallingford
                                                    Oxon OX10 6SJ

                                                           THE SKIN GINIE
                                                                    OICB, IDI
                                                               Insanely great
                                                               face and body
Ewelme Village Pre School
       Experienced staff                    Dermalogica prescriptive facials
     Superb dedicated room                    CACI non-surgical face-lift
         Fully equipped                        Eyelash/Eyebrow tinting
          New garden                             Manicure / Pedicure
Children welcome from 2 ½ years
Monday to Friday 9.15 to 12 noon         My treatment room offers a professional and
                                          friendly aproach in a peaceful and calming
Extended lunch sessions offered           environment using ‘results driven’ products
Excellent OFSTED report
                                          Gift Vouchers & Pamper Evenings available
For more information please call:        Authorised Dermalogica Skin Care Stockist
Pre School on 835413                         59 St Helens Avenue, Benson, Oxon
                                              01491 838550 / 07720 290495

                                    BB                                                    31
 Classified Ads....                                           Benson Parish Hall
                Tel: 01491 838634                           Benson Parish Office: 01491 825038
                                                            Office hours:         Mon, Wed, Thu and Fri
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning by your                                              0930 am to 1230 pm
local specialists. Wet or dry systems used.                 Short Mat Bowls       Mon 2-4pm/Wed 7-10pm
Trained, insured & NCCA approved.                           Badminton             Mon 8-10pm
                                                            Bingo                 Tues 7-9pm
Quality work at unbeatable rates. Call                      Floodlit Tennis       Thurs 7.00pm
Grimebusters 01865 726983 / 01235 555533                                         TO HIRE
                                                                  BENSON PARISH or YOUTH HALL
Film and Video Transfer Service to DVD,                                    TEL/FAX 01491 825038
LP’s & 45 Records to CD at sensible                           Benson Youth Hall
prices. For quote phone 01491 825964 or
email                             Table Tennis                               Fri 8 - 10pm
                                                        Baby & Toddler Group                       Thur 1.30 - 3.30pm
Cleaning machines & chemicals: vacs,
carpet cleaners, pressure washers, steamers,                      email your news to BB
sanders, wallpaper-strippers, dehumidifiers,
available to hire or buy from Clean Machine
Wallingford 01491 825600                                   About Benson Bulletin
                                                                            Est. 1994

                        BB                              The Benson Bulletin is published by Benson Bulletin News
                                                        Association, and delivered free to all households in Benson,
                   Advertising                          RAF Benson, Roke, Rokemarsh, Berrick Salome and Ewelme.
            To advertise in BB contact                  All concerned in its production and delivery are volunteers.
                                                        Material published in The Benson Bulletin is copyright, but
          Anne Fowler on 01491 201734                   the Editor may grant permission for reproduction upon request.
                                                        Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of informa-
                                                        tion printed in The Benson Bulletin, the Editor and Publishers
           Ewelme Nature Reserve &                      cannot accept any responsibility for the consequences of any
           Watercress Beds Centre                       errors that may occur. Neither are the opinions published in
                                                        The Benson Bulletin necessarily those of the Editor or The
                 Guided Walks                           Benson Bulletin News Association.
                                                        The Editor is pleased to receive material for publication, but
     First Sunday each month 10.30am                    reserves the right to shorten, clarify or reject it at her discretion.
 £2 per adult. Accompanied children free.               Copy may be submitted via e-mail in plain text (or pictures in
      No dogs (Guide dogs excepted)                     tiff greyscale format) to, or on
    Booking not necessary. Toilets and                  floppy disc in DOC or RTF format with enclosed print-
           Refreshments available.                      out (discs will be returned). Typed and handwritten copy
                                                        is also acceptable. All photographs will be scanned and
 Bookings for groups may be made on other               returned. Digital photos in .jpg format are preferred. Please
        dates. (Tel: 01491- 835173)                     supply logos in .tiff format.
 Location, Watercress Beds Centre, High St.,
        Ewelme, OS Ref SU641916
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     Please use free car park at east end of village           Copy: 12th of month previous
                                                               Advertising: 12th of month previous
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