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									P R O D U C T S   &   S E R V I C E S

      Accessing Your Accounts    4-7

                   Mortgages    8-11

           home equity Loans 12-13

      Auto & Consumer Loans 14-15

              personal Loans 16-17

                        VisA 18-19

  Checking & Deposit Accounts 20-23

         Member solutions &
         Financial Counseling 24-25

          Financial education 26-27

      investment & insurance 28-29

participation rewards program 30-33
We keep the price of our mortgage and loan
products low, providing you with better value.
Our checking accounts are simple and easy to
use, helping you avoid unexpected fees. We offer
free financial check-ups, ensuring that you get the
best possible terms
on your mortgage,
loans, and credit          At NEFCU,
cards. You’ll receive
friendly, personalized    We’re On Your Side.
service every time
you visit, call or log
in. We’ll help you learn more about your financial
options through educational seminars. And we’ll
reward you with money-saving benefits that
increase as you do more business with us. Simply
stated, we are committed to you – and helping you
improve your financial well-being.

All persons living, working, or attending school
in Chittenden, Grand Isle, Franklin, Lamoille,
Washington, or Addison counties are eligible to
join New England Federal Credit Union.

Our Loan Courier Service can bring your check to your
home or office, to help make the loan process easier.

Just call the Loan Phone Team at 866-80-LOANS.
Your Accounts

NEFCUOnline™ is a secure, Internet-
based service that gives you access
to your NEFCU accounts 24 hours
a day, seven days a week. At your
convenience, you can access your
account history, make transfers
and payments, view statements
and check images, manage your
finances, and more.

Discover the power, flexibility and convenience of
NEFCU’s online BillPay! It’s a great way to take care of
recurring charges, such as utility bills and other regular
payments, as well as single payments to a company or
an individual. You can even choose to receive your bills
electronically, so that all of your billing and payment
activity can be managed online.
Visa Online Access provides you with 24/7 secure
access to your Visa credit card account through
NEFCUOnline. Visa Online Access lets you:
	   •	   View	Current	Activity
	   •	   View	Outstanding	Authorizations
	   •	   View	Statement	History
	   •	   Make	Payments

Notifications from NEFCU can save you time,
cut down on paper waste, help you keep better
track of your account activity, and reduce your
risk of identity theft — all at the same time! With
eStatements, you’ll receive notifications instead
of paper copies when your statements and other
account-related documents become available.
At your convenience, you can then login to
NEFCUOnline to view, download, or print the
document(s). With customized Account Alerts,
you can choose to be notified about account status
changes and activities that are important to you.
With a notification sent to your email address or
mobile device, you can know immediately when
you receive an electronic deposit, when a check
clears, if your balance approaches a pre-determined
level, if a loan payment is due, and more!

NEFCU supports a variety of tools to help
you manage your finances including Quicken®
Web Connect, Quicken Direct Connect, and
FinanceWorks™ powered by Quicken. With
FinanceWorks, accessible directly through
NEFCUOnline, you can consolidate, view
and manage most of your financial accounts
in one place.

Accessing Your Accounts
MObilE bANkiNg
Smartphone users can download our mobile app for
iPhone or Android, or use our web-enabled device on any
mobile website. You can access your NEFCU accounts
anytime to view balances, transfer funds, pay bills and
check	for	nearby	branch	and	ATM	locations.	

NEFCU	ATMs	offer	24/7	access	to	your	accounts.	
Located	throughout	the	region,	NEFCU	ATMs	allow	
you to do withdrawals and deposits, make loan payments,
transfer funds and check your balances – all free of charge.

NEFCU’s	CheckMate™	Debit	Card	features	free	
unlimited access to your accounts at all NEFCU
ATMs.	You	can	also	use	it	to	make	purchases	anywhere	
Visa® is accepted.

My Picture Card – Personalize your debit card by
choosing a picture from our image library
or uploading one of your own personal photos.

NEFCU	members	can	use	their	NEFCU	CheckMate	
debit card to make surcharge-free withdrawals from the
Falcon	ATM	Network	and	SUM® Program.*

* Depending on your NEFCU Participation Rewards level, a
 non-NEFCU transaction fee may apply.

   iNFORMAtiON                          tElEbRANCh™
   802-879-8790                         802-879-8790
   800-400-8790                         800-400-8790
      tElEbRANCh &
      lOAN PhONE
      Use your phone for personal service
      on accounts and to apply for loans.
      Call TeleBranch at 802-879-8790 or
      800-400-8790 and Loan Phone at

      Accountline provides you with
      automated phone service for balance
      inquiries, transfers, payments and
      information. Available 24 hours a
      day, free of charge, at 802-879-8739
      or 800-400-8790.

ACCOUNtliNE™                 lOAN PhONE™
802-879-8739                 866-80-LOANS
                             nefcu.com       7
    Our goal is simply to find
    the best mortgage for you,
    whether you’re purchasing
    your first home, an
    investment property
    or a vacation retreat.
    We offer quick and responsive
    service, fast turnarounds and an
    unrelenting focus on value. The
    result is a smooth and seamless
    process that gets you on your way.

Fixed rate mortgages deliver peace of mind by
allowing you to lock in your interest rate for the
duration of the loan. There is no risk that fluctuating
rates will increase your payment. Terms available from
1-year to 30-years.

Adjustable	Rate	Mortgages,	or	ARMs,	offer	a	lower	
introductory rate for a limited period of 12-60 months,
after	which	time	it	can	adjust	annually.	NEFCU	ARMs	
are available from 1-year to 30-year terms.

The	Vermont	Housing	Finance	Agency	(VHFA)	
offers a range of attractive, low-interest loans if you
meet income and purchase price requirements.
Generally, you must be a first-time homebuyer or
have not owned a home for the past three years if
purchasing in Chittenden, Grand Isle, Addison,
Bennington or Windsor Counties. You do not need
to be a first-time homebuyer if purchasing in any
other Vermont counties.

NEFCU’s	“SHARE”	program	offers	first-time	
homebuyers	a	5/1	Adjustable	Rate	Mortgage	
(ARM)	with	a	fixed	rate	for	5	years	after	which	
time your rate may adjust annually. This program
offers flexible underwriting guidelines and reduced
mortgage insurance.

NEFCU’s credit restoration program provides loans
for borrowers who may not qualify for traditional
financing due to past credit problems. A low initial
rate and flexible underwriting terms provide an
opportunity to rebuild your credit score.

Jumbo mortgages provide loans for single-family
residences above the federal conforming loan limit
of $417,000. Available up to 15-year fixed or up to
30-year adjustable, jumbo mortgages carry a higher
interest rate due to the larger loan amounts.
We offer fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages for
second homes with flexible down payment terms.

NEFCU offers fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages
for 1-4 unit rental homes with a range of down
payment options.

Adjustable rate loans are available for mobile homes
located in eligible parks or on owned land.

Adjustable rates with 20-year amortization and 10-year
balloon payment are available with a minimum 20%
down payment.

Fixed rate with 6-12 month term. Permanent financing
available	when	construction	is	complete.	Minimum	20%	
down payment.

*These programs are available for Vermont properties only.
At NEFCU, applying for a mortgage is
easy. You can apply anytime at nefcu.com
or make an appointment with one of our
Mortgage	Loan	Officers	who	can	walk	
you through the application steps.

Before applying, you should collect
the following information to simplify
the process:
	 •	 Copies	of	current	paystubs
	 •	 Last	2	years	of	W2	forms
	 •	 	 ost	recent	2	years	of	tax	
     returns if self-employed
	 •	 	 	list	of	current	monthly	
     expenses including car loans/
     leases, student loans, minimum
     payments on all credit cards
     and any co-signed loans

If you have any questions or wish
to make an appointment, just call
866-80-LOANS or visit nefcu.com
to apply online.

NEFCU members get discounted group
rates	at	both	MetLife®	Auto	&	Home	and	
Travelers. Call NEFCU’s local agents to
see if you can save!



home equity
   A	Home	Equity	Loan	
   from NEFCU lets you
   put your home’s equity
   to work for you.
   By borrowing against your equity,
   you can gain financing for home
   improvement projects, education
   expenses, paying off other debts or
   simply providing a safety net for
   unexpected expenses.

                                                                      HOME EQUITY LOANS
	    Fast	approvals
	    Borrow	up	to	85%*	of	your	home’s	value
	    Line	of	Credit	or	Closed	End	Loans
     	 nterest-only	options	available	on	
     Line of Credit
	 •	 No	minimum	draw	on	Line	of	Credit
	 •	 	 nterest	is	often	tax	deductible
     (consult your tax advisor)
	 •	 No	closing	costs**
    *Restrictions apply. Ask for details.

    **There are no closing costs if NEFCU can use your
      current municipal tax assessment and town lister’s card
      for valuation purposes. If an appraisal and/or property
      inspection is required, the cost to you can range up to $675.
      Proof of Homeowners Insurance is required. Additional
      costs could be incurred if your Home Equity is in first lien
      position or if your mortgage is privately held.

hOME EqUity PlUS
NEFCU’s	Home	Equity	Plus	is	a	fixed	rate	loan	
that provides a single lump payment that you
repay	in	monthly	installments.	Home	Equity	Plus	
is a good option if you need funds for a one-time
expense with the security of a fixed interest rate.
Loan terms are available up to 15 years.

hOME EqUity liNE OF CREDit
NEFCU’s	Home	Equity	Line	of	Credit	provides	
ongoing access to available funds, based on a
predetermined	borrowing	limit.	A	Home	Equity	
Line of Credit gives you the flexibility to borrow
funds when you need them, along with the
option to make principal or interest-only
payments. Accessing your funds is easy: by
check,	ATM,	NEFCUOnline,	Accountline	
or any NEFCU Branch.

Auto &
   Whether you’re buying
   a new or used car,
   motorcycle, RV, boat, ATV
   or snowmobile, NEFCU
   will get you moving
   quickly and affordably.
   We offer great rates and simple loan
   products designed to help you save
   money and time.

                                                         AUTO & CONSUMER LOANS
	 •	 	 ame	low	rate	for	new	or	used	vehicles
     (84 month term on new vehicles only)
	 •	 	 p	to	100%	financing
     (including tax, title and registration)
	 •	 Fast	turnaround
	 •	 Terms	up	to	seven	years
	 •	 AutoPay	option	for	access	to	even	lower	rates
	 •	 	 iscounted	Auto	Insurance	through	MetLife®
     and Travelers
	 •	 Credit	Life	&	Disability	Insurance	available
	 •	 GAP	Protection	available

We’ll even deliver your loan paperwork to you –
at home, at work or at the dealership!

To apply, just call the Loan Phone Team at
866-80-LOANS, visit nefcu.com or stop in a
branch today.

NEFCU’s Auto Check is a pre-approved loan that
you carry with you in the form of a blank check
that’s good for 90 days. Recognized at dealerships
throughout	Vermont,	New	Hampshire,	New	York	
or	Massachusetts.	Auto	Check	lets	you	shop	in	
confidence	since	you’re	essentially	a	“cash	buyer”,	
which puts you in a stronger position to negotiate
the best possible price. With an Auto Check, you’re
also assured of getting our best available rate. When
your Auto Check is approved, you can lock in your
rate, so even if rates go up, you’re protected. And if
rates go down before you buy? We’ll give you the
lower rate, so you’re covered either way.

    From weddings to college
    tuition to unexpected auto
    repairs, NEFCU's Personal
    Loans help you fund the
    things that keep your life
    running smoothly.
    NEFCU’s low-cost personal
    loans offer great rates and flexible
    terms designed to meet your
    individual needs.

                                                              PERSONAL LOANS
Whatever milestone is next for you or your family,
NEFCU’s Lifestyle Loan can make sure you’re ready
to enjoy it. A better alternative to credit cards, the
Lifestyle Loan offers a fixed rate that lets you take
the guesswork out of financing things like:
	   •	   Weddings
	   •	   Dental	procedures
	   •	   Adoption	or	fertility	treatment
	   •	   E
         	 lective	surgery	(Lasik	eye	and	Cosmetic	surgery)
	   •	   Educational/Recreation	camps	for	children

Education becomes more costly each year and there
are often gaps between a student’s aid package and the
actual costs of education. An Education Loan from
NEFCU can help cover the difference. Loans are
available for full- or part-time education at accredited
schools, including trade schools, as well as primary
and secondary schools (K-12). The loan can be used
for tuition, room and board, plus some other
education-related purchases may also be approved.

Our Special Purpose Personal Loan offered at a
reduced rate can be used for such things as:

Fuel Assistance - Need help with heating bills?
Funds will be paid directly to the heating fuel provider.
income tax - Our Income Tax Loan can get you
through if you owe taxes. Funds will be paid directly
to the State or Federal Tax Agency.
Auto Repair - Keep your vehicle safe and reliable. You
can use it on such things as repairs and maintenance,
snow/new tires, even upgrades and extras with the
funds paid directly to the service provider.
home improvement - Finance your modest home
improvement projects such as installing new heating
or ventilation systems, putting down new carpeting,
or purchasing a wood stove with funds paid directly
to the service provider.
holiday - The	Holiday	Loan	can	be	used	to	pay	for	
gifts, travel or even festive events – it’s up to you!


   NEFCU offers two types of
   Visa credit cards:
   Visa® Platinum and Visa
   Platinum Rewards.

	   •	   No	annual	fee
	   •	   No	fee	for	balance	transfers
	   •	   No	fee	for	cash	advances
	   •	   No	hidden	fees
	   •	   No	rate	increase	if	your	payment	is	late
	   •	   No	fee	for	real-time	Visa	alerts
	   •	   	 4/7	Online	Access	to	your	account	
         through NEFCUOnline
	 •	     R
         	 eward	Points	for	balance	transfers	
         (on Platinum Rewards card)
	   •	   No-cost	convenience	checks
	   •	   Zero	Liability	on	fraud*
	   •	   Warranty	Manager	service*
	   •	   Emergency	cash	and	card	replacement*
	   •	   Rental	Car	Insurance*
	   •	   Credit	Life	&	Disability	Insurance	option
	   •	   Local	servicing
	   •	   AutoPay	option
	   •	   Worldwide	cash	access:	ATM	&	cash	advances

With the Visa Platinum Rewards card you earn
one bonus point for every dollar spent and points
are redeemable for cash! For every 1,000 points
redeemed, you get $10 – a 1% cash back!

* Certain restrictions apply.

Checking &
    Our FAIR Checking Promise

    At NEFCU, we are
    committed to making
    your checking as easy and
    affordable as possible. That’s
    why we keep our fees*
    low and take steps to limit
    your chances of incurring

                                                                         CHECkING & DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS
hERE’S hOw:
	 •	 	 ach	business	day,	we	process	direct	deposits**	
     before payments and checks so you are more likely
     to	have	sufficient	funds	in	your	accounts.
	 •	 	 f	your	balance	drops	below	a	specified	amount	
     or a check clears, you can be automatically
     notified by email (set up an Account Alert within
	 •	 	 f	you	overdraw	your	account,	we	won’t	charge	
     you repeat fees for each day it remains overdrawn.
	 •	 	 e	provide	account	alerts	and	overdraft	
     protection plans to help you avoid the high costs
     of overdrafts.
	 •	 	 efer	to	the	Participation	Rewards	chart	for	
     Checking Account details (see page 32-33).
We don’t charge you for your debit card transactions
while	using	NEFCU	ATMs.
 * If you have direct deposit, or combined loan and/or deposit
   account balances of $5,000 or more, you’ll be charged no monthly
   checking fee. Otherwise your checking fee will be only $5 per
 ** Can include deposits such as payroll, retirement, Social Security,
    and other types of electronic payments into your account.

NEFCU’s Courtesy Pay helps you avoid returned
checks, declined debit transactions, and other penalties
associated with having items declined or returned on
your checking account. By using this service, NEFCU
may, at our discretion, cover checks, Internet bill
payments	and	certain	automated	(ACH)	transactions	
even	if	you	do	not	have	sufficient	funds	in	your	
accounts. In addition, eligible members may Opt-In to
receive Courtesy Pay to authorize one-time debit card
transactions	against	non-sufficient	funds.	While	there	
is an overdraft fee for each payment that NEFCU pays
or	authorizes	against	non-sufficient	funds,	and	you	
are responsible for paying the balance, Courtesy Pay
provides a safety net when your balance is unexpectedly
short to pay the items you authorized. Courtesy Pay may
save you other penalties and fees, enable you to make
unplanned purchases, and prevent the awkwardness
of having transactions declined or returned.

You may also protect against overdrafts by linking your
checking or debit card account to certain deposit and
loan accounts. In this case, NEFCU will automatically
transfer funds from the selected account to your
checking account to cover the payment. Speak to a
NEFCU	Member	Service	Representative	for	additional	
details and related fees.                                                   21
Checking & Deposit
	   •	   No	fees
	   •	   Unlimited	transactions
	   •	   Dividends	compounded	monthly
	   •	   $5	minimum	deposit	to	open	account

	 •	 Dividends	paid	with	balances	of	$1,000	or	more
	 •	 	 igher	rates	for	accounts	with	balances	over	$10,000	
     and over $50,000
	 •	 No	monthly	service	charge
	 •	 	 aximum	of	six	pre-authorized	withdrawals	or	
     transfers per month
	 •	 	 o	more	than	three	of	the	six	transfers	may	be	made	
     by check or similar order to a third party per month
	 •	 	 hecks	must	be	written	for	a	minimum	amount	
     of $100
                                         CHECkING & DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS
	 •	 	 igh	yields	compounded	
	 •	 	 lexible	terms	up	to	five	years
	 •	 	 uture	Saver	Term	Share	
     Certificates allow deposits to
     your account
	 •	 	 overdell	Education	
     Savings Accounts

	 •	 	 raditional	IRAs
	 •	 	 oth	IRAs
	 •	 	 EPS

A secure way to deposit your paycheck,
pension, Social Security and other
regular income.

& Financial
    Going through a financial
    transition? The NEFCU
    Member	Solutions	Team	
    is here to help.
    The New England Federal Credit
    Union	Member	Solutions	Team	can	
    offer guidance, advice and solutions
    to members when they experience
    unexpected financial changes in
    their lives.

                                                       MEMbER SOLUTIONS & FINANCIAL COUNSELING
lEt US hElP yOU with:
	   •	   Budgeting
	   •	   Managing	and	Growing	Your	Savings
	   •	   Achieving	Your	Financial	Goals
	   •	   Improving	Your	Credit	Score
	   •	   Loan	Repayment	Challenges

Follow these simple guidelines to make your credit
score as good as it can be:

what will hurt your credit?
	 •	 Missing	payments
	 •	 Maxing	out	credit	cards
	 •	 	 losing	out	credit	cards	
     (lowers your borrowing capacity)
	 •	 	 hopping	for	credit	excessively
	 •	 	 pening	up	numerous	accounts	in	a	short	
     time period
	 •	 	 aving	more	revolving	loans	(credit	cards	
     and lines of credit) than installment loans
     (mortgage and auto loans)
	 •	 Borrowing	from	finance	companies
	 •	 Having	a	limited	credit	history

what doesn’t affect the score?
	   •	   Debt	ratio
	   •	   Income
	   •	   Length	of	residence
	   •	   Length	of	employment	

improve your credit score by:
	    Keeping	your	credit	card	balances	low
	    Making	payments	on	time
	    Limiting	the	opening	of	new	accounts
	    	 aintaining	a	solid	credit	history	with	older	
     existing accounts
	 •	 	 oving	revolving	debt	to	installment	debt

your score may determine…
	    Whether	or	not	you	get	a	loan
	    The	interest	rate	you	pay	on	a	loan
	    The	rate	you	pay	for	all	types	of	insurance
	    	 hether	or	not	you	get	the	job	for	which	
     you apply
	 •	 Whether	you	get	the	apartment	you	want
    Free financial education has
    always been a hallmark of
    NEFCU’s mission. We help
    members master all sorts of
    financial topics – from that
    first checking account/debit
    card to retirement planning,
    and all the financial events
    in between.
    Both onsite and online, NEFCU
    courses, seminars and education
    tools (videos, podcasts and
    interactive calculators) help you
    learn how to manage your money,
    plan for the future and reach your
    financial goals.
                                                       FINANCIAL EDUCATION
From financing a home to buying insurance
to planning a vacation, families face important
financial decisions everyday. NEFCU’s online
resources can help you make savvy choices and
reach your family’s goals faster. Topics include:
	   •	   Car	Ownership
	   •	   Retirement
	   •	   Housing
	   •	   Small	Business
	   •	   Insurance
	   •	   Leisure/Travel
	   •	   Education
	   •	   Money	Management
	   •	   Credit
	   •	   Saving	&	Investing
	   •	   Taxes
	   •	   Consumer	Protection

NEFCU’s RightTrack financial seminars provide
a smart financial start for young adults age 16
and older. Delivered online, the series offers
a great introduction to fundamentals such as
budgeting income and expenses, managing debt,
and achieving financial goals, as well as the basics
of checking accounts, debit and credit cards and
other financial tools.

When it comes to planning for your retirement,
NEFCU is your financial advocate with a range of
educational resources. From courses and seminars,
to our Plan It™ Retire Ready Toolkit, NEFCU
is ready to help you plan, save and prepare for a
financially secure retirement.

To learn more about NEFCU’s free financial
education programs, visit us online at
nefcu.com and click on Education.

& insurance
    The professionals at NEFCU
    Financial Group, available
    through CUSO Financial
    Services (CFS), L.P., have
    a single focus: helping you
    achieve your financial goals.
    Together, NEFCU and CFS create a
    powerful partnership, sharing core
    values of advocacy, transparency and
    fairness – as well as a commitment to
    providing exceptional service and
    value to members like you.

                                                                                INVESTMENT & INSURANCE
                                                                               color with t
                 I N S U R E.        I N V E S T.        R E T I R E.
                             Available through CUSO Financial Services, L.P.

Whether you’re planning for retirement, saving
for college or seeking a better return on savings,
our Registered Representatives will help you
secure your financial future with a comprehensive                              color witho
approach based on a concept we call your P.L.A.N.:                             “Available t
                          Available through CUSO Financial Services, L.P.
	   •	   Pay yourself first
	   •	   Live within your means
	   •	   Assure your family’s stability
	   •	   Never stop learning

Why Choose NEFCU Financial Group?
	 •	 	 e	are	exclusively	focused	on	the	needs	
     of NEFCU members. We do not serve
     outside clients.
	 •	 	 e	offer	independent,	non-proprietary	
     products. Our solutions are designed entirely
     around your goals and needs.                                              black with t
     W I N S U R E . I N V E S T. R E
	 •	 	 e	offer	advanced	tools,	technology	and	T I R E .
                       to manage CUSO Financial Services, L.P.
     security controlsAvailable throughyour accounts
     with ease and confidence.

Contact a Financial Representative today
at 800-400-8790 ext. 8580 for a no-cost,
no-obligation consultation.

                                                                               black witho
                                                                               “Available th
                             Available through CUSO Financial Services, L.P.

Non-deposit investment products and services are offered
through	CUSO	Financial	Services,	L.P.	(“CFS”),	a	registered	
broker-dealer	(Member	FINRA/SIPC)	and	SEC	Registered	
Investment Advisor. Products offered through CFS: are
not NCUA/NCUSIF or otherwise federally insured, are
not guarantees or obligations of the credit union, and may
involve investment risk including possible loss of principal.
Investment Representatives are registered through CFS.
New England Federal Credit Union has contracted with
CFS to make non-deposit investment products and services
available to credit union members.

Rewards Program
As a thank you for your business,
NEFCU offers a range of rewards
when you bank with us. The
higher your participation level – as
determined by the combined balance
of your deposit and loan accounts –
the greater your benefits. From lower
fees to extra services, you can earn big
rewards that save you real money.
Participation Rewards™ does just what it says:
rewards members for their participation in the
Credit Union.

The higher your participation level, the greater
the rewards. No-monthly-fee checking, overdraft
protection, free BillPay... these and many more
rewards can be yours, based on your account
relationship with us.

The best part of Participation Rewards is that you
can increase your benefit level anytime you want.
Qualify	for	Bank@Work™,	become	an	eMember™,
or simply increase your aggregate balance, and
the rewards are yours. Participation Rewards levels
are updated monthly. Refer to the chart on pages
32-33 for details.

top Rewards™ Member
You must be a primary account holder with loan
and/or deposit balances equal to or greater than

bank@work™ Member
You must be an employee of a business that has a
NEFCU	branch	or	ATM	at	the	worksite,	and	have	
direct deposit with NEFCU.

Value Member
You must be a primary account holder with loan
and/or deposit balances equal to or greater than

You must have signed up for eStatements and
do most of your banking using NEFCUOnline,
ATMs,	Accountline™	and	CheckMate™	Debit	
Cards. There is no minimum balance.

basic Member
Members	with	loan	and/or	deposit	balances	up	
to $5,000.*

* Loan/deposit balances include mortgage balances and Visa
  balances. The Participation Rewards levels will be applied
  to member accounts beginning the first business day of each
  month.                                                        31
participation rewards benefits

                         ✓= NO FEE

                         Monthly Fee
                         Per Check Fee
    CheCkiNG             Overdraft Protection
                         (Share Overdraft Fee)
    ACCouNts             Dividends
     (Share Draft)
                         Check Printing
                         CheckMate™ Debit/ATM Card
                         My Picture Card
                         (personalized photo debit card)

                         Foreign ATM Network Fee†
                         (withdrawals, inquiries & transfers)

                         NEFCU ATM Transaction
  AutoMAteD              POS & Debit Transaction
 & eLeCtroNiC            NEFCUOnline
      serViCes           billPay™
                         Mobile banking          ††

                         Accountline™ (automated phone service)

                         ATM/Debit Card Replacement
                         Access to Discount Auto
                         & Home Insurance
                         .50% Consumer Loan Discount              †††

                         (with AutoPay)

                         Visa Credit Card Annual Fee
                         Telebranch Inquiry
     beNeFits            (person-to-person)

                         Teller Transaction
                         Official Check
                         Wire Transfers – US
                         Incoming Wire

            † Refers to the fee NEFCU may charge if you use non-
              NEFCU ATMs. There may still be a surcharge from the
              other financial institution for using their machine.
top rewards              bank@Work                eMember                 basic
  Member               & Value Member                                    Member
 balances > $25k          balances > $5k                                balances < $5k

                                                                      See Pricing Schedule
        ✓                       ✓                      ✓
        ✓                       ✓                      ✓                      ✓
        ✓               See Pricing Schedule   See Pricing Schedule   See Pricing Schedule

Dividends paid on accounts with balances greater than $500
     ✓             varies         varies           varies
(logo checks only)       (with check style)     (with check style)    (with check style)

        ✓                       ✓                      ✓                      ✓
See Pricing Schedule    See Pricing Schedule   See Pricing Schedule   See Pricing Schedule

        ✓               See Pricing Schedule           ✓              See Pricing Schedule

        ✓                       ✓                      ✓                      ✓
        ✓                       ✓                      ✓                      ✓
        ✓                       ✓                      ✓                      ✓
        ✓                       ✓                      ✓              See Pricing Schedule

        ✓                       ✓                      ✓                      ✓
        ✓                       ✓                      ✓                      ✓

        ✓                       ✓                      ✓              See Pricing Schedule

        ✓                       ✓                      ✓                      ✓

        ✓                       ✓                      ✓                      ✓

        ✓                       ✓                      ✓                      ✓
        ✓                       ✓              See Pricing Schedule           ✓

        ✓                       ✓              See Pricing Schedule           ✓
        ✓               See Pricing Schedule   See Pricing Schedule   See Pricing Schedule

        ✓               See Pricing Schedule   See Pricing Schedule   See Pricing Schedule

        ✓                       ✓                      ✓                      ✓

†† Your smartphone carrier may charge for data downloads.
   Be sure to understand your service agreement.
†††Excludes VISA and residential loans.
 We’re open earlier
    – and later –
to serve you better.

Our convenient extended hours make it easier
for you to do your everyday banking, or to get
an auto loan, mortgage or personal loan, without
interrupting your busy day.

Our	Williston	branch	on	Harvest	Lane	is	open	
from	7	am	to	7	pm	Mondays	through	Fridays,	
and on Saturdays from 9 am to 3 pm. You can
also do basic teller transactions on Sundays from
11 am until 3 pm with our drive up teller.
NEFCU Locations
NeW eNGLAND FeDerAL CreDit uNioN
P.O. Box 527
Williston, VT 05495-0527

brANCh oFFiCes/
LoAN CeNters
> 141 Harvest Lane, Williston, VT

> 74 Pearl Street, Essex Junction, VT

> IBM Building 969 (onsite Branch Office)

> IBM Building 861 (onsite Service Center)

> FAHC: Medical Center Campus,
  McClure 2 Connector, Burlington, VT

> 1000 Shelburne Road, So. Burlington, VT

> 172 So. Main Street, St. Albans, VT (Loan Center)

> 74 Pearl Street, Essex Junction, VT

> 100 Bank Street, Burlington, VT

> 141 Harvest Lane, Williston, VT

> 150 Water Tower Circle, Colchester, VT

> FAHC: Medical Center Campus, Ambulatory Care
  Center, East Pavillion, Level 3, Burlington, VT

> FAHC: Medical Center Campus,                        Federally
  McClure 2 Connector, Burlington, VT                  insured
                                                      by NCUA
> FAHC: UHC Campus,
  One South Prospect Street, Burlington, VT

> FAHC: Fanny Allen Campus,
  790 College Parkway, Colchester, VT

> IBM Buildings 861, 963, 969, 975

> 1000 Shelburne Road, So. Burlington, VT

> Essex Shoppes Cinema, 21 Essex Way, Essex, VT       NEFCU
> 172 So. Main Street, St. Albans, VT                 446767


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