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					      Andrews First
                                       •   THE BAPTIST RECORDER
     Bible Missionary                         • Official Newsletter of Truett Baptist Association of Churches
      Blessed Hope                           • Telephone 828-837-5401 Fax 828-837-5401 Email -
      Boiling Springs
                                 • Rev. Mitchell Shields, Director of Missions Mobile #828-360-5049
     Downings Creek
        Fires Creek
         Friendship                                       December 2010 –January 2011
    Grace Fellowship
       Hanging Dog                   WHEN CAN a Director of Missions/Associational Missionary Add
         Harmony                        Biblical Value to His Pastors, Leaders, and Churches?
         Hopewell                            ANNOUNCING A New Service for Our Pastors and Leaders!
 Iglesia Bautista Hispana
           Liberty                                 “Lunch and Lead” and “Breakfast and Breakthrough”!
     Little Brasstown           An Hour or Half-Hour at Your location to Help you Take the Next Step in Your Ministry!
        Macedonia           Sometimes we know the answer to our challenges/problems, but we do not know how to ask
                            the right question to get to the answer. Our Association Missionary, Brother Mitchell Shields,
           Maltby           will join you at your location (you select the date, lunch/breakfast,time, location, and topic)
      Marble Springs        and share effective steps to success with you on any area of ministry, church life, pastoring,
        Martin Hill         or missions that you request. Topics such as
     Meadow Grove           Pastoral Care      Evangelism       Disciple-making            Missions           Bible Study Growth
     Moccasin Creek         Small Groups       Mentoring        Prayer                     Coaching           Leadership
     Moss Memorial          Vision Casting     Facility Use     Outreach                   Family Issues      Social Issues
      Mount Carmel
      Mount Liberty         Here’s How it Works:
      Mount Moriah          • You select the date, lunch/breakfast time, location, and topic.
      Mount Pisgah          • Bro. Mitchell will meet with you and share from a variety of videos, PowerPoints, and other materi-
     Mount Pleasant             als on your topic.
       Mount Zion           • You Enjoy your lunch, breakfast, or coffee as he presents.
       Murphy First         • You eat, watch, listen, ask questions, and discuss.
        New Hope            • He presents your chosen topic, and if you like, will coach you in your next step in that ministry area
   New Martins Creek            or idea.
            Notla           • You can meet with him at your church, workplace, or home.
   Oak Grove (Marble)       • You can meet with him at a restaurant, café, or coffeehouse.
  Oak Grove (Murphy)        • If you have friends or associates who would also benefit and enjoy, invite them, too! If extra times
         Oak View               would be useful, fine!
          Ogreeta           • There is no charge, and our ADOM will focus fully on sharing with you the topic of your choice.l
   Old Shooting Creek
   Peachtree Memorial       To set up your one-on-one, call Bro. Mitchell Shields at 828.360.5049 or 828.837.5401
           Pilgrim          or email him at
        Pine Grove
          Pine Log
           Ranger                   A wish for peace and happiness at Christmas
Shady Grove (Hayesville)
 Shady Grove (Murphy)                     And throughout the New Year.
           Shiloh               Christmas Blessings to you and your family from the Staff of
        Shoal Creek                       Truett Baptist Association of Churches
     Simonds Chapel
         Southend           Mitchell Shields, Director of Missions                 Linda Mays, Financial Secretary
          Swanson           Karen Twiss, Ministry Assistant                        Christy Allen, Bookstore Manager
     Truett Memorial                          Truett Baptist Association Quarterly Meeting
           Unaka                                    Monday, January 17th, 6:50 p.m.
     Upper Peachtree
       Valley River
                                Look forward to exciting updates on the TBA Children’s Home
        Valleytown                    Location-Old Peachtree Memorial Baptist Church
    Vengeance Creek              now known as 1 Iglesia Bautista Hispana de Cherokee County
                                                                        LOCAL CHURCH UPCOMING EVENTS:

                                                                  Moss Memorial Baptist Church in Hayesville:
                                                                   * Dec. 19 and 20—7:00 p.m. both nights
                                                                    Christmas Play titled “For Unto Ya’ll
                                                                   * Dec. 24—6:00 p.m. Christmas Eve Candelight Service

                                                                  Valleytown Baptist Church in Andrews:
                                                                      *Dec. 12—6:00 p.m. Christmas Play
                Week of Prayer for
              International Missions                              Ebenezer Baptist Church– 1604 Ebenezer Rd. in Murphy:
            Week of Prayer, Nov. 28-Dec. 5, 2010                     *Dec. 22, 7:00 p.m. Christmas Play and Special
                                                                     Music by Church Choir
   It’s a beautiful vision: People who speak Kirmanjki and
       Kabyle, Thai and Tatar, and use sign language in
   Czech—all knowing and praising God. It’s a vision that         Marble Springs Baptist Church in Marble:
   comes closer to being realized every year as Christians           *Dec. 19, 6:00 p.m. Christmas Cantata
   seek unreached people groups to tell them the story of            *Dec. 26, Candlelight Communion
                                                                     *Sunday Nights in 2011-The church will be using the
                                                                     “Foundations for a Purpose Driven Life” Curriculum. This
  Southern Baptists have followed God’s lead to focus at-
                                                                     is a 48 session study on 11 Core Christian Truths that es-
   tention on bringing all the world’s peoples to Him. And
                                                                     tablish a firm foundation to live out Christ’s purpose in life.
    God has responded to the faithfulness of His people.
                 There is much to celebrate!
                                                                  Murphy First Baptist Church in Murphy:
                  Are we there yet? Not yet.                         *Dec. 11, 12 and 13-7:00 p.m. each evening,
                                                                     The Singing Christmas Tree with music from Bethlehem
  But for the first time in history, we can identify the people      Morning.
  groups that remain untouched by the Gospel. We can get
   there in our generation! But that last part of the journey     Community Christmas Cantata:
   may be the hardest. It will take all of us—our churches,         *Dec. 11, 7:00 p.m. @ Oak Grove Baptist Church in Marble
   our missionaries, our national partners, our Great Com-          *Dec. 12, 7:00 p.m. @ Faith Baptist Tabernacle in Andrews
                        mission partners.
                                                                  Macedonia Baptist Church at Wolfcreek:
  Southern Baptists must continue to increase their giving
  to support missionaries through the Lottie Moon Christ-            *Dec. 31, New Year’s Eve Service
   mas Offering®. They must pray strategically. And they
  must own the Great Commission as never before to see            Ranger Baptist Church lo151 Walker Rd. in Murphy:
                that all peoples know Him.                           *Dec. 3,4, 5 and Dec. 10, 11, 12, 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. each
                                                                     evening—A Night in Bethlehem-A Hands-On Holy Land
                                                                     Experience. Walk thru the village of Bethlehem. Visit a
                                                                     home as it would have been 2000 years ago, a carpenters
                                                                     shop, a beggars hovel, a synagogue, the village bazaar,
 CHURCHES PARTICIPATING IN BIBLE                                     the city well, the inn, a blacksmith shop, the pottery maker
                                                                     and, of course, the nativity. There will be crafts for the
 DRILLLS…...Remember if you need any                                 children to make...bracelets, Christmas decorations, neck-
 assistance or have any questions regarding                          laces. Enjoy hot chocolate, hot apple cider, coffee and
 Bible Drills, please contact Becky Brown at                         cookies.
 828.837.7869 or TBA Resource Center in                              Dec. 19, 11:00 a.m.—Youth Christmas Cantata
 Peachtree at 828.837.5401                                           Dec. 19, 6:00 p.m.—Adult Christmas Cantata

                                                                  Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Hayesville:
    Truett Baptist Association Resource Center                      *Dec. 12, 7:00 p.m.—Christmas Cantata “Love Came
            in Peachtree will be Closed:                             Down at Christmas”
 Friday Dec. 24 and Monday Dec. 27 for Christmas                     *Dec. 19, 7:00 p.m. Children’s Christmas Play
     and Friday December 31st for New Year’s

ATTENTION CHURCH TREASURERS —Any contribution you want posted for the year 2010 must be received at TBA no
later than January 10th. Contributions received after the 10th will be posted to the 2011 year. Also, if you need assistance with
W2’s, 1099’s, etc. please call Truett Baptist Association. The financial secretary will be happy to assist you with these forms.
                                                Truett Baptist Association - Missions Receipts
                                                       January 1 - November 17, 2010
                                         TBA Support Other Missions                                                    TBA Support Other Missions
1 Iglesia Bautista Hispanic                    $321.33                $0.00     New Hope Baptist Church                       $0.00         $0.00
Andrews First Baptist Church                $15,067.03         $15,518.40       New Martins Creek Baptist Church          $2,820.00       $100.00
Bealtown Baptist Church                        $450.00                $0.00     Notla Baptist Church                       $400.00        $450.00
Bethabara Baptist Church                          $0.00               $0.00     Oak Grove Baptist Church (Marble)          $557.94      $1,749.00
Bethel Baptist Church                             $0.00               $0.00     Oak Grove Baptist Church (Murphy)         $3,275.56     $2,500.00
Bible Missionary Baptist Church                   $0.00               $0.00     Oak View Baptist Church                       $0.00         $0.00
Blessed Hope Baptist Church                    $650.00                $0.00     Ogreeta Baptist Church                     $400.00          $0.00
Boiling Springs Baptist Church                 $550.00          $2,200.00       Old Shooting Creek Baptist Church         $1,901.68         $0.00
Downings Creek Baptist Church                     $0.00               $0.00     Peachtree Memorial Baptist Church        $12,134.50     $1,440.00
Ebenezer Baptist Church                      $3,286.41          $1,110.00       Pilgrim Baptist Church                        $0.00     $1,041.13
Fires Creek Baptist Church                     $148.68                $0.00     Pine Grove Baptist Church                     $0.00         $0.00
Friendship Baptist Church                    $3,300.00                $0.00     Pine Log Baptist Church                   $1,134.18         $0.00
Grace Fellowship Baptist Church                   $0.00               $0.00     Ranger Baptist Church                     $4,400.00       $200.00
                                                                                Shady Grove Baptist Church
Hanging Dog Baptist Church                     $250.00            $250.00       (Hayesville)                              $2,353.76        $70.00
Harmony Baptist Church                            $0.00               $0.00     Shady Grove Baptist Church (Murphy)       $1,417.30       $630.00
Hopewell Baptist Church                      $2,000.00                $0.00     Shiloh Baptist Church                         $0.00         $0.00
Liberty Baptist Church                         $100.00                $0.00     Shoal Creek Baptist Church                 $306.28          $0.00
Little Brasstown Baptist Church             $12,008.37          $1,100.00       Simonds Chapel Baptist Church                 $0.00         $0.00
Macedonia Baptist Church                       $534.53            $427.62       Snow Hill Baptist Church                      $0.00         $0.00
Maltby Baptist Church                             $0.00               $0.00     South End Baptist Church                      $0.00         $0.00
Marble Springs Baptist Church                $8,611.89          $1,205.00       Swanson Baptist Church                        $0.00         $0.00
Martin Hill Baptist Church                        $0.00               $0.00     Sweetwater Baptist Church                  $346.00         $76.55
Meadow Grove Baptist Church                    $400.00                $0.00     Tomotla Baptist Church                    $1,000.00         $0.00
Moccasin Creek Baptist Church                     $0.00               $0.00     Truett Memorial First Baptist Church          $0.00       $100.00
Moss Memorial Baptist Church                   $500.00            $500.00       Unaka Baptist Church                      $1,046.20         $0.00
Mount Carmel Baptist Church                    $600.00          $1,785.00       Upper Peachtree Baptist Church            $1,000.00       $861.55
Mount Liberty Baptist Church                 $1,430.00          $1,820.50       Valley River Baptist Church               $1,000.00       $850.00
Mount Moriah Baptist Church                  $1,284.63          $1,050.00       Valleytown Baptist Church                 $1,100.00     $5,500.00
Mount Pisgah Baptist Church                    $468.00                $0.00     Vengeance Creek Baptist Church            $1,379.20     $1,000.00
Mount Pleasant Baptist Church               $13,006.06          $6,834.58       Violet Baptist Church                         $0.00         $0.00
Mount Zion Baptist Church                      $684.96                $0.00     Individuals                                $116.22     $43,774.16
Murphy First Baptist Church                  $2,100.00          $1,724.65       Grand Total:                            $105,840.71    $95,868.14

                  Land Purchase Update                                                   29:11 Youth Retreat—February 18 & 19
 Balance 5-12-2010                                     $ 5,114.37                             @ Truett Camp in Hayesville
 Contributions from Churches:                                                        Workshops, Music, Fun, Food and Worship!
            Andrews First                      $233.34                                              Ages 12 and Up
            Boiling Springs                  $1,000.00                           For more info, please call Dawn Gabrielli at 837-9363
            Little Brasstown                   $200.00
                                                                                              Cost is $33.25 per person.
            Mount Carmel                       $120.00
            Mount Liberty                      $170.00
            Mount Pleasant                     $200.00                        The January Bible Study for 2011 will be Truth About
            Murphy First                       $374.82                        Grace-Studies in Galatians. Materials for the JBS can
            Oak Grove(Marble)                  $395.00
                                                                                           be ordered from Lifeway.
            Peachtree Memorial                 $200.00
            Shady Grove(Murphy)                $140.00
            Valley River                       $170.00                    A New Troop Coming to Murphy! The Nantahala District of
            Vengeance Creek                    $200.00                    the Boy Scouts of America is proud to announce the for-
                        Church Contributions           $ 3,403.16
                                                                          mation of a new troop being formed in Murphy. An infor-
                                                                          mational gathering and celebration is scheduled for Satur-
                        Individual Contributions       $ 400.00
                                                                          day, December 4th at the Community Pool and Fitness
                                                       $ 8,917.83         Center from 4-7 pm that day. All families with boys who
            Payments to First Citizens Loan            $ - 2,044.70       are of scouting age are invited to come. Swimming is
            Principal Payments                         $ - 850.00
                                                                          available and refreshments will be served. For more infor-
            Balance 11-17-2010                         $ 6,022.83         mation call Mrs. Hope Powell, district executive at 828-557-
                Land Purchase Pay-Off $74,475.50                          1171 or the new scoutmaster, Dr. Jim Johnson at 828-835-
             December Birthdays                   Bibles, Books & Blessings Christian Bookstore
  1 Loretta (Mrs. Ronny) Crisp                                     A Ministry of Truett Baptist Association
                                                                3090 Highway 64 West, Suite 114, Murphy NC
  1 Nyoka (Mrs. Freddie) Maney
                                                                         Telephone - 828-837-9045
  3 Dr. Chester Jones
  3 Rev. Warren Golden
  3 Rev. Jerry Beavers                            Boxed Christmas Cards             Christmas CD’s, Gifts
  8 Andrea (Mrs. Brandon) Matheson                      Bibles 15% discount with free engraving
  14 Vera (Mrs. James) Paul                        <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
  17 Rev. Eddie Duckworth                                    Bookstore Hours for December
  18 Rev. Roy Phillips                                Tuesday thru Thursday 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  23 Geraldine (Mrs. L. B. ) Adams                            Friday 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
               January Birthdays                             Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  6 Rev. James Paul                                       Christmas Eve 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  9 Joan (Mrs. Tom) Leatherwood                 Closed Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day
  10 Linda (Mrs. Chester) Jones
  10 Rev. Jeff Maynard                                        THANK YOU TO EACH CHURCH, OR-
  16 Rev. Dallas Crowder                                      GANIZATION OR INDIVIDUAL THAT
  20 Rev. Freddie Maney                                       CONTRIBUTED TO THE SAMARITAN’S
                                                              PURSE OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD
           December Anniversaries                             SHOEBOX PROJECT. TRUETT BAPTIST
  3 Rev. and Mrs. Jerry Beavers                               ASSOCIATION COLLECTED A TOTAL
  5 Rev. and Mrs. Eddie Dockery                               OF 2,187 SHOEBOXES THIS YEAR...Thank
  16 Rev. and Mrs. Paul Jones                                 you for participating!!!!!!
  19 Rev. and Mrs. Tommy Hayes
  21 Rev. and Mrs. Charles Shelton
  24 Rev. and Mrs. Paul Ray Morgan             Would you consider receiving the TBA newsletter by Email?
             January Anniversaries       We are trying to cut costs in mailing the newsletter and asking every-
  7 Rev. and Mrs. Warren Hall            one that has an email address to consider receiving the newsletter by
                                         email each month. Please send us an email at or
  11 Rev. and Mrs. Jim Payne
                                         call us at 828.837.5401 to let us know if we can send you the newslet-
  17 Rev. and Mrs. Danny Hollifield
                                         ter by email instead of regular mail. Also, if you are receiving the
                                         newsletter by email and by regular mail, please let us know so we can
                                         eliminate this duplication. THANK YOU.


Truett Baptist Association Of Churches                                                             Non-Profit Organization
2235 N.C. Highway 141                                                                                U.S. Postage Paid
Marble North Carolina 28905                                                                         Permit Number One
                                                                                                     Marble NC 28905

 December 2010 & January 2011

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