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            Awareness & Promotion
                                         CENTRE OF ISLAMIC BANKING AND ECONOMICS

AlHuda-CIBE is a well established name in financial industry, working for Advisory, Education, Training, Promotion,
Awareness, Shariah Audit & Certification and Publications of Islamic Banking & Finance in Pakistan and around the
globe. This is an effort to promote Islamic Banking and Finance among masses through Education, Training,
Awareness and practice with a view to support, sustain, spread and supplement SBP and Govt. Initiatives for promoting
Islamic Banking.
Since, no institution or organization was involved in providing such services in the field of Islamic Banking & Finance in
Pakistan, AlHuda-CIBE came up to endorse this pioneering effort and beyond as well. We have so far organized over 150
training/workshops on Islamic Banking, Finance, Takaful & Sukuk all over the Pakistan mainly at Karachi, Lahore,
Islamabad/Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Mirpur (AJK) and Quetta. The Prime aim
of such training & awareness activities is to cultivate and understand the spiritual and intellectual heritage of Islam.
AlHuda CIBE seeks to create a new generation of Business leaders, Managers, Academicians and Researchers.
AlHuda-CIBE is jointly working with 40 International Institutions as a partner for the development of Islamic Banking &
Finance worldwide. We also publish Bi-Monthly Online Magazine and printed Magazine for the better awareness of
Islamic Banking and Finance.

   Advisory                                    Shariah Certification                                                          Islamic Financial Product Development
   Shariah Audit                               Trainings & Education                                                          Publications on Islamic Finance

True Banking Magazine                                                                                      Halal Research Council
True Banking is a Bi-Monthly                                                                               Halal Research Council is
Magazine on Banking &                                                                                      an organization working
Finance Industry with specific                                                                             nationally and internationally              RESEARCH COUNCIL

focus on research,          
                                                                                                           on Halal certification and
development, market analysis,                                                                              accreditation in order to
awareness & advancement. The prime aim of True                                                             cater the needs of food and nutrition agencies and
Banking is to create harmony, attentiveness & innovation                                                   side by side non-food agencies i.e. cosmetics and
in this sector. It is another addition to AlHuda CIBE                                                      chemicals etc especially in the FMCG sectors. There is
achievements in the direction towards promotion and                                                        a growing need for such certifications, as the awareness
development of banking and finance sector in Pakistan as                                                   in Food and Nutrition is rising in the masses all over
well as abroad.                                                                                            the globe. Halal Research Council strives to serve Halal
                                                                                                           market all over the world. As it is legally required
Islamic Microfinance Help Desk                                                                             and being the first right of the customers, the ingredients
Islamic Microfinance Help                                                                                  used in preparation of such products are usually
Desk is serving to coordinate                                                                              mentioned clearly on the wrappers/packaging but quite
the poverty alleviation                                                                                    often their sources are not mentioned clearly on them.
Factors through Islamic   
Financial methodology                                                                                      Sukuk Research Portal
For the broader Prospects of social well being. It is                                                      Sukuk Research Portal is a
working to establish the Islamic Microfinance                                                              unique platform to get all
Institution/Banks. It provides Islamic Financial Product                                                   sorts of information on
Development, Shariah Advisory, Shariah Audit &                                                             Sukuk. It provides the       
Review, Shariah vetting of Products and Process flows                                                      latest news, updates and
of Islamic Financial Products for microfinance sector.                                                     articles on Sukuk operation in Pakistan and abroad.

                                                  STRATEGIC PARTNERS

                                                       ...Promoting Islamic Finance & Ecomoics in Africa
ScandCo Capital Partners

South Africa               Afghanistan    Kazakhstan                 Nigeria                                   Mauritius         Pakistan       Sri Lanka          Azerbaijan
                                        AL-HUDA INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES
                                              OVERVIEW OF 1st INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE
                                          29th April, 2006 at Aiwan-e-Iqbal Lahore - Pakistan (more than 1200 Participants)
A L - H U D A A C T I V I T I E S

                                              OVERVIEW OF 2nd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE
                                         25th August, 2008 at Aiwan-e-Iqbal Lahore - Pakistan (more than 1600 Participants)

                                              OVERVIEW OF 3rd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE
                                    2nd November, 2009 at Convention Centre, Islamabad - Pakistan (more than 2200 Participants)
                                         OUR PROMISE
     All our services meet the required standards, and offer you competitive pricing and strict
     regulatory compliance.

     Our services are carefully designed for strict adherence of the principles of Shariah. Every product
     we offer is reviewed, approved, and overseen by highly respected and independent Shariah scholars.

     We are committed to the highest level of professionalism, and strive to be respectful, responsive
     and reliable.

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