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     THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                                                                                                                                                        SEPTEMBER, 2009

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      September 2009                                                            MIRROR THAT REFLECTS THE TAMIL COMMUNITY                                                                                          www.thetamilmirror.com

                                               ‘TAMILS ARE SUBJECT TO BARBARIC ATROCITIES AT
                                                   THE HANDS OF SRI LANKAN ARMY.”- Jaya
       “The AIADMK and people                         Lankan government to put an                    that the Tamil population there                  sation that annihilated political
      of Tamil Nadu expect the In-                    end to the rights violations                   is subject to barbaric atrocities                opponents, murdered anyone
      dian Union Government to                        against Tamils on its land.                    at the hands of the Sri Lankan                   who did not toe their line and
      raise its voice against the hu-                           If the Centre does not               Army.”                                           heaped suffering on the Tamil
      man rights violations in the                    act immediately, “the AIAD-                              “Sri Lanka claims                      people whose cause they were
      refugee camps in Sri Lanka”                     MK, along with like-minded                     to be a democratic country,                      claiming to espouse.”
      said J. Jayalalithaa, AIAD-                     political parties, will be forced                                                                             “Even assuming that
      MK Party Secretary and the                      to launch a mass agitation to                                                                   the persons being shot dead in
      former Chief Minister of                        focus world vision on the bru-                                                                  the footage telecast were LTTE
      Tamil Nadu, in a statement                      tal civil liberties violations in                                                               activists, executing them sum-
      released on Tuesday, Sep-                       Sri Lanka.”                                                                                     marily without a trial is bar-
                                                                                                                                                      baric, inhuman and contrary to
                                                                                                                                                      civilized norms. It also violates
                                                                                                                                                      international law relating to
                                                                                                                                                      treatment of prisoners of war.”
                                                                                                                                                                    Accusing the DMK
                                                                                                                                                      government, she said
                                                                                                                                                                                                         AMBIKA FASHION
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Visit us once
                                                                                                                                                      “As such, the AIADMK does                                              You will see the difference
                                                                                                                                                      not expect the DMK govern-
                                                                                                                                                      ment to even make a whimper
                                                                                                                    Jayalalthaa                       of protest against the atroci-
                                                                                                                                                      ties being perpetrated upon the                    Tel: 416- 840-0115
                                                                                                       where the rule of law prevails. Tamil people.”
                                                                                                       No democracy sanctions this                                  A group of cabinet 2388 Eglinton Ave. East
 Signature                                                                                                                                                                                            Scarborough
                                                                                                       sortNom / Name mass execu- ministers and MPs from Tamil
                                                                                                               of summary                                                                                           Date
                                                                                                                                                                                                      (Kennedy la Eglinton)
 Je comprend qu'en signant le présent document, a) je confirme que la présente épreuve est conforme à mes attentes et à ce que j'ai commandé; b) j'atteste avoir pris connaissance des conditions figurant au verso de& présente épreuve, je les comprend et je les accepte.
                                                                                                       tion, where human what I have ordered; b) I confirm having read, understood and accept the conditions on the reverse of the present proof
 I acknowledge that by signing the present document, a) I confirm that the present proof is in conformity with my expectations and todignity is       Nadu on September 22 also,
 14549113AA 1 / 1                                                                                      wantonly trampled upon,” she urged Prime Minister Manmo-
                                                                                                       added.                                         han Singh and Congress presi-
                                 Tamil protest at U.N., Sep.22,09                                                   Jayalalithaa said the dent Sonia Gandhi to send a
                                                                                                       AIADMK has never been a team to Sri Lanka where they
       tember 22, 2009 in Chennai.                                The former Chief votary of terrorism or terror- said the military was 'mistreat-
                 She threatened to Minister said “The gruesome ist outfits. “I have personally ing' Tamils displaced by the
       launch a mass agitation along footage, reportedly filmed by been a very vocal critic of the war and interned in camps.
       with like-minded parties if a soldier on a mobile phone LTTE, ever since that outfit de- The delegation also urged the
       the Union government failed camera, reinforces my earlier generated from being valiant prime minister to take immedi-
                        “E-mail Me at
       to press the international claim that civil liberties are fighters for the liberation of ate steps to stop attacks by the
       community to force the Sri non-existent in Sri Lanka and Tamils into a terrorist organi-                                                                    Contd on Page 44.....
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THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                      SEPTEMBER, 2009


                                                                          


THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                             COMMUNITY                                                               SEPTEMBER, 2009

Hundreds of Tamil Canadians gathered opposite the         Aid Agencies, No Journalists, No Observers; Thank                   Over 20,000 Tamil civilians were massacred
U.S. consulate in Toronto on Friday, September 18 and     You Canada – Tamils need action and Protection R2P;        within 48 hours, between 17 th and 18 th, 2009.
Saturday, September 19, 2009 between 12 to 9 pm in        Prime Minister Stephen Harper, please bail out Tam-                 September 18 and 19, 2009 awareness rally
memory of Tamil victims and to urge the U.S., Cana-       ils from the Sri Lankan concentration camps; Save the      in Toronto was organised by the Canadian Tamil Com-
dian governments and the international community to       Tamils President Obama, Yes you can; The Silence is        munity and the Canadian Tamil Youth to commemorate
help Tamils, specifically the Internally Displaced Peo-   killing in Sri Lanka; ICRC take care of the camps in Sri   the 150 days of ‘Awareness Rallies’ and 120 days of
ple (IDP) who are being ‘imprisoned’ inside the ‘con-     Lanka.’                                                    the sufferings by the Internally Displaced Tamils in the
centration camps’ controlled by the Sri Lankan forces.              It should be noted that the continuous Tamil     ‘ concentration Camps’.
         They were carrying placards saying ‘ Sri Lan-    Awareness rally in Toronto commenced on April 23,
ka- Unlock the concentration camps; Sri Lanka- No         2009.

                   Tamil Canadian Walk-a-Thon for Sick Kids
           More than 1,000 walkers and par-
ticipants gathered at Thomson Memorial
Park for the first Tamil Canadian Walk.
The Canadian Tamil Congress organized
this year’s event to raise money for the
SickKids Foundation. About $40,000 was
raised with the help of the Tamil Canadian
community organizations, memebers and
the greater Canadian public. SickKids is re-
nowned for helping nearly 100,000 patients
every year and its pioneering research. Par-
ticipants walked from Thomson Memorial
Park to Albert Campbell Square, where
they took in songs, dances and speeches.
Children were able to enjoy face painting,
coloring and carnival games. A photo booth
was also set up for participants.
           Rob Oliphant, MP for Don Valley
West, Brad Duguid, MPP and Ontario Pro-
vincial Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, and
Renrick Ashby, Councillor for Ajax, spoke
at the Walk-A-Thon. Nades Palaniar, a sci-
entist at SickKids, also delivered remarks.
           The Canadian Tamil Congress is
still collecting money to reach its year-end
goal of raising $50,000 for the SickKids
Foundation and encourages you to help
them meet their goal. Visit www.canadan-
tamilcongress.ca/sickkids for more infor-


THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                    FEATURE                                                               SEPTEMBER, 2009

The civilized world that stood silently       sons. Tooth- brush and soap were luxu-       and it’s people.                             manly is to take revenge on the Tamil
when thousands of Tamil civilians who         ries for the IDPs and they continue to                 Adding to the sufferings of the    Nation and to completely eliminate them
heeded the call of the government to          wear the same clothes they wore when         IDPs, the monsoon rains have contrib-        from their native land.
move into the “safety zone” were killed       they were brought to the camp.               uted sufficient damage to the camps and                Mahinda Rajapakse who is
unceremoniously, continue to watch                      Sri Lanka claim that they can-     2000 shelters housing the refugees have      hailed as a true Buddhist and the re-
the 280,000 civilians who were lucky          not be allowed to move into their homes      been damaged and mud flows run off           deemer of the Sinhala race is said to
to escape death, then being pounded           due to land mines. How did they come         from flooded latrines. Lakshman Hulu-        have taken away two baby elephants
behind barbed wire-fences, in what are        into the camp without being blown up?        galle, Defense Ministry spokesman takes      from their mother elephant and handed
described as “ Welfare Villages” by the       Shelling of Tamil areas were intensified     objection to calling the camps as “deten-    them ceremoniously as a gift to the Da-
government, but are internment camps.         to make people starve and force them to      tion camps”, he says they are “relief vil-   lada Maligawa. There were many pro-
                                                                                           lages”. Regarding the use of barbed wire     tests from animal lovers for taking away
                                                                                           fences, he justifies that “barbed wire is    the babies from their mothers including
                                                                                           commonly used to define barriers in Sri      court action against that.
                                                                                           Lanka”. As for the military guards, Mr.                However the Buddhists who
                                                                                           Hulugalle, says that guards were being       are told to keep all beings including ani-
                                                                                           used out of security concerns as the gov-    mals happy have not taken one baby step
                                                                                           ernment fears that rebels were hiding in     even to protest their government’s action
                                                                                           the camps.
                                                                                                     The gradual increase in the           By: FRED BALASINGHAM
                                                                                           number of insurgents even after the end
                                                                                           of the war would mean that every Tamil       in separating the children and their par-
                                                                                           is a suspect in the eyes of the govern-      ents, husbands and wives of those IDP’s
                                                                                           ment. The author wonders whether the         away from one another for so long. Per-
                                                                                           government has devised any type of           haps the President and his followers may
                                                                                           DNA test to find the tiger blood in those    have dispensation to counterman even
                                                                                           who are kept in the camps.                   the precepts of Lord Buddha if it suits
          Weeks and months have passed        reach the refugee camps. The Lankan                    When will the government           them.
since the government declared that the        military have been sweeping the shelled      learn that the internment of the Tamil ci-              In a recent article, Professor
Tigers have been defeated and the war         areas and dumping the bodies into the sea    vilians in such undignified way is unjus-    V.Suryanrayana of India, refers to, “The
was over, yet these unfortunate people        obliterating all evidence of war crimes.     tified and meaningless? It is contrary to    war against Eelam Tamils especially the
who have suffered so much agony, anxi-        Rebuilding their lives will be tough as      the teaching of Lord Buddha, who said,       ganging up of the International govern-
ety and hardship during the past twenty-      all agricultural tools, lands, boats, nets   “May all beings be happy including ani-      ments in abetting Colombo, was essen-
five years do not see any light at the end    etc., were usurped by the State.”            mals”. Does the Buddhist government          tially to open up the Island for Corporate
of the tunnel. The government of Sri                     These Tamil civilians, who had    think that what Lord Buddha preached is      plunder”. What happens in the country
Lanka and the coterie in power do not         been deracinated from the comforts of        not “home grown”, because he was born        today with multi-national business-
for one moment think of the indignity         their homes and environments, languish       in India?                                    men coming with plans to build Hotels,
and suffering, both mentally and physi-       in camps overcrowded and without suf-                  These people who have their        homes, railways and other infrastruc-
cally, that besets those who are behind       ficient food, water, medical, and toilet     own homes and their relations to look        tures appear to give credence to the pro-
these makeshift camps that lack even          facilities. The reluctance of the govern-                                                 fessor’s thinking.
minimum basic needs of life.                  ment to re-settle these IDPs in their own                                                            The League of Nations and
          The conditions prevailing in the    homes under the pretext of protecting                                                     the successor, the United Nations were
Internment camps according to the for-        them, or that the land mines have still to                                                formed after two world wars to have
mer Attorney General of Sri Lanka Chi-        be removed, do not appear to be a valid                                                   peace in the world. It would appear that
tra Rangan Silva to the Lankan media,         reason.                                                                                   in recent times wars have been promoted
reported by Nimalka Fernando, Human                      Keeping them alive to survive                                                  and arms and ammunitions or money
rights activist and lawyer from the Island    another day in such unsavory conditions,                                                  were given either as grants or soft loans
Nation was as follows: “Refugee camps         will create in their minds and hearts                                                     to destroy a country.
in the Island Nation were torn asunder        deep-rooted vengeance against the gov-                                                                The Corporate plunder begins
and young women were forced to stay           ernment and may lead them to resort                                                       at the moment war ends and the loan
with strange men in makeshift tents. The      to violence. The government’s talk of                                                     sharks arrive into the country uninvited
Tamils were not treated like victims of       a power sharing proposal or the APRC         after them are capable of earning enough     to repair the infrastructures, buildings,
war, but as war criminals by the authori-     preparation of a “home-grown” constitu-      to live a decent life if only the govern-    transport services or whatnot to burden
ties.                                         tion or the President’s own panacea for      ment removes all the restrictions placed     the country with enough debts that will
          Further, funds for rehabilitation   all political ills, which he will disclose   against them under the provisions of the     have to be met by generations unborn.
from foreign nations might get diverted       only after being re-elected in 2010 or       Prevention of Terrorism Act. The only                    If this is the purpose and func-
to compensate debts incurred in the war       thereafter, can by no means be consid-       reason that can be thought of for keeping    tion of the United Nations, God save the
and it would not benefit the affected per-    ered a process for unifying the country      them in custody and treating them inhu-      victims of war.

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THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                                              FEATURE                                                                      SEPTEMBER, 2009

                                                                                                                                       The wider world
                                                                                                                                      demands aTTenTion
                                                                                                                              ‘America is a symbol of freedom and justice’
                                                                                                                                                           Doug Clark
                                                                                                                                      Manju Schwandt is a soft-spoken woman, but I finally received her mes-
                                                                                                                            sage loud and clear: This is important. Pay attention.
                                                                                                                                      For months, she’s been trying to raise my awareness about events in her
                                                                                                                            native Sri Lanka, an island nation off the coast of India.
                                                                                                                                      She’d send e-mails with links to online articles and reports detailing
                                                                                                                            human-rights abuses in the aftermath of Sri Lanka’s long civil war, which ended
                                                                                                                            this year with a brutal victory by the government over the “Tamil Tigers.” Then
                                                                                                                            she’d call to ask if I’d seen what she’d sent.
                                                                                                                                      It’s not that I was special. She’s also been contacting other journalists as
                                                                                                                            well as politicians, and making connections with other human-rights activists on
                                                                                                                            behalf of the “Tamil diaspora.”
                                                                                                                                      Schwandt, 44, is a Tamil, an ethnic minority in Sri Lanka. The govern-
                                                                                                                            ment is controlled by the majority Sinhalese. Her family was driven from its
                                                                                                                            home in 1983, she told me, when Sinhalese “thugs” prompted by the government
                                                                                                                            launched an “ethnic pogrom.” She made her way to the United States in 1987,
                                                                                                                            earned a college degree in computer programming, became a citizen. She’s mar-

     Shri & Brothers
   Video, DVD, VCD, Audio & CD's                                                                                            ried, a mother and operates a consulting business from her home in Jamestown
                                                                                                                            -- the American dream.
                                                                                                                                      And for years, she tried to “pluck up the courage to speak out” about
                 Sales & Rental                                                                                             what was happening in Sri Lanka.
                                                                                                                                      “Worry about the safety of our family and friends back home makes a
Tel: 416.752.9960 Fax: 416.751.7451                                                                                         lot of Tamil people afraid to speak up,” she said. But she couldn’t remain silent
 1843 Lawrence Ave. E, Scarborough, ON, M1R 2Y3                                                                             any longer.
                                                                                                                                      Since the start of this year, when the remaining Tamil Tigers were
                                                                                                                            pushed into a corner of northern Sri Lanka by a government offensive, 20,000
                                                                                                                            Tamil civilians have been killed, Schwandt says. Now, 300,000 live in muddy
                                                                                                                            concentration camps without enough food. Thousands more are unaccounted
                                                                                                                            for, with young men disappearing regularly. A video smuggled out of Sri Lanka
                                                                                                                            shows summary executions of naked Tamil prisoners by soldiers.
                                                                                                                            The government is “trying to neutralize our next generation,” she says. “It’s a
                                                                                                                            systematic, slow genocide.”
                                                                                                                                      She rejects the terrorist label for Tamils, insisting “Tamils never harmed
                                                                                                                            a single American. We embrace America.”
                                                                                                                                      Meanwhile, China and Iran are major supporters of the Sri Lankan gov-
                                                                                                                                      The China connection links Sri Lanka to Sudan, the North African coun-
                                                                                                                            try waging a seven-year campaign of genocide against the people of its Darfur
                                                                                                                            region. That’s the issue that called 19-year-old Frank Stiefel to political activism
                                                                                                                            as a high school student in New Jersey.

                                                                                                                                                                                                Contd On Page 44...

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THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                     FEATURE                                                              SEPTEMBER, 2009

                                 NO BLOOD OR MEDICINE’
  Damilvany Gnanakumar, A 25-Year-Old British Tamil. Witnessed Sri Lanka’s Bloody Conflict From A Tamil Hospital - Then
             Spent Months Detained In A Camp. She Tells Gethin Chamberlain, Of Guardian (Uk), Her Story.

                                             kumar is sitting on a cream leather sofa     paksa, that the defeat of the Tamil Tigers    jets. But in early January artillery bar-
 · She estimates that 20,000 civilians       in the living room of the family home in     was achieved without the spilling of a        rages began, forcing the population to
  may have died in the final five-day
                                             Chingford, Essex, reliving the final days    drop of civilian blood.                       move.
 onslaught by Sri Lankan government
                                             of Sri Lanka’s brutal civil war.                      Born in Jaffna in the Tamil-                    That was when the reality of the
  forces - a figure also cited by some
                                                        For most of those four months,    dominated north of Sri Lanka in 1984,         war hit Gnanakumar for the first time.
             relief agencies.
                                             the 25-year-old British graduate was         Gnanakumar and her family moved to                       “It was raining and … you could
   · And she also says many people           imprisoned behind razor wire inside          Britain in 1994. Until 28 February last       see everywhere on the road the blood is
inside the camps are dismayed that the
                                             the country’s grim internment camps,         year, she had not been back. She had just     running with the water and the bodies
    world has done so little to help.
                                             home to nearly 300,000 people. She was       completed a biomedical degree at Green-       were left there because there was no-
                                             released last week, partly as a result of    wich University, but her short-lived mar-     one to identify who was dead and who
                                             pressure from this newspaper, and flew       riage was on the rocks and she decided it     is alive, the bodies were just laid down
                                             back into London on Sunday.                  was time to make a clean break. She left      on the floor and that’s the first time I saw
                                                        The last time she publicly        the house, telling no one where she was       dead bodies and wounded people crying
                                             spoke about the conflict was from the        going.                                        out, shouting.”
                                             hospital where she was working inside                 Arriving in the capital, Co-                    Wherever they stopped, they
                                             the ever-shrinking war zone in Sri Lan-      lombo, she headed for Vanni, the Tamil        built a bunker, digging down until they
                                             ka’s north-east. Then, the national army     heartland, to stay with a relative she        could stand up in the hole, cutting down
                                             had surrounded                                                                             palm branches and laying them across
                                             the small sliver                                                                           the top for a roof and packing sandbags
                                             of land where the                                                                          on the top and around the sides.
                                             remnants of the                                                                                       As the frontline advanced, trap-
                                             Tamil Tiger guer-                                                                          ping as many as 300,000 people inside
                                             rillas held out and                                                                        a shrinking enclave of LTTE-held land,
                                             where hundreds of                                                                          Gnanakumar went to the makeshift gov-
The young mother was standing by the
                                             thousands of civil-                                                                        ernment hospital, which had moved into
side of the road, clutching her baby. The
                                             ians had taken ref-                                                                        a former primary school, and volunteered
baby was dead.
                                             uge. She had been                                                                          to help, dressing wounds and administer-
          Damilvany          Gnanakumar
                                             in despair: a shell                                                                        ing first aid.
watched as she tried to make a decision.
                                             had just struck                                                                                       Her laboratory training had not
Around them, thousands of people were
                                             the hospital and                                                                           prepared her for anything like this, but
picking their way between bodies strewn
                                             dozens were dead.                                                                          she learned as she went along. As the
across the road, desperate to escape the
                                             “At the moment,                                                                            fighting intensified, they were treating
fighting all around them.
                                             it is like hell,” she                                                                      as many as 500 people every day in two
          “The mother couldn’t bring the
                                             said then.                                                                                 rooms. “They had a shortage of medi-
dead body and she doesn’t want to leave
                                                        Gnanakumar was one of a small     calls her brother (her real brother is back   cine but they had to somehow save the
it as well. She was standing … holding
                                             group of medics treating the wounded         in the UK, along with her two sisters).       people. The last two weeks or so there
the baby. She didn’t know what to do
                                             and providing a running commentary to        There seemed little sign of danger, but       was a shortage of everything.”
…         At the end, because of the shell
                                             the outside world from behind the lines.     by June 2008 fighting was getting worse:      With replacement blood running out,
bombing and people rushing – there
                                             For months she had managed to stay           the Tamil Tigers, or Liberation Tigers of     she had to filter what she could from the
were thousands and thousands of people,
                                             alive while around her thousands died.       Tamil Eelam (LTTE), still thought they        patients through a cloth before feeding
they were rushing in and pushing every-
                                             At night, she lived in bunkers dug in the    would be able to negotiate a ceasefire, as    it back into their veins. When the anaes-
one – she just had to leave the baby at
                                             sand. During the day, she helped in the      they had done in the past, but the gov-       thetics ran short, they diluted them with
the side of the road, she had to leave the
                                             makeshift hospitals, dodging the shells      ernment had other ideas. They were de-        distilled water. “I watched when there
body there and come, she had no choice.
                                             and the bullets, tending the wounded and     termined to destroy the LTTE once and         was a six-year-old boy,” she said. “They
And I was thinking in my mind ‘What
                                             the dying, as the doctors tried to operate   for all. Gnanakumar decided to stay on        had to take off the leg and also the arm,
have the people done wrong? Why are
                                             with butchers’ knives and watered-down       to try to help those who were trapped by      but they didn’t have proper equipment,
they going through this, why is the inter-
                                             anaesthetic.                                 the advance.                                  they just had a knife that the butchers use
national government not speaking up for
                                                        Now her damning account pro-                Even before the arrival of the      to cut the meat, and we have to use that
them? I’m still asking.”
                                             vides a powerful rebuke to the claims of     government’s ground forces, there had
          Four months later and Gnana-
                                             the Sri Lankan president, Mahinda Raja-      been regular air raids by air force Kfir                           Contd On Page 39...

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THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                       FEATURE                                                                SEPTEMBER, 2009

                                                   - TAMILNADU POLITICS -
Today the way in which the bi elections         ties. AIADMK’s executive committee,           ties are against electronic voting ma-         Srivaikundam were won by the DMK
are held in Tamilnadu is a very big chal-       which met at Conoor near Ooty , decid-        chines (EVM), the Election Commission          – Congress alliance. DMK won Bargur,
lenge to Indian democracy. Ruling par-                                                        has decided to buy new machines for the        Cumbum, and Illayangudi. Congress
ties take power in their hand and not                                                         five Tamil Nadu by-elections . Now that        won Thondamuthur, and Srivaikundam.
responding to the election commission’s                                                       ADMK is not contesting the bi election         Vijayakant the leader of DMDK claimed
code of conduct and regulations for elec-                                                     Vijakant’s party may get a good portion        that there is a large increase in the num-
tions. Government employees who are                                                           of ADMK votes as the actor is projecting       ber of votes polled in Bargur and Srivai-
the preceding officers in election booths                                                     himself as Black MGR. This has caused
and as well as opposite parties booth                                                         fear in DMK and Congress. But it did                        Maitreyi
agents are threatened by ruling party                                                         not have much impact on DMDK.
members and made them to co-operate                                                                                                          kundam for his party although they lost
with the fraudulent activities done by                                                                                                       the elections in all five constituencies.
them.                                                                                                                                                  The Sri Lankan Tamils Protec-
          Giving money, gifts to the peo-                                                                                                    tion Movement adopted a declaration
ple for getting their votes is really a shame                                                                                                that Tamil Eelam was the only solution
thing in a large democratic country like                                                                                                     “to save the Tamils from the onslaught
India. Earlier DMK’s organising secre-                                                                                                       of Sri Lankan government.” At a meet-
tary for southern Tamil Nadu districts and
                                                    Thiruvalluvar statue                                                                     ing organized by the movement, speak-
union Minister for Chemicals and Fertil-                                                                                                     ers said it was not possible for the island
isers M.K. Alagiri had announced a prize        ed to boycott the byelections to Ilayan-                                                     Tamils to live peacefully along with Sin-
of 25 sovereign gold chains for district        gudi (Sivaganga district), Thondamuthur                                                      halese in Sri Lanka. They criticized Chief
secretaries who get the party candidates        (Coimbatore), Cumbum (Theni), Bargur                                                         Minister M. Karunanidhi for remaining a
                                                (Krishnagiri) and Srivaikundam (Tutico-                                                      mute spectator to “annihilation of Tamils
                                                rin) assembly constituencies.                                                                on the island.” MDMK general secre-
                                                           It is a “BUY” elections and                                                       tary Vaiko, PMK founder S. Ramadoss
                                                not Bi Elections so says the political                                                       and Pazha Nedumaran, convenor of the
                                                analysts. Last time at the elections buy-                                                    movement, spoke. Many people who at-
                                                ing of voters was free and the election
                                                                                                               Stalin                        tended the meeting pinned a photograph
                                                commission was helpless. With general                                                        of Prabakaran on their shirts. Some of
                                                secretary J Jayalalithaa taking a break in    SV Sekhar the comedian and actor and           them were carrying LTTE flags. There
                                                Ooty, the AIADMK decided to boycott           MLA from Mylapore, a predominantly             was threat to the meeting by the chief
                                                the bypolls stating there was no hope of      Brahmin electorate, has fallen out with        secretary of the Tamil Nadu Govern-
                                                free, fair and impartial elections with the   ADMK and thrown out from the party             ment.
       Dr. Kalaignar Karunanithy
                                                DMK and UPA at the helm.                      by Jeyalalitha. The main reason is he                    When in power politicians
the highest votes. Alagiri said the chain                  Jayalalithaa has been maintain-    was seen at DMK meetings and with              give first priority to increase their sala-
will be presented from his own funds.           ing a low profile after the parliamentary     Stalin, Deputy DMK leader dressed in           ries. The salaries of Tamil Nadu MLA’s
          A similar award was an-               polls where her alliance did not perform      Black and Red. The other candidate,            increased by 50,000. Retired MLAS’s
nounced by Congress leader Thanka-              well. It won 12 seats (nine AIADMK,           Anita Radhakrishnan from Tutcorin too          salary increased from 8000 to 10,000.
balu for his party district secretaries.        one each by CPI, CPM and MDMK).               has fallen out with Jeyalalitha and evict-     Deceased MLAS families will get 5000
The DMK party cadres are targeting              The party had formed a new alliance           ed from the party. It is true that the poli-   more. This will agitate the trade unions
the votes of AIADMK sympathizers                with PMK, MDMK, CPI and CPM for               ticians do not have permanent policy or        to ask for salary increase.
and cadres even though the AIADMK               the parliamentary elections. Desiya           place in any party.                                      Stalin, the son of M Karu-
has asked its men not to cast their votes.      Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK)                        Tamil Nadu Chief Electoral Of-       nanithy the chief minister and the Dep-
          The ruling party wants to in-                                                       ficer, Naresh Gupta said: “The new ma-         uty Leader is to be awarded honorary
crease the percentage of votes polled to                                                      chines will have advanced features like        Doctorate degree by the governor of
show that people in large numbers are not                                                     reading time wise polling and the num-         Tamil Nadu. It has become a tradition to
in favour of the AIADMK’s poll boycott                                                        ber of votes polled at a particular time.”     give doctorate for the leading politicians
call and its cadres are approaching every                                                     He said the new machines were needed           in Tamil nadu even if it does not matter
household in all the five constituencies                                                      as the existing machines were nearly 15        whether they hold a University degree.
to ensure that people would vote. As in                                                       years old.                                     M Karunanithy and Jeyalalitha too were
the Lok Sabha elections, ruling DMK-                                                                    According to Gupta, two gov-         awarded doctorate degree. The same
Congress combine leaders are betting                                                          ernment companies Bharat Electron-             step may be followed in Sri Lanka soon
on the free colour television, one rupee                                                      ics Ltd and Electronics Corp of India          by awarding doctorate for the President
a kg rice and other such schemes to fetch                                                     Ltd will manufacture the EVMs. He              Rajapakse and Defence Secretary Gota-
them votes.                                                                                   said polling will be recorded live in all      baya, both do not hold a University de-
          Bi Elections of Five Legislative                  Jeyalalitha                       booths. He urged all political parties to      gree.
assembly constituencies in Tamil Nadu                                                         participate in the elections.                            The relationship between Tamil
took place on August 18th. The results          of which Vijayakant is the leader did not               By-elections that took place in      Nadu and Karnataka states were strained
were announced on the 21st August. It           form any alliance                             all five constituencies of Bargur, Thon-       because of Kaveri water issue. It was at
will feel the pulse of the political par-               Despite major opposition par-         damuthur, Cumbum, Illayangudi and
                                                                                                                                                                  Contd On Page 42...

THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                   EDITORIAL                                                                            SEPTEMBER, 2009

         Nationality is defined as a body of people having the same
traditions, language or ethnic origin, and potentially or actually con-
stituting a nation. The state, quality or fact of being related to a par-
ticular nation as by birth or citizenship is also considered to be a
national of a country. Canada, being a country consisting of peoples
belonging to several nationalities are Canadians first, but are ex-
pected to declare their country of birth for the purpose of obtaining
their travel documents. Except for the fact that by accident the Eelam
Tamils were born in the country called by several names, but now
called Sri Lanka, have no common culture, or tradition or any ties
that deeply binds them to be called the citizens of the same state.
         The island has had a history of diversity leading to conflicts
with each other until they came under the rein of the western pow-
ers. The Singhalese and the Tamils have lived in identified parts of
the country and spoken different languages and worshipped different
deities. Unlike the later arrivals to the country like the Moors, the
Malays and the ethnically mixed population of Burghers, who have
lived with the Singhalese and Tamils, but maintained mostly a non-
national status.
         It is this historical perspective of the Tamils one of two sepa-   Sri Lankan Forces Summarily Executed Tamils - Channel 4 News Video
rate nations who have little in common with each other except being               (UK). Sri Lankan Forces To Train Pakistani Army - BBC News
put together to be called a nation of Sri Lanka with no rights or power
that had been the cause of sixty years of unrest and ultimately armed
conflict. The armed conflict carried out by the youth, who were de-
prived of avenue of living as equal citizens was suppressed with the               SRI LANKA: ACCESS DENIED
active support and covert participation of the world’s super powers
                                                                            Editorial - The Guardian
including India, which the Tamils considered their motherland.
                                                                                      The Sri Lankan government is hugely dependent on outside aid in its efforts to deal with the
         The successive governments since independence have ig-
                                                                            human consequences of the war which the island had to endure for more than a quarter of a century.
nored the demands for self-determination of the Tamils and made
                                                                            High military spending, collapsed tourism revenues, disrupted agriculture, reduced trade, and, to
them second-class citizens, subservient to the Singhalese rule. The
                                                                            make matters worse, natural disaster in the shape of the tsunami have all undermined the economy.
recent defeat faced by the LTTE may not be considered the final
                                                                                      The government simply does not have the resources to undertake, without international
phase to win their birthright of self-determination. One’s birthright
                                                                            help, the work of repairing infrastructure, restoring economic life, feeding and temporarily hous-
cannot be taken away from the outcome of one war. It is a continuing
                                                                            ing large numbers of displaced people, and then returning them to their old homes in conditions
struggle and the world has on record several examples of nations that
                                                                            approaching normality. Long before the war reached its end earlier this year, United Nations agen-
have won their right even after many thousand years.
                                                                            cies, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and scores of voluntary organisations were all
A case in point of the plantation laborers, who were deprived of their
                                                                                                                                         present in Sri Lanka ready and anxious
citizenship of Ceylon even though most of them were born in the
                                                                                                                                         to mitigate the impact of the fighting on
country were later reversed years after the enactment of the Citizen-                          Editor: A.G. Ratnarajah                   ordinary people. They were kept at arm’s
ship Act. Labeling the fight for freedom as terrorism, the government
of Sri Lanka had lied to the entire world to finance the suppression of
                                                                                     Editorial Page Editor: Fred Balasingham             length by the Sri Lankan authorities, who
                                                                                                                                         brooked no interference with, or over-
the Tamils, who at the time of the conquest of Ceylon had their own                           News editor: A. Jesuthasan
                                                                                                                                         sight of, their military campaign. There
kingdom as the Singhalese.                                                                Business Editor: Neel Surendran                was reason to hope that, with victory, this
         The hand of India our giant neighbor in directing the just
                                                                              Contributors: Pon Kulendiren, Fred Balasingham, Dr. S. B. attitude would change. Unhappily, it has
finished war is well known. History records that in the past too there
                                                                                                                                         not. Colombo is still severely restricting
were several armed invasions by India to settle dynastic problems in           Sri-Skanda-Rajah, Nila, Satheesan Kumaaran, Pudhuvai Ra-
                                                                                                                                         access to the north, particularly to the
Ceylon and at times overstaying their invitation to annex Ceylon to          man, Salini Thevan, Naveen Deva, Chandi Sinnathurai, Manuel area of the final battles, and to the camps
their kingdom. The forced rule envisaged by the present government
                                                                                                   Jesudasan, S.Sridas                   where an estimated 280,000 people
restricting the Tamils who do not accept the sovereignty of an alien
                                                                                       Circulation Manager: T. Nishanthan                displaced by the fighting are detained.
nation over them will not last long. Nation building does not depend
                                                                                                                                                        The United Nations sec-
on conquest. The citizens of a country must have a common identity.                          Photos: Gana, Charles Deva                  retary general, Ban Ki-moon, came to
The Tamils, whose language has withstood centuries of foreign rule                                  Cartoon: Thalo                       Colombo a week after the war ended
and is spoken by several million people all over the world and in In-
                                                                                Graphic Consultant: DilipKumar - Royal Graphic &         to ask for “unhindered access” to those
dia, cannot be forgotten for Singhalese that Mahinda and his minions
                                                                                                                                         camps. UN agencies have instead found
want to thrust on them.                                                                                  Design                          themselves hampered in their attempts
         Singapore that became independent almost at the same time               Web Master: Suresh Kumar – J11 IT Solutions Inc         to bring in the materials to make life in
as Ceylon, had the foresight to have three official languages which
included Tamil. Even though there was not as many Tamils there as
                                                                                         Executive Director: Dharma Logan                the camps bearable, particularly vital as
                                                                                                                                         the monsoon breaks. Voluntary agen-
in Ceylon, the goodwill and the desire to have a well -knit nation
                                                                                                                                         cies have similarly found themselves
prompted the founders of independent Singapore to show their nation                        E-mail: editor@thetamilmirror.com             blocked by regulations which seem to
building talents. Depriving Tamils from being a part of the govern-
ment and making amendments to the constitution to suppress every
                                                                                          Website: www.thetamilmirror.com                change weekly, if not daily, while some
                                                                                                                                         ICRC offices have been closed down
minority community from being part of the nation, Sri Lanka’s politi-
cians have brought the beautiful Island to disrepute.                                            Mailing address:                                                          Contd On Page 43...
         The killing fields of the North and East of the country stand
                                                                              880 Ellesmere Rd., Unit 204, Scarborough, Ont.M1P 2W6
as a lasting memorial to the inhumanity of the several governments
of the last sixty years. Having too many Ministers with the title of                             Tel: 416-697-0126
                                                                                                                                                               ‘ What would life be
Minister of Nation Building is not sufficient. They should be allowed         The views expressed are those of the contributors and do not necessarily
to do their work without being given strict orders to remain under
                                                                             reflect the opinion of The Tamil Mirror. Advertisers are responsible for their   if we had no courage
the evil “Mahinda Chinthanai”, which is and will be the bane of a
country, where everything pleases, but man is vile.                          respective advertisements. The Tamil Mirror will not bear any responsibility.    to attempt anything?’
                                                                                                                                                                  - Vincent Van Gogh-

THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                  FEATURE                                                                 SEPTEMBER, 2009

                                                    A Trip to Tamil Nadu – (21)
         After completing our visit to Thanjavur our         tarnishes the name of the place where they live.            varman, who lived in the 5th century CE) is a well
next place in the agenda was to visit Chithambaram,                    The earliest history of Kumbakonam could be       known renovator of this temple. It is one of the few ex-
located 90 km from Thanjavur. The route to this temple       traced to the town of Pazhaiyaarai, 8 kilometres from       amples of Dravidian architectural and sculptural styles
city passes through Kumbakonam, 50 Km from Thanja-           Kumbakonam which was the capital of the Chola Em-           built up over the centuries including that were built by
vur.                                                         pire in the 9th century AD. Records from around the         the Cholas.
         Kumbakonam is famous for temples and betle          same time mention the nearby township of Kudanthai                    Several explanations are given to the name of
leaf. The leaf is very popular in India, mainly south In-    which grew into the present-day Kumbakonam. Kalki’s         the city. The word Chidambaram may be derived from
dia and used in temples for rituals and considered holy.                                                                 chit, meaning “consciousness”, and ambaram, meaning

                                                                                                                         “sky” (from aakasam or aakayam); it refers to the Chi-
                                                                                                                         daakasam, the sky of consciousness, which is the ulti-
                                                                                                                         mate aim one should attain according to all the Vedas
                                                                                                                         and scriptures. Another theory is that it is derived from
                                                                                                                         Chit + Ambalam. Ambalam means a “stage” for per-

 Chidamparam Temple Complex
Kumbakonam is called as temple town because of the
large number of temples within the town and the nearby
areas. It is a very peaceful city and the festival of Ma-    Ponniyin Selvan; a semi-historical novel bring out the
hamaham celebrated every 12 years at the Mahamaham           10th century A.D., gives a detailed description of Ku-
tank in Kumbakonam. Intricately carved Panchaloha            danthai and elevates it to the status of a regional head-
(an alloy of five metals) idols, exquisite brass wares es-   quarters of the Chola governors. The town is also home
pecially lamps, silk and betel leaves.                       to many goldsmiths and ornament makers. And the city
          We had the opportunity to visit a place where      is world famous for sculpture because of the workshop
idols are made. It is a delicate job in carving out the      in Swamimalai. After about two hours of stay in Kum-
figures. Surrounding Kumbakonam are the popular              bakonam we proceeded to Chithambaram.                                          Temple corridor
Navagraha temples. This temple city reminded me of                     The route passed through Sirkazhi town. The
the stampede during 1992 that occurred in Mahama-            famous carnatic singer Kovindarjan was born here. forming arts. The Chidakasam is the state of supreme
ham festival during the time of former Tamil Nadu            Chithambaram was not too far from this town. It started bliss or Aananda and Lord Natarajar is the symbolic
Chief minister Jeyalalitha. There was again a tragedy        raining as we reached the town at 4.00 pm. We booked representation of the supreme bliss or Aananda Natan-
of the death of about 90 school children, when a school      in a hotel in heart of the town.                               am. Saivaites believe that a visit to Chidambaram leads
caught fire. Kumbakonam is also colloquially known as                  Popular Lord Siva’s temple in the heart of
                                                                                                                                                          CONTD. ON PAGE 43...
Kudanthai.                                                   Chidambaram town is a famous tem-
          When one says that “I hail from Kumba-                                           
                                                             ple among Tamil Nadu Saivites and 
                                                             has interesting legendary stories. The              
                                                             city is located 78 km south
                                                                                            of Pondi-                                          
                                                                                                                  
                                                             cherry and 60 km north of Karaikal.
                                                             The Sangam classics respected clan                                           
                                                             of traditional Vishwakarmas, as be-          
                                                                                                             
                                                             ing the chief architect of the temple
                                                                                                             
                                                             renovation. There have been several
                                                                                                             
                                                             renovations in its history, particularly 
                                                                                                                                                       
                                                             during the days of Pallava/Chola em-             
                                                             perors in ancient and pre-medieval               
                                                                                                        
                                                             periods.                                       
                                                                       In Hindu literature, Chidam-
                                                                                                             
                                                             baram is one of the five holiest Shiva
                                                                                                             
                                                             temples, each representing one of the            
                                                             five natural energies. Chidambaram          
                                                                                                             
                                                             represents space. The other four tem-
                                                                                                             
                                                             ples in this category are: Thiruvanai-
                                                                                                             
                                                             kaval Jambukeswara(water), Kanchi
                                                                                                             
                                                             Ekambareswara ( earth), Thiruvan-           
                                                             namalai Arunachaleswara (fire) and 
                                                                                                        
                                                             Kalahasti Nathar (wind),all five be-
              Natarajar Statue                               ing the five sources os energy.
                                                                                                              
                                                                                                             
konam”, invariably the predictable reaction from those                 The Chidambaram Temple,
                                                                                                             
people was a smug and mischievous smile on their face.       dedicated to Lord Shiva in his form              
                                                                                                             
It was only belatedly I realized that this could have had    of the Cosmic Dancer, Natarja, is a             
been prompted by the notoriety the place had achieved                                      
                                                             temple complex spread over 40 acres             
at one time, when it was associated with qualities of                                      
                                                             in the heart of the city. It is an ancient      
cunningness or even worse, crookedness. More than the                                      
                                                             and historic temple dedicated to Lord           
place, it was the people who belonged there, who were                                      
                                                             Shiva and Lord Govindaraja Peru- 
supposedly over smart or capable of pulling a fast one       mal, one of the few temples where 
on others. I was even told that this allegorical reference   both the Shaivite and Vaishnavite 
had also gained an entry in the dictionary of English        deities are enshrined in one place.         
                                                                                                                                     
                                                                                                                                                                             
language, only to be deleted subsequently under vocif-                 The Pallava king Simha- 
erous protests. The behaviour of the people of a town        varman (also known as Hiranya- 

THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                      FEATURE                                                                  SEPTEMBER, 2009

   AS IT HAPPENS; -                                                Raging Health-Care reform outside – smoldering
 (COMMUNITY COMMENTRY- 24)                                                        identity within.
                                     “If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably does not lead anywhere.”
                                                                   ---- Frank A. Clark ---
The typical summer evening is still in its infancy. The         gives prosperity denies equal healthcare to everyone on      reason to be united than the forces that divide them.
round worn out, but still ticking wall clock behind the         the flipside. Obama is trying to make peace on equal                   He led his viewers; listeners and the general
parking attendant’s counter, points to the time as 8.00.        healthcare to everyone’s piece, where eagles failed to       public that equality is the rock that will make US strong
The late August sunlight still drenches the faithful and        land in the past including his compatriot Clinton’s at-      and free to sail ahead into the next century. He is the
gives reason to extend their day time activities.               tempts.                                                      best that happened to the free world through the revolu-
           The parking lot is unusually busy on this Sat-                 Canada’s universal single-payer healthcare         tion ignited by the civil rights movement decades ago.
urday evening. Could that be an indication that people          system covers about 70% of expenditures, and the Can-                  He might have been labeled as ‘elite’ with his
are increasingly taking time to visit their family and          ada Health Act requires that all insured persons be fully
friends who are going through an unfortunate period             insured, without co-payments or user fees, for all medi-
in their lives, where they are forced to lay still till their   cally necessary hospitalizations and physician care.
bodies could heal?                                              About 91% of hospital expenditures and 99% of total
           Passing through the automated emergency              physician services are financed by the public sector.
room entrance, which lies straight across the hospital                    The U.S. spends much more on healthcare
parking lot, tells a compelling but convincing story for        than Canada, both on a per-capita basis and as a per-
the unusual increase of traffic. Every available seat in        centage of GDP. In 2006, 70% of healthcare spending
the emergency room is filled with patients and their im-        in Canada was financed by government, versus 46%
                                                                in the United States. Total government spending per
                                                                capita in the U.S. on healthcare was 23% higher than
                                                                Canadian government spending, and U.S. government
                                                                expenditure on healthcare was just under 83% of total
                                                                Canadian spending.
                                                                          The disparities of an expensive US Healthcare      Harvard background and privileged in-roads, but he
                                                                which largely netted huge profits for the private sector,    never forgot his roots. The raging healthcare reform
                                                                is not a brain drainer to anyone, leave alone the Obama      reflect his legacy despite the all powerful medical in-
                                                                administration. But what became the undercurrent of          dustry and Insurance companies who waters dissent
                                                                the inner battle was the fact that many Americans of Af-     and uprising to keep the divide permanent between the
                                                                rican descent in which Obama partially traces his own,       ‘Haves’ and the ‘Have Not’s’.
                                                                are the victims long at the receiving end of an inferior               Tamil Diaspora is at its crossroads too doing
               Emergency Room                                   healthcare.                                                  painful soul searching in the current times. Perched on
                                                                          In the US, health disparities are well docu-       higher conglomerate of materialism and guaranteed
mediate care-givers. Children and adults showing the            mented in minority populations. When compared to
signs of pain and weariness stumped to their seats lay-         whites, these minority groups have higher incidence                              By : Nila
ing their heads on others, some burying between their           of chronic diseases, higher mortality, and poorer health
legs. Some circle the emergency cubicles in the hope            outcomes. Among the disease-specific examples of ra-         freedoms, are we falling asleep without a single thought
they would hear their names called sooner.                      cial and ethnic disparities in the United States is the      of those thousands of our own undergoing horrendous
          Each time an ambulance pulls in; those brought        cancer incidence rate among African Americans, which         de-humanization in the concentration camps?
on stretchers are getting the attention, depending on the       is 10% higher than among whites.                                       President Obama’s hardened resolve to uplift
urgency. Yet the staff is patiently going through the re-                 In addition, adult African Americans and Lati-     his people despite the onslaught of the powerful should
cords, reading and identifying the signs and pains before       nos have approximately twice the risk as whites of de-       put the right rhythm and reverberate into all of our shell
lining them before the physicians on duty. Welcome to           veloping diabetes. Minorities also have higher rates of      shocked shelters.
the world of much talked about emergency rooms; the             cardiovascular disease, HIV/AIDS and infant mortality
feted or faded views arrived at depending on whom you           than whites. All these were capped by the fact the pri-         “Make your life a mission – not an intermission.”
are talking to.                                                 vate Insurance companies quite often refuse or approve                  ------- Arnold Glasgow -------
          These days, Canada’s much talked about                reduced benefits depending on socio-economic ladder
Healthcare System is under intense scrutiny. Not by the         driven neighborhoods, adding ammunition to the al-
ever complaining Canadians who switch between the               ready saddled debate of color and care.
                                                                                                                                               To AdverTise in
weather and the fever, or the others around the world                     Being the son of a Kenyan cattle herder who
who envy the care that makes Canada one of the best to          came to US to study and a white Alabama free soul                            TAmil mirror
live. The revolution Obama has started across the bor-          from the flower-power era of the 60’s, Obama’s roots
der with his Presidential victory is slowly taking wings        and conviction played a huge role in the way he fought
on his promises.                                                his way through the grassroots all the way to the high-                        416-697-0126
          The only country in the Western hemisphere            est position in the United States . His fervent beliefs of
with almost 1/3 rd of its population lacking compre-            equality and justice shaped the thinking of the Demo-
hensive healthcare, United States certainly is a world          cratic conventions. He never hesitated to point out at
of contrasts; the same capitalist phenomenon which              each and every occasion that Americans have greater

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                                                                                                                                       (Barrister & solicitor)
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   Dir: 416-754-9843                                                                                                                                   SCARBOOUGH, ON.
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     - Real Estate             - Business Law            - Immigration Law                    - Family Law                   - Last Wills                - Power of Attorney              - Affidda
THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                        COMMUNITY                                                                   SEPTEMBER, 2009

                                            who is a pioneer for human rights in the                   an important need for drawing interna-      or volunteers to raise awareness of the
                                            Tamil community for over twenty years.                     tional attention to victim’s stories. The   centre and the good work that has been
                                            Proceedings began with the Canadian                        centre has developed the format of docu-    started. In short the centre requests ev-
                                            National Anthem followed by two min-                       mentation to meet
                                            utes silence to remember those who lost                     international standards.                                 by BASI
                                            their lives in their fight for their birth
                                            right.                                                                                                 eryone who has information relating to
                                                      The guests were given a brief                                                                war victims to come to the centre so that
                                            outline of the mode of documentation                                                                   action may be started.
                           The opening      carried out at the centre by two volun-                                                                          The centre is in need of financ-
                         of a permanent     teers. This was followed by a speech of                                                                es for such a Herculean task. This task
                         centre for the     welcome by Mr. Anton Philip, who gave                                                                  is not over until the case of every per-
                         documenta-         a brief description of the many places the                                                             son who were killed, injured or whose
                         tion of details    centre was functioning during the last                                                                 rights have been violated are researched
                         of war victims     few months for the lack of a permanent                                                                 and remedial action taken. They expect
                         and incidents      office. He and his band of volunteers                      Ragavan, Bala and Kesavan some of the       a good response from our community
                         relating to vi-    were very happy that they have a perma-                    volunteers described the documentation      and other well wishers to dig deep into
                         olations of hu-    nent home.                                                 process they have developed were in ac-     their pockets. The Tamil Mirror hopes
                         man rights of                                                                 cordance with internationally a cepted      this new venture will go a long way to
                         Tamils in the                                                                 standards and have been extended to         avenge the hardships meted to the Tam-
                         just concluded                                                                ten other countries. The confidentiality    ils for the last six decades.
Eelam War IV, took place on Saturday,                                                                  of the information gathered is stored se-
September 12, 2009. The office is situ-                                                                curely. The centre is need of volunteers,
ated at 705, Progress Avenue, Unit 106                                                                 who are in the High schools
and is run by a band of young women                                                                    or the University, who can
and men brimming with vigour and en-                                                                   commit some time for the
thusiasm.                                                                                              cause and in so doing ben-
         Among the invitees at the for-               The centre will focus on many                    efit by gaining valuable re-
mal opening were Ms. Barbara Jack-          thingsincluding documentation, re-                         search skills.
man, well known human rights lawyer,        search, education and advocacy with re-                              The guest speak-
Mr. John Argue, human rights activist,      gard to the large number who have lost                     ers congratulated the orga-
who is well informed of the situation in    their lives in the war and those whose                     nizers for taking the plunge
Sri Lanka, having been in that country      rights have been violated.                                 and requested that many
number of times and Mr. Francis Xavier,               Documentation is considered                      more must join as members

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THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                  COMMUNITY                                                                SEPTEMBER, 2009

                                    Madhu Feast at Mary Lake
          Holiest of shrines in Eelam visited by all with-   Altar for the service was the handiwork of Tamil vol-
out discrimination of religion or race lies in the jungles   unteers from the Tamil Catholic Parish of Toronto, who
of Tamil Eelam. Feast of Mary, Mother of the Holy Ro-        have continued to bring and set up the Altar and other
sary is celebrated every year in July and August and         necessary items from Toronto. The services started at
thousands of pilgrims converge to the premises of the        11.30 A.M with the Holy Rosary, followed by Holy
jungle shrine called Madhu year after year, where the        Mass concelebrated by Rev. Fr. Montford, with Rev. Fr.
feast is celebrated with great pomp and ceremony.            Stanislaus Anthony, and Rev. Fr. Peter Gitendran and
                                                                                     Deacon Soundram.
                                                                                            The service was conducted
                                                                                     in a serene and peaceful manner
                                                                                     commemorating the sacrifice of
                                                                                     the crucifixion and death of our
                                                                                     Lord Jesus Christ. The choir add-
                                                                                     ed luster to the service with lyrics
                                                                                     that brought to the minds of the
                                                                                     pilgrims, the scenery of Madhu
                                                                                     even though the service was being
                                                                                     conducted oceans away.
                                                                                            The sermon by Rev. Fr.
                                                                                     Stanislaus Anthony described the
                                                                                     situation of the displaced persons
                                                                                     in Sri Lanka and referred to the
                                                                                     mindset of some of the in the hos-     lowed with the blessing of the congregation with the
         The Tamil Diaspora in Ontario have for the          pital, whom he had visited. There were some who had            statue in a similar manner as done at Madhu. The ser-
last twelve years found a suitable place to remember         never believed in the existence of God, who have now           vice of the morning concluded with the recitation of
Our Lady of Madhu at Mary Lake situated in King City.        accepted the presence of God among them, even though           the final prayers by an ex nun, which made many a pil-
August 15, 2009, saw a large number of Tamils esti-          they were lying in pain sans some organs.
mated at over five thousands at this shrine and joined                 The little help they get of food, clothing and
                                                                                                                                                 By BASI
in praying as a community reminiscent of Madhu and           other necessities mean much to them. They thank the            grim to shed tears as if being drawn towards the Jungle
poured out their sorrows at the feet of Our Lady to free     Diaspora for remembering them and give glory to God            Shrine in Ceylon, which the Tamils long to visit.
the Tamils from the shackles of a government that has        for those gifts. It is appropriate to mention at this point             It was an wonderful experience of prayer and
no regard for human rights.                                  that Fr. Anthony is one some Catholic priests, who have        worship to re-live the Tamil homeland. The Senior
         Pilgrims poured into the premises from early        been with the IDPs during these dark days.                     Tamil Center of Ontario distributed bottles of water,
in the morning for the start of the                                    Procession carrying the statue of Our Lady           which was a great blessing on that day, which was very
         open- air service at 11.30 AM. The temporary        through some of the streets in the premises was fol-           hot and humid.

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THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                 FEATURE      SEPTEMBER, 2009

  Book Review:
                              DEVADAS CHELVAM
In a world where there is hardly any time to think of God or what is in store for us tomor-
row or as a matter of it within an hour or a minute later, writing a book chronicling the
lives of saints and sages is a great achievement. Saints and Sages are human beings. They
live with us, but we do not identify them during their lifetime.
          Devadas Chelvam was born in a very conservative catholic family and raised
to become a priest. In fact he studied at the catholic seminary and was ordained in De-
cember 1960. Having served as a priest in Sri Lanka’s Northern parishes for ten years, he
                                                              arrived in the United States
                                                              to do his Master’s degree in
                                                                   Skeptical of some funda-
                                                              mental principles taught by
                                                              the catholic church and un-
                                                              able to accept that suffering
                                                              in hell was going to be for
                                                              eternity, he started to loose
                                                              faith in religion and gave
                                                              up the routine of praying to
                                                              God. He quit his priesthood
                                                              and for a period of six to
Devadas Chelvam sits in the meditation room of his Free-     seven years turned out to be
mansburg home. His book “Living with Saints and Sages” an agnostic, a materialist’s
examines great religious figures from several religions. theory that God is unknown
                                                             and unknowable. However
he recounts the love he had for his father, who had died several years ago and almost
the feeling of him being beside him saying “I love
you”. His interest in the lives of Saints and Sages
began with his chance to read the “Autobiography
of a Yogi”, by Paramananda Yogananda.
          “All the philosophical questions about
God with which I struggled earlier, lost their rele-
vance. Masters are aware of God as the only Real-
ity or Noumenon behind the phenomena of human
experience. They live in the light of truth, and are
genuinely free. I can walk with them towards the
full freedom of finding the truth or God here on
So says Chelvam, now a married man, who con-
duct workshops that facilitate psychological and
                   By BASI
spiritual awareness.
          The book, written in easy to understand
language with twelve chapters which include the
                                               teachings of Lord Jesus Christ, Lord
                                               Buddha, Lord Krishna, Ammachi, Para-
                                               mahansa Yogananda, St. Francis of As-
                                               sisi and several others. I was very much
                                               impressed with his treatment of those
                                               who feel guilty to face God. He tells
                                               them, “Our essential nature as children
                                               of God is ever pure. We are utterly pre-
                                               cious in the sight of God, who sees our
                                               soul as his eternally perfect image and
                                               loves us unconditionally. Sins are super-
                                               ficial to us, identifying ourselves with
                                               our sinful habits reinforces them, and
                                               gives undue importance to the changing
                                               ego. Instead, we can start confidently af-
                                               firming the presence of God within us,
                                               here and now, again and again, until we
                                               begin to feel the loving presence”.
                                                       To those who doubt in the exis-
                                               tence of God or the life beyond death
                                               and allied subjects, the former priest, has
                                               devoted an entire chapter, in a question
and answer form, which will help to clarify misgivings. It is quite difficult to identify a
saint during their lifetime.
          To those who have interest in learning about moral and spiritual lives, Living
with Saints and Sages will be good guide.

THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                          YOUTH/ ENTERTAINMENT                                                          SEPTEMBER, 2009

                                                                                            JOBS OF STARS BEFORE THEY
          BRITNEYS BREAKUP                                                                        WERE FAMOUS
                                                                   Britney       Spears
                                                     was able to move on after the
                                                      divorce with Kevin Federline,
                                                      and began dating her agent,
                                                      Jason Trawick. The couple
                                                      have been dating for a year
                                                      but recently Britney has been
                                                      pressuring for a deeper com-
                                                     mitment from Jason. In Touch
                                                       initially reported that Jason
                                                            began pulling away, and
                                                               now In Touch reveals
                                                                 that he officially
                                                                   dumped her near
                                                                   the first part of the
                                                                   tour ended.
                                                                   Sadly, it appears
that Jason has moved on as well as he was spotted on August 21st at LA’s Crown
Bar with a sexy brunette. He was even quick to make it clear that he was single at a
party in the Hollywood Hills. “He was telling people he’d broken up with Britney,”
reveals an eyewitness. “He had his eye on this pretty girl, and at one point they
were full-on kissing and making out.”
          A friend of Britney says, “Things had gotten very tense between him
and Britney. Without asking him she was making all kinds of plans for how they
would spend their month long break from the tour. He thought he’d made that                                      Jennifer Aniston- waitress/telemarketer
clear to Britney, all along all she wants is a husband. Jason just couldn’t deal with       Brad Pitt- Limo chauffer/Dressing up as restaurant chicken mascot, El Pollo Loco.
that.” The friend revealed that Britney was “devastated” after the break-up and her            Halle Berry- Miss teen all-American/ Miss teen Ohio/ runner up miss USA
friends are afraid that she may head for another meltdown.                                          Johnny Depp- Played in a band/sold ballpoint pens over the phone
                                                                                                                    Will Ferrell- Intern at NBC sports
                                                                                                       Hugh Grant- wrote scripts for radio ads and comedy sketches
    Mischa Barton has a Sober Coach                                                                     Youth Page By: Naveen Deva
                                   Actress Mischa Barton recently checked into
                                   Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center,
                                   where staff running the program didn’t want her                          Miley’s New Crush
                                   to jeopardise her health and new show. The pro-                               “Against all odds I fell in love.”
                                   ducers from Barton’s new show, The Beautiful                     Miley Cyrus appears to have found a new romance with co-star Liam Hem-
                                   Life, have showed some concern for the 23-year          sworth for the film, The Last Song. Miley has already had two celeb romances which
                                   old star and have hired a “sober coach” who will        include model Justin Gaston, and pop idol Nick Jonas.
                                   accompany her at all times to make sure she is          The new couple were spotted kissing at a Nashville airport on August 19th. Actor,
                                   felling fine and prevent relapse.                       Alex Emanuel spotted the scene and told In Touch, “They hugged, they kissed, they
          A source said: "Mischa is doing great since she returned to work, but after      parted, and then they ran back to each other. They clearly didn’t want to leave each
a chat with show bosses, she agreed she would appreciate some extra support.”              other. They were dragging out the goodbye.
Right after getting out of the hospital and at the start of filming, Barton was seen         When Liam turned to leave, there
partying and this triggered some action from her producers to hire a coach.                were tears in his eyes.”
          Family friend Eric Ziegenbein said: "It's scary to see her out right af-         Now although Miley
ter she's received treatment. When I found out she'd been partying again, I was            hasn’t publicly an-
shocked. I thought she would chill out for a bit. The fact she was out right away          nounced the re-
proves she's not taking things seriously enough. It was like a big '***k you'. She's       lationship
too proud and independent sometimes."

  Brad Pitt Reveals It May Not Last With Angelina
Brad Pitt hinted to Ann Curry on the Today show that his relationship with Angelina
is doomed to fail. He was faced with the question: what is true love? Brad explained,
“Someday it wont always be there so . . . The greater the love, the greater the loss,
I think the saying goes.” It has been reported by In Touch that the couple have been
fighting since the beginning of the year.
         A friend of Brad’s even claims that the interview contained “his true feel-
             ings.” The friend also believes that Brad will stick around for the sake of
                their children. Brad and Angelina have six children – Maddox, 8, Pax, 5,
                  Zahara, 4, Shiloh, 3, and 13-month-old twins Vivienne and Knox.
                             However, Dr. Judy Kuriansky is a clinical psychologist
                      who believes a split is coming. “It’s a very honest statement, and
                             it’s almost like a confession. Brad’s unconsciously re-
                                 vealing that the relationship is headed south, and he’s
                                  preparing for the break-up.”
                                       Even their lifestyles reveal distance between the
                                  couple. They have separate bedrooms, separate offices and separate schedules. Brad also has his own private building where he likes to have
                                  alone time. The friend reveals that “they’re not getting anywhere”, especially since Brad doesn’t like to talk to Angelina about their issues.
                                 Oddly enough Brad made similar comments while in his relationship with Jennifer Aniston saying, “You keep going as long as you keep grow-
                                  ing. When that dies, we do.” Less than a year later the couple filed for divorce. If history repeats itself Angelina may face the same result.

THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                  COMMUNITY                                                                 SEPTEMBER, 2009

                  Members of the Tamil-Canadian Community Meet with
                           Conservative Ministers and MP’s
Office of Paul Calandra News Relese,         food and water. After reviewing the lists       of concern for this community.                which Canada holds dear, and Mr. Tis-
Sep 14, 2009                                 of the internally displaced people living                 This roundtable represented a       sainayagam’s conviction demonstrates
                                             in the camps, Minister Oda stated that          continuation of steps towards re-engag-       a perversion of those democratic prin-
        (Toronto, ON) – Conserva-            she was satisfied, as there was evidence        ing dialogue with Tamil-Canadians and         ciples in Sri Lanka today.
tive Ministers, Minister of Citizenship,     that some of the families were leaving          listening to their individual concerns.                 “The Harper government’s si-
                                             the camps and being resettled. Minister         A possible Tamil Canadian Town-Hall           lence on these matters is simply unac-
                                             Oda requested that this process be car-         meeting will be held regarding these is-      ceptable. We can do better as a world
                                             ried out expeditiously, given the fast ap-      sues in the future, and a Tamil lobby day     leader. I urge the Conservatives to take
                                             proaching monsoon season.                       on the Hill is currently under consider-      action,” he said.
                                                       Minister Kent discussed the           ation.
                                             ‘opening of gates’ for more political in-                                                     CANADA MUST JOIN EU & UN
                                             volvement, but also stressed that the re-       For more information please contact:          HUMAN RIGHTS EFFORTS IN
                                             alities of these challenges are enormous        Paul Calandra, M.P.                                  SRI LANKA
                                             because the Sri Lankan government does          Oak Ridges-Markham                            New Democratic Party News Release, Sat 15
                                             not wish to be criticized. Minister Kent        (905) 833-3030                                Aug 2009
                                             also noted that Canada’s aid to the Red
                                             Cross has increased to $22 million dol-                                                       HALIFAX – Canada must take immedi-
                                             lars.                                            HARPER GOVERNMENT’S                          ate diplomatic action to ensure Sri Lanka
                                                       Compared to 2008, the federal           SILENCE ON SRI LANKA                        allows an independent investigation into
                                             government has accepted and accelerat-               UNACCEPTABLE                             human rights abuses committed during
                                             ed more family reunification applications        Liberal Party of Canada News Release,        the conflict, declared New Democrats at
                                             for Tamils in Sri Lanka. This is because        Sept.4, 2009
                                             the Ministry has placed more officials in
                                             Colombo to process these applications.                   OTTAWA - The Harper govern-
                                             “We are processing 25% more this year           ment is once again ignoring its interna-
                                             than last year in terms of issuing visas,”      tional obligations by failing to engage
                                             said Minister Kenney. “There are logisti-       the United Nations and our allies on
                                             cal problems for people travelling from         ways to help the people of Sri Lanka,
                                             the North to the embassy and the Minis-
                                             try is aware of this, and it is the hope that

                                                                                                                                                      Jack Layton (NDP)

                                                                                                                                           their party convention.
                                                                                                                                                     “The EU and the UN have been
                                                                                                         Bob Rae (Liberal)                 active in addressing the severe situation
                                                                                                                                           in Sri Lanka while Canada has stood
                                                                                             Liberal Foreign Affairs Critic Bob Rae        on the sidelines,” said New Democrat
                                                                                             said today.                                   Leader Jack Layton. “Canadians know
                                                                                                       “There are still hundreds of        that we have a large role to play in pro-
Immigration and Multiculturalism, the        soon the officials will be able to conduct      thousands in camps, which have been           tecting human rights and working for
Hon. Jason Kenney, Minister of Inter-        interviews in the North.”                       made even more unliveable after heavy         peace in crisis situations like the one in
national Cooperation, the Hon. Bev                     The Government of Cana-               rain,” said Mr. Rae.                          Sri Lanka. It’s time the Prime Minister
Oda, Minister of Foreign Affairs for the     da acknowledges that the events which                     “Our foreign policy has to be       started living up to those expectations.”
Americas, the Hon. Peter Kent and Oak        have unfolded this past year were ex-           based on a principled engagement with                   At their policy convention to-
Ridges-Markham Member of Parlia-             tremely tragic. However, the Canadian           our partners and friends in attempting to     day, New Democrats passed a resolution
ment, Paul Calandra, met with members        government has admitted that dealing            deal with a government like Sri Lanka,        demanding the Canadian government
of the Tamil-Canadian community at a         with the often stubborn, Colombo gov-           which is ignoring humanitarian law and        press Sri Lanka to provide unhindered
roundtable this past Friday.                 ernment, has not been an easy task.             the rights of its citizens. The Harper gov-   access to international monitors and in-
          This roundtable was held to fa-              “Our Conservative government          ernment has dropped the ball in this re-      dependent media, expedite humanitarian
cilitate an open dialogue between Tamil-     is focusing on delivering real results; all     gard.”                                        assistance, and facilitate the return of
Canadians and their federal representa-      the Liberals can do is issue “feel good”                  Mr. Rae said the recent convic-     displaced Tamils. The party also urged
tives, regarding the recent situation in     statements,” said Kenney. “We are com-          tion of Sri Lankan journalist J.S. Tis-       the government to offer urgently-needed
Sri Lanka, and its aftermath.                mitted to speeding up family reunifica-         sainayagam is particularly disturbing as      humanitarian aid, accelerate the reunifi-
          During the meeting, Minister       tion for Tamils with family in Canada,          he has received the maximum penalty of        cation of Tamil families in Canada, and
Oda discussed her recent summer visit        have delivered aid to help the Tamil peo-       twenty years in prison under the Preven-      better support children orphaned by the
to Sri Lanka to meet with Sri Lankan         ple and have spoken up to ensure the re-        tion of Terrorism Act simply for being a      conflict.
Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Min-     spect of freedoms and human rights in           journalist with an editorial view.                      Layton and his team have con-
ister of Finance, and to visit internally    Sri Lanka”.                                               “The arrest of well known jour-     sistently urged the Harper government
displaced persons (IDP) camps. Minister                MP Calandra has been work-            nalists, the threats against members of       to work harder to prevent human rights
Oda observed that the living conditions      ing tirelessly with the Tamil-Canadian          the NGO community, the repression of          abuse and end the humanitarian crisis in
in the camps were poor, and that there       community and should be commended               dissent - these are all signs of a govern-    Sri Lanka.
was a general lack of sensitivity towards    for his leadership in engaging mem-             ment sinking into authoritarianism,” Mr.                “Canada can and must do
the people living in them. However, she      bers of this group during such difficult        Rae said.                                     more,” said Layton. “We can be a strong
also observed a genuine effort from man-     times. MP Calandra is positive that this                  “Freedom of expression and          voice for peace on the global stage. Chil-
agement within the camps, as well as the     dialogue will continue, and will be the         freedom of the press are crucial tenets of    dren in Sri Lanka need us to take up that
distribution of basic necessities, such as   government of Canada’s lead on issues           democracy around the world, principles        responsibility today.”

THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                            COMMUNITY                                                             SEPTEMBER, 2009

              TESOC’s JSW 10th Anniversary and Fundraising Dinner.

         The Tamil Eelam Society of Canada(TESOC) organized a fund raising din-        various programs.
ner and Job Search Program’s (JSW) 10th anniversary at the TESOC Community                      The program started with National anthem and Tamil Thai Vazththu. Presi-
Hall on August 22, 2009. The main purpose of organizing this fund raising dinner       dent of the Society V.S.Thurairajah, Executive Director S.A.Suresh, S.Kugathasan
was to expand job assistance services to new comers.                                   & Ms Yoga Arulsubramaniam , Job Facilitators gave speeches on various topics.
          The Tamil Eelam Society of Canada is conducting Job Search Workshop          Genit Jeyakanthan, Job Developer did a multimedia presentation with pre-recorded
program for the last ten years with the funding assistance of Citizenship & Immigra-   testimonials.
tion of Canada (CIC). Intergenerational dance organized by youths and seniors was               About 100 participants took part in the program and the program concluded
one of the programs among many other programs. Children, seniors and youths gave       with a delicious dinner.

 TAMIL EELAM SOCIETY OF CANADA                                                            The “Ja na Holy Family Convent
        TESOC Multicultural Services                                                       Alumni Association of Canada”
                                                                                                  is very pleased to announce that the

                       NEW                                                               “Journey of Friendship and Goodwill”
                                                                                                      evening will now take place
            YOUTH PROGRAMS                                                                             on Saturday October 3, 2009.
      • Who is eligible ???
         Newcomer youths 17 – 24 years of age
         Landed immigrants and Convention Refugees                                                   Please note that the venue listed
                                                                                                  on your “already” purchased ticket has
      • LINC English Classes:                                                                              now been changed to
                                                          e Hou 0 pm
         Level 4, 5 & 6

                                                     Offic 5:0
         Level 5, 6 & 7
         Time: 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm
                                                            to                               “New Jaasmin Banquet Hall”
                                                      0 am
         From Monday to Friday

                                                 9: 0                                           90 Nolan Court, Unit 50,
      • ISAP Settlement Services
         Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
         From Monday to Friday
                                                                                               Markham, Ontario L3R 4C9.
      • Job Search Workshops (JSW) / Job Placement
                                                                                           Telephone number 905-477-3331 .
         Time: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
         From Monday to Friday
                                                                                                    Your Committee will be waiting
          For more information about youth programs
                  Contact (416)757-4209 or                                                 to greet you at the door….. and for those
              TESOC Main Office: (416) 757-6043                                             requesting tickets, pleasecontact any of

  1160 Birchmount Road, Unit 2A,                                                                        our Committee members.
  Scarborough,                     These services are funded by
  ON, MIP 2B8            Citizenship & Immigration Canada

THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                                                                                                             SEPTEMBER, 2009

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THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                     FEATURE                                                                 SEPTEMBER, 2009

                                   THE COFFEE SHOP ( KOPI KADAI)
     ‘Sri Lankan government is very good in cooking stories to deny their human rights violations’
                                               about India’s secret support for Sri lanka.   item, about the beauty queen. Varuni Ra-     outcome is that permanent secretary who
Chinniah and Cassim were eagerly wait-         But I could not get the book.                 japakse had not intended to participate in   organized the event was interdicted.
ing in Tim Hortons for Chandra to come                                                       the pageant but was drafted in at the last
with some interesting stories from Sri         Chinniah: : Are you refering to the           minute by organisers to satisfy a govern-    Chandra: There were worst stories dur-
Lanka. Chandra was away from Canada            book by Nitin A. Gokhale titled “Sri                                                       ing Chandrika’s time. She is a Colombo
for 3 weeks to see his mother.                 Lanka - From War to Peace”. It reveals                                                     7, St Bridgett’s girl no. She loves French
                                               that India played an important but covert                                                  wine. After getting drunk in a party, she
Chinniah: Hi Chandra. Welcome safely           role in the success of Sri Lanka against                                                   was dancing and was photographed.
back to Canada. We both were worried           the LTTE. They provided arms and mili-                                                     Luckily the news reporter escaped.
about you thinking that you might have         tary help, advisors who are RAW of-
been kidnapped by the white van gang.          ficers. The book says Indian Navy pro-                                                     Cassim: The other gossip about former
Only advantage you had was that you            vided vital intelligence in locating and                                                   President Chandrika Bandaranaike Ku-
could speak Singhalese and your uncle          destroying several LTTE rogue vessels                                                      maratunga has categorically rejected
was a VIP in the Police. Even if you           laden with arms.                                                                           that she has bought a mansion in the UK
was kidnapped uncle will help you to                     They even provided several
                                                                                                     Man Mohan Singh                      as reported by the Evening Standard of
escape.                                        helicopters which flew with under SAF                                                      December 1st, 2005 published in the
                                               name. New Delhi supported and helped          ment edict that only a Rajapakse can rep-
                                               Colombo in various ways despite its pub-      resent Sri Lanka internationally. Sources                 By:   Ponnan
                                               lic hands-off posture and denial of offen-    indicate that Ms. Rajapakse’s victory
                                               sive weapons to the Liberation Tigers of      came in spite of her refusal to grow a       UK. The article appeared in the column
                                               Tamil Eeelam (LTTE) due to domestic           large bushy mustache for the event.          ‘Londoner’s Diary’ under the caption,
                                               political compulsions, says Gokhale. I                                                     “Is Prince Andrew’s South York man-
                                               managed to get the book from Chennai          Chinniah:      How about Shirani Ra-         sion going to Sri Lanka?” It said that
                                               through my uncle.                                                                          President Chandrika Kumaratunge has
                                                                                                                                          bought the Sunni hill Park mansion be-
                                               Cassim: After you finish reading that                                                      longing to Prince Andrew, the second
                                               book please give it to me. I like to read                                                  son of the Queen.
                                               about how North Indians cheated the
                                               Tamil Nadu people with the help of Tam-                                                    Chinniah: She is a poor lady with lots
                                               il Nadu CM M Karunanithy. MUKA is                                                          of wealth. She wants a pension increase.
           V. Pirapakaran                      more worrid about getting ministrial po-                                                   She is not satisfied with 70 body guards
                                               sitions for his kith and kins and in safe-                                                 and four official cars. Who knows if she
Chandra: Thank god, I had a narrow             guarding his chair. He is good at writing                                                  supports Rajapakse she will be given
escape in the airport. There was rumour        letters to the Prime Minister with no real                                                 whatever things she asked for. It may
that they were arresting all Canadian          outcome.                                                                                   be possible that from the commission
citizens born in Sri Lanka thinking that       Chandra: It is not only MuKa but also                                                      money she got from foreign contract,
they are supporters of Tigers. Sri lanka       Mahinda Rajapkase behaves in writing                                                       she would have invested in that mansion.
is becoming allergic to western countries      rubbish letters refusing to accept that                                                    There is no smoke without fire. Now I
after Kohana’s visa was refused by UK.         there are no human rights violations.                                                      heard that Rajapakse is building a man-
                                               Since the President came to power, an                                                      sion in Deniyaya in his relations name.
Cassim: The war was over in May and            unusual number of his Rajapakses have
even after 4 months the Tiger scare is         found jobs in high places and Singhala                                                     Chandra: Politicians are good to be-
still there among the ministers. I heard       parents like to name their newly born             Chandrika Kumaratunga                    come ( His Master’s Voice) HMV for
that stories about Tiger suicide squad                                                                                                    their master. The real HMV is the Gov-
roaming Colombo city is still going on.                                                      japkse? Why is that Rajapakse’s fair lady    ernment spokesman Keheliya Rambuk-
Does that mean Pottu Amman is still ac-                                                      she did not contest.?.                       wella, who responded to UN Humanitar-
tive in Sri Lanka.                                                                                                                        ian Affairs Chief John Holmes’ concerns
                                                                                             Chandra: Machchan don’t talk like            about the safety of humanitarian workers
Chinniah : As I told you earlier some                                                        that if you are in Sri lanka. You know       by alleging that Mr. Holmes’ comments
important LTTE men are still alive in-                                                       what happened during former President        were part of a Vast international con-
cluding its leader. That is why Mahinda                                                      Premadasa’s time?                            spiracy against the Mahinda Rajapakse
did not speak about Prabah’s death in the                                                                                                 administration. “We have suspected for
parliament.                                                                                  Chandra: What happened , tell me will        a while that the world was out to get
                                                                                             you. Did Mrs Premadasa contest for the       us – how else do you explain the rise in
Chandra: After the channel 4 video,                                                          beauty queen?                                oil prices, the 2004 tsunami and Viet-
the Singhalese are scared that it may                                                                                                     nam’s increasing competitiveness in the
even happen to them in the same style.                                                       Cassim: Not that machchan, Hema              garment export business?”, asked Mr.
Some say it is a video taken in Kerala                                                       Premadasa was in swimming dress at a         Rambukwella at a press conference. Mr.
state based on a film that was shot about                                                    popular Swimming pool in Colombo. A          Rambukwella went on to attack Mr. Hol-
LTTE.                                                                                        news reporter photo graphed her. Unfor-      mes’ specific comments stating, “There
                                                                                             tunately her body guard spotted the news     is absolutely no truth in the suggestion
Chinniah: Sri Lankan government is                                                           reporter taking photos. That is the end of   that humanitarian workers are not safe in
very good in cooking stories to deny                         Rajapakse                       that man. He disappeared in no time and      Sri Lanka. We categorically reject such
their human rights violations. They do                                                       the body could not be found.                 an assertion and we will shoot the next
not care whether UN or international           child, if it is a boy as Rajapakse. The                                                    person who says such a thing”.
media will trust them or not. They are         latest, according to a media correspon-       Chinniah: Do you all know that Sri
like “Boru Kakkula” Karayas.                   dence in Colombo is that the winner of        lankan astrologers have warned the           Chinniah: The funniest thing is, Ma-
                                               this year’s Miss Universe Lanka is Varu-      President Mahinda to be careful as Sat-      hinda is worried about number of Raja-
Chandra: I was trying to buy the book          ni RAJAPAKSE.                                 urn is changing its position. As predicted   pakse family members. President Mahi-
that was released recently at Yapa book                                                      at a ceremony, Mahinda had a great fall.
depot that is letting the cat out of the bag   Cassim: There is an interesting news                                                                      CONTD ON PAGE 38....
                                                                                             Luckily he did not brake his back. The
THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                COMMUNITY                                                                  SEPTEMBER, 2009

         “Political Prostitution”; the name of the game.
           ‘Prostitution” is defined as the   dent Mahinda Rajapaksa has pardoned          violations and not carrying out the prom-      “Weapons of Mass Destruction” (WMD)
act of engaging in Sexual activity in         Minister Arumugam Thondaman, from            ises made. How does Political Prostitu-        became the key words used by the USA
exchange for money or goods. In col-          the suspended jail sentence and fine         tion is effective in Sri Lanka? Of course      and its allies in mobilizing support (lo-
loquial usage, the word “prostitute” is       imposed by Nuwara Eliya Magistrate           the war against the Tamil Tigers, made         cal as well as International) in their war
sometimes generalized to mean the sell-       for the contempt of court. The Nuwara        the government to sell its dignity by way      against Saddam Hussein’s regime in
ing of one’s services for a cause thought     Eliya Magistrate sentenced Thondaman         of politically prostituting with countries     Iraq. The war on Iraq failed to unearth
to be unworthy, in the sense of “prosti-      Arumugam with two others on Tues-            to get support in man power, military          even one WMD is another matter alto-
tuting oneself” or “whoring oneself”. It’s    day morning and the Sri Lankan Presi-        advice, weapons, international support         gether. But it is to be accepted that such a
a word so prevalent in our politics, but      dent Mahinda Rajapaksa pardoned only         and finance to fight the war. What ser-        boisterous claim gave the USA led coali-
how many of you knew the actual defi-         Mr. Thondaman on Tuesday evening.            vices of the country are sold in return,       tion the initial moral justification for the
nition? “Politics Prostitution” applies to    Mahinda Rajapaksa using the power            the same way a Prostitute sells her body       so-called “War on Terror”. They needed
selling the dignity, respect, image of the    conferred on him under Section 34 of the     to get money. The main service is the          to build such a case against Iran.
government or a political party or even a     constitution pardoned Thondaman who          involvemnt of investment of projects by                  IAEA was constituted in 1957.
politician without conscience for the sake    is the General Secretary of the Ceylon       these countries in Sri Lanka and used it       Sri Lanka is a founder member of the
of retaining power, winning a war, sup-       Workers Congress (CWC), a constituent        in return as an excuse to spy on their en-     IAEA and continues to be a member.
pressing a race and in a desperate posi-      of the ruling UPFA, stated a press release   emy.                                           Currently there are 144 member states.
tion flirting with countries that have been   issued Wednesday by the SL Presiden-                                                        The IAEA’s functions are guided by a
                                              tial Secretariat. This is the benefit Aru-              Establishing monitoring spots       Board of Governors. The B of G is com-
                                              mugam Thondaman got by supporting            in closer to southern tip of India, in the     posed of 35 member states.
                                              UPFA. Similar cases could be sighted in      vicinity of the enemy is one method ad-        Why it is important that one understands
                                              case of TNA members.                         opted by China and Pakistan.. Establish-       the IAEA’s mandate, structure and its
                                                        The system has been thorough-      ing montoring tower in Kachachaitivu           Iranian program is because there lays
                                              ly corrupted with politicians who see        island few Km from Rameshwram is               the knot as to why Sri Lanka and Iran
                                              their jobs not as serving the masses and     in the hiding. Establishing a port in the      are cuddling and kissing right under the
                                              the greater good, but instead serving the    name of oil exploration in Mannar area         watchful eyes of the world.
                                              ones who can benefit them financially or     is another technique. Secondly to do                     There is concrete evidence as
                                              politically. How far the diplomatic mis-     political spying on opposition parties to
                                              sions for the brokering actively work?       curtail their democratic powers. Thirdly                     By: Pon
                                              We have seen this in case of the Sri         have a control on the economy of the
                                              Lankan Consular in Chennai. Sri Lankan       country. Fourthly inplant military advi-       to how Sri Lanka has performed at the
                                              government was challenged to face the        sors to supress any future rebellions.         IAEA to act on behalf of Iran. There
                                              severe protest from Tamil Nadu and           Fifthly Export thir technology and man-        is also tangible evidence as to why Sri
                                              publicity against its government in the      power. Sixthly establish long standing         Lanka thus acted. And more importantly,
                                              media. Hence a Muslim and not a Tamil        realtionship that beneficial for them in       what Sri Lanka received in return. There
                                              was appointed in charge of Sri Lankan        case of a war with another country or
                                              diplomatic mission in Chennai with spe-      gain international support in UN.
         Mahinda Rajapaksa                    cial directive to over come the opposi-                 We are aware that Sri Lanka po-
                                              tion and to tap the media. One of the        litically prostitutes with partner countries
identified to reap its own benefit using      editors of a popular Tamil media Vikatan     such as India, China, Pakistan and Iran.
the situation. In the case of government,     fell into the trap laid by the diplomatic    Sri Lanka’s relationship with Iran, even
flirting is done through diplomatic mis-      mission. Cocktail parties were orga-         in the face of strong opposition from the
sions, arranging cocktail parties, using      nized to do pimp work. In addition many      USA, goes back to several years. Iran
marketing companies to sell their image       Tamil congress members who are just          signed a preferential trade agreement
and getting the support of local media in     yes men for Soniya, too fell in the trap.    and several memoranda of understand-
that country.                                                                              ing with Sri Lanka in November 2004.
           While politically prostituting,                                                 This was when Chandrika Kumaratunge
Truth, is hidden and the mistakes are                                                      was at the helm in Sri Lanka. The po-
never owned... In other words govern-                                                      litical climate in which those agreements
ment media and Lobbying companies                                                          were signed, the Iranian aid given to Sri
are used as brokers. In using Lobbying                                                     Lanka, and how Sri Lanka reciprocated              Chinese President Hu Jintao
companies ,huge amount of money is                                                         gives one a very interesting insight into
spent to hide the truth and win over the                                                   how Sri Lanka prostitutes itself in the        are few series of incidents to grasp the
governments. In case of political parties                                                  diplomatic arena. When the chance to           nature of this “unholy” alliance between
prostitution of party members take place                                                   get IMF loan was in doubt and the fi-          Sri Lanka and Iran.
by changing party, mainly the party in                                                     nancial position of the country was in                     IAEA Board Urged Iran to
power as happened in case of UNP, Sri                                                      danger they have to resort to economic         Suspend Uranium Conversion, Re-In-
Lanka Muslim congress. Arumugam                                                            prostitution with the countries. What is       state Seals. Sri Lanka is again elected to
Thondaman Gen Secretary of CWC an-                                                         attractive with this small island to sell      the B of G and Voted against the IAEA
nounced his “unconditional support” for                                                    itself politically? Of course its strate-      resolution on the implementation of safe-
the government, he made an important                                                       gic position in the Indian ocean, sec-         guards in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
purchase. He bought himself a spank-                                                       ondly the deteriorating economy of the         “The resolution finds that Iran´s failures
ing new Grand Cherokee Chrysler from               Iranian President Mahmoud               country, thirdly rise in Unemployment,         and breaches constitute non-compliance
Diesel and Motor Engineering for the                                                       fourthly unrest in the country. Iran needs     and calls on Iran to return to the negoti-
princely sum of Rs. 5.9 million.              After assessing their own incapability to    the support of some countries to speak         ating process. It was adopted by a vote
           Yet, Thondaman continues to        fight alone against Tamil freedom fight-     supporting the Iran’s nuclear issue.           of 22 in favour, 1 against and 12 absten-
swear until blue in the face that he has      ers GOSL decided to get the support of       Before going into details of Sri Lanka-        tions.” Sri Lanka on the other hand very
had no personal interest in the multi mil-    some countries by flirting with them. It     Iran alliance, it is important to understand   conveniently chose to abstain along with
lion dollar contract at the Water Board       is clearly evident that Sri Lanka flirted    the Iranian nuclear crisis. Immediately        some countries
or that he accepted big bucks “on behalf      with about twenty countries to win the       after 9/11 attacks on the WTC, coun-                     Thus, it is to be noted that even
of the party” to profess solidarity with a    war, pretending that it is in deep love      tries that were thought to be the hotbeds      though the resolution was passed, Sri
government that cannot yet make head          with few countries. Flirting with western    of Islamic fundamentalism became US            Lanka was able to register its solidarity
or tail of what and where to go with          countries is now not much of interest to     of A’s prime targets. Primary amongst
the peace process. Sri Lanka’s Presi-         Sri Lanka because of its Human rights        them were: Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran.                        CONTD ON PAGE 43....

THE TAMIL MIRROR                       COMMUNITY                   SEPTEMBER, 2009

                   Madhura Geetham Navarathri Concert
                       Sep 20th 2009 Yorkwood Library Auditorium

THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                  FEATURE                                                               SEPTEMBER, 2009

          The Sri Lankan government came out with its      that he would mobilize Tamils around the world and           Tamils hardships, the Sri Lankan State drums its chest
own military intelligence agents to Malaysia to kidnap     he would demand that Sri Lanka fulfill the demands of        in the South and receives enormous support from the
the head of LTTE’s International Relations Depart-         Tamils through diplomatic and political means.               majority of Sinhala people over the winning of a war
ment. They escorted him in a plane to Colombo and his                                                                   with the LTTE and now the capture of KP. This shows
whereabouts and his destiny are still unknown. Even          SINHALA MAJORITY WILL NEVER                                from the recently held urban council elections. The rul-
though Selvarasa Pathmanathan, better known as KP,                RECOGNIZE TAMILS                                      ing government managed to sweep the votes among the
announced, after LTTE officially declared that they si-             Although KP is a wanted man by Interpol for         Sinhala voters.
lenced their guns in May 2009, that he would lead the      gun running charges, he was not on the list of India’s                On various occasions, President Mahinda
LTTE in a peaceful manner using democratic and dip-        Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in connection
lomatic means to end the Tamils’ grievances. Growing       with the assassination of former Indian Prime Minis-                      By Satheesan Kumaaran
fear among Tamils in Sri Lanka is that their three dec-    ter Rajiv Gandhi. But it was speculated that KP would
ades of military campaign and earlier three decades of     be a better person to provide clues in finding out the       Rajapaksa has made claim that he was elected by the
peaceful struggle since the island gained independence     LTTE’s plot in the murder. However, they took little         Sinhalese-Buddhist constituency and, therefore, he will
from Britain will be silenced using state terrorism.       action to extradite him from his adopted country. Sri        not betray their mandate. In keeping with his “Mahinda
          The arrest of KP shows that the Sri Lankan       Lanka, which has no charges on KP, arrested him and          Chinthana” he has said no to Tamil homeland, no to
government will not go easy with anyone although           detained him in an undisclosed location in Sri Lanka.        Tamil people’s right to self determination, and no to
they speak out in support of Tamils and are giving as-     KP spent his most time talking to his diplomatic con-        Tamil nation.
surances that they will bring the Tamils’ grievances to    tacts to get all the displaced people, who languish in                 War drumming by the failed Sri Lankan State
an end through peaceful means. But its actions are not     military-run barbed wired camps, released. These inno-       with the support of the Sinhala majority will never
matched with words. The government seems to be more                                                                     grant autonomy for the Tamils. This reminds us what
anti-Tamil now and determined to suppress Tamils at                                                                     the father of Tamils, Chelvanayagam, said -- that no
any cost.                                                                                                               one other than the god will save the Tamils from the
          Even Tamil parliamentarians are afraid to                                                                     Sinhalese. Although Chelvanayagam is no more, his
speak in favour of Tamils as the Sri Lankan State has                                                                   wise words remain valid.
already, through its paramilitaries, killed elected MPs,                                                                          Despite knowing the facts, the global com-
while denying any associations to the killings and the                                                                  munity, too, supports the oppressor rather than the
State has to bring the perpetrators to justice.                                                                         oppressed because they care too little about the Tam-
          The state-sponsored terrorism in Sri Lanka                                                                    ils on the island. Even when many western European
has grown its deep roots over the last couple of years.                                                                 countries raised their strongest voices while tens of
Sri Lanka has a notorious track record, inter-alia, with                                                                thousands of people were butchered by the Sri Lankan
state-sanctioned murders of elected Tamil MPs, jour-                                                                    army, Sri Lanka ignored them. Instead of taking ac-
nalists, and aid-workers. Eleven journalists, of whom                                                                   tions against Sri Lanka, these powerful countries held
nine are Tamils, have been killed while fifty have been                                                                 press conferences and released statements. They did
abducted from 2005 up to now. Another 50 journalists                                                                    nothing to bring the terrorist Sri Lankan State to book.
have left the country due to fear of persecution. Many                                                                            The value of democracy is for the majority to
Tamil businessmen have been abducted for ransom and                                                                     embrace the minority and although Sri Lanka claims it
killed. One Tamil parliamentarian from the North, five                                                                  is a democratic socialist republic, they oppress the min-
Tamil doctors, and Government Agent of Kilinochchi                                                                      ority through violence. This shows that the majority
have been arrested and imprisoned merely because they                                                                   Sinhalese will never embrace Tamils. The Tamils will
happened to be Tamils.                                                                                                  have no option but to recognize themselves and when
          This dishonourable track record of human                                                                      the time is ripe, they will support Tamil militants lead-
rights abuses and suppression of free speech and their                                                                  ing to another phase of war with the Sri Lankan State.
failure to protect the Tamil MPs show that Sri Lanka                                 KP
is a failed state and they have no qualms about their                                                                     KP ARREST A SYMBOLIC THREAT TO
genocidal agenda toward the Tamils. Even KP himself        cent civilians have broken no laws, but are being treated                   OTHERS
announced that he would lead the LTTE as a political       like criminals. Their conditions are worse than animals.               KP’s arrest further disappoints the Tamils. Sri
movement to represent the Tamils on the island de-         There are reports of torture, rape, and starvation inside    Lanka should realize that no one should suppress others
nouncing violence, and even KP is not a wanted person      the camps. Food and medicine are regularly denied to         through violence. Sri Lanka should recognize the Tam-
in Sri Lanka for any criminal activity on its soil.        Tamils, forcing them to die of starvation and diseases.      ils’ political grievances and end the conflict through
                                                           Red Cross, a lone international humanitarian presence        peaceful means rather than sending army to kill and
 Sri Lanka Had No Right To Kidnap                          on the war’s last battlefield, was last month forbidden      abduct peace doves.
 Him And Extradite Him To Colombo                          access to most internment camps and forced to close                    While Sri Lanka celebrates the abduction of
 On August 5 As He Is A Thai Citizen                       four offices in the east on the orders of the all powerful   KP, the Sri Lankan State remonstrates with Tamil ac-
And According To Un Conventions, He                        Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa.                       tivists, warning that they will not abide free speech
Should Be Produced In A Court In The                                 Further, KP was acting fast to get international   concerning Tamils rights. The State, however, failed to
 Country Where He Was Kidnapped.                           aid to the affected people in the North. So, he was not      realize that it cannot bring the millions of Tamils to its
         His kidnapping and extradition to Colombo         doing anything illegal, but he was mobilizing resources
violates international jurisdictions. Sri Lanka fears      to help the Tamil victims of the war. In spite of the                                       CONTD ON PAGE 44....

THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                                                               SEPTEMBER, 2009

                    T| kV Ô°D, suÔ°D...
              9th Line/Hooverpark                           Jane & Major Mack                           Hwy10/Steeles

                     $349,900                                     $470,000                                  $359,900
              3 Bedrooms with 3 Washrooms                4+1 Bedrooms with 3 Washrooms             4+2 Bedrooms with 4 Washrooms
          This Home Is Less Than One Year! Two        Shows Like A Model. Tons Of Upgrades,     Clean Home With 2 Bedroom Basement
           Storey Brick With Oak Stairs Close To     Crown Moulding, Large Kitchen With Huge   Apt. Spacious Bedrooms, Inside Access To
                     School,Shopping.                             Family Room                           Garage, On Quiet Court

            S. Wood/Chinguacousy                        Hoover Park/Nineth Line                        Neilson/McLevin

                     $304,900                                     $304,900                                  $289,900
              3 Bedrooms with 3 Washrooms                  3 Bedrooms with 3 Washrooms             3+1 Bedrooms with 2 Washrooms
            Exceptional Layout. Open Concept,        Brand New Nerver Lived Green Park Qual-    Large Home With Some New Windows,
         Gleaming Hardwood Floors. A Walkout To       ity Built Town Home In A New Neighbor-    Priced To Sell, Nice Renovated Kitchen,
              Private Fully Fenced Backyard.                           hood.                    Large L Shaped Living & Dining Rooms

               Midland/Lawrence                            Mccowan/Sheppard                           Bellamy/Lawrence

                     $129,900                                     $174,900                                  $339,900
             2 Bedrooms with 1 Washrooms                 2 Bedrooms with 2 Washrooms               3 Bedrooms with 2 Washrooms
         Desireable South-Western Exposure In A      South East Corner Exposure Approx.1400    Stunning, Renovated & Well Maintained
                Well Maintained Building.            Sq.Ft.Ceramic Entrance To Kitchen.Great      Raised Bungalow In Demand Area.
              Newly Renovated Bathroom.                     View Spacious And Bright.                  Close To All Amenities.

                                                   Your Real Estate Investment Professional
                                                                                                                                           MRC 416-936-5200

                                              Ganesh Thangarajah
                                              Real Estate Broker
                                              Tel: 416.994.9046

              HomeLife Today Realty Ltd., Brokerage

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                 Are you losing touch with your family or friends that are far away?
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                                Summer Maintenance Package
                                              Service includes:
                                              • Lube, oil (5 or 10W/30) and filter $
                                              •Rotate and inspect 4 tires
                                              •Top up windshield washer fluid
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                                              •Courtesy Check including visual brake check
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                                               780 Ellesmere Road, Scarborough, ON
THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                    FEATURE                                                                  SEPTEMBER, 2009

        uropean colonial powers, espe-         ians migrated as far as Australia, New       kingdoms in northern India. Their col-         these catastrophic natural events. After
        cially Britain, have had a great       Zealand, and some oceanic countries in       lapse was brief and these kingdoms rose        they settled down in the southern part of
        influence in shaping the history       the Indian Ocean. During the 19th and        again after a short time only to fall again,   the subcontinent, they rose again.
of Dravidian Tamils. During colonial           early 20th centuries, Tamils migrated to     this time into the hands of the British                  The first Sangam (academic)
rule, the Tamils, either willfully migrat-     some British colonies, including Malay-      Empire. The colonials managed to in-           age was recorded around 600 B.C. The
ed or were taken by force to far flung         sia, Singapore, Mauritius, Fiji, and South   filtrate Tamil lands under the pretext of      state was founded by the first Pandyan
British colonies where they contributed        Africa. Since World War II, Tamil pro-       trading.                                       king, Kulasekara, and its capital during
immensely to the British Empire. The           fessionals have moved continuously to                  Recorded history of the four         the Sangam age, Madurai, remained the
empire benefited from the skilled work-        the United Kingdom, the United States,       south Indian states of Andhra Pradesh,
force of more than 10 million Tamils           Australia, and New Zealand.                  Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and               By Satheesan Kumaaran
throughout the former British colonies;                 Due to the civil war in Sri         the union territory of Pondicherry dates
this is especially true in the tea estates,    Lanka, especially after war broke out be-    back to about 6000 years. The Tamils,          capital until the Europeans took control
sugarcane farms, minefields, and public        tween the Sinhalese and Tamils in 1983,      who lived close to rivers, including the       of it. Various kingdoms, such as those
service positions.                             tens of thousands of Tamils fled their       Sindhu River, were isolated before the         of the Pallava, the Chera, the Chola, the
          Although they worked hard for        homes. They are now settled in about 20      Christian era. The present-day states          Pandya, the Chalukya and the Vijayana-
the British, these Tamils are now living       countries; large numbers live in Canada,     of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and          gara constituted Dravida Nadu, of which
in abject poverty in several of the former     Germany, France, Switzerland and the         Andhra Pradesh of India constitute the         modern Tamil Nadu formed a part.
British colonies, where they were aban-        UK. Therefore Tamil has, over the de-        Dravidian culture. The Dravidians lived                   The Pandyas were great in trad-
doned. They do not enjoy the same rights       cades, become a truly global language        in modern-day India, Pakistan, Afghani-        ing and learning. They negotiated trading
as other citizens in these countries; this                                                                                                 contacts with Greece and Rome. They
has been especially true in Sri Lanka                                                                                                      sent shipments of valuable goods, such
and Malaysia. Division among under-                                                                                                        as ivory, gems, and spices, to Europe.
privileged, suppression of minorities and                                                                                                  The Tamil ships were too big to cross the
problems with national unification con-                                                                                                    Red Sea and the Romans and the Greeks
tinue to be the legacies of colonialism.                                                                                                   would send small vessels to the Red Sea
                                                                                                                                           to exchange the goods brought by these
  LANGUAGE AND PEOPLES                                                                                                                     Tamil ships. Tamil literature describes
          Research has proven that the                                                                                                     Kaverippumppattinam as an important
Dravidian languages can be traced back                                                                                                     trading port, with a huge warehouse, on
to 5000 B.C. Excavations at the ancient                                                                                                    the Coromandel Coast; the king’s tiger
sites of Harappa and Mohenjodaro show                                                                                                      emblem was stamped on incoming and
evidence of their presence. Dravid-                                                                                                        outgoing goods, in order to certify pay-
ian languages actually comprise of 23                                                                                                      ment of duty.
different languages. Many Dravidian                                                                                                                   The early Cholas reigned be-
languages, as distinct from the Austro-                                                                                                    tween the 1st and 4th centuries B.C. The
Asiatic family of languages, have been                                                                                                     first and the most famous king of this
identified among the tribal languages of                                                                                                   period was Karikalan, who built the Kal-
central India, extending almost to the                                                                                                     lanai (kall - stone, anai - bund), a dam,
borders of Bengal. They are spoken in                             Chola Empire under Rajendra Chola                                        across the Cauvery River; the dam is
the southern, central, and northern parts                                                                                                  considered to be an engineering marvel
of India. Beyond India, these languages        because of these Tamil settlers in almost    stan, and Iran.                                of that time. The Cholas occupied the
are also spoken by people of northeastern      all parts of the world. In a way, the sun              According to historians, the         present Thanjavur and Tiruchirapalli dis-
and central Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singa-        never sets in the world of Tamils.           Dravidians were pushed back into the           tricts; they excelled in military exploits.
pore, South Africa, Fiji, and Mauritius.                                                    deep south of the subcontinent where                      During the later half of the 4th
On the Indian subcontinent, the Brahmi          EARLY HISTORY OF TAMILS                     they ultimately settled. According to          century, the Pallavas, great temple build-
language (one of the Dravidian languag-                The Tamils had their own king-       some other theories, people were sepa-         ers, rose to prominence and dominated
es), is spoken in the hills of Balochistan     doms in southern India, long before re-      rated when the Indian Ocean swallowed          the south for another 400 years. From
(near the Sindhu River), bordering the         corded history. These Tamil kingdoms         parts of the continent and people in Af-       their base, Kanchipuram, they ruled a
countries of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and                                                                                                    large portion of Tamil Nadu. In the 6th
Iran. The northern reaches of this family                                                                                                  century, they defeated the Cholas and
of languages have been located in iso-                                                                                                     reigned as far as Ceylon (Sri Lanka).
lated settlements in Nepal and Pakistan.                                                                                                   Dravidian architecture reached its epit-
          Tamil is one of the Dravidian                                                                                                    ome during Pallava rule.
languages and it is considered to be the                                                                                                              The Cholas again rose to power
oldest of the 23 languages. Tamil is a                                                                                                     by the 9th century. Under Rajaraja Cho-
language that has a unique script and a                                                                                                    la and his son, Rajendra Chola, the Cho-
literary history that dates back to at least                                                                                               las rose as a notable power in India. The
3000 B.C. The people who use this lan-                                                                                                     Chola Empire stretched as far as central
guage are referred to as Tamils. South                                                                                                     India, Orissa, and parts of West Bengal.
India and Sri Lanka have been home-                                                                                                        Rajaraja Chola conquered the eastern
lands of the Tamils since the beginning                                                                                                    Chalukya kingdom, defeated the Cheras
of recorded history. They had direct or                                                                                                    in south India, and controlled parts of
indirect contacts with Southeast Asian                                                                                                     Sri Lanka. Rajendra Chola went beyond,
countries, including Indonesia, before                                                                                                     occupying the islands of Andaman Nico-
these countries came under Muslim                                                                                                          bar, Lakshadweep, Sumatra, Java, Ma-
reign. Aboriginals of Australia and New                                                                                                    laya, and those of Pegu with his fleet of
Zealand had their roots among the Dra-                                                                                                     ships. The power of the Cholas declined
vidians in the Indian subcontinent. In                                                                                                     around the 13th century.
fact, thousands of years ago, while the                                        Chola built Temple                                                     With the decline of the Cholas,
Mongols migrated deep into the northern                                                                                                    the Pandyas rose to prominence once
and western parts of the world, including      were first conquered by Muslim kings         rica, Australasia, Southeast Asia, South
North America and Finland, the Dravid-         moving down south after occupying the        Asia, and Arabia were separated due to                          Contd on Page 38......

THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                                                                            SEPTEMBER, 2009

                                              KOMATHY WEDS PARTHIPAN
The wedding of Komathy and Parthipan took place on September 7, 2009 at the          Both parents would like to thank all those who graced the wedding ceremony and
Vedic Centre, located at 4345, 14 th Avenue at Kennedy road, Markham.                blessed the newly wed.
         Komathy is the daughter of Mr. Manoharan ( Ex- Police Officer, Sri Lanka)   -Mr. and Mrs. Manoharan
and Parthipan is the son of Mr. Puvanenthiran ( Ex- Navy Officer, Sri Lanka) and     -Mr. and Mrs. Puvanenthiran
Mrs. Isabella Puvanenthiran ( Ex- Inspector of Tele-communications, Jaffna).

THE TAMIL MIRROR                 COMMUNITY                    SEPTEMBER, 2009

        CANADA SRI AYYAPPAN HINDU TEMPLE - Maha Kumbabishegam

   Merupuram Sri Maha Bathrakali Amman Temple - Theertham June 06 2009

THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                                                                               SEPTEMBER, 2009

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THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                               COMMUNITY                                                                  SEPTEMBER, 2009

       BooK release: ‘CANADA The Meat of the World Sandwich’- By SAMY APPADURAI
                                                            inspiration to the readers.                                  es and music in grand manner.
                                                                      Mr.Sivapalan Kandiah (Former secretary of the                The book was launched by the special guest
                                                            Tamil Police Association of Sri Lanka, Mr John Tory,         and was received by Mr Suren Sornaligam. On this oc-
                                                            Former Inspector Mr Navaratnam, Robert Rajadurai,            casion many Hindu Priests and business people hon-
                                                            Markham councilor Mr Logan Kanapathy, Mrs Mar-               oured and felicitated with mementoes and shawls. Sim-
                                                            cie Cullis, Staff Superintendent Mr Michale Federico,        ilarly the author also honoured two Tamil Canadians,
                                                            Mr Ratnasingam Indrapalan, Mr Rajagopala Iyer from           Mr Ken Kirupa and Vallipuram Mr Indrapaalan.
                                                            Montreal, Kumaran Sports club Mr Sapathydevakumar                      Mr Samy Appadurai in his concluding speech
                                                            and Ms.Renuga Selvakumar from the Sri Meenatchy
                                                            Amman Temple and many friends felicitated the au-                           By Pudhuvai N. Raman
                                                            thor with special speeches and congratulated author's
                                                            broad mindedness catering to the educational needs of        thanked one and all. He stressed the need of preserv-
                                                            all Canadians since this book comprises all aspects of       ing our traditions and culture in Canada with special
Thiru Samy Appadurai is well known not only to Tamil        Canada; social, political, cultural , economy as a reflec-   reference to the words of former Prime Minister Sir
Community but also has created an image of many             tor to the future generation.                                McDonald, a refugee from Brittania, who devoted his
faces among all in Canada and rest of the countries in                Further this book contains valuable guidance       life to Canadian prosperity, and said that he will die as
this globe. He has authored and released many books         to the immigrants from all over the world. Particularly      a Brittanian.
in the past and the above named book has special and        his quoting in the last paragraph of this book ,which                  Similarly the migrated people in this country
unique features. As such his speeches from Politics to      sums up the main purpose in writing it. Jessica Smith        should follow his vision and do our best to show our
Religion have inspired everyone. Adding a feather to        in her review said that “ no doubt in these difficult eco-   patriotism, honesty , gratitude with loyalty and sincer-
his renowned name of cap, his book 'Canada- The Meat        nomic times, we need books that will inspire us and          ity. He also impressed all with elaborate talk that future
of the World Sandwich' was launched on 13th Septem-         keep us from focusing on what is going wrong in this         young generation should understand these concepts and
ber09 at Scarborough Eastown Banquet Hall which was         country. "Canada-The Meat of the World Sandwich" is          he assured to do his best for them in all aspects.
attended with large gathering from all sectors.             a book must be read by all which will help to look at the              Author's daughter, Geetha Appadurai pro-
          The program started with an introduction of       positive side of life in Canada - with a twist”.             posed the vote of thanks. The function concluded fol-
the event by Master of Ceremonies Mr. Henry Shannon,                  Student of famous Dance Teacher, Mrs Nir-          lowed with snacks and refreshment.
former commentator of CFRB. Mr Thurga Balasingam            mala Suresh entertained with traditional classical danc-
and Mrs Durga Balasingam welcomed all. After Re-
gional Councillor Mr Rick Johnson's speech, Mr Chuck
Kongal gave an introduction to the author, which was
followed with special remarks by Dr.R.Lambotharan.
          Mr David Tsubouchi and Mr Duncan Fletcher
gave a speech on book review, who highlighted the
contents of the book, stating that the author has touched
all salient features of Canada with special reference to
the immigrants combined with Sri Lankan Tamil com-
munity's social aspects. He projected his great experi-
ence of Canadian life in all aspects with reality of new
ideas which will remain as a source of guidance and

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  (Sponsorship, Skilled Workers, Refugees, Appeal,
   Humanitarian and Compassionate Application)                                                                                    Barrister & Solicitor
 (Head Office)                                                                                                                                         (Branch Office)
 2401 Eglinton Ave E., Suite #210, Toronto, Ontario, M1K 2N8                                               3852 Finch Ave E., Suite #310, Toronto, Ontario, M1T 3T9
 (Southwest corner of Eglinton & Kennedy)                                                                                         (One block west of Finch & Kennedy)
 Tel: 416-755-7777          Fax: 416-288-8633                                                                         Tel: 416-321-2956          Fax: 416-321-2958
                                                                E-mail: dilani@bellnet.ca
THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                 COMMUNITY                                                               SEPTEMBER, 2009

Dear readers! Vanakkam. I know that your anxiety is           Arts Inc conducted carnatic vocal music, performed        tre, presided over by Kavinayagar Kandavanam, orga-
beyond words since this monthly journal has come too          by an young talented musician Shri Srinidhi Sridha-       nized by Vilambaram Magazine.
late. Kindly bear with us since I understand that the         ran, student of Swara Raga Saraswathi Smt Raji Go-                  On August 16th an eminent scholar, poet,
Editor was out of Canada for the past one month as well       palakrishnan with Sri Jay Shankar Balan (Violin). Sri     President of Ontario Hindu Saiva Peravai Kavinayagar
I too had to go for vacation to US, unavoidably this is-      S.Ganapathy (Mirudangam), Sri S.Srenthar (Morsing)        Shri Kandavanam’s Pavala Visha and Book Launching
sue has come out with inordinate delay. Anyway this           in the presence of large gathering at York Woods Li-      function was held in grand manner at Atlanda Banquet
issue will compromise with special features as usual.         brary Theatre.                                            Hall.
Similarly I also have written my usual column of in and                On August 30th Sri Gurumandalam Trust of                   On 15th August 100th day of Protest by Tamil
around us in a comprehensive passage.                         Canada conducted Kids Day 2009 with games, prizes         was held in front of American Embassy, which was at-
          In the previous months number of community          and food at 510Coronation Drive. Bharathi Arts gave       tended by thousands of Sri Lankan Tamil community
events have taken place in and around us apart from           light music program on this occasion.                     people, who raised their voice to bring normalcy to the
special news beginning from Canada Day which was                       On August 30th a grand cultural event of         war affected people who are still in the camps without
celebrated by many social organizations though out            Sathangai Narthnalaya Bharathanatya Master Sri Vasu       basic adequate facilities.
Canada. July being the Aadi Tamil Month for Tamils            Sinnaraja’s 25th Arangettram function was conducted
was full of Aadi Festival in all temples since it gives       at Chinese Cultural Centre in beautiful manner. That                 Pudhuvai N.Raman.M.A.,
importance to Lord Murugan and Goddess Durga.                 day his students Miss Surega Maheswaran, Yazhiga
          World Famous spiritual women Leader Smt             Maheswaran arangettram was really impressive with         Month of September also is a mark of festival of joy
Matha Amirthanadamayi was in Toronto during middle            melodious songs of Isai Kala Vithakar Shri Mohan          with the music festival and Navararthri plus literary
of July and blessed thousands of devotees in cheerful         Thiruchelvam.                                             events. Offering special poojas and prayers to God-
manner.                                                                On 8th August at Canada Kandasamy Temple         dess Durga, Lakshmi and Sarawathi for 9 days were the
          Annual Radha yatra organized and presented          an Exhibition depicting Eaalam Varalaru was conduct-      salient features of this holy festival. So let us see in the
by Hare Krishna Centre/ ISKON which was a great               ed by the Valvai Literary Trust.                          next issue with much of interesting news. OK. Thanks
colourful function during middle of July with num-                     On 15th August, famous female writer             to all.
ber of events like Yoga, Arts and culture, Free Veggie        Smt Lalitha Broody’s new book ‘MSik tsh;r;rpf;F
Feast.                                                        gpuhh;j;jidfs;;’ was launched at Scarborough civic cen-
          Merupuram Sri Padrakaliamman Temple an-
nual festival was celebrated with Kodiyettram from
21.8.09 to 11.09.09 with Bairavar Madai concluded in
divine manner.
                                                                                                  Ehy; ntspaPL
          In August the Birth of Lord Krishna’s Jen-
mashtami festival was observed by all Hindu commu-
                                                                                               jpUkjp tp[ah uhkdpd;
nity. Yogi Divine Society, Toronto – Hindu Mandir and
Cultural centre. Mississauga celebrated with variety of                                 “md;ngDk; kyH Ve;jp”
cultural entertainments, offered Prasad and delicious
food items.                                                                                                      jiyth;
          Arulmigu Sri Karpaga Vinayagar Temple,
Brampton , Sri Varasakthi Vinayagar Temple, Meru-                                                     ftpehafH fyhepjp. jpU. fe;jtdk;
puram Sri Padrakaliamman Temple, Sri Meenakshia-
mman Temple, Sri Bhuvaneswari Temple, Nallur Kan-
dan and Canada Kandasamy Temple and other temples                                                               MrpAiu
in and around celebrated its annual festival and Avani
chathurthi during July to September as usual with daily                                            fyhepjp. rpt= Nrhkh];fe;j FUf;fs;
special poojas, cultural programs, discourses on Hindu
Religion etc in colourful manner.
          As such in GTA most of the famous Hindu                                                              tho;j;Jiu
Temples celebrated the Annual Vasanthorswam, Ava-
niavittam, Pillyarchathurthi.                                                                       'cjad;" jpU. R.N.NyhNfe;jpu ypq;fk;
          Particularly the newly renovated Lord Shri
Iyappan Temple with newly constructed Kopuram
solemnised Maha Kumbabishekam in the presence                                                                       Ehy; ntspaPl;Liu
of world famous Dr.Sivashri Picchai Kurukkal of Pil-
layarpatti, Sri Karpaga Vinayagar Temple, which was                     ,lk;                                      jpUkjp. kPdh jtul;zk;
attended by thousands of devotees people. Following
that Sri Varasakthi Vinayagar Temple (Kennedy Road)
honoured this chief guest with the coordination of all
Hindu Temple Priests in an elaborate manner and inau-
                                                                   Donmills                                    Ehy; Ma;T
gurated the Institution of Aagama Veda Paadasalai for               Library                      fyhepjp jpUkjp. nfsry;ah Rg;gpukzpad;
the children of Hindu Priests.
          Sivan Fine Arts of Academy conducted its
                                                                 888 Lawrence                               ftpQh; jpU. Gfhhp
annual Music Festival on 12th July at Aadi Parasakthi              Ave. East,
Hindu Temple organized by the famous south Indian
musician Shri Papanaasam Ashoke Ramani. This year
                                                                  Toronto, ON
competitions under different groups in Carnatic vocal,             M3C 1P6.
violin, veena, flute, mirudangam and dance and individ-         (On lawrence east /
ual singing with accompaniments of instrumental tal-            west of Donmills rd)                             tpoh eilngWk; ehs;
ented players. The winners were honoured with awards
and certificates to all participants by the Chief Editor of                                                      03.Oct.2009 (rdp)
Uthayan News Paper Shri R.N.Logendralingam.
          On July 4th Arangettram of Miss Sageerthana,
Chandrakumar, Sukanya Muruganandam (Kavin Kala-                                                                  khiy 6.00 kzp
laya students of Baratha choodamani Smt Siva Thivi-
arajan) was conducted at Chinese Cultural Centre .                                                                Ph: 416-423-4682
          On 3rd August Sankara Vedic Culture &

THE TAMIL MIRROR                  COMMUNITY                 SEPTEMBER, 2009

            Thiagaraja Music Festival by Madhura Geetham &
                Laya Madhuraa Students - Fairview mall library

THE TAMIL MIRROR               COMMUNITY             SEPTEMBER, 2009

               Midas Summer BBQ by Alan Krishnamoorthy

                       Gogulam Tent Sale 2009

    Thimilai Thumilan’s Book release- Scarborough City Hall

THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                                                       SEPTEMBER, 2009

                        THE TAMIL EELAM SOCIETY OF CANADA
                                 TESOC Multicultural Settlement Services
                          LINC (Language Instruction for New Comers to Canada)
   Are you new in Canada?                                                Come to the TESOC
   Would you like to improve your English, Communication Skills?         1160 Birchmount Road, Unit 1A
   And develop great knowledge about Canada for FREE?                    (Between Lawrence and Eglinton)
                                                                         685 Lansdowne Avenue
   Workplace Communication Skills, Listening & Speaking
                   LINC Level 3 & 4                                      (Between Bloor & Lansdowne)
       Advanced Communication Skills                                     LINC CLASSES
                                                                              (Language Instruction for New Comers to Canada)
                  LINC Level 5, 6 & 7                                                      Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7
                  LINC Level 1, 2 & 3
                                                                                            To be eligible for LINC
                                                                               A person must be 17 years old or older
                                                                                 Be a permanent resident of Canada,
  Telephone No: (416) 757- 6043 (416) 536 5678                              Landed Immigrant or Convention Refugee
         Contact: LINC Co-ordinator
            Great Childcare Services available                Language Instruction for New Comers to Canada is funded by
   (For Children between the ages of 6 months to 6 years)                                 Citizenship and Immigration

                           TESOC Multicultural Settlement Services
                                            Another new program for Youth

                   Youth LINC Program
                   Field Trips                                       Free Evening classes in LINC Levels
 Access to employment and volunteer opportunities                            2, 3&4 ___ 5,6&7
                                                                             TTC tickets for those eligible

    Who is eligible???                                           For more information Call
  Newcomer youth 18 – 24 years of age                        TESOC at :( 416)757-6043 Ext -256
   Landed Immigrants of Canada and                                       (416)536-5678
         Convention Refugees
                                                                                       Or Visit

                                                            1160 Birchmount Road, Unit 1A, Scarborough, ON, M1P 2B8
                                                                 685 Lansdowne Avenue, Toronto, ON, M6H 3Y9

THE TAMIL MIRROR                                        COMMUNITY                  SEPTEMBER, 2009

                               A Tamil Book release on “Personality Development”
                                          written by Mrs Lalitha Brodie

I happened to be one of the many speakers at the
Tamil book release on” Prayers for Personality
Development” , written by a talented fair looking,
smiling, short, 75 year old Mrs Lalitha Brodie who
lives in Mississauga. Many know her in Toronto and
are a very determined lady. The book was released
by Vilambaram Publications at Scarborough Civic
Center on 15th August 2009 and well attended at a
time when there were many other social events and
weddings on that day.
          Lalitha Brodie is one of the few Tamil
women writers who could write in English and
Tamil. She was a radio announcer in ITBC/ITR,
artist and psychological councilor. She is one of the
few seniors with talented writing skill and commu-
nication capability. The Tamil title of the 414 page
thick book is “MSik tsh;r;rpf;Fg; gpuhh;j;jidfs;;”
and is a very complex subject to understand by
          The book is beautifully designed but the
cover design has no link to the subject. Some of
the sketches inside the book were the creations by
Lalitha. Human personality development is impor-
tant for any person to develop, discipline and con-
centration. It changes the character of a person to
be useful to the society
          Lalitha’s family participated in the book
release. The grand children exhibited their talents
like their grand mother by playing violin and sing-
ing Canadian National anthem and Thamil Thai
Vaalthu. There was a Bharathanatyam dance.
          Lalitha is keen in meditation. For the last
six years, articles based on this subject was written
by her in the popular Tamil paper Vilambaram, and
she compiled them and released them as a book.
          Married to a planter, she came to Canada
17 years ago from Jaffna. Brodie as are one of the
original Pictish tribes of Moray, and the clan has
always been associated with that area in Scotland.
Like the names Black, Handy, Green the name Bro-
die migrated into Jaffna with Christian missionary
in 18th century and even now there exist a road by
the name Brodie in Ariyalai.
          The subject matter in the book covers 12
areas namely, Life, Love, Awareness, Acknowl-
edgement, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Understand-
ing, Faith, Trust, Worth, Servic, Peace. Some of
these areas are very appropriate to the Seniors
mainly the topics Awareness, Service and Under-
          Laitha being a member of the Peel Tamil
Seniors Association, it was disheartening to see
only two members attended the book release, in-
dicating that the association is not keen in encour-
aging the talents of its members although it has a
good library as a show case. At least two copies of
this book should be made available in the library
for member’s reference to develop their mind and
personality skills. This book release may organized
by the association in Mississauga. The book is writ-
ten in Tamil as such they have no excuses to give.

THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                         COMMUNITY                                              SEPTEMBER, 2009

         Prof. Dr. Balasundaram’s Three Books Launched in Toronto
        On 19th September, in Scarborough another literary func-
tion attracted many book readers on the grand event of Dr, E.
Balasundaram’s three books release function which was held at At-
lanta Banquet Hall, located at Ellesmere Road. Most of the business
people, medias, friends, Hindu Priests and well wishers of all circles
attended and felicitated the author.
‘gps;isfspd; tsh;r;rpapy; ngw;Nwhupd; gq;fspg;G -
jkpo; ,yf;fpaj;jpy; rpj;j kUj;Jtk; - ‘Exploration in Sri
Lankan Tamil Folklore’ were released on this occasion. Mr Samy
Appadurai presided over and gave an introductory speech after the
welcome address by Mrs Vimala Balasundaram.
Master Kanagasapapathy, former President of Mahajana College in
his special speech narrated author’s role in promoting ‘Parents care’
towards their children and his knowledge of all subjects.
        The first book was released by Mrs Selvam Sridas of Toron-
to Arts Council after his introductory speech, which was received by
Mrs Raji Arasaratnam, wife of Ex Chief Editor Mr Kanaga Arasara-
        The speech by Kavinayagar Kandavanam and Master Siva-
balu ( President of Tamil Writers Website) reflected author’s view
towards the student community and the integrated role of parents
and teachers.
        Mr Kathirkamanathan (Jaffna University) released the sec-
ond book. Professor Mr Selvanayagam ( University of Toronto)
spoke of the salient features of Sri Lankan Folk Art’s traditional
values, which deserve great value to be read by one and all as well
to be preserved as a treasure in the literary world. Mr Sivasambu,
Flute and Veena vidwan, received the first copy.
        The third book was released by Dr Ramanathan Lambodaran,
a great philosopher and health care professional. In his introductory

                       By Pudhuvai N Raman

remarks he appreciated author’s interest in natural medicines by il-
lustrating the contents of the book with few examples. The first copy
was received by Dentist Dr.Mrs Pushpa Vannithambi.
Kalanidhi Sivakadatcham, Agriculture Dept., Jaffna University and
Science Teacher at Marc Carneu CI, reviewed this book and spoke
illustrating the theme of the book related to health and hygiene. All
the participants received from the author felicitated him with gar-
lands and shawls.
         Dr Balasundaram in his concluding speech extended his
hearty thanks to all and said that it was his ambition that something
to be contributed as a gratitude to this country which has given
asylum to many Sri Lankan Tamils. In addition to that the present
younger generation do not realise the impact of our tradition and
culture since the modern, western culture is diverting their minds
to unwanted elements, thereby their characters are affected. Hence
parents and teachers should integrate to show the right direction for
their future prosperity.
         Similarly the folk arts of Sri Lanka also should be preserved
and taught to the younger generation since its value and significance
are great.
         Mr Vinod Arasaratnam proposed a vote of thanks. The
whole program was relayed through Geethawani Radio and Tamil

One TV.

                   ®          Legal Services
                             “Your trust in Service”                                        Member of
                                                                             Financial Service Commission of Ontario
                                                                                  Paralegal Society of Canada
                                                                                  Law Society of Upper Canada
 Provincial Offences Act ( Traffic Tickets,
    Automobile Insurance & By-Laws)
 Small       Claims (Damages up to $10,000.00)                                       We speak Tamil

 Statutory Accident Benefits Claim                                                  416.451.4933                      Paul Balram
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                                                                                   201B - 2100 Ellesmere Road     Commissioner for Taking Affidavits
  Commission & Municipal Boards)                                                    Toronto, Ontario M1H 3B7

THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                  COMMUNITY                                                               SEPTEMBER, 2009

                                                             “‘INNISSAI MAZAI 2009 “

                                               ized by Everest Furniture’s and was held     songs individually and in group such         ers in four rounds to award gold medal in
     n Toronto, achievements of migrated       at the Everest Banquet and Convention        as “ fdhfhZk; fhyq;fs;>                      the final selection. About 50 registered
     Sri Lankan Tamils in all walks of life    Hall Auditorium Scarborough) with the        kyNu nksdkh> ehis ,e;j                       youngsters participated in competition.
     have made a tremendous success not        coordination of Mr Vishnu, who only ar-      Ntis> neQ;Nr neQ;Nr> Ma-                               Mr Vishnu also felicitated this
only in Trade and Commerce but in Lit-         ranged for Visa to this famous play back     puk; epNt th> ghh;j;j Qhgfk;                 guest artist and appreciated Mr Mathi-
erary arts also which have given a high        singer.                                      ,y;iyNah> xUtd; xUtd;                        wasan who is the back bone for the suc-
reputation among the multi cultural com-                 In his welcome address Mr.         Kjyhsp> rpl;Lf;FUtp Kj;jk;                   cess of event, in spite of his 21st wedding
munities. Particularly in the line of Fine     Mathivaasan highlighted importance of        nfhLj;J>         kp];lh;      fe;jrhkp>      anniversary to be celebrated on this day,
                             Arts, Music,      the show and introduced the play back        mg;gh mk;kh tP;l;by; ,y;iy”                  he has given priority by accepting to
                             Dance, Song       singer Miss Sri Mathumitha with a brief      attracted the audience particularly the      conduct this programme in grand man-
                             and musical       note about the guest artist’s achieve-       younger generation with great enthusi-
                             instruments       ments in Tamil Films with special refer-     asm.
                             innumer-          ence to the Oscar award film song ‘Jai                Above all in the final round 10
                             able talented     Ho’ as well her recent hit songs from the    remixed Kutthupattu from various hit
                             young artists     film 7G Rainbow Colony,‘Mayandi Ku-          films drawn the inspiration of the young-
                             have proved       dumbam’ and ‘Yadhumagi’ which have           sters to dances emotionally with their
                             their talents     created a grace among the music lovers       tunes. Thus the whole entertainment was
                             with      high    and thanked the audience and the organ-
                             record       of   izers Mr Kannan and Vishnu for their            By: PUIDHUVAI N.RAMAN
                             recognition       moral support to their team.
                             and achieve-                Similarly, Miss Shri Mad-          superb in one word.
                             ments        in   humitha in her introductory speech re-                Mr.Mathiwasan in his vote
                             the past. No      ciprocated her sincere thanks to one and     of thanks, expressed his sincere thanks
                             of teaching       all and stated that she loves Canada more    to one and all and informed that Miss
                             with       well
                             qualified and
                             Teachers in
                             this      trad-
                             itional Indian
                             Music is the
                             back      bone
                             for their suc-
them Mr.Mathivaasan,President and Mrs
Bavadharini, Director of ‘Bharathi Arts
Music School’ in Scarborough are very          than any other countries in the world,       Srimathumitha, being the Judge for next      ner.
popular not only in Canada but in other        that too she is amazed by the hospitality    day singers Talent Show first round,                  Tamil Mirror also extends its
countries also. As such for the past 15        of Sri Lankan Tamils since this is her 6th   which Bharathi Arts introduce this as        good wishes and congratulate Bhara-
years hundreds of younger Instrumental         visit to Toronto filled in her with great    first time to bring out the talented sing-   thi Arts Team to create a world history
Music players have come out well quali-        admiration and surprise she felt proud       ers from Toronto and select the best sing-   through their light musical Fine Art.
fied and proved their talents and skills in    to join with the

                                                                              Immediate Job Job
various cultural entertainments.               SriLankan Tamil
           Further promoting this musical      light music singers
art, this institution has done a lot of so-    Mr.Praba Balak-
cial services such as donating huge sum        rishnan, Mr Dushi,
to the Rouge Valley Hospital, Tsunami          Mr Judesen and

                                                                                                                      PHOTO & VIDEO
Disaster Rehabilitation Fund and to the        Miss Anusha Siva-
war affected people welfare fund etc., To      laingam with the
their credit, we all know that in the Film     back ground music
Industry in India, Kollywood and Bolly-        of tiny tots.

                                                                            PROFESSIONAL & EXPERIENCED
wood, world famous Indian Film Music                     With this
Directors viz Isaipuyal Dr A.R.Rehman,         introduction she
Yuvan Shankar Raja, Thenisai Thendral          began with the first
Deva and Harris Jeyaraj and Play Back          melodious song for
singers viz TMS, SPB, Dr Jesudoss, Un-
nikrishnan, Susila, Janaki. chinnakuyil
                                               world peace, love
                                               and       Prosperity    Video Editor, Photo Designer     - 1Hr $15.
Chitra have commended this Tiny Tots           from the film Kan-
Music Team and have felicitated during
their visit to Toronto. Thus adding one
                                               nathil Muthamittal
                                               ‘n t s ; i s g ;        Video Camera Man 1Hr $15 + Camera Rent
more feather to their victories on 12th        g + f ; f s ; ;……. .
September 2009 a grand cultural light
music program’ Innissai Mazai 2009’
                                               F o e ; i j
                                               Jhq; f l; L Nk’.        Photographer            1Hr $15 + Camera Rent
enthralled the audience in the presence        After that started
of Miss Shri Madhumitha, who is none
other than a play back singer of world
                                               series of beautiful
                                               songs from old and
                                                                        L. L. 3- 2296 EGLINTON AVE. EAST @ BIRCHMOUNT ROAD,
                                                                        Mobile: 416-752-4444 Tel: 416-755-2333
famous Indian Music Director and Oscar         new hit films by
Award Receipient-2009 Mr A.R.Rahman            this team for more
for the film ‘Slum Dog Millionaire’.           than three hours.
           This cultural show was organ-       Nearly 30 hit film

THE TAMIL MIRROR                                              SEPTEMBER, 2009

    Over 1000 Parking

          FLEA MARKET

                                   Dixie & 401

   Over 550 Booths (100,000 Sq. )
      Food Court (Multicultural & Canadian Food)
      Trade Centre for Business (35,000 Sq. )            Free d
      Farmers Market & a Lot more                      Paly L ids
                                                        for K
      Over 1000 Parking Spots

            For Booth Inquiry Call: 905.238.8700
                          24Hrs: 416.579.Dixi(3494)
                               www.dixie401 eamarket.com
  Opportunit e
  of a Life Tim        5150 Dixie Rd, Missassauga (Dixie & Aimco Blvd)

THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                   FEATURE                                                                 SEPTEMBER, 2009
                                                            Madras was restored to the English. British influence                  Even Tamils who received a grade of A+ were
Dravidian Contd From Page 25...                             was generally able to secure the favor of rulers of the       denied access to post-secondary studies, while those
again in the early 14th century. This was short lived,      Carnatic and Tanjore kingdoms, while the French suc-          Sinhalese who received considerably lower grades man-
for they were soon subdued in 1316 by Muslim Kh-            ceeded in placing their own nominee on the throne at          aged to get in. As a result of this discriminatory policy,
ilji invaders from the North. Then the Muslim Empire        Hyderabad. In the end, Joseph Francois Dupleix rose           many Sinhalese entered post-secondary institutions and
came to an end following occupation by the Europe-          to be the temporary authority over the fate of southern       managed to get into the fields of medicine, science, and
ans.                                                        India, but he was overthrown by Robert Clive, whose           engineering. As a result, Tamils failed to continue their
                                                            defence of Arcot in 1751 forms the turning point in In-       excellence in medicine, science, and engineering in Sri
   EUROPEANS IN THE COLONIAL ERA                            dian history. In 1760, the crowning victory of Vandava-       Lanka. The colonial legacy of unequal access to educa-
          In 1609, the Dutch established a settlement       si was won by Colonel Coote, over Lally, and in the           tion and, therefore, jobs spawned distrust and conflict
in Pulicat. In 1639, the British, established a settle-     following year, despite help from Mysore, Pondicherry         between the Sinhalese and Tamils. The distrust created
ment further south, in present-day Chennai (Madras).        was captured.                                                 civil war conditions in Sri Lanka, where over 80,000
In order to expand their sphere of influence, the British             Tamils contributed a great deal to these Eu-        Tamils were killed and over 40,000 combatants on both
incited petty quarrels among the provincial rulers by       ropean colonial empires. The British escorted millions        sides died in the two-decades-old war since 1983.
using a policy of ‘divide and rule’. The British fought     to Sri Lanka and to the Malaya peninsula, where they
with the various European powers, notably the French        were forced to work in estates. More than four million                             CONCLUSION
at Vandavasi (Wandiwash) in 1760 and the Dutch at           Tamils from southern India worked in tea estates in Sri       The influence of Europeans in the colonies created a
Tharangambadi (Tranquebar); they drove the Dutch            Lanka. More than two million Tamils worked on the             major shift in world history. It created conflicts caused
away entirely and reduced the French dominions in In-       sugarcane farms in Malaysia, and nearly a million Tam-        in part by dominant groups enacting and enforcing gov-
dia to the modern-day Tamil Union Territory of Pondi-       ils worked in the gold mines in Africa. Nearly 100,           ernmental, economic, political, and other social policies
cherry. The British won over the kingdom of Mysore,         000 Tamil professionals were taken from northern Sri          that distribute resources unequally. The conflicts in the
which was under the control of Muslim king Hyder Ali        Lanka to the Malaya peninsula to work in the British          world today are part of the post-colonial trauma that
and his son, Tipu Sultan.                                   administration. In addition, the French took hundreds         came as a result of disputes over providing privileges
          This led to the domination of India’s south by    of thousands of Tamils from Pondicherry to countries it       to some groups over others, over territorial boundaries,
British forces and they consolidated southern India into    controlled; the French also reaped the benefits of their      over the treatment of indigenous populations, and over
the Madras (Chennai) Presidency. Some notable chief-        labor.                                                        the uneven distribution of wealth and local governmen-
tains who fought the British East India Company as it                 The present situation in Sri Lanka is a classic     tal infrastructures.
was expanding included Veerapandya Kattabomman,             example of how the British policy of ‘divide and rule’                  However, European colonialism meant that
Pulithevan and Maruthu brothers. The first British set-     worked effectively to create ethnic divisions. The Brit-      the unification of nations in India or Sri Lanka faced
tlement in India, known as the Coromandel Coast, was        ish favored the Sri Lankan Tamils because their Eng-          enormous problems. Tamil lands were unified under
established at Machilipatnam in 1611. The Tamil union       lish-language skills were better and they had easier ac-      India. Tamil lands were unified under one Sri Lanka.
territory of Pondicherry was purchased by the French in     cess to higher education than the Sinhalese locals. The       When the British administrators left these countries, the
1762.                                                       highly-educated Tamils dominated governmental and             Tamils were abandoned and became minorities. There-
          For many years, the English and French traders    academic jobs, especially in the fields of medicine, sci-     fore, the European colonial rules have led to enormous
lived side by side peacefully in Tamil lands. Then, the     ence, and engineering. After Sri Lankan independence          problems that remain unresolved and that may continue
Austrian Succession crisis in Europe kindled a flame of     in 1948, the Sinhalese majority implemented changes in        to be unresolved for the next decades, or centuries, or
hostility between them. In 1746, Chennai was forced         the state’s post-secondary education admissions policy;       millennia.
to surrender to La Bourdonnais. Fort St. David was          changes that gave the Sinhalese an unfair advantage in                  The author can be reached at e-mail: sathee-
the only settlement that remained in English possession     gaining access to higher education, specifically to sci-      san_kumaaran@yahoo.com
in southern India. By the peace of Aix-la-Chapelle,         ence admissions.
                                                                                                                          Cassim: Machchan do you know the new nick name
Coffee shop Contd From Page 19...                           Chandra: May be. They hate and fear Vaiko, Neduma-            for Sri Lanka? It is called “Rejecting country”. Gov-
nda briefed the media yesterday on one of the gravest                                                                     ernment spokesman and Media Minister said Sri Lanka
problems facing the nation; the shortage of Rajapakse                                                                     would continue to reject any efforts to set up an inquiry
family members. President Rakapakse commented,                                                                            into possible rights abuses. “I don’t think the govern-
“I only have 3 brothers and even if you were to take                                                                      ment will accede to that request. Our track record is
the rest of my family into account, we still don’t have                                                                   straight. We have explained our position at various in-
enough people to fill the 100-plus ministerial posts                                                                      ternational forums. It’s a move to discredit the govern-
in the government. With Gotabhaya running defence,                                                                        ment,”
Chamal running ports and aviation, myself running fi-
nance and Basil running the country, the four of us have                                                                  Chinniah : It is not only the media minister but the
our hands full – who is going to look into areas such as                                                                  Hela Urumaya minister Champika too has spoken criti-
Women’s Affairs, Supplementary Crops Development                                                                          cizing The West. According to him “The Western coun-
and Sacred Area Development?”                                                                                             tries has no moral right to interfere in Sri Lanka’s inter-
           Chandra: So he could advertise in the papers                                                                   nal affairs, said Environment Minister Patali Champika
that all those who have no qualifications but only with                                                                   Ranawaka.
name Rajapakse from Hambantota area could apply for                                                                        These rich Western countries owe Sri Lanka for the
the minister’s post.                                                                                                      damage they have already caused to the world’s envi-
           Cassim: President Rajapakse outlined some of                                                                   ronment”.
the options that the government was looking at in order
to mitigate the problem, including plans for Rajapakse                                                                    Chandra: True machchan, western countries are wait-
family members to immediately embark on a breeding          ran and Seeman.                                               ing to arrest top ministers if they go to US or Europe.
program with the goal of producing 100 new Rajapak-                                                                       Some countries are refusing to give visas. Recently
ses in the next 12 months. However in the short-term,       Chinniah: The biggest headache for the congress is            Mahinda wanted to go to New York to attend UN but
President Rajapakse assured the nation that he would        the IDP’s living condition in Sri lanka. Prime Minister       visa for some of his ‘golayas’ who are now ministers
continue with the family appointments.                      Manmohan Singh has said India is committed to work-           were refused and it was a disgrace for the government..
           Chinniah: There is interesting news about        ing on a ‘priority basis’ for the relief and rehabilitation   Some say even Mahinda’s visa was rejected.
Tamil Nadu congress. A huge banner, showing slain           of internally displaced Tamils in Sri Lanka and New           Chinniah: But the Prime minister is lucky. He is now
LTTE chief Velupillai Prabakharan’s photograph alleg-       Delhi has conveyed its concerns on the issue to the is-       going to New York with his men.
edly erected by activists of pro-Ealam outfits near the     land government in “no uncertain terms.”
Periyar EVR’s statue here, surprised some Congress                                                                        Cassim : Chandra, Did you bring Jinadasa’s Kalu-
leaders who raised objection and demanded its remov-        Chandra: Nothing will move without Soniya’s bless-            thothal from Sri Lanka?
al.                                                         ings. She is the queen of India. The prince came to
                                                            Tamil Nadu to win over the youth and some film actors,        Chandra: Sorry machchan I did not go that side. My
Cassim: Do you mean to say Prabaharan fear is still         but was an utter failure. Stones were thrown in some          son will come in a month’s time. I will ask him to bring
hanging on to Congress in Tamil Nadu like the minis-        locations where he visited to give false promises.            it for you.
ters in Sri Lanka?

THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                    FEATURE                                                                   SEPTEMBER, 2009

Guardian Article Contd From Page 07...                       barred independent journalists from the war zone to this                 “I was there when the UN secretary Ban Ki-
to take off his leg and arm. He cried and cried.”            day, and has expelled UN officials and aid workers.           moon came in … He stayed there for about 10 minutes
           As the army closed in, it got worse.                         Meanwhile, the survivors of the final assault      and just went. Why didn’t he go into the camp and talk
“          People were running and running to get them       have been spirited away inside sprawling camps in a           to the people and spend some time asking them what
safe away from the shell bombing, but they couldn’t          militarised zone.                                             their problems were? I thought he has a responsibility
and it came to a point where we thought we are all go-                  It was to those camps, at Menik Farm, that         and people were expecting something from him. They
ing to die, there is no way we can be safe anymore here,     Gnanakumar was taken. Following that last bombing,            expected much from him and he just spent 10 minutes
but we just have to take it. I mean, you can’t get out of    she joined thousands fleeing towards the government           and that’s it.”
the shell-bombing. I didn’t think that I would be alive      lines. “We start moving and after walking about one                      The officials told Gnanakumar she would be
and I would be here now. I said OK, I’m going to die,        hour or so we saw the Sri Lankan army. They were say-         staying for a couple of days and would then be released.
that is the end of it.                                       ing: ‘Come, you are safe now, food will be provided for       “And then the 48 hours turned into three days and then
           “One day I was inside the [operating] theatre     you.’ There were bodies everywhere, like into pieces.         it turned into weeks and months and I thought OK, now
and the next room was bombed. We had a lot of the            We had to just walk.” That was when she saw the moth-         I understand it is not going to happen.” She was inter-
treated people left in the room for the doctors to go and    er agonising over what to do with her dead baby. No           rogated five times – what was she doing there? Why
monitor and they all died in that shell bomb. And they       one had time to bury the bodies, she says. Some pushed        had she been in the hospitals?
[the Sri Lankan forces] again bombed the hospital and        them into bunkers and covered them with a little sand.                   The call to say she was going home came last
one of the doctors died in that.”                            That was the best they could do.                              week. She was taken to Colombo to meet the presi-
           Inside the hospital, there was no respite.                   That night, they slept in a school, then they      dent’s brother, Basil Rajapaksa.
Gnanakumar cannot forget the day a mother was                were taken by bus to the town of Vavuniya. She called                    “He said OK, you went through so much in the
brought in, injured, clutching her baby.                     her mother: “I said, Mum, just get me out of here, I          country and now you are released you can go and join
           “She had the baby on her lap, the baby is dead    just want to get out of this place. And the phone got cut     your family and be happy. He wasn’t sorry about it.”
and the mother didn’t know and the doctor said: ‘Don’t       off.”                                                         She was then handed over to British officials.
tell her, because if we tell her now she will start crying              The Sri Lankan government has built a series                  She speaks in a matter-of-fact way, rarely be-
out and shouting and … we have to save the mother            of camps to house the estimated 300,000 people who            traying emotion. Her hair has been tied back tightly –
first.’ So we said: ‘OK, give the baby to us, we’ll look     poured out of the war zone. It claims that it needs to        she had beautiful hair before she left, she says, but lost
after her you go and get the treatment from the doc-         hold the civilians until it can weed out the former Tamil     most of it in the camps. She is not sure what she will do
tor,’ and only after she got the treatment we told the       Tiger fighters; its critics, including many UN organisa-      now, maybe something in the field of medicine.
truth, that your baby is dead. I can easily say it, but at   tions and independent aid groups, question why, even if                  “I’m happy and proud of myself that I was
that moment I was in so much pain, the innocent baby,        that is true, it needs to imprison children and the elderly   able to help the people. I still think it is unreal that I am
the mother didn’t know the baby was dead, she thought        behind barbed wire, and why it has not more quickly           in the UK … I never thought I would be alive and com-
‘my baby is sleeping’.                                       identified the rebels. Despite pledges to start sending       ing back, even in the camp.
           “There were so many incidents. Another time       the internees back to their homes “at the earliest pos-       “After looking at the people dying and dead bodies ev-
the mother was dead and the baby was still suckling.”        sible opportunity”, the UN says only 2,000 have so far        erywhere, it is like nothing threatens me any more, it
           The fighting was getting closer. They ate what    been released.                                                is like I have had the hard time in my life and I think I
they could find and slept, those who could, in the oc-                  There was no food the first day Gnanakumar         am         prepared to take up whatever happens in life
casional lulls.                                              arrived, and she had lost contact with the people she         now.
           “You have to be ready to run, you can’t relax     had been with. She slept in a tent with strangers.            “I’m not that old Vany that sits down and cries for little
and go to sleep, any minute you just have to be ready,”      Even after the privations of the war zone, conditions in      things. I’m stronger now after going through and seeing
she said.                                                    the camp still came as a shock.                               all that problem. My mind is clear now.”
Gnanakumar could not take any more. On 13 May the                       “Wherever you go there are big queues, what-                  The Sri Lankan high commission in London
hospital had been hit, killing about 50 people. “The         ever you want you have to queue. The toilets are terri-       last night denied Gnanakumar’s allegations and called
bunker right next to ours had a shell on top of it and       ble, I can’t describe how disgusting. Flies everywhere,       the claim of more than 20,000 civilian deaths “unsub-
there were six people in the same family died and three      mosquitoes, unhygienic … People had all sorts of ill-         stantiated and fabricated”. A spokesman said that at no
were wounded.                                                nesses.                                                       time did it target “government hospitals or any other
           “I saw them … suddenly I start hearing people     “People have lost their family members, they are sepa-        civilian infrastructure where the civilians were accom-
are crying out and I thought, it has to be somewhere         rated from their families … and they are going through        modated”.
really close … I came out of my tent and I saw blood         depression.”                                                             The spokesman said: “The government of Sri
everywhere and the people – I couldn’t even imagine                     Accounts circulated of rapes and murders, of       Lanka has all reasons to believe that Ms Gnanakumar
that place, there was blood and then the bodies were         people disappearing. Some people committed suicide:           has gone to Sri Lanka and worked in the conflict area
into pieces everywhere and my brother said: ‘Just pack       a teacher was found hanging from a tree.                      according to the LTTE’s agenda, while overstaying her
up and let’s get away from this place.’”                                Military intelligence officers were roaming the    visa.”
           In the last five days, she says, she believes     camps, looking for former Tamil Tigers, she said. “It is      He said the government was “continuously assisting
about 20,000 people died. It is a very high estimate,        an open prison, you are free to walk but you are inside a     the internally displaced Sri Lankans”.
though the UN has acknowledged the true death toll           prison, you are not allowed to step out. You can’t. There
may never be known. Tamil groups such as the Global          were guards everywhere and checkpoints.”                      Courtesy: Guardian, UK
Tamil Forum say her account corroborates their own                      A couple of days after she arrived, the British
figures drawn from interviews with survivors.                high commission made contact through the UNHCR.
           Over the course of the three-decade war, it       An appeal from her parents in the Guardian brought
is estimated that up to 100,000 people died. But inde-       fresh hope and a flurry of activity: she was moved from
pendent confirmation of the death toll in the final days     the overcrowded zone two to zone one, the part of the
has been impossible. The Sri Lankan government has           camp the authorities show to visitors.

THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                      FEATURE                                                                SEPTEMBER, 2009

                                             Flying around the world( Sep 2008)
                                                                           Oorkuruvi ( Sparrow)
LOCKERBIE BOMBER IS RELEASED.                                 Biggs is severely ill with pneumonia and Justice Secre-        has been in open disagreement about how to move for-
                                                              tary Jack Straw approved his release after being told he       ward.
                                                              is unlikely to recover.
                                                                         The Ministry of Justice signed off on his li-         HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE IN PHILIP-
                                                              cence conditions, granting his formal release.                  PINES PAY THEIR RESPECTS FOR THE
                                                                         It said Biggs was now under the supervision of                                FORMER
                                                              the Probation Service.                                                                   LEADER
                                                                         His son Michael emerged from the hospital                                    CORAZON
                                                              with his father’s release papers and said: “As a family,                                 AQUINO.
                                                              we are absolutely thrilled.
                                                                         The Ronnie Biggs being freed on compassion-                                                  The Philippines
                                                              ate grounds is a very different man to the one who en-                                                 has declared 10
   Lockerbie bomber Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi’s release
                                                              tered custody shortly after taking part in the Great Train                                             days of mourn-
                                                              Robbery.                                                                                               ing for the for-
         Lockerbie bomber Abdel Basset Ali al-Megra-                     Now 79, Biggs was imprisoned in 1964 for his                                                mer president.
hi’s release from a Scottish jail due to his ailing health    part in the infamous robbery, but the walls of Wands-                                                         Mrs Aqui-
could set off a firestorm of criticism, particularly in the   worth prison could not contain him for long.                                                           no, Asia’s first
United States, where most of the 270 victims of the                      Biggs’s parole denial is the latest in a long se-                                            female presi-
bombing were from.The decision reportedly came after          ries of events that have marked him out as one of Brit-                Corazon Aquino                   dent, led the
the Scottish Justice Secretary visited al-Megrahi in jail.    ain’s most famous escapees. It is more than 45 years                                                    1986 “people
Al-Megrahi was convicted of bombing Pan Am Flight             since he and his gang stole £2.6m from the Glasgow to          power” uprising that deposed dictator Ferdinand Mar-
103 over the Scottish town of Lockerbie. In October,          London mail train, but Ronnie Biggs has seldom been            cos. Many of the people who gathered at the De La Salle
the former Libyan intelligence agent, 56, was diagnosed       out of the news.                                               school where her body is lying in state were dressed in
with prostate cancer that reportedly had spread to other                 His escape from prison boosted his profile          yellow, the colour associated with the “people power”
parts of his body. But a month later a court refused to       from a bit-part player in the robbery to a celebrity fugi-     movement. Crowds have also been visiting her home
free him. The Court of Criminal Appeal acknowledged           tive, and his success at evading recapture for so long         and the shrine where her 1986 revolution culminated,
that al-Megrahi’s cancer was incurable.                       drew a sort of fascinated admiration from the British          leaving yellow flowers and lighting candles. Flags are
                                                              press and its readers.                                         at half-mast and hundreds of people have tied symbolic
    A NASA SPACE TELESCOPE HAS FOUND                                      In April 1965, Biggs scaled the wall at Lon-       yellow ribbons to cars and trees. Mrs Aquino had been
   EVIDENCE OF A HIGH-SPEED COLLISION                         don’s Wandsworth prison with a home-made rope lad-             suffering from colon cancer for more than a year when
   BETWEEN TWO BURGEONING PLANETS                             der and dropped on to a waiting removal van. Biggs             she died aged 76.
             ORBITING A YOUNG STAR.                           initially fled to Paris, with his wife Charmian and two                  She was catapulted into politics following the
          Astronomers say the cosmic smash-up is sim-         sons, Farley and Chris. He had plastic surgery and then        murder of her husband, the prominent Senator Benigno
ilar to the one that formed our Moon some four bil-           moved to Australia. But when Scotland Yard tracked             “Ninoy” Aquino, who had been preparing to run for
lion years ago, when a Mars-sized object crashed into         him down he escaped to Brazil, which had no extradi-           president.
Earth.                                                        tion treaty with the UK. In 1974 Scotland Yard detec-                    After winning the presidential elections in
          In this case, two rocky bodies are thought to       tive Jack Slipper, who spent his career tracking Biggs,        1986, she went on to run a country deeply divided af-
have slammed into one another in the last few thousand        managed to arrest him in Rio de Janeiro .But once again        ter years of martial law and communist insurgency. She
years.                                                        Biggs managed to evade British justice. This time he           battled several coup attempts against her rule, protected
          Details are to be published in the Astrophysi-      successfully argued against extradition because he had         the country’s fledgling democracy and freed political
cal Journal.                                                  fathered a son by a Brazilian girlfriend, having started       prisoners.
          The collision involved one object that was at       proceedings to divorce his English wife.                                 In recent years, she campaigned against for-
least as big as our Moon and another that was at least as                                                                    mer President Estrada, but then reconciled with him to
big as Mercury.                                                PROMINENT FIGURES BOYCOTTED                                   join protests against incumbent President Gloria Arroyo
          The impact destroyed the smaller body, va-              THE CEREMONY IN IRAN.                                      over allegations of vote-rigging and corruption.
porising huge amounts of rock and flinging plumes of
hot lava into space.                                                                                                          GORILLAS HAVE BEEN FOUND, FOR
          Infrared detectors on Nasa’s Spitzer Space                                                                          THE FIRST TIME, TO BE A SOURCE
Telescope were able to pick up the signatures of the                                                                                      OF HIV.
vaporised rock, along with fragments of hardened lava,
known as tektites.
          The two bodies must have been traveling at a
speed of at least 10km/s (about 22,400mph) relative to
one other before the collision.

                                                                    Iran President Mr Ahmadinejad

                                                              Influential former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani
                                                              was among those not at Monday’s ceremony, state TV
                                                              said. Another former president, Mohammad Khatami,
                                                              was also absent, as were defeated election candidates                                Gorillas
                                                              Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi. Mr Ah-
                                                              madinejad won a June election but allegations of fraud         Previous research had shown the HIV-1 strain, the main
                                                              sparked protests. Thousands of Iranians took to the            source of human infections, with 33m cases worldwide,
                                                              streets in the largest mass demonstrations in Iran since       originated from a virus in chimpanzees. But researchers
                                                              the 1979 revolution, which brought about the current           have now discovered an HIV infection in a Cameroo-
                                                              Islamic system of government. Public protests have             nian woman which is clearly linked to a gorilla strain,
                                                              ebbed since in the face of a strong police and militia         Nature Medicine reports. A researcher told the BBC
                                                              presence on the streets, but the country’s political elite
                                                                                                                                                            Contd on Page 42....

THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                SHORT STORY                                                                SEPTEMBER, 2009

                                          THe PeTiTion - 1
          Hultsdorf is the center of activ-    tie is one among those who were busy         diction and dismissal. He also ruined the   quiry and the officer was interdicted and
ity of the Sri Lanka’s Judicial system.        typing petitions. Writing petitions is im-   future of some crooks who defrauded the     then finally dismissed.
The buildings are in a congested area          bedded in the culture of many Tamils         companies they worked for. Some of his                “Aiyah, I need your help to
and are very old, reflecting the British       from Jaffna and this habit they carried      petitions have created family problems      write a petition”. A Tamil voice made
Colonial rule. The area is crowded with        with them when they migrated to for-         and ended in divorce.                       Peri to stop in the midst of typing a let-
men and women wearing Black coats              eign countries. The petitions they write               “Petition Peri” boasts of many    ter. He wiped the sweat from his fore-
carrying files, talking to their clients       are mainly destructive in nature and treat   cases, which he won for his clients all     head and looked up at the person who
about their cases. Policemen of differ-        it as a hobby. This is a common feature      through his excellent logical arguments,    was talking to him in Tamil.
ent levels such as Constables, Sergeants,      among some members of the associa-           wording and the presentation of appeals.              He saw an old man, in spec-
and Inspectors move around busy with           tions and they are never satisfied in life   One of them was the case of his Sinha-      tacles, standing before him with an um-
the accused. The area is at the height of      in the smooth functioning of the organi-     lese friend Fernando who worked with        brella in his hand. The man spoke in
businesses activities with three-wheelers      zation. Some let go their unhappy family     him as a clerk in the Treasury. Fernando
dropping and picking up people to attend       life by writing petitions.                   by nature was a hot-tempered man. He                 By : Pon Kulendiren
the cases.
          In addition to that, we could
see few street hawkers selling King                                                                                                     Tamil.
Coconuts to cool the temperament of                                                                                                               “What is your name? What is
those who are to face the judgments for                                                                                                 the petition you want from me? Asked
the offences committed by them. Many                                                                                                    Peri
stabbings and murders have taken place                                                                                                            “Aiyah, I am Thavarasa. I live
in the daylight but no witnesses come                                                                                                   in Kotahena. I am not good in writing
forward to give evidence on such inci-                                                                                                  English. I need your help to write a com-
dents.                                                                                                                                  plaint.”
          Lawyers carry court case pa-                                                                                                            “Who referred you to me?” Peri
pers in their armpits. If you happen to                                                                                                 questioned the man. Normally Peri asks
walk down the street you will see small                                                                                                 for details of referrals before handling a
congested offices of these lawyers carry-                                                                                               case.
ing the name boards hanging at different                                                                                                          “Lawyer Logendran advised
angles over their doors. Whether they                                                                                                   me to see you. Are you the Periyasamy
have business or not they will have an                                                                                                  who was working in the Attorney Gen-
office with a name board.                                                                                                               eral’s office?”
          There is a very old Bo tree in the
compound, well preserved, and a statue                                                                                                  “Yes, yes. I am Periyasamy. How do you
of the Buddha could be seen in a small                                                                                                  know Logendran?”
enclosure beautifully built in Kandyan                   Peri is a retired government       had family problems as his wife left him              “He lives few houses from my
architecture. Those who face verdicts on       servant from the General clerical ser-       and was living with his cousin. Fernando    place”.
criminal and other important civil cases       vice. He worked in various departments       had no children, although he was a hot                “I see. I am sorry I cannot offer
stop at the Buddha statue , worship him        in his 30 years of service, his final six    tempered person he was not communal         you a seat to sit. This is not an office. I
to save them from severe punishment.           years was in the Attorney General’s of-      minded. He had many Tamil friends and       cannot afford to have an office like your
Few yards away from the Tree we could          fice as Chief clerk. He carries the old      respected Peri for his age.                 friend lawyer Logendran. I hope you un-
see few old retired government servants        black leather case, faded in color with                During the 1983 communal ri-      derstand the situation.”
struggling with Remington typewriters,         patches all over. It was presented to him    ots he safely escorted Peri from Wella-               “No problem Aiyah. I will keep
Dictionaries and carbon papers. Their          for his services when he was transferred     watte to his home in Ratmalana, safe-       standing. How long do you think you
main assets are a small table that could       to the Attorney General’s office as chief    guarding him from the mobs. One day         would take to write this petition?”
be folded, a folding chair and an old          clerk from Colombo magistrate court.         when Fernando’s boss Mahinda scolded                  “It all depends what the case is.
Remington typewriter and few station-                    It is used by him not only to      him for loosing a file. The arguments be-   You have to tell me the full story. I will
ary.                                           carry important documents but also as a      tween Fernando and Mahinda reached          draft the petition and read it out to you.
          Although the Technology has          symbol of prestige to prove that he is a     a peak as Mahinda shouted about the         “
advanced with Laptops, Desktops and            retired government servant. The leather      character of Fernando’s wife. Fernando                “That is good for me Aiyah.
Microsoft Office these gentlemen do not        case protected him from the rain and sun.    lost his temper and he hit Mahinda with     What are your charges?”
wish to change with time. They feel that       The bag had gone through three opera-        the paper weight. Mahinda’s nose started              “If it is a short one within two
they are more comfortable with the old         tions in the hands of shoe menders and       bleeding and he was rushed to the hospi-    pages, I charge 30 rupees. If it is more
typewriter, made in England and some           the scars could be seen on the handle and    tal.                                        than two pages, I charge ten Rupees per
say it is more reliable than the computer.     the outer cover. Those scars were sym-                 The whole incident resulted in    additional page. It again depends on the
To stimulate their brain, when they type       bols of durability of the bag. Periyasamy    the interdiction of Fernando for disci-     case. If I have to do some references to
petitions, appeals, and applications and       never wore shoes but only sandals.           plinary reasons. A preliminary inquiry      present the case then I may charge more
other judicial documents, a tea boy from                 Periyasamy lost his wife when      was held and Peri appeared on behalf of     for the additional work”
the corner Tea kiosk supplies them with        he was forty. She died of breast cancer.     Fernando and defended him. He submit-                 “ It is not a legal case. It is only
plain or milk tea with or without sugar.       He had a son and a daughter. He man-         ted written evidence to prove that Mahi-    a complaint against a person”
          Through experience gained            aged to get a job for Suganthi in the        nda provoked Fernando by dragging the                 “ Fine, tell me briefly the whole
over several years, many of these Peti-        Government service with the help of a        character of Fernando’s wife. Moreover      story. It will help me to draft it quickly”
tion writers are familiar with the pro-        Head of the Department under whom he         Fernando was under stress due to fam-                 “Aiyah my only daughter Ra-
cedures and the documents to be filled.        worked as his personal clerk. He could       ily problems. Doctor’s certificates were    nee works as a Typist in the Education
Some of them give legal advice on minor        not help his son using his influence. His    produced along with statements from         department. She travels daily by bus to
cases and recommend the best lawyer            son worked as a Sales Rep in a Building      two eyewitnesses. Peri’s arguments and      Slave Island. One day she met a boy at
to be contacted for a particular type of       materials company.                           presentation of the case was so good that   the Slave Island bus stand and became
case. Although their ages are above the                  Periyasamy was nick named          Fernando was reinstated within a month      friendly with him. He told her that he is
sixties, their speed of typing is very fast    “Petition Peri” as he was an expert in       with full pay.                              a qualified chartered accountant working
and many of them have a good command           drafting appeals and Petitions. He also                There was another case where      in an audit firm. Since my daughter was
of at least two languages.                     claims that he drafted constitution for      Peri wrote a petition against a customs     also studying for an accountancy exami-
          Bald headed Petition Peri-           some associations which ended up quick-      officer for taking bribes to release some   nation, she asked him whether he could
yasamy, neatly dressed with an old black       ly in dissolution. He claims that he saved   imported items that were seized at the
coat and a white, short and partly torn        many government servants from inter-         Airport. This petition stirred up an in-                      Contd on Page 44....

THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                                                                                          SEPTEMBER, 2009

                                            3331 Markham Road, Suite 114
           We haveJum1,o2009
               As of ne                   (Markham & Steeles), Scarborough

          Family law                 Real Estate Law             Corporate law
                           Immigration law       power of attorney

                                                            remarked. High Court comprising of Chief Justice P D          nizations seeking a stay on the unveiling of legendary
Contd TamilNadu Politics From Page 08...
                                                            Dinakaran and Justice C V Sabhahit, which heard the           Tamil poet Tiruvalluvar in the city on Friday August
peak when Jeyalalitha was the CM of Tamil Nadu. The
                                                            public interest petitions moved by pro-Kannada orga-          7, ordered that no one can hold protest or rallies, op-
unveiling of the statue of poet-saint Thiruvalluvar near
                                                                                                                          posing the installation of the statue of Tiruvalluvar. It
Ulsoor by the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunani-
                                                                                                                          has accordingly, dismissed the petitions. The bench, in
dhi in the presence of his Karnataka counterpart Chief
                                                                                                                          clear words, said that the government will be free to
Minister B.S Yeddyurappa went off peacefully amidst
                                                                                                                          sternly deal with those, including the petitioners, their
a large turnout. Mr. Karunanidhi said the unveiling of
                                                                                                                          followers, supporters, organizations or third persons
Thiruvalluvar’s statue and that of Sarvajana in Chennai
                                                                                                                          who resort to holding of bandhs or protests against the
on August 13 “is a fine example of cooperation between
                                                                                                                          unveiling of this statue.
States in India.” “We have created avenues for coopera-
                                                                                                                                   Karunanithy is after Vaiko’s blood. Over again
tion between the two States,” he remarked. This Statue
                                                                                                                          and again cases are filed against Vaiko. This makes him
politics may survive so long as the statues are safe from
                                                                                                                          very unpopular. The recent visit by Rahul, son of Soniya
destruction from regional elements.
                                                                                                                          to Tamil Nadu villages was a failure. There were black
          “This is more than the mere unveiling of stat-
                                                                                                                          flags shown when he visited many areas. The rumour
ues,” he said. “Sarvajana belonged to a depressed com-
                                                                                                                          the popular actor Vijay may be appointed as Youth front
munity and his work reflected his progressive ideals.”
                                                                                                                          leader for Tamil nadu congress fizzled out.
“That is why he finds a place in the hearts of the people
of both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu,” Mr. Karunanidhi
                                                                     Much of the planet is thought to have been re-       women to work as maids two years ago, but there has
Contd From Sparrow Page 40...
                                                            surfaced by volcanism. Though no firm evidence for            been strong resistance to the move.
that, though it was a new type of HIV, current drugs        present-day volcanism has been discovered, scientists                   Thirty Saudi women aged between 20 and 45
might still help combat its effects.                        suspect it could still be happening on Venus.                 have started work in Jeddah, according to the al-Madi-
         HIV originated from a similar virus in chim-                But an eruption would have needed to be ex-          na newspaper.
panzees called Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV).         tremely powerful to penetrate this far through the plan-                Housemaids can face harsh conditions, includ-
Although HIV/Aids was first recognised by scientists        et’s dense, mainly carbon dioxide, atmosphere.                ing long hours, broken contracts and sexual abuse.
in the 1980s, it is thought to have first entered the hu-            Another potential source for the bright spot are               The women are contracted to work eight hours
man population early in the 20th Century in the region      charged particles from the Sun interacting with Venus’s       a day for a monthly wage of 1,500 Saudi riyal (£238;
of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The virus prob-        atmosphere. Alternatively, atmospheric turbulence may         $400).
ably originally jumped into humans after people came        have caused bright material to become concentrated in                   None of them is reported to have a primary
into contact with infected bush meat. SIV viruses have      one area. This is not the first time bright areas have been   school certificate.
been reported in other primates, including gorillas.                                              spotted on Venus.                 Hana Uthman, an employment agency man-
                                                                                                                          ager, told al-Madina that they had been selected after
 ASTRONOMERS ARE PUZZLED BY A                                                           THE FIRST                         a series of interviews and intensive training. He said
 STRANGE BRIGHT SPOT APPEARED                                                           GROUP OF                          another 100 women had applied for housemaid posts
      IN CLOUDS OF VENUS.                                                             SAUDI HOUSE-                        and were awaiting interview. Mr Uthman added that the
         The spot was first identified by an amateur as-                               MAIDS HAS                          women were supposed to carry out their duties when
tronomer on 19 July and was later confirmed by the                                    BEGUN WORK                          the male heads of household were out. Their employ-
European Space Agency’s Venus Express spacecraft.                                        UNDER A                          ers are reported to have signed forms pledging to treat
Data from the European probe suggests the spot ap-                                    GOVERNMENT                          the housemaids in accordance with the law. The labour
peared at least four days before it was spotted from                                  SCHEME, SAY                         ministry’s decision two years ago to allow Saudi wom-
Earth.                                                                                  REPORTS                           en to work as maids provoked controversy.
         The bright spot has since started to expand,                    FROM SAUDI ARABIA.                               There is a strong social stigma attached to the work, but
being spread by winds in Venus’s thick atmosphere.                   Until now, the job - which is regarded by            supporters, such as impoverished widows, argue they
         Scientists are unsure as to what caused the        many Saudis as demeaning - had been mostly restricted         need opportunities for honest work.
bright spot tens of kilometres up. However, a volcanic      to Asian women.
eruption is a possibility.                                           The Saudi Ministry of Labour permitted Saudi

                                                                                To AdverTise in

                                                                        TAMIL MIRROR


THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                                                                                                SEPTEMBER, 2009
                                                               banthar, Thirunavukkrarasar, Sundaramoorthy Naya-              Nandanar prays to the Lord and the Nandi moved aside,
 Contd Tamil Nadu Page 10...                                   nar, and Manikkavasagar. The collected works of the            letting him have the darshan of the Lord. He sang the
to liberation. Yet another theory is that it is derived from   first three are called the Devarams.                           glory of lord Siva and returned home, only to lose his
the word Chitrambalam, from Chithu meaning “play or                       The temple has 9 gateways and four of these         job since the Brahmin was told that Nandan went to the
dance of God” and Ambalam meaning “stage”.                     have towering gopurams each with 7 levels in the East,         temple ignoring the work that was pending. He hears
           The story of Chidambaram begins with the            South, West and North. The Lord is said to continuously        that the Lord who dwells also in Chidambaram must be
legend of Lord Siva strolling into the forest of Thil-         dance in a state of eternal bliss “Aananda thaandava”,         seen at least once in a lifetime. Thus, the desire to visit
lai trees, a species of mangrove trees - which currently       with his consort Sakthi or energy called Sivagami. A           Chidambaram grew in Nandanar to a great extent that
                                                               curtain covers this space which when drawn reveals             he started pestering the Brahmin to grant him permis-
                                                               strands of golden ‘Vilva’ leaves hung to indicate the          sion to visit Chidambaram at least once. Nandanar is
                                                               Lord’s presence. The “Chidambara Rahasya”, is hence            named Thiru Naalai Povar since he tells everyone that
                                                               representative of that time when one, in total surren-         he will be going to Chidambaram tomorrow (naalai).
                                                               der, allows God to intervene and remove our ignorance,                   The Brahmin refused to grant him permis-
                                                               even as we get to ‘see and experience’ his presence. It        sion and also ridiculed him of his desire to see the Lord
                                                               is an expression coloquially used in Tamil.                    of Chidambaram in spite of being born in a so called
                                                                                    There are several expalantions of Se-     low-caste. But upon Nandanar’s constant requests, he
                                                               cret of Chithambaram. There is no written olas explain-        agrees but in one condition. It is that Nandanar can visit
                                                               ing the secret. It is only a philosophical explanation of      Chidambaram after all the 240 acres of land is culti-
                                                               the danace of siva. As the temple represents space the         vated and harvested. Nandanar knew that it is a task
                                                               secret is realted to cosmos. Many are of the view that         next to impossibility. He cried to Lord Shiva in despair
                                                               the dance of Siva is the cosmic dance that reveals the         and Lord Shiva orders his Ganas to do all the work in a
                                                               formation of Universe. There is another expalantion for        single night. The Brahmin got astonished with the de-
                                                               the secret as to how Lord Nadaraj, when involved in            votion of Nandanar, fell down in his feet and requests
                                                               a dance competition with Sakthi he beat her by lifting         him to pardon him for his ignorance. Nandanar happily
                 Kumbakonam                                    her right leg up to the ear, to pick up the ear stud that      sets forth to Chidambaram and there too, he faced the
                                                               fell while dancing and exposed his torso which made            same problem of being a low-caste born. He sat there
grows in the Pichavaram wetlands near Chidambaram.             Sakthi to loose her balance in the dance.                      in the entrance of the city, filled with anguish to see
The temple sculptures depicting the Thillai trees date                    There is an interesting story related to Chitham-   the Lord.Lord Shiva appeared in the dream of the 3000
back to the 2nd century CE). In the Thillai forests re-        baram temple and alow caste man called Nanthanar               saints of Thillai and instructed them to receive Nanda-
sided a group of saints or rishis who believed in the          who later beacme a saint called Nayanar. Nandanar was          nar with due respect.
supremacy of magic and that God can be controlled              born in a village called Adhanur in a poor family. He                    There is also a story that turned controversial
by rituals and ‘mantras’ or magical words. The Lord            was born at the cruel time where untouchability was            where some say that Nandanar was asked to enter fire
strolls in the forest with resplendent beauty and bril-        being practised, as he belonged to Paraiyar community,         to prove his purity and that he came out of fire unhurt
liance, assuming the form of ‘Pitchatanadar’, a simple         which was considered as a untouchable Avarna. He               and he got merged with the Lord. There may be a truth
mendicant seeking alms. He is followed by his Grace            worked as a Naatamaikar under a Brahmin who owned              in that story because Brahimins who considered them
and consort who is Lord Vishnu as Mohini. The rishis           around 240 acres. He had the love of the Brahmin,              as high caste people were in charge of the temple as
and their wives are enchanted by the brilliance and the        who believed that Nandanar had a midas touch and that          such were jealous about Nandanar’s devotion to Lord
beauty of the handsome mendicant and his consort.              he is very loyal and sincere in his duty. But nothing          shiva and people started talking about his magical pow-
Dikshitar the priests of the temple are also called the        was explicitly shown by the landlord towards the poor          er. Some say that the Brahmins cleverly burnt him and
‘Thillaivaazh Andhanar’. Dikshitar meaning the priests         Nandan who served him devotedly.                               covered the story as they made him to merge with the
who reside in Thillai and administer the worship and                      Though Nandanar’s deity was Karuppanasa-            Lord. Nevertheless, Saint Nandanar is a great example
management of the Chidambaram temple, are consid-              mi, the protector lord of villages, He was a great devo-       of true devotion. The story of Nandar reminded me
ered the foremost amongst the devotees of the Lord             tee of Lord Shiva. He visited the Thirupangur Shiva            of the prevention of low caste people to enter Mavid-
Siva. The temple, though open for public worship is the        Temple where the Bull (Nandi) hid the Lord from his            dapuram temple in Jaffna peninsula reflecting the ar-
property of the class of Dikshitar Brahmins.                   vision. Since untouchability and caste-curse being very        rogance and ignorance of so called high caste educated
           The temple and the Lord were also immortal-         dominant at that time, the poor Nandanar could not en-         people ( Continued)
ized in poetry by four poet Saints – Thirugnana Sam-           ter the temple to have darshan. But without losing hope,

                                                                                                                      in this issue in UN. The prostitution with China resulted in
Access denied...Contd from page 09               Political Prostitution ...Contd from page20
                                                                                                                      fruitful dividend. Sri Lanka and China`s Exim Bank signed
on government orders. Independent               with Iran’s nuclear development project. This did win some
                                                                                                                      deals worth more than $350 million to build a highway and an
travel by journalists is banned. In addi-       favors from Iran. However, lest it has not been clearly enunci-
                                                                                                                      oil bunkering facility near one of the world`s biggest shipping
tion, the government reacts with fury to        ated, Sri Lanka’s interest in preventing a war against Iran is
                                                                                                                      lanes, Sri Lanka`s Foreign Ministry announced.The bunker
any criticism, from whatever source, of         very much of survival of its own self than anything else. Al-
                                                                                                                      terminals will be built at the Hambantota port on Sri Lanka`s
its slowness in getting the refugees out        most the entire supply (70%) of crude oil to Sri Lanka is from
                                                                                                                      southern coast. Initial construction phase being carried out by
of the camps and back to their homes.           Iran. 20% of its tea is exported every year to Iran. A war in
                                                                                                                      Chinese firms. The other agreement will finance the building
                  The secretary gen-            any form against Iran is going to be calamitous for Sri Lanka’s
                                                                                                                      of highway from the Sri Lankan capital Colombo to the in-
eral’s reward for the low-key approach          own survival.
                                                                                                                      ternational airport 30 km north in Katunayaka. China in July
he has taken to the Sri Lankan crisis                     Raman wrote :“Government of President Mahinda
                                                                                                                      won the rights to Sri Lanka`s first exclusive economic zone,
since he assumed office has been to             Rajapakse has requested the Government of Iran through
                                                                                                                      located in Mirigama with easy access to the Colombo port and
be ignored. Now the Sri Lankans have            a Malaysian Muslim of Indian/Sri Lankan origin for an ur-
served an expulsion order on the Unicef         gent loan at low interest to enable it to purchase trainer and
                                                                                                                      Prostitution with Sri Lanka did deliver a big dividend for
spokesman, James Elder, after he                electronic surveillance aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles
                                                                                                                      Congress party in India. LTTE is subdued and vengeance
warned that the monsoon would cause             in replacement of those lost during the recent ground-cum-
                                                                                                                      taken. But there is no gurantee that it will have a rebirth. Al-
chaos and suffering in the camps. The           air attack launched by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
                                                                                                                      though unlike the affair with other countries, the love affair
Colombo government wants aid but                (LTTE) at the Anuradhapura air base of the Sri Lankan Air
                                                                                                                      between the two countries continues on a knife edge, as is-
it also wants to micromanage the way            Force (SLAF). It has also requested Iran for the supply of oil
                                                                                                                      sues related to Rameswaram fisher men and Kachchaitheevu
it is deployed and to bully those who           and gas at concessional rates on credit. These requests are ex-
                                                                                                                      island has created a dent in the love affair. The dent is be-
have the job of delivering it. It is time       pected to be followed up personally by President Rajapakse
                                                                                                                      coming bigger and bigger as many Dravidian parties in the
that the donor nations and the agen-            during a planned visit to Iran shortly
                                                                                                                      south are applying pressure on India to find a solution for
cies formed a united front to resist this                 Sri Lanka returned the favour immediately by pledg-
                                                                                                                      Eelam Tamils. Frequent deputations from North between
unreasonable and ungrateful attitude.           ing its support to Iran’s nuclear program. Iran and Sri Lanka
                                                                                                                      India and Sri Lanka could not resolve the problems and
                                                signed eight MOUs – “Iran donated a massive sum of 1.5
                                                                                                                      strengthen the love affair. But sending love letters between
Courtesy: The Guardian, UK                      billion dollars in financial assistance, with the two countries
                                                                                                                      the two countries still continues. Sri Lanka may not re-
Sep 8, 2009, Editorial                          signing an MoU to develop programmes of oil refineries and
                                                                                                                      quire much support from India because the war is now over.
                                                irrigation projects in Sri Lanka .
                                                          Sri Lanka and China, both countries have a common
                                                feature, violation of Human rights. Both support each other

THE TAMIL MIRROR                                                                                                                                            SEPTEMBER, 2009

                                                             that she is going to do overtime in her office. She came      me was:
Contd From Short Story Page 41....                           home very late that Saturday.                                            “Appah you don’t know the amount of work
help her in her studies. He willingly agreed. He brought               “So, what happened in his room? Did the boy         that is pending in my office. I have to type out the trans-
some old accounts books and notes to her and offered         have sex with her without her consent?” Peri became           fer orders for teachers. The other typist is on maternity
her free help.                                               more anxious and restless.                                    leave”
          Ranee was highly impressed by his generos-                   “No aiyah. She did not tell me about the de-                   “I believed her. But when things turned differ-
ity and kindness. Before the examination, the boy sug-       tails. But I knew what happened, as result of that visit to   ent I knew that she had been cheated”
gested to her to do some past question papers with him       that boy’s room. She refused to give me the details. Af-                 “What? Cheated? How? Go on explain in de-
and invited her to his room. This mad girl without my        ter that day she started coming late from office. When        tail.” ( To be continued)
knowledge went to his room on a Saturday. She told me        I questioned her as to why she comes late, her reply to

                                                           the Malaysian government.
                                                                                                                       CONTD FROM THE TAMILS’ PLIGHT PAGE 06....
Contd From Page 22.....                                               Sri Lanka, who is drumming its victories
knees unless the State accommodates the demands of         over military success and now over the capture of           Stiefel took a history elective course on the Holocaust and
Tamils. Tamils are not begging the Sri Lankan State        KP, will definitely boost Colombo politically and           was horrified to learn that mass killings were still taking
for power. However, international jurisdictions make       will help Colombo to extend hands to arrest and             place in the world.
it difficult for the Tamils to secede from a recognized    bring any others who speak in favour of Eealm Tam-                    “Being completely oblivious of Darfur blew my
State.                                                     ils to Sri Lanka. But Colombo should realize that it        mind,” Stiefel told me. “Not only not being aware, but not
However, the kidnapping and removal of KP in               would not get the support from the global commun-           doing anything to stop it.”
Kuala Lumpur to Colombo violates international             ity always as it did in South East Asia.                              His teacher invited him to join STAND -- Students
jurisdiction. Without informing the family or close                   In arresting KP, President Mahinda               Taking Action Now in Darfur. Through that organization,
relatives, kidnapping and relocating him to another        Rajapaksa has lost an historic opportunity to heal the      he met George Sworo, a refugee from Darfur attending the
country is not acceptable to the UN conventions. It        ethnic wounds between the majority Sinhalese and            University of Pennsylvania. The two became friends, and
is a gross violation of international rules and regu-      the long brutalized Tamils. This is further proof the       Sworo’s story strengthened Stiefel’s commitment.
lations. There is no doubt that some influential and       Sinhala government is out to crush Tamils’ demand                     He started a STAND chapter at Elon University,
powerful countries contributed behind the scenes in        for equal rights and freedom regardless of the means        where he’s now a sophomore. He’s brought speakers to
his kidnapping, even though the Sri Lankan author-         of resistance.                                              campus, organized events, met with students at other lo-
ities issued statements to the contrary. Even the Thai-               Killing, abducting, and torturing a com-         cal colleges, lobbied politicians and a couple of weeks ago
land Prime Minister said that KP was not arrested          munity will not bring stability to the country. Fur-        wrote a column for this paper urging the Obama admin-
on his soil. The LTTE’s legal advisor, Viswanathan         ther, all these will add fuel to divisions and enable       istration to step up pressure on the Sudan government. I
Rudrakumaran, who is a resident of the U.S. as well        the oppressed to come out stronger than before to           ended up on his e-mail list, too.
as U.S citizen, strongly urged the Malaysian govern-       fight the oppressor. Daydreaming will never become                    For the past year, Americans have focused on the
ment to clarify on the abduction of KP and he urged        a reality, but independent Tamil Eelam will definitely      sour economy. This summer, the talk has been about health
the Malaysian government to order a full investiga-        become a reality as justice always will triumph at the      care reform. When we think about international affairs, it’s
tion on the KP arrest episode.                             end. However, people like KP and tens of thousands          usually about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. All under-
           The Malaysian Prime Minister said he was        of others belonging to a nation should sacrifice for        standable.
not aware exactly what happened and he did not             the liberation of their community as freedom will                     But the world is bigger than U.S. problems. There
admit that he would launch a full investigation as         not come into birth without sweating. In spite of Sri       are places where people aren’t sure of surviving from one
demanded by Rudrakumaran. However, it is a sensi-          Lanka’s not-so-clandestine attempts to silence the          day to the next, often because other people are trying to kill
tive matter and Malaysia is home to nearly two mil-        Tamils, the Tamils still struggle mightily for their        them.
lion Tamils who embraced the country as their home.        rights and freedoms and will continue to do that until                I’m grateful for Schwandt, Stiefel and others who
However, they remain a forgotten community in the          their rights are established.                               believe we can make a difference -- if we get involved.
country. Despite all this, the present situation over                 (The author can be reached at e-mail:                      In a world where you can see atrocities on tele-
the arrest of KP will further anger the Tamils towards     satheesan_kumaaran@yahoo.com)                               vision, or connect to people on the scene via cell phone
                                                                                                                       or Facebook, nowhere is too far away to see, hear or care
                                                           to their villages and resume normal life, attendees to      about.
Contd From Jayalalthaa Page 01....
                                                           the rally said.                                                       It’s personal for Schwandt -- but not just as a Tam-
Sri Lanka Navy against Indian fishermen in the sea,                  The US envoy in India, Ambassador Tim             il from Sri Lanka, a country she feels isn’t hers anymore.
Meantime, the same day in U.S., American Tamils            Roemer has discussed the situation concerning the           As an American.
assembled near the United Nations building around          internally displaced people in Sri Lanka, during a                    “America is a symbol of freedom and justice,” she
noon and protested against UN inaction, particularly       meeting with Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karu-              says with pride. “It’s a bigger brother who stands up for
the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, for first            nanidhi following day, September 23. Describing as          people who can’t speak for themselves.”
failing to prevent the bloodbath in May when more          a "high priority",the resettlement of Tamil people                    She’s right. It’s just that sometimes, Americans
than 20,000 Tamil civilians were allegedly killed by       lodged in camps in Sri Lanka, Ambassador Roemer             need to be reminded of that. I did.
Sri Lanka Army using heavy weapons, and now for            said the US was trying to make sure that the process        Thanks, Frank and Manju. Keep it up.
allowing Sri Lanka to continue to incarcerate nearly       happened in an "expeditious, humane and just fash-
300,000 in military supervised internment camps            ion". "The US makes it a high priority to make sure         Courtesy: news-record.com
with little freedom of movement.                           that these people are moved out of the camps”.              Sep 9,09
           Protesters urged the UN to take swift ac-
tion to pressure Sri Lanka to allow civilians to return

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         Finished Bsmt                     tached Garage. No Sidewalk               Storey Home.Close To Ttc                    Bright Unit                      Location. Ttc;

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