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    In 1979, two students returned from their travels newly cultured, slightly
    jetlagged and on the biggest high of their lives.

    Bright-eyed and inspired by their wanderlust, they founded STA Travel to
    help other young people explore a world beyond text books and office desks.
    The real world.

    33 years and millions of trips later, the ethos of STA Travel remains the same. We’ve
    grown up with our travellers and discovered that more people, not just students,
    want authentic real-value travel options. We’ve built our exclusive product range
    from the ground-up in direct response to what you need and want from us.

    We firmly believe that experiencing the wonders of the world will expand your mind
    and enrich your understanding. Travel is the best education - there is nothing like it
    to open the eyes, mind and heart.

    Inside this brochure, you’ll find a whole host of travel options, handpicked to inspire
    your socks off. We’ve got thousands of exclusive offers on flights, accommodation
    and all the essential extras to help you plan your ultimate African or Middle Eastern

    Come and talk to us by popping into one of our many branches, giving us a call or
    visiting our website online.

    We’re passionate about changing the way people think about travel and in the
    process, making a positive impact on the lives of millions.

    Get out there – the world is waiting for you!

 04   Responsible travel
 06   Why STA Travel
 07   Planning your trip
 08   Getting there
 10   Travel essentials
 11   Let’s get social
 12   Sweet dreams
 13   Your amazing adventure
 14   The Africa experience
 16   Be inspired

 18   Face to Face with Africa &
      the Middle East
 20   Volunteering
 35   South Africa
 38   Baz Bus
 40   Car rental
 42   Cape Town
 44   Beyond Cape Town
 46   The Garden Route
 48   Eastern Cape
 50   Durban
 52   Johannesburg
 53   Kruger
 57   Namibia
 61   Botswana & Zambia
 62   Livingstone
 63   Botswana
 65   Mauritius
 84   Ethiopia
 85   Tanzania
 88   Trek Kilimanjaro
 92   Zanzibar
 95   Kenya
 98   Kenya Beaches
101   uganda
104   NOrTHErN AFrICA &
      THE MIddlE EAST
107   Egypt
108   Cairo
110   Egypt Beaches
115   Jordan
118   Israel
121   Morocco
122   Marrakech
126   The Arabian Peninsula
127   Abu Dhabi & the Middle East
128   Dubai
130   TrAvEl INSurANCE ANd



                       THE STA TrAvEl APPrOACH
                       Responsible travel has been with STA Travel in various shapes and forms since our pioneering days. Over three decades, we’ve
                       helped millions of travellers make deep connections to the places they visit, and to come away with a greater sense that we’re
                       sharing this world.

                       In 2011 we made it all official by signing up with Sustainable Travel International - a non-profit organisation helping travel
                       providers to support environmental conservation and protect cultural heritage - to take part in their rigorous Eco-Certification
                       Programme. Endorsed by the United Nations’ Global Sustainable Tourism Council, the holistic programme tracks the good stuff
                       we’ve done so far, examines our environmental footprint, and highlights the gaps we must fill in order to gain the highest
                       accreditation by 2015.

                       Our goal is to earn the full five-stars by 2015, and we’ll be audited by an external body along the way. No excuses. No shortcuts.

                     Our PlANETErrA PArTNErSHIP
                     STA Travel has embarked on a responsible travel journey with Planeterra; a non-profit organisation built on the belief that
                     people, and the planet, should be as important as profit in the travel business. Planeterra has been supporting local people to
                     develop their communities and conserve their cultural heritage since 2003, and they have staff on the ground to make sure it
                     all happens.

                     The 30 volunteer projects they nurture benefit greatly from your helpful hands, and what you gain from making a positive
                     impact is seriously priceless. Check out our Volunteer, Work and Learn brochure where you can view our entire range of
                     responsible travel options; it’s packed full of volunteer and voluntour options the world over.

                                                                                          FrESH dIrECTION FOr A
                                                                                          TSuNAMI-dEvASTATEd vIllAGE
                                                                                          On December 26 in 2004, the Asian tsunami smashed into
                                                                                          a small island in Southern Thailand called Koh Phra Thong,
                                                                                          destroying the main village and killing 75 people. A new
                                                                                          village was built in its place, and the tsunami survivors – who
                                                                                          once relied on fishing for their livelihood – are turning to a
                                                                                          sustainable model of tourism to provide income.

                                                                                          To help them achieve their goal, staff and customers of STA
                                                                                          Travel worldwide have together raised $100,000 to develop
                                                                                          a community centre and tourism training facility. Locals and
                                                                                          volunteers use the centre to learn about turtle and mangrove
                                                                                          conservation, the women’s handicraft group has set up a little
                                                                                          shop in there, and the village children are learning to read
                                                                                          and write in their new colourful classroom.

                            “Almost every change that is needed to deal with Global Warming
                            would improve the quality of life”


                                                                                                                  rESPONSIBlE TrAvEl
                                            AT A GlANCE
                                            With your help, here’s what we’re doing to meet our goals…

                                            •	 We	offer	over	90	local	projects	worldwide	from	5	days	to	
                                                6 months, working with children, communities, animals and
                                            •		 We	have	committed	US	$1	million	over	5	years	to	work	with	
                                                our major non-profit volunteering partner, Planeterra, to
                                                develop volunteering projects and other sustainable tourism
                                            •		 We	give	our	staff	the	opportunity	to	experience	our	
                                                volunteering projects first-hand

                                            •		 With	a	combined	donation	of	$100,000	from	STA	Travel	
                                                customers and staff, we are developing a community centre
                                                and tourism training facility in the tsunami-devastated
                                                island of Koh Phra Thong, Southern Thailand
                                            •		 Our	customers	and	staff	worldwide	are	raising	$72,000	
                                                to build a hospital ward for children in Kikuyu, Kenya, to
                                                restrict their exposure to disease and make their hospital
                                                stay a happier one
                                            •		 Our	customers	and	staff	worldwide	are	raising	over	$12,000	
                                                to install rain catchment systems in the Bocas Del Toro
                                                islands of Panama, providing safe drinking water to the
                                                indigenous Kuna people
                                            •		 We	match	customer	and	staff	donations	towards	our	chosen	
                                                projects (up to US $30,000 annually)

                                            Our GrEEN WOrKPlACE
                                            •	 We	recycle	brochures,	paper	and	cardboard	in	all	branches	
                                                and offices
                                            •		 We	print	our	brochures	on	chlorine-free	paper	sourced	from	
                                                fully sustainable forests
                                            •		 We	replace	business	travel	with	webinars	when	face	to	face	
                                                meetings aren’t necessary
                                            •		 We	choose	to	work	with	suppliers	with	genuine	
                                                sustainability awards and accolades

                 STA TrAvEl

                 Now if this is the first time you’ve heard of us then where have you been living? We could say in a cave but that would be too cliché and we
                 revolt against all things cliché, so much so that we’ve made our mark specialising in all the impossibilities that used to seem just a little out
                 of reach. We have a wild and wonderful enthusiasm for all the experiences both diverse and magnificent that travel provides.

                 We’ve been providing these kinds of adventures for over 30 years, so you should have heard of us by now! We’ve made it our mission to
                 open up the world to eager, enthusiastic, adventurous travellers and are the world’s largest bona fide travel company for students and
                 young adults – but whatever your age we enthusiastically await your call, email or visit as we’re more than happy to show you our unique
                 perspective of planet Earth.

                 No matter where you are in the world, the incredibly friendly and knowledgeable people that work for STA Travel are never far away. We’ve
                 got hundreds of STA Travel branches all over the world with 24/7 global travel help - an essential backup for all travellers on the move. If
                 you’ve lost your tickets, want to change your dates or just need some local advice our help is always at hand.

                 We’ve got thousands of exclusive offers on flights, adventure trips, accommodation and all the essential extras to help you plan your dream
                 trip to Africa. This brochure showcases the best of them, so enjoy!

                 TOP 10 rEASONS TO TrAvEl WITH uS
                 1. ONE STOP SHOP FOr TrAvEl                       5. 100’S OF BrANCHES WOrldWIdE                    8. GlOBAl TrAvEl HElP
                      From flights to beds to travel insurance.       You can speak face to face with us in 60           Wherever you are on the planet, we’re
                      With all your bookings in one place, it’s       countries right across the world.                  there for you 24/7.
                      easy to manage your holiday with us.
                                                                   6. OvEr 30 YEArS EXPErIENCE                       9. WOrld-ClASS TrAvEl
                 2. EXCluSIvE lOW AIrFArES                            We’ve got the experience to take you to           PArTNErS
                      Our unique airline partnerships give you        the most exciting places for less.                 We only work with the best to ensure
                      access to the lowest fares.                                                                        you’re looked after.
                                                                   7. WEll-TrAvEllEd,
                 3. EXCluSIvE FlEXIBlE AIrFArES                       PASSIONATE STAFF                               10. MASSIvE rANGE OF
                      You can change your plans at minimal            Our advisers are expertly trained with           AdvENTurES
                      cost and effort.                                hands on experience to give you the                Enjoy our extraordinary range of
                                                                      best advice – and they freakin’ love to            adventures around the globe, from
                 4. SOMETHING FOr EvErYONE                            travel.                                            the tried and true highlights to off the
                      No matter what your age, we can get                                                                beaten track experiences.
                      you to wherever you want to go - and
                      for an unbeatable price to boot.

     Pick up my STA Travel Africa brochure          Get a phone card or travel sim so I can
                                                    phone home cheaply
     Book an appointment with a consultant
     and get planning!                              Book somewhere to stay for my first few
     Get my flights booked
                                                    Check and arrange my visas
     Buy my ISIC or IYTC card for amazing
     discounts all over the world                   Speak to my GP about my jabs

     Get my Cashcard so I can manage my             Get packed and hit the road
     money easily while I’m away

Think carefully about the places you’d like to visit and what you want to see and experience.
Prepare to be struck by diversity - Africa is a huge continent, and just within countries
you have different landscapes, various tribes and loads of wildlife. Go from city to the wild
outdoors and end up at the beach. Prepare for your camera to be well and truly worn out!
That’s before you’ve even got to the animals - safari is what this continent is all about! Lions,
leopards, elephants, giraffes... it’s hard to believe you’re really seeing such fantastic creatures
in the wild! And let’s not forget the Middle East, dip your toe in this colourful world and prepare
to be amazed.

Once you’ve finished flicking through this brochure and have a rough idea of what you want,
pop into your nearest STA Travel branch and chat to one of our friendly advisers. All our staff
are passionate travellers, so they’re full of helpful advice, tips and tales about the places that
you’re planning to visit.

Get yourself on one of our hefty overland trucks - these beasts speed along the various roads,
whether it’s over the potholes of a dirt track or along modern tarmac roads. They can get into
places other vehicles can’t reach and an added bonus is great game viewing due to the extra
height they have. If you’re on a long journey across the continent, it really will become your
home from home. You can also jump on and off of buses, trains and ferrys - wherever you are in
the world we’ll make sure you get around safely, comfortably and efficiently... and it’ll be fun!

Countries in Africa have their own individual currencies so if you’re just visiting one you can
take that with you. However, if you’re visiting a number of different places we’d recommend
taking US dollars to exchange across the continent. The local team will be on hand to advise
you where and when to change your currency up. Major towns and cities do have ATMs, so
you’ll have quick and easy access to your funds with your credit, debit or Travelex cash card.
We’ll help you work out a budget when you book your trip, but think about where you’ll be
going, how long you’ll be away for and what you’ll be doing while you are there. Many of our
trips include nearly everything you need to survive, so you’ll only need a small amount of money
per day to get by.

     Aside from our great prices, many of our airfares are unique and exclusive. We offer a wide range of
    flights negotiated just for you. We can book just about anything you desire, from simple return tickets
    to tailor-made complex round the world itineraries. Here are some of the things that make us stand out
    from the crowd:
    •	 Lowest	fares	with	leading	airlines	for	students	holding	an	ISIC	card,	youths	under	26	holding	an	IYTC	
        card or teachers holding an ITIC card.
    •	 Flexibility	to	change	your	travel	dates	and	your	route	before	and	after	departure.
    •	 The	option	to	build	your	own	itinerary	using	our	exclusive	one	way	fares	(don’t	compromise	when	
        creating your perfect trip!)
    •	 ‘Open	jaw’	tickets	-	fly	into	one	airport	and	out	of	another.
    •	 24	hour	travel	help,	so	wherever	you	are	in	the	world,	there	is	always	an	expert	available	to	handle	
        your queries.
    •	 Hundreds	of	STA	Travel	branches	worldwide,	giving	you	personal	service	as	you	travel	the	globe.

    Sign up to our eNewsletter by visiting our website so you don’t miss out on our exclusive deals and
    competitions to win free stuff!

    We’ve been helping folks get the best airfare deals since before the dawn of time… OK, so we exaggerate
    a little, but we have been doing this for ages! Our advisers know exactly where to look and what to
    check. So talk to one of our travel gurus, or have a look at our website and find yourself a deal that won’t
    break the bank. To get you started, here are a few insider tips that’ll help you get the very cheapest price:
    •		 Buy	an	ISIC,	IYTC	or	ITIC	card	to	be	eligible	for	our	exclusive	student,	under	26	and	teacher	fares.	
    •	 If	you	can	help	it,	don’t	leave	it	to	the	last	minute.	Many	of	our	best	prices	sell	out	quickly!
    •	 Try	and	be	a	little	flexible	with	your	dates	and	check	out	flying	on	a	weekday	instead	of	the	weekend.
    •	 Think	about	flying	outside	of	peak	times	if	you	can.

    Add-ON FlIGHTS
    Add-ons are the best (kinda like fries with your burger or fresh lime in your vodka). They let you get to
    pretty much anywhere in the world you want to go by simply adding on one of our unique sector fares (a
    one way or return flight added onto your international flight). Doing this means more gallivanting beyond
    the arrival at your international flight. If we really need to convince you, just think about how relaxing it
    would be hopping over to Zanzibar for some beach time. Or what about adding a flight from Cape Town
    to Nairobi to experience the Masai Mara? Africa is a big continent but our add-on fares can help you
    save time getting around.

    rOuNd THE WOrld
    This is something we specialise in. We practically invented the concept of flying round the world, so
    we’ve got a huge range of exclusive choices and plenty of suggestions for you.

    Our round the world fares are totally flexible and can be tailored exactly to your needs; so you can
    work for part of the year and travel the rest of the time! Pretty awesome. And they’ll save you big
    bucks too.


                                                                           GETTING THErE
Twenty five years ago Emirates was born, launching flights from
its home base in Dubai, initially with just two aircraft. Growing up
alongside you throughout the 90’s, today they fly to over 100
destinations in 65 countries around the world - and their network
continues to grow rapidly.

With their hub in Dubai, one of the world’s most exciting and thriving
cities, you’d be crazy not to make the most of a stopover on your
way to Africa. Emirates fly to 30 points in Africa and the Middle East
including of course Dubai as well as Cairo, Nairobi, Johannesburg,
Durban, Cape Town and Mauritius.

On Emirates you’ll enjoy one of the highest standards of comfort,
service and facilities in every class. At STA Travel we think Emirates
Economy Class is pretty damn awesome. With their cabin crew
from all corners of the world, superb multi-course meals and
complimentary snacks, as well as personal seat back screens offering
up to 1200 channels of award-winning in-flight entertainment, your
flight won’t be long enough to experience it all!

Emirates also has one of the most generous baggage policies going,
allowing Economy Class travellers to take a suitcase up to 30kg free
of charge, ideal for bringing back some amazing African mementos.

It’s an easy decision – fly with Emirates for the best Economy Class
travel in the business!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, if you’re under
26 or a student under 32, you can also save even more on your
Emirates flight with STA Travel thanks to special discounted airfares!
Quality and great prices, what more could you ask for?

So, if you’re looking for a great deal and amazing service for your trip
to Africa and the Middle East, choose Emirates for an exceptional
journey from start to finish.
                       TrAvEl INSurANCE                                HEAlTH                                          TrAvEl SAFETY TIPS

                    Whether you’re trekking Mt Kilamanjaro or      It’s your responsibility to obtain proper        If you’ve never been away from home for
                    on safari in the Serengeti, you’d be crazy     and detailed medical advice in plenty            longer than a two week family holiday
                    to leave home without travel insurance. We     of time before you go. We suggest that           then we recommend you read our travel
                    know you must be buzzing for your trip to      you visit the Safe Travel website at             safety advice to help you prepare for the
                    begin and travel insurance is the last thing or for up to       unexpected. Travelling in Africa is wild and
                    on your mind. However, our experience tells    date information. Your local GP can also         exciting, but it’s wise to have your wits
                    us that travelling without cover is simply     give advice on which vaccinations you’ll         about you. While very few people run into
                    not a risk worth taking. STA Travel offers     need for particular countries.                   serious trouble or problems when they’re
                    travel insurance policies that cover you                                                        away, it pays to be sensible and take note
                    for a range of benefits, such as cover for         vISA                                         of the below:
                    medical, cancellation, emergency transport     Your trip of a lifetime will quickly ground
                    and accommodation. Plus if things go wrong     to a screeching halt if you forget to sort       Never get between a hippo and water
                    you’ll have access to the 24 hour emergency    out your entrance visas. Please don’t            Hippopotamuses love water, which is
                    assistance team of doctors, nurses and         forget to check with the relevant embassy        why	the	Greeks	named	them	the	‘river	
                    case managers. To chat about your travel       if you need to get a visa for the countries      horse.’ However many human deaths in
                    insurance options or for a quote, ask your     that you plan to visit.                          Africa occur when a person gets between
                    STA Travel adviser today!                                                                       a hippo and deep water (or between a
                                                                     TEACH ENGlISH                                  mother and her calf) so be aware of your
                       ISIC & IYTC CArdS                           quAlIFICATIONS                                   surroundings at all times!
                    Want to take advantage of over 41,000          Millions of people are learning English
                    discounts worldwide? If you’re a full          across the globe in the most far flung           Be careful at border crossings
                    time student you can buy an ISIC card or       of places, so how about teaching                 Seemingly innocent things can attract
                    alternatively if you’re not a student but      English overseas? Teaching English as a          unwanted attention: money, cameras,
                    under 26 years old, you can buy a Youth        Foreign Language (TEFL) is a recognised          sunglasses or expensive electronics like
                    card. They only cost $25 each and can          qualification. Anyone can do it and there        laptop computers or iPods. Make sure to
                    be used both at home and abroad. You’ll        is no need for prior teaching experience         pack these items out of sight, and only
                    save loads more than the cost of the card      - just enthusiasm. Learn to teach English        carry enough money for the things that
                    while you’re travelling so they are well       as a foreign language either online or as        you need to buy at the border, like visas
                    worth the spend! We sell these cards right     part of a weekend course. Once certified,        or bus tickets. If you have a thick wad of
                    here at STA Travel and just look at the        you can take advantage of the many paid          cash, the officials might be tempted to
                    discounts you can get:                         teaching opportunities available around          ‘create’	a	problem.	The	key	is	to	stay	as	
                    •	 Access	to	cheaper	student	and	under	        the world too. So get ready to immerse           inconspicuous as possible.
                       26 airfares                                 yourself in a new culture, add to your CV,
                    •	 Discounts	on	local	transport                gain a skill for life - and fund your travels!   Keep in touch
                    •	 Savings	on	museum	and	art	gallery	          Visit for details.          Make sure you always stay in contact with
                       admission charges                           (New Zealand only)                               friends and family back home, especially
                    •	 Discounts	at	retail	stores                                                                   if you are near a disaster or incident!
                    •	 Bonus	extras	at	hostels	like	free	                                                           Registering your travel plans online with
                       internet and welcome drinks                                                                  MFAT is also a great idea so you can be
                    •	 Great	deals	at	restaurants,	pubs	                                                            contacted in an emergency – visit
                       and bars                                                                            or for more

                                                                                                                    Safeguard your passport at all times
                                                                                                                    It can be difficult to replace your passport
                                                                                                                    while you’re overseas - particularly when
                                                                                                                    you don’t speak the local language. Make
                                                                                                                    sure you have your passport as close as
                                                                                                                    possible to you at all times and it’s also a
                                                                                                                    great idea to keep a copy of key passport
                                                                                                                    pages (like visas) in your main pack and on
                                                                                                                    email in case you need it.

Being social is at the very heart of what we do; from the moment you step into one of our
branches, it’s all about engaging with you at a level which suits you. This way, we learn to
understand your needs as an individual, and we learn where to tweak things to ensure you have
an unforgettable adventure. And guess what? We extend that philosophy right across the web!
Come and join us…

Be the first in line for our best deals and promotions, by signing up to our weekly email
newsletter. We’ll slam it straight into your inbox, for when the urge to travel takes you.

NEW ZEAlANd                                     SINGAPOrE         

As well as giving away some of the world’s best travel prizes, we also smother you with
inspiration. Whether you’re looking to connect with other travellers, share your best travel tips
and ideas, or find the latest deals from STA Travel, hit the wall on our Facebook page and get
involved today!

NEW ZEAlANd                                     SINGAPOrE             

Get your tweet on and join the world’s biggest conversation! We’re on hand to answer your
questions, and fuel your curiosity about the world’s most exciting destinations, as well as
bringing our latest and greatest deals, straight to your Twitter stream. Wherever you are in
the world, we’re only a tweet away.

NEW ZEAlANd                                     SINGAPOrE               

Be the star of your very own travel blog on our website and show the world what you’re made of.
Wondering how much it costs? For you, it’s absolutely free!

NEW ZEAlANd                                     SINGAPOrE                 

     Star ratings are often not the best way to categorize hotels. Depending on what country you’re travelling
     through, perceptions of each standard can vary quite dramatically. To make things much easier for you,
     we’re giving you our own, very educated opinion on each property that we feature. We have three very
     straightforward accommodation categories to choose from:
     STAysimple, STAysmart, STAystylish and STAyapartments. Read below for a description of each.

 + BONuS
                                                   Look out for our STA Travel Bonus offers -  we’ve sourced the very best deals
                                                   that will ensure you save money and make the most out of your stay. Please ask
                                                   your STA Travel Expert for applicable dates and terms and conditions. 

                                                          For those who want their travelling money to stretch a little further. Clean, comfortable,
                                                          secure and perfectly adequate, these are no frills budget options. All of our hostels and
                                                          some of our more basic hotels come under this category.
                                                          The majority of our STAysimple properties have great locations in the heart of all
                                                          the action, and many of them boast popular bars and vibrant social scenes. Facilities
                                                          are generally limited, but this is compensated for by the friendly staff and buzzing
                                                          atmosphere Many of these options will have shared bathrooms.

                                                          Perfect for those who demand a little comfort when they travel and need to have a host
                                                          of facilities close at hand. These are modern, international standard hotels, so expect a
                                                          plethora of great facilities. Most rooms will have private bathrooms, air-con and a host
                                                          of modern amenities. You can also expect loads of great additional features, such as a
                                                          pool, gymnasium and restaurants.
                                                          STAysmart hotels are ideal for an upgraded city option, beachside retreat or recovering
                                                          after your adventure tour, while still on a budget.

                                                          These are a little bit special. Adjectives such as unique, funky and intimate are definitely
                                                          very apt. Most will boast something absurdly indulgent, such as a private pool, pillow menu
                                                          or a cigar lounge.
                                                          Luxury, darlings!
                                                          The utmost service and an unforgettable experience are more or less guaranteed. After a
                                                          fantastically hectic trip or if you’re after a really indulgent couple of nights stay, it definitely
                                                          pays to splash a little cash and book yourself into one of these wonderful STAystylish hotels.

                                                          Whether you’re looking for a long term base or need all the facilities of home at hand for a short
                                                          stay, our STAyapartments will hit the mark. Facilities will include a modern bathroom, plenty
                                                          of space to relax in after a busy day and a kitchen with everything you need to cook up
                                                          breakfast, lunch and dinner. Found in our top cities they are perfect for a group of friends, a
                                                          family or even a couple looking for a little more than your average hotel room.
                                                          Sit back, relax and make yourself at home.

     Pricing and Photography
     The	accommodation	prices	featured	in	this	brochure	are	based	on	per	person,	twin	share.	The	‘from’	pricing	shown	has	been	calculated	using	low	season	stays	and	is	
     based on lead-in room types. We’re sourcing great deals all year long so we recommend using the prices in this brochures as guide and to ask your STA Travel Expert for
     the best available deal for your travel period. The accommodation photos featured are representative of the room types available at each property however this may not
     be the actual room type that you receive. If you have a preference for a particular room your adviser will be happy to help. Just ask!

We partner with leading tour companies who provide fantastic adventures across the globe to give you a variety of styles of

                                                                                                                                                                    YOur AMAZING AdvENTurE
travel	and	experiences	to	choose	from	when	planning	your	big	trip.	We	consider	them	our	‘perfect	partners’	as	they	share	the	
same passion for travel as we do and we guarantee you will get the cheapest price on their trips through us. In Africa & the
Middle East we have one perfect partner, who will make sure you get the best experience of this fabulous continent.

                                 G adventures, formerly known as Gap Adventures, was founded more than 20 years ago and set out on a journey to transform
                                 the way people think about travel. Combining the convenience of small group touring with the joys of independent discovery,
                                 their authentic and sustainable travel experiences encourage you to step off the beaten path, embrace the unexpected, and
 bring you face-to-face with the world’s most fascinating cultures, customs and awe-inspiring wildlife.
 G adventures don’t believe that an unforgettable travel experience has to be expensive. Their grassroots approach to travelling is a more affordable way to
 travel so your adventure of a lifetime doesn’t have to cost the earth! They also don’t think solo travelers should pay more for the privilege either, so you can
 be	paired	up	with	a	same-sex	roommate	at	the	same	price.	On	the	other	hand	if	you	would	prefer	to	have	your	own	space,	check	out	the	‘my	own	room’	prices	
 available on some tours.
 With a huge variety of trips all over the world, loads of departure dates and an unparalleled choice of tour styles designed to meet all tastes, ages and
 budgets, you’ll have no problem finding your dream trip. Book one of their guaranteed departure dates for complete peace of mind. Kick back, relax and start
 looking forward to the adventure of a lifetime!
 Their (modest) aim is to change people’s lives, and by showing you this amazing planet in a new light, we think they’ll do exactly that!

Some of you can’t wait to get your hiking boots on and climb a mountain, while others look forward to exploring museums or trying new
foods at the local markets. Everyone has different travel preferences and budgets, so we’ve built a style for anyone who wants to add a little
(or a lot) of adventure to their holiday. Keep an eye out for the stamps below throughout the brochure so you know exactly what's in store
and can find your perfect adventure!

SMAll GrOuP                                                                   You don’t need to give up
                                                         SMALL GROUP the spirit of adventure to
These trips encourage you to step off the                 COMFORT    enjoy your travels with
beaten path, embrace the unexpected and                                     a touch more comfort.               Fantastic trips aimed at folk aged 18-35.
immerse yourself in the extraordinary. On              Your arrival transfer is normally included and           The group size averages around 30, so you’ll
average there are about 10 travelers on one            you’ll be whisked around in a private vehicle            be able to share the experience with a group
of our trips, depending on the destination -           to classy, comfy accommodation. You might                of like-minded people. With stays in quality
the maximum is usually never more than 16.             still spend some nights under canvas but this            hotels and authentic accommodation with a
Do you prefer to camp or stay in lodges? Ride          will be a canvas of comfort – permanent tents            local flavor and a mix of transport both public
a camel or travel in a private, air-conditioned        which normally have en suite facilities as well          and private, the organization has been done
van? To help you choose the trip that’s right          as proper beds. Lay your head at hotels and              for you. Simply sit back, relax and get on with
for you, there are different service levels:           lodges as well and enjoy facilities such as              having a good time!
                                                       swimming pools in your downtime.
                                                                                                                             A range of independent
                    This is grassroots travel                                  Combining the challenge                       itineraries put together just for
 SMALL GROUP at its most interesting.                    SMALL GROUP of physical adventure                                   you. Request your preferred
      BASIC         Immerse yourself in                    ACTIVE    with the thrill of                         date and set off, touring the sights privately
                    the local culture and                                   exploration, these                  with your own transport and guide.
get up close and personal with wildlife.               trips are designed to push you to the edge
Accommodation will be under canvas or in               of excitement for an adrenaline pumping
simple hotels, which are clean and well-               experience you’ll never forget. Work up a                                               The ball is in
kept. Get around in anything from private              sweat as you venture off the beaten path.                                               your court, as
minibuses to small 4x4 safari vehicles as well                                                                                                 they say, you’ve
as by boat and on foot.                                OTHEr STYlES OF TOurING                                  got total control and maximum flexibility. If
                                                                                                                you find yourself totally loving a place, you
                                                                              For a real hands on               can stay longer. Not so keen? Move on! Just
                                                         OVERLANDER travel experience climb                     hop back onto the bus and head to the next
                      Authentic experiences                                 onboard one of our all
 SMALL GROUP with some of the                                                                                   spot. It’s all about independent , secure,
  STANDARD comforts of home. You                       purpose specially designed overland safari               easy-going travel at your own pace – so you
                                                       trucks. “What is this” we hear you ask, a                can see more of what you want and less of
                       might still find the odd        truck?! No dear traveller this is not your
night of camping, kipping on an overnight                                                                       what you don’t.
                                                       normal run of the mill large vehicle! Designed
train or on the deck of a boat but these will          with pure adventure and exploration in mind
be complemented by hotel accommodation                                                                                            Self drives offer you
                                                       these trucks have comfy seats for those long                               unbeatable freedom
throughout the rest of your trip, mostly with          African journeys and also store all your kit
private facilities. Transport will tend to be                                                                                     and flexibility. Routes
                                                       – camping, cooking and the whole caboodle!               have been designed with the highlights in
private in the most part but will still be mixed       Many of these tours cover more than one
up with some unique local options as well.                                                                      mind and we’ve included various levels of
                                                       country and you can also get off of the main             accommodation throughout so all you have
                                                       roads to hidden highlights, often with no                to concentrate on is the journey. Car rental
                                                       tourist infrastructure. Day to day you’ll help           is purchased separately and there is more
                                                       set up camp and pitch in with cooking or                 information on this on page 40.
                                                       clearing up – all helping your group to bond
                                                       as a newfound tightly knit group of friends.
                                                       Check out page 14 for more information.

                        THE AFrICA

                        This type of travel is all about the journey. Africa is the home of overlanding; trucks have been crossing these borders since the 1980s on
                        journeys of exploration, adventure… and fun! Your overland truck does not just get you from A to B. It’s your home from home; your comfy
                        safari vehicle, your kitchen and your camping support vehicle. These vehicles are built to withstand Africa’s roughest terrain and they can
                        take you to isolated villages, to hidden views and close to unbelievable wildlife. Spend your days rumbling along rugged dusty roads and
                        watching the world outside go by. Overland tours typically cover some pretty vast distances but we guarantee you’ll enjoy every mile and
                        every minute. This is no ordinary holiday – this is Africa, overland.


                        The vast star lit sky overhead, crackling campfires, hearty meals and snuggling down in your cozy sleeping bag, what an amazing way to
                        get close to Africa. With just canvas between you and the nocturnal world you’ll smell and hear the bush but you’ll have to wait until the
                        next day to see it. Unzip your tent and wake to the glow of the sun as it peeks over the plains and listen as the world awakes. All camping
                        equipment apart from sleeping bags and pillows are included (mattresses too!) and large domed tents are super easy to set up in minutes,
                        even for first time campers. Campsites have toilets, tap water and basic showers. On some trips camping is participatory and you should
                        expect to set up and take down your own tent as well as help out around the camp, maybe chopping some vegetables for dinner or helping
                        out with the dishes. Other tours may include the team pitching your tent and doing all duties around the camp, see tour inclusions for details.

4X4 SAFArI vEHIClES                                                       MINIBuSES

                                                                                                                                                       THE AFrICA EXPErIENCE
Small safari vehicles allow you to get up close and personal with         These are minibuses Africa style! Comfy cushioned seats, air-con and
Africa’s astounding wildlife. These nimble characters are compact with    sliding windows are the norm, plus the vehicles are small and fast so
around seven seats per vehicle, speedy and easy to manoeuvre. They        they can cover a lot of ground as quickly as the local speed limit allows,
normally also have sliding windows and pop up roofs to allow you the      and get you to where you want to be in what can only be described as
best game viewing money can buy!                                          the	opposite	of	‘Africa	time’.

PErMANENT TENTEd CAMPS                                                    lOdGES

These tents are as you’d expect from the name, permanent! They vary       If you crave more comfort than canvas can offer then opt for tours
from basic to out and out luxurious but all have one thing in common;     including hotels and lodges. Standards vary hugely from basic but
they	don’t	need	pitching!	Tents	are	‘walk-in’	with	proper	beds.	At	the	   comfortable rooms to ones fit for Hollywood stars! Savor the post
more luxury end of the scale you’ll also find en suite bathrooms with     game drive hot shower, have a sundowner and get a good nights rest
solar powered showers and electricity.                                    before the next day’s adventure.

              BE INSPIrEd
                                                                   An adventurer’s Mecca, Africa
              AFrICA &                                             has long been captivating intrepid
                                                                   explorers attracted to the continent
              THE MIddlE                                           by its vast animal filled lands,
                                                                   vibrant mix of tribal cultures and

              EAST...                                              natural wonders ready to impress.
                                                                   Land on these soils and you can’t fail

                                                                   but to have the trip of a lifetime!

              Head to the east with its world famous national parks and game reserves
              and	tick	off	the	‘Big	5’	among	the	plains.	The	Big	Cats	are	king	here	so	hope	
              to see them in action striding across the savannah. Or if you would prefer to
              see	the	‘King	of	the	Apes’,	travel	into	Uganda	and	get	friendly	with	a	family	of	
              endangered mountain gorillas. But it’s not all about the animals, the East Coast
              also boasts tropical beaches and a laid back island vibe in the beach resorts of
              Kenya and Tanzania.
              Journey through Africa’s heartland on an epic overland adventure and
              connect the east and south. Malawi is a rising star in bush and beach tourism
              -	enjoy	the	‘Warm	Heart	of	Africa’	as	you	travel	along	the	lake’s	shores	and	
              onward into southern Africa.
              In the south, Cape Town brings cosmopolitan cities into the mix. Then it’s all
              about the scenery - towering sand dunes, massive mountains, vast deltas and
              the thundering Victoria Falls. Not that we’ve forgotten the wildlife – just like
              everywhere else in Africa national parks and game reserves are ever present.
              The Middle East offers a world of different experiences. Ancient culture is
              everywhere as you take in some of the world’s most famous sites. Souks entice
              you, deserts enthrall you, local traditions fascinate you and beaches relax you.
              There’s one thing for sure, this region is colorful, captivating and all consuming.

              BEST FOr ANIMAlS

              KruGEr NATIONAl PArK, SOuTH AFrICA                  OKAvANGO dElTA, BOTSWANA                             MASAI MArA NATIONAl rESErvE, KENYA
              Vast landscapes and spectacular scenery is          Do	away	with	the	‘average’	safari	vehicle	and	       The northern continuation of the Serengeti, the
              what keeps travellers coming back to this           climb into a traditional mokoro (canoe boat)         Masai Mara is famous worldwide. Search out the
              park again and again. 7,523 square miles of         for a riverside view of this lush wonderland of      ‘Big	5’	in	the	savannah	and	woodlands.	Animals	
              unadulterated African wildness with all of the      waterways. Then transfer to the power of two         are everywhere year round but hit the annual
              ‘Big	5’	within	its	fences	including	thousands	of	   feet to see the plentiful wildlife on exhilarating   migration for an extra special experience. This
              lion and the ever elusive leopard.                  once in a lifetime walking safaris.                  place is world famous for a reason!

              ETOSHA NATIONAl PArK, NAMIBIA                       SErENGETI NATIONAl PArK ANd                          BWINdI IMPENETrABlE N. P., uGANdA
              Meaning	‘place	of	dry	water’	Etosha	is	centerd	     NGOrONGOrO CrATEr, TANZANIA                          Without being biased, we would hint that
              around a flat pan which only fills with water       Incredible concentrations of predators and the       a gorilla encounter is an unrivalled wildlife
              after substantial rains. The hardy wildlife here    largest herds on the planet make the Serengeti       experience that tops pretty much anything else.
              gathers around the many waterholes (some of         a must see. Descend into Ngorongoro and              Uganda is home to some of the last endangered
              which are floodlit at night!) and includes herds    see fantastic wildlife in the most scenic and        species in the world and expert trackers can
              of elephant and zebra, lion and cheetah.            quintessentially African of locations.               help you discover them.


                                                                                                                                                              BE INSPIrEd
CAPE TOWN, SOuTH AFrICA                               vICTOrIA FAllS, ZAMBIA/ZIMBABWE                     THE dEAd SEA, JOrdAN
Beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife and             ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’,	means	the	smoke	that	               A feeling of weightlessness that you’re unlikely
shopping that can’t be beat! Top this off with a     thunders. Water plummeting down from a               to experience again lest you make it to the
big fat dollop of fine wine and top class tasty      great height, the first thing you’ll notice is the   moon, and reaching the Dead Sea is a whole lot
food and you have Cape Town! And with an             sound…then the haze as droplets are forced           easier! Bob along in these salt rich waters with
amazing location nestled between mountains           into the air…and then you’re wet and having the      Jordan to one side and Israel on the other. Try
and coast, this city is simply stunning.             time of your life with a the view of a lifetime.     and sink, go on we dare you!

THE NAMIB dESErT, NAMIBIA                            MOuNT KIlIMANJArO, TANZANIA                          HIGH ATlAS MOuNTAINS, MOrOCCO
The blazing orange sands of the Namib are just       All 5,895 metres of this mountainous beast           There’s more to Morocco than medinas, there’s
calling out for exploration. Take in Sossovlei’s     are challenging you to try and reach its lofty       mountains too! North Africa’s highest peak,
unique landscape and climb the impressive            peak. It may take you a week, it may take you        Mount Toubkal, soars above the rest, and
Dune 45 for a birds eye view of the shifting         longer, but the feeling of pure exhilaration         local Berber people complete the scene. Enjoy
sands set against a backdrop of pure blue            when you reach the summit will make every            peaceful walks, amazing views and authentic
African skies.                                       single step worthwhile.                              North African experiences.


THE GArdEN rOuTE, SOuTH AFrICA                       ZANZIBAr, TANZANIA                                   dAHAB ANd THE rEd SEA, EGYPT
A dramatic beautiful coastline, buzzing beach        Tanzania’s paradise island, Zanzibar, just oozes     Formerly a Bedouin fishing village, the laid back
towns and world class surfing, the Garden            exotic charm and beautiful tropical beaches. It’s    small town feel of old persists here. Renowned
Route is waiting for you to discover it. Easily      just a hop, skip and a jump from the port of Dar     worldwide for its incredible windsurfing,
combinable with Kruger N.P. and you can start        Es Salaam and you can take a ferry or a short        snorkeling and diving, you can take a break
or finish your trip in the mega metropolis of        flight from other destinations in East Africa.       from the long lazy beaches and the seas will
South Africa’s most famous city, Cape Town.          Combine with a safari for the perfect trip.          keep you busy.

SWAKOPMuNd, NAMIBIA                                  MOMBASA, KENYA                                       duBAI, uNITEd ArAB EMIrATES
Namibia’s most popular resort town offers            Kenya’s premier beach location; where better to      Enter the fabulous world of Dubai! Home to
something a little different as the Atlantic Ocean   wind down and soak up the sun after your time        beautiful beaches, man-made desert islands,
meets the dunes of the Namib Desert. Relax in        on safari? Regular flights from Nairobi make         glitzy hotels, desert adventures and even a
chilled out cafes and eat tasty seafood or get       this a breeze to get to. The white sands, clear      huge indoor ski slope, you really can do it all
adventurous in the desert sands. Quad biking and     seas and sunshine of this stretch of coastal         here. Stop off for a few days or stay for longer,
sandboarding are just two of the options here.       paradise = pure bliss.                               you won’t want to leave!

                                             FACE TO FACE WITH
                                             AFrICA &

                                             THE MIddlE EAST
                                                  Casablanca                                   Tel Aviv
                                                               Marrakesh                                  Amman
                                                                                                                       Abu Dhabi    Muscat


                                             Freetown                                          Addis Ababa

                                                                                                Arusha          Mombasa
                                                                                             Dodoma            Zanzibar
                                                                                                               Dar es Salaam

                                                                                   Livingstone      Harare
                                                                             Windhoek                                           Mauritius
                                                                                   Johannesburg    Pretoria

                                                                               Cape Town       Port Elizabeth

                                                                                              FACE TO FACE WITH AFrICA & THE MIddlE EAST
              NORTH AMERICA


                                          AFRICA   MIDDLE

                       SOUTH AMERICA


                                                                          NEW ZEALAND

                                       My Africa & the
                                       Middle East Wishlist



                                       Adventure Trips


                                       My budget

               90 PrOJECTS,
               33 COuNTrIES...
               1 WOrld

                                                      WORK IN

                                                                                                             Our PrOJECTS
                                                                                                             Participate in a range of global projects and
                      volunteer                                    voluntour                                 make a real difference. Every project has
                                                                                                             been chosen with the ultimate aim of helping
                                                                                                             local communities and their environments
                                                     WORK WITH

                                                                                                             achieve a sustainable way of life.

                                                                                                             WOrK IN CONSErvATION
                                                                                                             Protect some of the world’s most fragile
                                                                                                             environments. By preserving these eco-

                Volunteering is all about making a greater       Voluntours are a way to learn about

                                                     WORK WITH

                                                                                                             systems, you’ll contribute to the project’s
                               WORK WITH

                contribution. Giving back (and gaining           the people and place you are visiting

                lots too). You’ll make a positive difference     on a much deeper level than a normal        long term sustainability and pass on your
                to the lives of others on a much deeper          adventure tour. It’s the perfect way        knowledge to local communities.
                level, by donating your time, energy and         to give back to the community you
                experience. All of our projects aim to help      are visiting, to lend a helping hand to     WOrK WITH ANIMAlS
                                                                                                             Contribute to the protection of endangered

                local communities achieve a sustainable          someone in need, to work towards a
                                                    WORK WITH
                               WORK WITH

                way of life in an environmentally sensitive      cause you believe in, or simply to find a   species. In their desperate fight for survival,
                manner, as well as assisting conservation        way to make a positive impact through       you’ll develop an understanding of their
                and community programs worldwide.                your travels. Our Voluntours provide        conditions and work to protect them.
                You don’t need specific qualifications or        opportunities for travellers to engage in
                skills either - just a desire to lend a hand,    community projects that are working in      WOrK WITH CHIldrEN
                immerse yourself and learn more about            health, education, conservation and small   Inspire the newest generation to break the
                what life is like in other communities           business opportunities around the world.    cycle of poverty. Your work will provide
                around the world.                                                                            them with basic skills and help to create an
                                                                                                             environment in which they can reach their
                                                                                                             full potential.

                                                                                                             BuIldING FOr COMMuNITIES
                                                                                                             Spend time with a broad cross-section of
                                                                                                             the local community. Your work will improve
                                                                                                             quality of life and ensure community
                                                                                                             sustainability in some of the world’s
                                                                                                             remotest areas.

                                                                                                             For more information about our worldwide
                                                                                                             projects pick up a copy of our Volunteer,
                                                                                                             Work & Learn brochure today.

15 KINGdOM OF THE $1,571
                                                                                                   TEACH CHIldrEN
                                                                                                   IN ZANZIBAr
          JOHANNESBurG                  JOHANNESBurG                                               STONE TOWN            STONE TOWN

  •	 Work with rare White lions and predators of all kinds                                 •	 Spend time with local children of all ages
  •	 Meet	Kevin	Richardson,	known	as	the	‘Lion	Whisperer’                                  •	 Relax on white sand beaches on a tropical island
  •	 Enjoy the sanctuary’s stunning scenery                                                •	 Volunteer at community projects

This project is devoted to caring and enriching the lives of the animals that call       Based in a village on Zanzibar’s east coast, you’ll assist at one of the local
it home. The sanctuary is home to many animals, such as lion (including the              schools (primary or secondary) or pre-schools, which are typically understaffed
rare White lion), hyena, Black leopard, jaguar and a variety of antelope species         and underfunded, and struggle with large class sizes and limited resources.
including wildebeest, giraffe, impala, blesbok and nyala. Through the work of            You’ll assist students individually and provide the attention needed to help
Kevin	Richardson,	known	as	the	‘Lion	Whisperer’,	in	the	media,	he	highlights	            them gain confidence in their studies. English language training provides a
the plight of large carnivores in Africa and the need for their protection and           great benefit to students and their parents — and although it’s not necessary,
conservation of their natural environment. Spend your days caring for the                volunteers with TEFL qualifications are an asset! Spend your mornings and
animals at the sanctuary and helping to maintain the facilities that enable              afternoons at local schools in the beachside community of Jambiani, assisting
carnivores to be cared for. Activities include helping with enrichment activities,       local teachers by providing support for students who need extra help. At the
game counts, anti-poaching walks and general maintenance. You may also find              pre-schools, you’ll help the children develop their creative skills through crafts
yourself helping behind the scenes while filming takes place!                            such as painting, drawing and coloring.
  Project start date: Every second Monday Getting there: Transfer included from/          Project start date: Sundays Getting there: Meet at joining hotel in Stone Town on
  to Johannesburg International airport Accommodation: Shared rustic bush cottage         day 1 Accommodation: Simple hotel (1 nt), simple volunteer cottages, multi-share
  or private cottage available (14 nts) Meals: No meals included, shared self catering    (5 nts) Meals: 6 Breakfasts, 5 lunches, 5 dinners Extra weeks: Fr $690 per week
  facilities available Trip code: JNBKNG                                                  Trip code: GATDTZJT

                                                                      $2,049 1 CAMP
                                                                                 KENYA   MONTHS
          lIvINGSTONE               JOHANNESBurG                                                   MOMBASA            MOMBASA

  •	 Visit the spectacular Victoria Falls                                                  •	 Work alongside rural communities on a variety of projects
  •	 Game drive in Kruger and Matobo National Parks                                        •	 Enjoy spectacular game viewing on safari
  •	 Volunteer and immerse yourself in local culture                                       •	 Chill out on idyllic tropical beaches

This great voluntour offers the perfect balance of spectacular game drives               In rural Kenya, the majority of people are living below the poverty line, and
and wildlife-spotting, with time spent working on volunteer projects that                access to proper sanitation, clean drinking water, healthcare and education
benefit the local communities. Against the backdrop of incredible Victoria Falls,        are limited. This trip offers a wide range of exciting project schemes, and is
volunteer with teaching and education outreach projects in the small town of             designed for volunteers who are keen to take on a variety of challenges and
Livingstone. Spend your volunteering time helping with school refurbishment              support ongoing and award-winning community and conservation initiatives.
projects, adult literacy, art and sports programs and other hands-on activities.         You will have the opportunity to make a real difference through sustainable,
Spend the rest of your time exploring Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa.                 life changing project work with other volunteers from all over the world.
Safari in Zimbabwe’s premier game park before heading to Kruger for some                 Choose from a one month trip or spend up to three months. Typical projects
of its legendary game viewing. Marvel at the spectacular wildlife and enjoy              include improving living conditions for children and adults and improving water
cultural experiences including traditional village dances.                               catchment for local wildlife.

  Project start date: Selected Saturdays & Sundays Getting there: Meet at joining          Project start date: Selected departures Getting there: Transfers from/to Mombosa
  hotel in Livingstone on day 1 Accommodation: Simple permanent tents (1 nt),              airport included Accommodation: Mixture of traditional thatched bandas, safari-
  guesthouse (5 nts), participation camping (6 nts), simple hotel (1 nt) Meals: 13         style tents and spacious dome tents Meals: All meals included Trip code: MBACMP
  breakfasts, 11 lunches, 10 dinners Trip code: GADZPT

            DON’T fORGET yOUR TRaVEL iNSURaNcE                                                   condition falls outside the auto cover criteria, cover can be applied for
                                                                                                 by completing a medical assessment form, and if accepted, paying an
            We hope you have an awesome trip, but to put it bluntly, if something does           additional premium.
            happen (and it happens all the time), you’ll want Travelsure travel insurance,
            not a $50,000+ medical bill!                                                     THE cOVER yOU caN EXPEcT
                                                                                             No complicated plans to choose from, just great cover you can rely on.

            We know how important it is for you to have an amazing journey and               Here’s some of the inclusions you can expect with your international policy:
            travel insurance is probably the last thing on your mind. However, our           •		 $Unlimited overseas medical and dental cover
            experience tells us travelling without cover is simply not a risk worth          •		 $Unlimited additional expenses
            taking. imagine getting sick in a remote region of Saskatchewan or worse,        •		 Amendment	and	cancellation	cover	tailored	to	your	individual	
            being refused treatment (US hospitals are notorious for it) until you can            requirements.
            guarantee payment of medical bills. This can be a horrific experience in a
            time when you really need help.                                                  cHOOSE EXTRaS THaT SUiT yOU
            it’s a scary thought, but these kinds of things happen all too often, all over   Just like making your own ipod playlist to suit your mood, you can
            the world. Having an emergency assistance team of experienced doctors,           customise your STA Travel policy to suit your trip...
            nurses and case managers on call to help you when you’re in trouble is why       •		 The annual multi-trip option
            having the right travel insurance is so important.                                   if you plan on getting away a few times over the next 12 months,
                                                                                                 taking out an annual policy for multiple trips may be the cheaper
            STA Travel insurance gives you much more than medical cover. it also covers          option.
            emergency transport and accommodation costs, includes cover for cancellation     •		 choose an excess
            and for your belongings should they be lost, damaged, stolen or delayed.             The higher the excess the cheaper the premium. You can choose
            You wouldn’t go camping without a tent – you shouldn’t book your holiday             between a $nil, $100 or $250 excess.
            without travel insurance!                                                        •		 increase your rental car insurance excess cover
                                                                                                 Hiring a car and don’t want to pay a massive excess if you have an
            wHaT MakES US DiffERENT?                                                             accident? Some plans automatically cover a rental car insurance excess of
            Some of the benefits of booking your travel insurance with us…                       up to $4,000. if that’s not enough cover, you can buy additional cover.
            •		 24 hour emergency assistance                                                 •		 add cover for snow skiing or snowboarding
                Access to our 24 hour emergency assistance team for medical                      plan on going for a board or ski? Take this option if you want to be
                emergencies and evacuations, help with hospital bills and assistance             covered if you come unstuck. We don’t cover skiing or boarding
                should you lose your passport and travel documents.                              outside resort boundaries.
            •		 Luggage coverage                                                             •		 add cover for motorcycle/moped riding
                For lost, stolen or damaged items which you’re travelling.                       plan on hiring a scooter while you’re away? Take this option if you want
            •		 flexible policy length                                                           to be covered in case you come off.
                You can see the four corners of the globe on the one policy, and if you
                decide to stay longer you can extend your policy for up to 18 months.        DON’T RiSk iT. GET TRaVEL iNSURaNcE!
            •		 cover for the adventurous                                                    For more information talk to your travel adviser or go to
                We automatically cover loads of adrenalin pumping activities which you for all the details.
                means you can experience more and still keep your mum happy.
            •		 working holiday and study abroad cover                                          Travelsure travel insurance is available to New Zealand
                planning on working or studying while you’re overseas? No problem, we           residents only. Singapore residents please discuss your
                cover working holidays whether you’re pulling a pint of beer, working on        insurance needs with your STa Travel advisor.
                the ski fields, or studying overseas.
            •		 cover for existing medical conditions
                                                                                             * STA Travel insurance for New Zealand departing passengers is arranged
                We automatically cover many existing medical conditions, and if your         by Travelsure and underwritten by great Lakes New Zealand.

agency                                                                                                          to make such a change if necessary, please bear in mind that most airlines and other service providers
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authority to make any such representation or warranty on behalf of STA Travel. if for any reason, any           from you written notification of cancellation and your original ticket/voucher before any refund can be

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                TERMS aND cONDiTiONS
Third party Supplier is unable to provide the products/services you purchased through STA Travel, your          considered. if you decide to cancel arrangements before the balance due date, any deposits paid are
remedy lies against that Third party Supplier and not STA Travel.                                               nonrefundable.

General                                                                                                         refunds will only be paid to you once we have received the funds back from Third party Suppliers.
These general terms and conditions together with the relevant terms and conditions of the Third party           generally flight tickets cannot be refunded if they are partially used. if the reason for your cancellation
Suppliers apply to any travel products/services you purchased through us. Once you pay for your                 is covered under the terms of your travel insurance policy, you may be able to reclaim your cancellation
booking (whether in full or in part):                                                                           charges through your insurer.
(a) you acknowledge and agree that you have read and understood these general terms and conditions;
    and any terms and conditions imposed by Third party Suppliers, for whom we act as Agent;                    Liability Limitation
(b) you enter into a legally binding contract to acquire the relevant travel or travel related products         We have taken all reasonable care to make sure that all the services that make up the arrangements
    and/or services with the Third party Suppliers.                                                             made by STA Travel are provided by efficient and reputable businesses. These businesses should
(c) you are not at least eighteen years of age then your legal guardian must give consent to this               follow the local and national laws and regulations of the country where they are provided. However,
    contract on your behalf.                                                                                    please be aware that overseas safety standards may be lower than in New Zealand and/or Singapore.
(d) if you make a booking on behalf of someone, you warrant that you have the authority to accept and           You acknowledge and agree, however that, STA Travel has no liability for any act, omission or default,
    do accept on behalf of that person to be bound by STA Travel’s general terms and conditions and             whether negligent or otherwise, of any Third party Supplier. in circumstances where liability of STA
    the relevant Third party Suppliers’ terms and conditions.                                                   Travel cannot be excluded, such liability is limited to the value of the purchased travel arrangements.
                                                                                                                STA Travel reserves the right to decline to provide services to any individual.
Deposits and payment
Deposits are non-refundable. payment of a deposit enables STA Travel to hold a reservation for you              Privacy and personal information
but does not guarantee the fare and/or price. The fare and/or price can only be guaranteed once we              We will handle your personal information in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in
receive full payment and tickets and/or other travel documents have been issued. STA Travel will advise         our privacy policy which is posted on our website, you consent to the disclosure of your personal
you of the date that full payment is required. Additional deposits for certain travel arrangements              information to us and to Third party Suppliers. We and the Third party Suppliers may disclose your
may also be required by Third party Suppliers. Failure to make payment in full by the due date may              personal information to others where directly connected with facilitating your travel arrangements and
result in the forfeiture of any deposit paid. if payment for your booking is made by credit card, a non         bookings and the provision of travel services and products. For example, we may disclose your personal
cash administration fee is payable as advertised. No non cash administration fee will be charged for            information to airlines, hotels, car rental companies and other service providers in facilitating your
payments made by eFTpOS (NZ Only) and bank transfer.                                                            travel arrangements.

please note that Bank transfer may take up to 3 business days to show as received by STA Travel,                Passport, Visa and immigration
therefore you will need to allow sufficient time for payment to be cleared before the actual due date.          it is your responsibility to fulfil the passport, visa and other immigration requirements for all transiting
personal cheques are not accepted for domestic bookings. For all other bookings, we reserve the right           and stopover destinations applicable to your itinerary. You should confirm these with the relevant High
to refuse personal cheques. personal cheque may take up to 10 business days to clear. You agree not             Commissions, embassies and/or consulates. We do not accept any responsibility in the case of you
to stop payment of the cheque even when you cancel a booking. You agree that STA Travel may apply               being unable to travel due to not complying with any such requirements. Your passport must be valid
the proceeds of the cheque to satisfy any liability you may have to us and the Third party Suppliers.           for 6 months beyond your return date into New Zealand.
please note that even after full payment, the conditions of the contract between you and the Third
party Suppliers may permit them to increase the cost of your arrangements. We will pass on any such             insurance
increase to you.                                                                                                Travel insurance is a vital part of your arrangements. We strongly recommend that you have taken out
                                                                                                                adequate insurance for the duration of your journey. Travel insurance is a mandatory element of some
Documentation                                                                                                   travel arrangements. We can arrange travel insurance for you and can provide you with a quote and
Travel documentation will not be issued until full payment with cleared funds is received. it is your           answer any queries you may have regarding the insurance we offer.
responsibility to ensure that all of the details on your travel documents are correct and to bring to our
attention any errors or discrepancies as soon as possible but in any event within 72 hours after STA            Travel advice and vaccinations
Travel provides you with your travel documents. STA Travel’s general practice is to send documents to           New Zealand residents should refer to the travel advice posted by the ministry of Foreign Affairs and
our customers electronically whenever possible. We reserve the right to charge you an administration            Trade at or for all the countries you intend to visit. please
fee if we send you such documents in hard copy form, at your request. All travel documents are non              also check in regards to up to date security requirements. vaccinations may be
transferable. it is your responsibility to collect all paper travel documents prior to departure. Your travel   required for some or all of the places you are intending to visit. it is your responsibility to ensure that
documents are valuable and should be safeguarded as if they were cash. it is not always possible to             you have arranged all necessary vaccinations for your itinerary.
replace travel documents in the case of loss, theft, damage etc
                                                                                                                Singaporean citizens should refer to the travel advice posted by the ministry of Foreign Affairs at www.
cancellations and changes                                                                              for all the countries you intend to visit. vaccinations may be required for some or all of the
Your contract with your Third party Suppliers may allow suppliers to cancel or amend bookings. We               places you are intending to visit. vaccinations against certain diseases may be mandatory and you may
will ensure that you are promptly notified of any significant changes, but accept no liability for any          be refused entry into certain countries if you cannot show proof that you have been vaccinated against
changes or costs incurred which may result. if we make an error in your booking, which gives rise to a          certain diseases. it is your responsibility to ensure that you have arranged necessary vaccinations for
need to significantly change your booking, we will inform you as soon as reasonably possible if there is        your itinerary.
time before your departure. You will have the choice of either accepting the change of arrangements,
accepting an offer of alternative travel arrangements of comparable standard from us, (we will refund           Taxes and frequent flyer Program
any price difference if the alternative has a lower value), or cancelling your booked arrangements and          Local travel and airport taxes and charges may apply in various overseas countries. Unless otherwise
receiving a full refund. You agree that this is the only compensation payable in connection with such           stated, these taxes are not included as part of the fees. Taxes and duties may need to be paid in local
an error.                                                                                                       currency at the time of departure and are subject to change without notice. it is your responsibility to
                                                                                                                check with your airlines on whether your booking with us is qualified for any points under any frequent
Despite anything to the contrary in these general terms or conditions, changes beyond our control to            flyer programs. please retain all boarding passes to allow verification of your travel if required.
the extent permitted by law, we will not be liable to compensate you in any way, if a significant change
is made to your booking for reasons beyond our control. These include: war, threat of war, riots, civil         if you have a complaint
disturbances, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, epidemics,          if you have a problem during your holiday, please inform the relevant Third party Supplier (e.g.
health risks, and changes due to rescheduling or cancellation of flights by an airline or alteration of the     your hotel) immediately. Should they be unable to resolve the matter, please contact STA Travel
airline or aircraft type; closed or congested airports or ports, hurricanes and other actual or potential       in New Zealand, either through the branch where you made your arrangements, or through
severe weather conditions, and any other similar event. if you have booked a flight and we are alerted, or STA Travel in Singapore through
to a significant schedule change by your airline before you depart, we will contact you by email to             if you fail to contact STA Travel, we will not be permitted the opportunity to investigate your complaint
advise you of this. please ensure that you have given your contact email address to STA Travel and              and rectify any error whilst you are away and this may affect your rights under your contract.
that you regularly check for messages before you leave. STA Travel has no control over airline schedule
changes and accepts no liability for costs which may arise as a result of such changes. After you have          Other important information
left it is your responsibility to check with the airline that any onward flights you have confirmed are         For unaccompanied minors travelling overseas without their parent/s or legal guardian please contact
operating as booked. We strongly recommend that you contact your airline at least 72 hours before               the relevant airlines for further information. please contact the airline directly regarding airline carriage
the scheduled departure of each flight to do this. please note that for some airlines it is mandatory to        conditions and luggage restrictions. Any contract entered into pursuant to these terms and conditions
confirm with them your intention to fly.                                                                        will be governed by the laws of New Zealand and Singapore; and supersede all previous agreements
                                                                                                                in respect of its subject matter and will embody the entire agreement between the parties in respect
if you wish to change your booking and such a change is permitted and possible, STA Travel will charge          of its subject matter. Any indulgence or extension of time which STA Travel may grant to you will not
you a service fee to process the change. You may also be charged a service fee by your Third party              prejudice or interfere with STA Travel’s rights and will not constitute a waive.
Supplier. For changes after departure please contact your original STA Travel booking office for details.
please note that all reservation changes are subject to availability and the terms and conditions of the        All prices within this brochure are correct at time of printing (February 2012) and are subject to
product or service purchased. For changes before departure please contact your original branch that             currency fluctuations and change without notice, ask your STA Travel adviser for up to date prices.
booked your ticket. The name in your booking must be exactly the same as your passport. Changes to              prices are based on cash payment and payment by other means may attract an administration fee.
name details are not allowed by many airlines and other service providers. Whilst we will do our best           prices are based on low season departures and seasonal surcharges may apply.


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