Terminology by hedongchenchen


									Language to avoid                            Preferred language
the disabled                                 disabled person/people
handicapped person/invalid                   disabled person
able bodied/normal                           non disabled person
the blind                                    visually impaired person
the deaf                                     hearing impaired person
suffers from/is a victim of/is crippled by   person who has/person with
spastic                                      person with cerebral palsy
Epileptic/Asthmatic/Arthritic/Diabetic       person who has
wheelchair bound                             wheelchair user
deaf and dumb                                Deaf without speech
The Disabled                                 Disabled people
People with disabilities                     Disabled people
Invalid                                      Disabled person
Severely disabled                            Requires substantial or significant
                                             personal assistance

The Blind                                    People with a visual impairment
The deaf                                     People with a hearing impairment

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