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					Now that you’re back at
 the beginning again, it
may be a great time to
 revisit some long lost
    Need to succeed?
       Here’s How!
       Right Now!
      You are officially
enrolled in Dr. Seuss’ tips
for outstanding transition
     and academics!
    “The more
 that you read,
       the more
things you will
    know. The
 more that you
      learn, the
   more places
     you'll go.”
Tip #1
Be a Prudent Student!!!
Show up to class and
take “BOATS of
NOTES” to help you get
the most out of your
money and your
“How did it get so
  late so soon? Its
   night before its
December is here
   before its June.
My goodness how
       the time has
 flewn. How did it
     get so late so
Tip #2
Change your ways before the time
is done, halt I say to
There are only 61 days of classes
in this term and only 13 weeks until
exams. Manage your time to allow
for the rapid pace of university
education, and seek out help if you
are falling behind as it happens,
instead of waiting until the last
     “If you
  never did
you should.
 things are
fun and fun
   is good”
Tip #3
You are you and that is true, but
expand yourself by trying
something new
University is work, but living in
residence opens the door to many
new relationships and room for
personal growth. Welcome the fun
going on around you, and make
yourself remember this year
through the new experiences you
       “I'm afraid
you'll play lonely
       games too,
 games you can't
   because you'll
play against you”
Tip #4
You must remember to believe in
you, you’ve gotten quite far for it
not to be true.
There are times that you will doubt
yourself academically or socially,
but stick to your ideals and take
comfort in the large support staff at
Carleton, in every field, that is
willing and ready to help you
believe in yourself.
         “I have heard
 there are troubles of
  more than one kind.
     Some come from
ahead and some come
 from behind. But I've
  bought a big bat. I'm
    all ready you see.
 Now my troubles are
going to have troubles
             with me!”
Tip #5
Expecting the unexpected can be of
use, when you’re running around
like a goose
Be prepared for the fact that you
are not in control of how things
around you happen, whether it is
good or bad. Try to relax when
things don’t go exactly as you’ve
planned, and rejoice in the times
when the unexpected makes you
“My alphabet starts
      with this letter
 called yuzz. It's the
 letter I use to spell
     You'll be sort of
      surprised what
there is to be found
once you go beyond
 'Z' and start poking
Tip #6
The world is full of the new so be
prepared for people and experiences
unlike you.
As you make the transition into
university life you will inevitably meet
people and situations where conflict and
friction is created. Be accepting of
people and certain situations by trying to
step into someone else's shoes in order
to bring perspective to these conflicts.
Try to welcome diversity and change,
this will ease your transition.
“And will you succeed?
    Yes indeed, yes
 indeed! Ninety-eight
  and three-quarters
 percent guaranteed!”

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