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					UK Alumni Association
   We will likely hold up to 10 jobs in as many
    as 3-4 different fields during our years of

   Over 80% of jobs are still found through some
    form of direct contact and/or networking.
     Networking is the number one way to find out
      about new opportunities and land a job!
   The job market is slowly improving, though
    still tight. Layoffs are common.
   Baby boomers are having to work longer than
    expected. Young professionals are
    experiencing an extremely high rate of
   Networking events of all types are a growing
    trend with professionals and alumni
    association members.
Outcomes of UK alumni focus
groups reflect that our alumni
would like more career-related
   Alumni of all ages indicate that career support
    is a very valuable service.

   Alumni indicate they are interested in posting
    job descriptions to help other alumni.

   Alumni are continually looking for ways to
    build their careers and businesses.

   Younger alumni would like to see clubs offer
    more networking opportunities as those
    individuals are building their identity in new
    communities and establishing careers.
   Professional development
   Meet new people/increase networks of UK
   Learn about career opportunities or other
   Learn about community volunteer
   Become involved in local UK Alumni Clubs
   Have fun!
   Form a committee to help delegate

   Have at least 2 committee meetings before the
    event, one of which is at the event site. Especially
    be conscious of room set-up and acoustics.

   Elect one board member to be the central contact
    person for all event marketing/promotion.
   Choose a date and time that works well for

   Select a convenient location with good

   Restaurant and bar meeting rooms work well.

   Consider offering a cash bar and some light
   Strive to keep the price minimal (i.e. $5-10

   Offer discounts for UK Alumni Association
    members. Encourage alumni to bring guests.
    Guests do not have to be a UK graduate.

   Encourage UK Alumni Membership during the
    event. Have brochures available.
   Determine if there will be a speaker on a business
    or professional topic or just speed networking.

   Determine speed networking format (i.e. How will
    the rotations occur? See later slide for more

   Keep the audience engaged and entertained.

   Allow participants to mingle before and after the
   Collect a few door prizes to be given away at
    the end of the event. Business related books,
    gift certificates, and UK logo items are always
   Have a written evaluation which would include
    suggestions for club volunteer
    opportunities, future events,
    locations or speakers.
For groups of less than 20:
 Form one large circle with chairs and give
  each participant a chance to share for 3-4

For groups of 20 or more:
 Set tables for 6-8 participants. Have each
  participant share for 3-4 minutes. Allow 15
  minutes for each table to share. Rotate tables
  2-3 times.
   Have a clear rotation system in place.

   Enlist club officers to serve as table

   Use a loud buzzer or whistle to signify the
    time for tables to rotate.
Encourage participants to share some of the

   UK Major
   Current job or if searching for a job
   If their employer/company is hiring
   How long they have been in the community
   Community volunteer work
   Favorite UK memory, class, professor etc.
   Nametags
   Sign-in sheet
   Timer
   Whistle or bell
   Networking handout
   30 Second Commercial handout
   Door prizes
   Evaluations
   Networking/meeting new people
   Getting to know other local UK grads
   Opportunity to learn about a variety of
   Structured environment
   Having fun
   Meeting other professionals
   Talking about UK
   Hold club professional development/speed
    networking events on a regular basis (i.e.
    quarterly, monthly etc.)

   Speed Networking events tend to attract more
    people each time they are held.
Please feel free to contact your UK Alumni
Career Counselors for more information.

       Caroline Francis, Ed.S., NCCC, MCC   Kelly Higgins, M.A., NCC           

                        1-888-9-UKCATS (852287)

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